The Best Gifts for Military Guys

Some of the hardest people to shop for during the holiday season are the men in our lives. Your military guy probably has everything he needs, and he might even tell you that the best gift you can give him is “not spending any money.” But, when push comes to shove, our military men really do want a few gifts for themselves. Daily Mom Military found some of the best gifts for military guys this holiday season so you don’t have to rack your brain trying to figure out what to get. 

Gifts for Military Guys — Guardline Outside Motion Alert Set

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm Systems give you and your military guy some peace of mind. We often find ourselves home alone (because deployment, duty, and training). Having some advance warning when someone comes into your yard or onto your property gives you the time to see who’s coming or know what’s going on outside.

Guardline says it’s easy to install, and they’re not kidding. This is perfect when you’re on your own to do all…the…installing of all…the…things. Guardline tests through thick woods, heavy-weather situations, and it works to ensure false alarms are at a minimum. You can have up to 16 sensors for larger properties, and you can place them at locations like garages, ends of driveways, front porches, or anywhere else you and your military guy feel necessary.

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

The range is tremendous, and their customer service is so friendly when you’re not exactly sure of what setup might be best for you. And really, peace of mind is the gift that keeps giving with every chime!

We especially love companies who give military discounts, and Guardline offers active-duty service members, reservists, retired or disabled veterans, and their immediate families a 10 percent discount on any of their products — win!

Gifts for Military Guys — Lodge Pro-Grid Cast Iron Reversible Grill and Griddle

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

The functionality of this two-in-one cast iron grill and griddle makes it perfect for the military family! The quality, sturdiness, and large workspace of the Lodge Reversible Pro-Grid Grill and Griddle make it an excellent present for the guy who loves to grill or whip up a big weekend breakfast. The pre-seasonsed cast iron skillet fits over two stovetop burners with a grease trap on the side. The beauty of cast iron is that it has many uses, and the best way to season it is to cook bacon on it — bacon really does make everything better!

Gifts for Military Guys — 40 Cup Ready-Pour from ZeroWater

The Best Gifts For Military GuysYou can’t spell military without mandatory fun. Whether you’re hosting an event at your house or there’s a unit function on the horizon, you need to be ready for a lot of thirsty guests. And, with the increasing suspicions about the safety of drinking water around military bases, hydration is not a place to cut corners. Put your mind at ease and quench the thirst of your guests with the 40 Cup Ready-Pour from ZeroWater.

This glass water dispenser with no-drip spigot is the largest capacity filtration dispenser on the market. What does that mean, exactly? It means, that the old Gatorade coolers the unit has been using since the ’90s have some serious competition in the categories of convenience, aesthetics, and safety. The 40 Cup Ready-Pour filters as you fill it, which makes refilling the container throughout the event (or throughout the day at the office) a piece of cake. Simply fill the dispenser with water from the tap and let ZeroWater worry about lead, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

The Best Gifts For Military GuysAll ZeroWater products use ion-exchange technology, not carbon filtering like many competitors. This technology lets ZeroWater filter out 99 percent of total dissolved solids (TDS), which is the equivalent of purified bottled water. The TDS are those things we all worry about when we have a glass of water — chemicals, metals (including lead), and runoff, among others.

The Best Gifts For Military GuysUnique to ZeroWater is the Water Quality Meter that comes with most purchases. Because it is hard to tell just by looking at water what it contains, the Water Quality Meter shows you on the digital indicator the safety of your drinking water. Skeptics can be silenced by testing a glass of ZeroWater filtered water against water from the seemingly harmless tap.

The ZeroWater 40 Cup Ready-Pour is convenient enough for continued use at the unit (you’re really giving the whole shop the gift of safe, accessible drinking water), but with its classic combination of stainless steel and glass, it will raise the bar at the beverage table at the next change of command, mandatory fun event, or even at the next cookout back home.

Gifts for Military Guys — Kodak Moments Photo Books

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

Kodak Moments Photo Books make the best gifts for any day of the year. Easy to design, creating your photo book is a quick, simple process that results in your favorite memories always being at the tips of your fingers. The photo pages are high-quality, and your loved ones will enjoy turning them year after year as they walk down memory lane.

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

Since 1888, Kodak has been a trusted name in photos, and their photo books continue to bring remembrance and joy to all lucky enough to look through them. They’re the perfect thing when you’re far from home. Give one to your military guy before or after deployment, or make it a holiday tradition to put the year in print. Just be prepared to buy multiple copies; family members will undoubtedly all want them!


Kodak Moments


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Gifts for Military Guys — Pingree Detroit Wallet

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

You love him, but dear Lord, this man needs something else to carry his money. His wallet is from 2005 (yes, that’s over 10 years ago), and is so worn that he doesn’t even need to take his credit card out to scan it. If this sounds like someone you know, a new, high-quality, veteran-made wallet might be in the cards this holiday season.

Pingree Detroit is a veteran-owned company in Detroit, Michigan that is dedicated to creating high-quality leather goods by the people of Detroit and using resources in and around Detroit’s auto industry. They are committed to serving the people and protecting the environment through their goods.

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

Their Slim-Card Wallet is exactly what your guy needs, too. It is small enough to fit easily into the back pocket of his jeans or the blouse pockets of his uniform. The more he uses it the softer it will get, making it one of his favorite daily items. His CAC will be easily accessible and so will his credit card so he can buy you thank-you flowers for getting an awesome gift.

Gifts for Military Guys — VIP Smiles Sonic Toothbrush

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

When shopping for the guy who has everything, look at what he already has, then upgrade it! The VIP Smiles Sonic Toothbrush is an excellent way to help him one-up the tooth-brushing experience without any extra effort. While it may not be something he asks for, it will definitely be something he loves!

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

The rechargeable VIP Smiles Sonic Toothbrush comes with five different brushing modes for various purposes, including sensitivity and whitening. With one push of the silver button, the clean mode starts going at 40,000 brush strokes per minute. The two-minute timer even takes a short stop to remind you to switch areas of your mouth every 30 seconds. It’s ready to use straight out of the box and basically does all the work for you.


VIP Smiles Sonic Toothbrush


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Gifts for Military Guys — BirdDogs Shorts

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

PT is a big part of the military lifestyle, so gym clothes are necessary. But if your guy is tired of wearing his green-on-green or the ever-so-fashionable glow belt every time he walks out the door, he might be looking for a good pair of workout shorts that, not only look good, but feel good.

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

BirdDogs Shorts are made for comfort and flexibility. The inner mesh liner keeps his —umm — stuff in one place so there are no awkward moments when he’s spotting his buddy on the bench. They have classic styles, as well as some more fun ones that can be worn outside the gym (now you can ask him to stop at the PX after a workout and he can’t say that he can’t because he’s “in PT clothes”).

BirdDogs shorts are so comfortable, and they come in plenty of different styles. Hey, you might even be able to finally convince him to get rid of those cargo shorts he’s had since you met…15 years ago — just sayin’.


BirdDogs Shorts


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Gifts for Military Guys — Scout & Indiana T-Shirts

The Best Gifts For Military Guys There’s really nothing like a cute kid in an adorable t-shirt — except maybe when that kid matches their dad. The Scout & Indiana Rad Dad collection combines our favorite things! These amazingly soft and well-made t-shirts (or onesies, if you’re still in that stage) are the perfect gift for the rad dad in your life.

The Best Gifts For Military Guys Emily, a milspouse and mom to twin girls (Scout and Indiana — cool, right) started this company to capture her personal style — and boy do we love it! Dads, if you’re secretly trolling this page so you know what hints to drop this year, they also have a Bomb Mom collection. You’re welcome.

Gifts for Military Guys — Peelaways Sheets

The Best Gifts For Military Guys Changing sheets can be annoying at home, but when you’re in the field, deployed, in a rack, or in bunk beds in a bay — don’t get your military guy started. But, with these disposable sheets from Peelaways, he’ll be much more inclined to do it. Each layer lasts seven to 10 days and easily peels away to be tossed in the trash. Think Post-it-like sheets here! The five layers are all waterproof and would be a great solution to sand or creatures that may crawl into your military guy’s cot. Of course, these are also great for anyone who is too lazy to remake the bed each time they do laundry. Get your military guy a set of Peelaways before he ships out or send him the ultimate care package surprise: the gift of simplifying.


Peelaways Sheets


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Gifts for Military Guys — Troopster

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

Native to Norfolk, Virginia, Troopster, a homegrown company, is making strides to change the face of deployment care packages. In an attempt to make sure that no service member feels left out at mail call, Troopster created a predesigned care package system for every service member out there. With dozens of care package options, there is something for everyone when you order your care package through Troopster.The Best Gifts For Military Guys Troopster offers care packages with your loved one’s passions and favorite snacks in mind. You can order themed boxes for holidays, and they also offer bath and body options for men and women. If you’re thinking, “He is always obsessing about his health,” well you’re in luck, there are even bodybuilding care packages. The boxes start out at a very reasonable price of $15.99 for the Cookies, Crackers, and Bars Box and go all the way up to $84.99 for the Workout Pack. The higher the price point, the more expensive the contents. The staff at Troopster does an excellent job of finding products that any military member would enjoy. Troopster has thought of everything.

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

You can even send boxes themed by military branch and include those personal touches of letters and photos. If you are not sure who you want to send a care package too, but you like the idea of giving back to your military community, Troopster will find your purchased care package a military member. Think of those deployed this holiday season and send a Troopster care package.




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Gifts for Military Guys — Moto Cuffs

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

It’s zero dark 30, and here you are (again), wide awake listening to your frustrated Marine trying to achieve perfect, sharp, symmetrical three-inch rolls by the light of an iPhone screen while he cusses like a sailor.

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

Mastering a perfect pair of rolled sleeves doesn’t need to be that hard. Moto Cuffs sleeve stays were created by a Marine who gets the sleeve struggle that starts with getting each roll just right and hoping it stays “squared away all day.” With a pair of Moto Cuffs, your Marine can be sure that three-inch fold isn’t going anywhere — even after multiple wears. Moto Cuffs are durable enough to withstand plenty of rolling and unrolling, though, and they are light enough that your Marine won’t even notice he’s wearing them. Moto Cuffs are adjustable and designed specifically for Marine Corps uniforms. Each pair comes with easy-to-follow instructions that your Marine can use until he gets the hang of them.

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

Give your hard-working Marine the gift of squared-away sleeves this year with a pair of Moto Cuffs. It’s the only gift you’ll give that promises to bring the guns out when the sun’s out (otherwise known as the second most wonderful time of the year for Marine spouses).


Moto Cuffs Sleeve Stays


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Gifts for Military Guys — Burl & Barrel Co. Pomade

The Best Gifts For Military Guys The men in our lives have some strict hairstyle rules, and this handcrafted pomade from Burl & Barrel Co. is the perfect solution. Made from beeswax, essential oils, and carrier oils, such as grape seed and safflower, the pomade comes in two scents: the Original, which has tea tree, vanilla, and orange essential oils and the Smooth Bourbon, which has hints of brown sugar and caramel. The Best Gifts For Military Guys You’ll love the way his hair smells; he’ll love the way it looks. This is a win-win from Burl & Barrel Co.




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And, mic drop, shopping for the hardest guy on your list just got a lot easier with this list from Daily Mom Military. Deployed or home, you’re on your way to making this a great holiday for your military guy.

Don’t forget to check out our other Holiday Gift Guides for more gift ideas.

The Best Gifts For Military Guys

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