The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

As we propel into another new year, we welcome the new technologies that are becoming available. These gadgets and gifts for tech lovers are innovative devices and accessories that just make life easier. Embracing these smart features that work to simplify everyday tasks are gifts in themselves. Busy lives require extra help and these gifts for tech lovers can keep us organized, keep us connected, and allow us to do many things from home that weren’t always possible before. Whether you are searching for tech for your teen or gadgets for grandparents, there is something for everyone on your holiday shopping list this year!

Gadgets & Gifts For Tech Lovers


The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Pollution surrounds you on a daily basis and even in your own home, but it’s not about the dust particles or allergens in the air. It’s about the invisible pollution going on in most American homes. Somavedic understands families’ desires to protect themselves from the free radicals in their homes, apartment, on a plane, or even at a hospital. So when you’re thinking of protection this holiday season, think portable, effective, and heavily needed!

Somavedic has the ultimate gifts for tech lovers such as the Sky. This decorative sphere harmonizes the environment, whether it be a yoga studio or a place you call home. Thanks to today’s amazing technology, the Sky can mitigate 3G-5G, EMFs free radicals, and geopathic zones, reducing the invisible pollution we rarely think about that negatively affects human health.

The Somavedic Sky not only mitigates the various positive ions in the air but can also improve the mood and harmony in the room. By eliminating the many negative influences that surround your loved ones on a daily basis, bodies and minds can finally coincide in beautiful harmony. The Sky can provide a stress-free, tranquil, and more balanced environment for any family’s daily activities. The universal uses available are what make this device the perfect, intensive harmonize and gift for those healthy-conscious friends of yours.

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

The Somavedic Sky is made from hand-blown crystal glass and is certified in Germany by the IGFF and in Australia by the IIREC. This sanded, hand-blown sphere is not only a powerful harmonize but also is stunning in its simple, yet powerfully effective design. This amazing tool is designed to work for many different environments, city homes, small health facilities, small offices, or even rehabilitation centers.

The beauty of cleaning your environment and reducing harmful radiation is now accessible, simple to use, and incredibly stylish. Pollution is not just harmful gasses or the things you can see, it is sometimes in the very devices we rely on daily and Somavedic has you covered….literally. Get ready to give the gift of elimination when it comes to eliminating the influences of 3G, 4G, 5G, geopathic zones, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and molds with Sky!

Somavedic | Facebook | Instagram


The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

The past couple of years have given us the opportunity to find relationships and communities online, whether it was through work or play. We’ve grown in our skills, both technologically and relationally, and for many, we have found that spending time online suits our needs. However, for those of us who need to take our gaming to the next level, we need to consider Mavix to keep our bodies comfortable while we live our best life online.

The M7 Gaming Chair features an adjustable head and neck support in their headrest so that “texting neck” doesn’t take control of our neck comfort or our posture. With DVL (dynamic variable lumbar) support, our backs won’t feel the burning exhaustion that often accompanies hours in a chair. When it hours spent in a chair, comfort equals health, so the more features, the better. Dimensional armrests move so that you can enjoy your chair rather than fight with where your arms should go.

Keep your seat cool and comfortable with the cool gel memory foam seat and cooling fabric. This foam is the perfect place to sit for long hours at work or play. The M7 Gaming Chair seat was created to mold to your body but provide enough bounce and support so you don’t feel like you’re stuck. With the adjustable backrest, this chair is ready to sit as long as you are.

This holiday season, keep them comfortable at their work or play stations with Mavix.

M7 Gaming Chair
Mavix | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

One of the ultimate experiences we take pleasure from is experiencing the vibrations of emotions that come from music. Whether you use music to meditate, up your motivation during your workout, or bust through a new cardio training session with that hard, fast, and deep bass, music is usually the driving factor that takes you into a whole new realm and mindset. This holiday, it’s time to take your whole body into that space and feel the music, not just listen to it imagining how it must feel. The Strap Edge™ and the Vest Edge™ by Woojer just changed the way you “hear” music.

The Strap Edge™ is one of those tech gifts for tech lovers that are the on-the-go always listening to their favorite jams. They’ll have the opportunity to feel the potency of the music no matter where life takes them. It’s wearable on the hips, chest, or cross-body style. This is the type of tech gift that takes your workout or listening experience from a good 7 to an exponential 15 as you’re fully immersed within the vibe of the music itself. The Strap Edge™ takes the music you would normally listen to and reverberates it throughout your muscle fibers and soul in the most intensive, immersive experience ever…with music.

Are you looking to inundate yourself even deeper into the music? We don’t blame you! That’s when one of the best tech gifts for tech lovers and a music-lover would love the Vest Edge™. Its 360 degrees of submersion transports all those detailed sensations you think about music into the physical space. Gamers will literally be memorized with the audio and physical experiences of their games.

For those virtual reality gamers, the out-of-body experience is brought to a whole other level, it’s unbelievable how real it genuinely feels because you can actually feel the experience. Imagine the gift of being taken to the edge lucidity and then plunged overboard!

This Christmas, the Strap Edge™ and the Vest Edge™ challenges your perception of reality and entertainment for the ultimate experience. Whether you think you’re in a fantasy world or the real world, either way, you’re getting your music fix like none other. Woojer says they are guaranteed to raise everything from your pulse to the tiny little hairs on the back of your neck – one glorious music note at a time!

Strap Edge™ | Vest Edge™
Woojer | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | TikTok


The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Looking for the perfect addition to your home movie nights? Look no further than Anker during this season of giving! The Solar Portable is a small but mighty portable camera, packed with features that will make movie night all you ever wanted it to be, and wherever you wanted it to be.

Why is the Solar Portable so fantastic? Where do we begin? Let’s start with picture quality. The Solar Portable offers a 1080P image that produces crisp picture quality, so you can see all the details. It also offers 400 ANSI Lumens of light projecting power – that’s more than three times the brightness of competitors. You’ll even be able to see what you’re watching if you’re not in a pitch-black room with the shades drawn.

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Connect this camera using Bluetooth, HDMI, USB 2.0, or Wi-fi and steam using the built-in Chromecast to play from your favorite apps. Three hours of battery life will let you watch almost any show wire-free. Built-in Dolby Digital Plus gives you the show-stopping sound you want without the need to lug around additional speakers.

Other important features the Solar Portable offers include autofocus, so you don’t have to tinker with the fine-tuning. Cornerstone correction enables you to see a level screen, even if the camera isn’t at the perfect angle. Plus, digital zoom helps fit the picture to your desired size, up to 120 inches. That’s huge!

The Solar Portable isn’t just for Christmas movie marathons either – wait until you see your favorite band or team playing in 120-inch high definition. Turn to Anker for easy to use – and even easier to enjoy – tech gifts this holiday season.

Solar Portable
Anker | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube


The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

The age of plugging in your phone to charge it is coming to a swift end. This holiday, give some tech lovers a gift of Einova’s Valet Tray and leave the extra cords out. The Valet Tray is a wireless charging tray big enough to help organize multiple desktop items such as your phone, keys, wallet, or other personal items. Easily locate all of your valuable pocket items while simultaneously charging your phone. The Valet Tray has an extra USB port to charge a second device via cable if you choose. 

Being able to charge multiple devices is crucial on those busy, wild days when outlets are not readily available. The Power Bar is equipped with two Qi Apple Fast Wireless Charging Spots for iPhones and Airpods as well as an Apple Watch spot. This Power Bar can charge up to four devices simultaneously. Along with the bar to charge your toys, by simply setting them on it, this bar also comes with a USB-C port for your Mac computer or other USB-C laptops and devices. 

These tech gifts for tech lovers will appreciate how the Power Bar is a sleek, portable option to charge devices while they are on the go. It is a great multi-device wireless charging dock perfect for long days on the go or for your nightstand. To keep your sleek, multi-dimensional charging dock full of power, the Sirius 65W Universal Charger is perfect for just that. 

The Sirius 65W Universal Charger is powerful enough to swiftly recharge your Power Bar and is compatible with any USB-C device. This charger is lightweight and perfect for traveling with folding prongs and a removable 6ft USB-C cord. Einova has revolutionized charging banks by making a charger that is powerful and fast at charging your devices without getting over-heated. 

Now, if you are looking for one of the tech gifts for tech lovers who aren’t always near an outlet or working from home, there is a quick and easy solution when your devices are on the brink of death. The 63W Universal Power Bank can quickly charge up to three devices at the same time just when you need it most. This slim, portable power bank has three cord ports, one USB-C and two USB-A. Not only can you charge your phone, tablet, or Airpods, you can also charge your laptop. 

Einova definitely has the tech gifts for tech lovers in mind this holiday season!

63W Universal Power Bank | Sirius 65W Universal Charger | Power Bar | Valet Tray 
Einova | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

In the age of technology and the newest everything, the pressure to buy the hottest, most expensive phone hovers over us all. There are budget-conscious phones still out there and the TCL 20S Unlocked is one of them by TCL. This android smartphone is packed with the latest technology without a huge price tag. The 6.67inch screen provides an expansive visual experience with a 91% screen-to-body ratio.

Thanks to NXTVISION technology, you can enjoy immersive and seamless visuals. Along with stunning visuals, the TCL 20S Unlocked has 64MP high-res quad cameras to capture every detail, regardless of day or night. Choose between wide photos or 2MP micro photos. The 16MP front camera will capture selfies that will put to shame all those other expensive phones.

The TCL 20S Unlocked is compatible with T-Mobile and AT&T LTE networks and has been certified for Verizon LTE networks for a wide range of service options. This stunning, low-budget, high-quality phone has an 18W fast charging and an on-the-go reverse charging option so you can get the best of both worlds. This phone also has 128GB of storage to save all of your photos, videos, apps, and music. Keeping up with the latest technology can now be affordable and stylish thanks to the sleek, up-to-date TCL 20S Unlocked Android. These are the perfect gifts for tech lovers and for the budget-conscious consumer!

Now that you have your phone in hand… get your tunes downloaded and get ready to listen with these noise-canceling earbuds can sometimes be a lifesaver when projects are due and the noise of life is overwhelming. TCL MoveAudio S600 Earbuds are truly active noise-canceling earbuds with a 32-hour playtime. Cordless, crystal clear music is moments away with these earbuds. These earbuds have 6 microphones for clear, high-quality calls. Not only are your calls and listening experience going to be amazing, but you can also customize your listening experience – perfect for those who are picky about how they want to hear their music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Customize your active noise cancellation, transparency mode, touch controls, and more. The ergonomic earbuds are lightweight and come with 5 different sizes of high-quality replaceable earcaps for a comfortable fit all day long. Get up to four charges with your portable charging case before you need to charge up again. In just 10 minutes, you can get an hour of listening time. It’s the stocking stuffer everyone would love to have dropped by TCL instead of black coal!

TCL 20S Unlocked | TCL MoveAudio S600 Earbuds
TCL | Facebook | Instagram

Ray-Ban Stories

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Leap into the future when you slip on a pair of the Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer sunglasses. These smart sunglasses are more than just protective eyewear.  In partnership with Facebook, the masterminds at Ray-Ban included amazing technology in each pair of these sunglasses. The features included are a camera, speakers, microphone, and more. No more fumbling to get your cell phone out when you want to capture an Instagram-worthy moment. Thanks to the Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer, a camera is right at your fingertips.

The automatic light adjustment allows you to take amazing photos every time. Use the Facebook View app, available on Android and iOS to upload your content while you’re on the go. Listen to music or take a phone call while you’re out running errands using the built-in speakers. The speakers allow users to effortlessly switch between phone calls and communicating in person. With the Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer sunglasses, smart technology never looked or sounded so good!

Stories Wayfarer
Ray-Ban | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest | TikTok

Oculus Quest 2

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Explore strange worlds! Seek out new civilizations! Go where no one has gone before and do it in HD with the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset. Thanks to Oculus, you won’t need Scotty to beam you anywhere. Watch live concerts, dance with friends, exercise, and game from your living room with the Oculus Quest 2.

Included in every package is one virtual reality headset, two touch controllers, batteries, and more. We love how easy it is to set the Oculus Quest 2 up. Just open the box and set up the headset using the smartphone app that’s available on both Android and iOS. Our absolute favorite feature is that this headset is wireless! No computers or consoles are required! Virtual reality has never been more liberating than it is with the Oculus Quest 2!

Quest 2
Oculus | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Twitch | TikTok

Portal +

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

This holiday season, stay in touch with friends and family with the Portal + by Facebook. The tilting 14” HD screen makes it easy for grandparents to see their grandchildren when they can’t be there in person. Our favorite feature is the smart camera that moves with you as you walk around. Parents won’t have any problems keeping their kids in the frame for video phone calls with other family members.

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Multitasking has never been easier thanks to the Portal +. Use it to attend Zoom meetings while you send off work emails from your home computer. Sync your work and personal calendars so you never miss an appointment again. Connect the Portal + to your favorite doorbell camera to see who’s knocking! Watch your favorite movies and television shows on Facebook Watch or listen to music while you’re cooking holiday meals in the kitchen. When you purchase the Portal +, you’re getting endless possibilities in one box.

Portal +
Facebook | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube


The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Searching for the perfect Christmas present for the photog in your life? HEX has gifts for tech lovers to make their holidays merry and bright! The HEX® Black Cinema Backpack will have shutterbugs ready for whatever adventure comes their way this winter.

The HEX® Black Cinema Backpack has so many great features, we hardly know where to begin! First, and most importantly, it fits high-end cinematic gear, especially those camera bodies or lenses that are often too big for other camera bags. (Score!) With HEX, prized gear will be nestled gently within padded and fleece-lined configurable compartments, with the camera easily accessible from the zip-top compartment. T,hey’ll always be ready to snap that perfect shot!

Outside pockets provide protected space for laptops, iPads and phones. While inside, convenient mesh pockets add room for memory cards, accessories, cords, chargers and more. And just look at all of the gear space that’s included in the HEX® Black Cinema Backpack! This is the perfect portable workstation for photo shoots, events and celebrations, nature photography excursions, air and car travel, and more.

No need to worry about wind, water or snow, thanks to the weather-resistant genuine Cordura® exterior. Your back will also thank you for the thick padded back panel and shoulder straps, and weight-distributing, padded lumbar support belt. Your photographer gift recipient will be in their happy place this winter with gifts for tech lovers from HEX.

HEX® Black Cinema Backpack
HEX | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

It’s officially holiday time, which means that you finally have an excuse to buy the items you’ve been putting off for months. Most of us are in need of some serious home upgrades, and gifts for tech lovers that help achieve that are simply the best! If you’re looking for gifts that will upgrade your home significantly, the eufyCam 2C should be put on the top of your list!

While we all love the holidays, it’s no unknown fact that crime does increase around this time of year. Keeping yourself, your loved ones and your home safe is a must. The eufyCam 2C gives you clear surveillance at all times to give your head some peace of mind. This home security system is completely wireless, so there is no having to haggle with rewiring your home or running extension cords! But what about charging them? The eufyCam 2C has a 180-day battery life, so you only have to recharge your cameras once every six months!

eufyCam 2C is built to last. This home security system has a IP67 waterproof-rating, so you can set your cameras up anywhere inside and outside your home! Whether you’re wanting to watch your packages be delivered during the day or see anyone arriving in night vision, the eufyCam 2C has you covered. With live footage and recordings that stay logged for three months, you’ll be able to see everything going on in your home at all times. The best part? There is no monthly fee to store your footage! When i comes to gifts that will make a difference all year round, the eufyCam 2C is the way to go!

eufyCam 2C
Eufy | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

LED Technologies, Inc.

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

The dpl Joint Wrap LED Light Therapy provides relief for joint pain. The FDA-cleared, medical-grade dpl (deep penetrating light) Joint Wrap uses red light therapy to increase circulation and promote healing on the surface by reducing inflammation of the joint.

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

The infrared light therapy goes into the muscles and tissue below the skin and helps reduce pain, stiffness, and soreness often associated with arthritis. The dpl Joint Wrap is designed to put on shoulders, elbows, knees, and ankle joints.

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

The dpl Joint Wrap charges quickly. Then you simply put the wrap on the joint with pain using the Velcro straps and turn it on. LED Technologies, Inc. has worked nearly two decades refining the technology of their light therapy devices. The devices are engineered to medical-grade specifications and are safe for all skin tones. LED Technologies offers a variety of light therapy devices for pain, as well as innovative light therapy devices for skincare to reduce acne and wrinkles, too.

dpl Joint Wrap – LED Light Therapy
LED Technologies, Inc. | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

The holidays are right around the corner and the stress of picking out the perfect gifts for tech lovers may be weighing on you. We get it. But do you know what never fails as a gift? One that protects your computer and phone! Burga has designed the perfect gift for the slightly-more-clumsy-than-the-rest-of-us friend. The Emerald Pool is an elegant iPhone 12 Pro Max case (and many others) that is tough and can handle trials of everyday life. This stunning case is scratch-resistant, durable, and crack-proof for the accidental drops and tumbles of life.

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Pair this stunning case with the Emerald Pool Macbook Case for a well-rounded and cohesive set. This ultra-thin, non-bulky, eye-catching design is made for the one on the go who wants the protection and the unique designs. Protecting your Macbook is much easier thanks to this top and bottom layer of protection that covers all angles and edges of your precious device. All of the important ports and plugins are left open for easy access.

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Gift that special someone with a practical, stunning accessory you know they will use. Burga has crafted a phone case that looks like marble and protects like a durable case. The beautiful Purple Skies marble phone case is not just a pretty paperweight you’d never use, it is lightweight and crack resistant for your most-used device. This phone case has two layers, the tough first layer and the stylish outer layer for those bomb selfie moments (for those looking at you!).

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Burga also understands wanting to have a cohesive, matching set so they designed the Purple Skies Macbook Case. The stunning design of this case is not only eye-catching but also well-built for a complete 360 protection. The bottom layer has a vent to help keep your computer from overheating during those busy times it’s working as hard as you. The slim case is not only scratch-resistant but also sturdy and equipped with anti-slip rubber feet – just the way the special recipient would love it!

Emerald Pool | Emerald Pool Macbook Case | Purple Skies Phone Case | Purple Skies Macbook Case
Burga | Facebook | Instagram

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The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

There’s nothing more frustrating than being out and about and your phone dies which is why it is helpful to always bring along a charging device that can power your phone wirelessly. The SoloQi Pro can not only charge your cellphone, but also any wireless-enabled device. And it doesn’t stop there; the SoloQi Pro will also support charging wired items that can be charged through a USB-C cable. This mighty device is a battery, a power bank, and a hands-free holder all in one. The included kickstand can hold your phone in any position, allowing you to continue watching your phone while it is being charged.

Your SoloQi Pro package includes the all-in-one wireless charger and power bank, two magnetic pads, a durable USB-C cable, and an alignment pad. Available in black or red, this device is smaller than most power banks, it is lightweight, and covered in a soft-touch coating. The SoloQi Pro can be used in the home, office, car, and virtually anywhere. It will become a necessity for travel or any extended period from home. These make for great gifts for tech lovers or even stocking stuffers for teens and adults.

SoloQi Pro
SoloQi | Facebook | Instagram


The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Everyone loves taking a lot of fun family pictures during the holidays. But you also need a storage solution for all the photos and videos to keep your memories safe. OWC® was created in 1988 as a premier zero-emissions Mac and PC technology company that provides memory, external drives, Mac & PC docking solutions, SSDs, performance upgrade kits, and other high-quality tech gear.

The Mercury Elite Pro is a desktop-sized external drive offering performance, reliability, and value. The Mercury Elite Pro goes up to 16TB capacity, is perfect for any professional or personal storage project, and makes an excellent gift for the tech-savvy person on your holiday list.

Built with a high-speed 3.5-inch 7200RPM hard drive, the Elite Pro comes with a rugged aluminum enclosure for modern data management. Alternatively, it can be connected directly to a Smart TV or used as a media console to watch videos, listen to music, and view pictures. 

Other useful functions include:

  • Storage of Pro-level video editing files
  • Backup of all your essential data 
  • Large storage size allows you to consolidate all your data with one solution
  • Expanding storage for console gaming systems
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and Smart TVs

So go ahead and rest easy, knowing all your holiday memories are safely stored in the OWC Mercury Elite Pro, a convenient solution for all your photos, music, and videos and fantastics gifts for tech lovers.

Mercury Elite Pro
OWC® | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

With the holidays just around the corner, you will be posing and snapping pictures with loved ones all day long! Not only photo but photo printers as well make for great gifts for tech lovers around the holidays. The HP Sprocket Select Instant Photo Printer is designed to print 2.3×3.4 inch photos directly from your smartphone using the HP Sprocket app. This portable printer uses a Bluetooth connection and is compatible with Android and iOS.

The app allows you to access many designer features, frames, filters, and stickers for your pictures, giving them a unique edge. One of the most incredible features of the HP Printer is turning your drawings/doodles into custom stickers using the HP Sprocket app. So say “cheese” and get ready to create lifelong memories with the HP Sprocket Select Instant Photo Printer. 

HP Sprocket Select Instant Photo Printer 
HP | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

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Lume Cube

The Lume Cube Edge Desk Light transforms your workspace with high-quality, soft light, which brightens your mood, and naturally increases productivity. The sleek, multifunctional Edge Desk Light enhances your appearance on video calls and live broadcasts. With five pivot points, the Edge Desk Light doubles as a task light when you need to focus on reading, writing, or a detailed hobby. The brightness can be controlled in 1 percent increments. The light travels through a softening lens and a diffuser before falling softly on you and your workspace.

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

The portable light, which has built-in charging ports for multiple devices, can be mounted to any desk or table. The Edge Desk Lights are great gifts for tech lovers, content creators and influencers, too. It really is a light that fits almost every need.

Edge Desk Light
Lume Cube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

My Charge

The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Holidays are busy and it seems like we are constantly “on the go”. Keep your portable electronics functioning without easy access to outlets or even chargers may be in the back of your mind, but with My Charge, this worry is a thing of the past and also make for thoughtful gifts for tech lovers.

This holiday season, the Hub 18W Turbo carries enough power to charge your phone up to 75% faster than typical portable chargers, thanks to the Power Delivery & Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. We love this all-in-one charging system because the stress of carrying extra cables is non-existent. This charging hub features an iPhone (Apple® Lightning™) cable, an integrated USB-C cable, and a built-in USB port. You can stay connected anywhere and at any time.

Hub 18W Turbo
My Charge | Facebook | Instagram


The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Stay connected and fully charged for the holidays with clever accessories and gifts for tech lovers from Multitaksy. Your devices, especially your phone, will need a full charge with all the pictures you’ll be taking with your family and friends during the holiday season. The lightweight Traveler Power Bank / Hand Warmer has a 5500mAh battery capacity and will charge your phone quickly, so it never has a chance to die at the most inconvenient time (the airport). Plus, it has a handy built-in hand warmer to keep you warm; how cool is that! It’s compact & shaped like a suitcase, making it a great travel companion!

Also, check out the sturdy Multi-Angle Extendable Desk Stand for your smartphone and iPad. Using the super chic stand, you can keep your hands free while multitasking and adjust your device’s height and angle so that it’s always in the perfect position.

This makes an excellent accessory for the holidays as it’s great for holding your device still for taking pictures, making videos, or watching those holiday videos on YouTube that everyone enjoys!

No matter which devices you own, Multitasky has accessories that will be functional and extremely useful during the holidays! From stylish power banks to desk stands, lamps, and laptop bags, Multitasky has gifts for everyone on your list, or even just to spoil yourself!

Multi-Angle Extendable Desk Phone & iPad Stand| Traveler Power Bank / Hand Warmer 
Multitasky  | Facebook | Instagram |Youtube | Pinterest

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The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}

Conserving energy this holiday season has never been more convenient, so go ahead and plug in all those festive inflatables! The Etekcity Smart Outdoor WiFi Outlet Plug will help you get the most out of your electronics with a dual outlet design and custom scheduling through the free VeSync app.

For your indoor appliances, the Voltson Smart WiFi Outlet Plug offers convenient control of your home, right from your smartphone. You can connect to the free VeSync app to enjoy a host of smart functions, including a night light, voice control, and energy usage reports. Making holiday decorating with these devices are useful gifts for tech lovers.

Smart Outdoor WiFi Outlet Plug | Voltson Smart WiFi Outlet Plug

Etekcity | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

These gadgets and gifts for tech lovers are not only going to make life more convenient for users but also simplify difficult days. The holidays and following are a busy time as we enter a new year and make resolutions to stay on track, keep in touch with family and friends, and prep and organize our hectic routines. Gifts for tech lovers are actually gifts for everyone in the family as the benefits reach everyone in the household.

Check out this article on The Mom’s Guide To Kids and Technology when giving gifts for tech lovers this year.

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The Ultimate Guide Of Gadgets And Gifts For Tech Lovers {2021}



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