25 Modern Farmhouse Decor Elements for a Beautiful Home

A mix of natural materials, textured fabrics, and both new and used elements, modern farmhouse decor is one of the hottest home designs around. It’s rustic without being “old,” contemporary, yet rural, and has been made even more popular by a show on HGTV. There’s a good reason why modern farmhouse decor is making its way into thousands of homes.

But unless done right, it can quickly go from modern farmhouse decor to classic farmhouse, country, or rustic. We’ve pulled together a list of elements to help anyone get that oh-so-popular look for their own home.

Modern Farmhouse Decor

Large Welcome Sign

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No home design is complete without making guests feel welcome. And that’s especially true with modern farmhouse decor. Invite new and long-time friends and family into a home by adorning the front porch with a large, wooden welcome sign.

Black Buffalo Plaid Porch Mat

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Black buffalo plaid is definitely a pattern you see in modern farmhouse decor. But it’s how it’s used that’s important. Be on trend by sizing up and layering it under your front door rug. The first thing friends will say is how much they love the look.

Natural Door Mat with Black Text

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Keep shoes and the inside of your house clean with a doormat. But like most modern farmhouse decor, keep it simple with bold, black text on a natural rug. We like this one from Calloway Mills. It’s simple, timeless, and friendly. What’s not to love?

Black Iron Lights

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There’s no other light fixture that says modern farmhouse decor more than a black iron light. It’s simple, chic, and classic. From chandeliers to sconces go with a black iron finish and you’ll stay in the design guidelines.

Fiddle Fig Leaf Plant

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Plants are great accessories for any room because they not only look nice, but they boost moods and purify the indoor air. We especially love Fiddle Fig Leaf plants. They’re relatively hearty, grow fast, and add a bold green brightness to any room.

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Mid-Century Wood Plant Stand

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This simple, yet elegant, floor plant stand reflects the minimalist design inspired by the classic mid-century style but totally fits modern farmhouse decor. Just flip the base upside down for shorter or taller plants. Pair it with a simple white pot for pure farmhouse plant bliss.

Neutral Couch

Best-Products-Club-Modern Farmhouse Decor

Unless you have money to switch up your couch when trends change, it’s always a smart buy to go with a neutral color. But especially when going with a modern farmhouse decor look, neutral is the name of the game. White, gray, or even cognac-colored leather are the perfect simple shades to go with on larger pieces of furniture.

Natural Jute Rug

Best-Products-Club-Modern Farmhouse Decor

When looking for a neutral, high-texture rug to cover wood floors, a jute rug is the way to go. The hand-woven natural fibers, made without a border, give a clean aesthetic that works well in almost any room of the house. Just make sure to shake it out before laying it down and place a nice rug pad underneath to protect wood floors.

Text Sign

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Ok, so maybe “farmhouse” is a little too specific, but a indoor sign with just black text is a great way to show your personality. Just don’t go too rustic with the sign. A black, white, and finished-wood style is a safe bet for that modern farmhouse look. “Home, Sweet Home,” “Thankful,” or even “This is us” are all popular phrases for signs.

Wire Basket

Best-Products-Club-Modern Farmhouse Decor

Whether new or vintage, wire baskets are nice to place around the home in various sizes. Larger ones can be used to store throw blankets, and smaller ones are perfect for organizing multiple items like pens and pencils. Toys, utensils, mail, almost anything can be thrown into a wire basket and made pretty.

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Stainless Appliances

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The “modern” part of modern farmhouse decor comes from amenities that don’t look like they were built in the stone age. Think stainless, digital, appliances with clean lines, simple details, but totally chock full of all the features and conveniences of today.

Pizza Peel

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Maybe it’s the wood finish or the idea that cooking at home is what farmhouse living is all about, but having a wood pizza peel set on the counter has become part of a modern farmhouse kitchen. They’re gorgeous and can be used for more than just pizza. Just cover it with meats and cheeses for a simple, but beautiful, charcuterie platter.

Dough Bowl

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Like the pizza peel, having a dough bowl as a centerpiece is another way to bring a little bit of that functional farmhouse into a modern kitchen. Get it in a natural finish or a white-wash and place some creative decor filler in the center for an elegant and effortless centerpiece.

Metal Stools

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What’s so perfect about modern farmhouse decor is that the style is actually a mix of a few different styles that compliment each other. A few industrial style elements work their way in with metals in various tones, like these bar stools. In a kitchen with white cabinets, they’re perfect and clean.

Large Clear Vase

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Whether it’s picked up at an antique store or purchased new, a large, clear vase for branches, florals, or simply on its own is a must for modern farmhouse decor. Gather multiple clear vases in different sizes and display them in the entryway, dining table, or kitchen island for a big impact decor piece.

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Vintage-Looking Rug

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Worn, aesthetically “old” rugs are totally in right now. When looking for a floor element that stands out, a vintage-looking rug is perfect. For a modern farmhouse look, buy a new rug with this “used” feel. If you’d like to add a little bit of color, choose one in blues or teals, or stay neutral in gray or ivory.

Leather Ottoman

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Kick up and relax with a beautiful cognac color ottoman underfoot. It’s the perfect addition to someone’s modern farmhouse decor, with the faux leather against the black iron frame. The textures, simplicity, and comfort all complement each other and any living room it’s placed within.

Blanket Basket

Best-Products-Club-Modern Farmhouse Decor

Whether it’s used for storing soft and comforting blankets, laundry, or toys, an elegant, simple, durable woven basket is a great piece for a home with a modern farmhouse decor style. We love the slightly rounded form of this basket, which gives it a little je ne sais quoi.

Large Wall Clock

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What time is it?! Well, if you’re going for modern farmhouse decor, it’s time to get a giant wall clock! This black icon clock with golden hands and roman numerals looks great as a statement piece placed on a large wall.

Tobacco Basket

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These oak slatted baskets were historically used for transporting tobacco from the drying sheds to the tobacco market. Today, they’re a neat focal point to hang on the wall in a home with modern farmhouse decor. They come in various shapes and sizes, but square versions in good shape are ideal for this type of interior design.

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Black Iron Hardware

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Hardware–it’s the one decor element that’s often overlooked. From cabinets to railing support, to bedroom and closet door handles, there is hardware all over a home. If going with modern farmhouse decor, black iron is the hardware finish to choose from. It’s simple, stylish, and easy to match, too.

Green Wreath

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The faux magnolia wreath is a great way to add some fresh greenery to a room without the upkeep of a live plant. Though a boxwood wreath works too, a magnolia wreath has bold, bright green leaves that really fit with a modern design.

Linen Curtains

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Texture is the name of the game, so when choosing fabrics, specifically curtains for a modern farmhouse decor design, go with a heavy texture in a neutral color like linen. Because curtains aren’t often touched and used (like say a couch pillow), a high-maintenance fabric on a curtain is the perfect use.

Large Black Round Mirror

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Mirrors are an important part of interior design. Not only do they give you the ability to take a quick peek of yourself, but they reflect window and lamp light around the room, brightening even the darkest of spaces. A simple, black round mirror works with many decor styles, so even if you decide to change up the style, the mirror can stay.

White Dishes

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There’s a good reason why most restaurants use white dishes–a white background shows off the food much better. They’re extremely versatile, work well with any holiday, and allow you to mix and match designs, staying in the same color family. White dishes have long been the staple in farmhouses and today is no different.

Decorating a home isn’t just about adding in as many products as you can into a space. It’s about making it beautiful while also making it comfortable for those that live there. Using the obvious pattern of modern farmhouse decor–black and white minimalism mixed with lots of different materials and textures–and keeping it simple, while making it also comfortable, you’ll not only succeed at creating a modern farmhouse, but you’ll succeed at designing.

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