10 EMF Protection Tech For Your Home & Electronics

You may have heard of EMF protection productions, but most don’t even know what EMF stands for.  EMFs are Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs), also known as “radiation” that are invisible areas of energy that are produced by electricity.  In this day and age, we are surrounded non-stop by EMFs as common sources come from power lines, cell phones, and microwaves.  Since we are basically bombarded nonstop, there are ways to protect yourself and your home from constant EMFs.  

10 Emf Protection Tech For Your Home & Electronics

According to Healthline Electric and magnetic fields join as one field in most forms of radiation. The result is called an electromagnetic field (EMF).  Although you may not realize it, even as you are reading this on your phone or laptop you are being exposed to EMFs.  Just sitting in your house, driving to drop the kids off at school, or using the microwave causes, which is why you want to look into EMF protection products for yourself and your family.  

EMF Protection Products

1. EMF Meter-The first step to EMF protection is learning how much exposure you have at your home or place of work.  An EMF meter is the easiest way to do this, you can find a handheld EMF meter on Amazon.  These meters are highly sensitive and can detect EMF exposure from power lines, smart meters, cell phones, microwaves, and more.

2. Cell Phone Case-EMF Protection can start in the palm of your hand, but protect yourself from your cell phone.  Unless turned off cell phones emit EMFs nonstop.  An easy fix to this is a cell phone case that is made for EMF protection.  The cell phone case helps block the EMFs as we all have our phones with us nonstop, even at night this is a very easy way to help protect yourself from EMFs.

3. EMF Protection Blanket-If you are looking for further EMF protection at night you can get an EMR protection blanket to sleep with.  There are a lot of various EMF protection blankets out there to choose from that can help block radiation frequencies from getting to you while you sleep Providing you peace of mind even while you snooze, EMF Protection Pros have a guide to the top 7 EMF protection blankets.  

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10 Emf Protection Tech For Your Home & Electronics

4. WiFi Router Guard-A Wifi router guard at your home, helps protect right from the source.  Using your handy EMF meter, you can easily check to see how many EMFs are admitted from your WiFi.  Essentially a router guard is a mesh box that works as a Faraday cage to protect you from EMFs.  A Faraday cage is a device that was invented by Michael Faraday in the 1800s and is used to block electric and magnetic fields.  It’s a surprisingly simple yet effective tool that can block or reduce your WiFi’s EMF emission up to 99%.

5. Laptop shield and case-Work from home days have turned into, work from anywhere, which means your laptop probably spends more time on your lap than you realize.  Even if you are sitting at a desk, working from your laptop you are being exposed to EMFs.  Additional EMF protection can be provided by a laptop shield while you are working and a case when you are not.  You can also get one for your iPad or tablet as well.  

6. EMF Protection Paint-EMF protection pain is one of the most underutilized tools to protect yourself from EMFs.  Simply put EMF protection paint typically has carbon or metals in it which helps block the radio frequencies.  The radiation just bounces off the surface of the paint, it is similar to being in a Faraday cage.  If you decide to go with this router, you need to cut yourself off from WiFi within the home, or else you will just be bouncing back the radiation.  

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10 Emf Protection Tech For Your Home & Electronics

7. Smart Meter Shields-As already mentioned your meter at your home emits a lot of EMFs.  If you use your EMF meter you will be able to see just how much your smart meter is emitting.  A simple smart meter shield will help provide EMF protection from the outside of your home, coming in.

8. Shungite Stone is a stone that has high carbon properties which helps neutralize the EMF frequencies just as the EMF paint does.  The purest form of shungite can have up to 99% carbon, which is the essential component to blocking EMF’s. This is important when looking to get shungite for your home. 

9. EMF Protection Fabric-You can buy EMF protection fabric to make anything you might want for even more protection inside and out of your home. From blankets to curtains there are many different options out there to find the best fabric for your personal needs. There are also EMF protection clothes that you can get to protect yourself even more while on the go.

10. EMF Canopy Bed Protection-Often we think about ways to protect ourselves all day long, but don’t always think about protecting ourselves while sleeping. Even while you doze, you are still exposed to the same amount of EMFs, especially if you like to sleep with your WiFi on and your cell phone close by (both of which can easily be turned off to further reduce your EMF exposure).

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Every day we are bombarded with EMFs and EMF protection productions can help reduce your exposure. EMF protection products can be at your home to protect you while you are sleeping, eating, and even working. From your WiFi router, cell phones, microwaves, and even your neighbor’s products you are being exposed to EMFs all day and night long. Whether you use one or more of these products for your home, you will be helping your EMF exposure.

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10 Emf Protection Tech For Your Home & Electronics

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