25 Home Organization Products for Keeping Your House Happy

With copious amounts of time being spent at home, it’s no surprise that everyone’s been keen on home organization and getting their living quarters in order. Purging the closets, clearing out cabinets, and de-cluttering the drawers have all become pastimes on the daily, instead of seasonal tasks.

But, for true home organization, it takes more than just getting rid of unused stuff. With the help of a few great products, the effort put into the home organization now can last long into the future.

25 Home Organization Products for Keeping Your House Happy

Acrylic Fridge Bins

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The fridge can be a nasty place to keep organized. And having to pull things out to get to the back is just a hassle. Streamline your life and keep your fridge neat and clean with a bunch of these clear, acrylic organizer bins. See what you have in stock, and keep like items together. They’re perfect for lunch meats and cheeses!

Acrylic Refridgerator Lazy Susan

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When one thinks “lazy susan,” a picture of a cool, clear, and functional fridge tool doesn’t usually come to mind. But this one is perfect for all of those hard to reach, and ever-multiplying condiments. Just give it a turn, and in an instant, that favorite salad dressing in the back is yours!

Acrylic Pantry Bins

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Get more space out of the pantry or cabinets with these stackable, clear storage bins. Utilize more space by going up. Of course, they can be used almost anywhere. But for storing seasoning packets, snacks, and chips, these things are perfect.

3-Tier Step Shelf

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Another way to go up with pantry storage is with a 3-tier spice or pantry shelf. No longer are cans lost forever behind newly purchased canned staples. With this shelf, the ones in the back of the shelf are easy to see and are well within reach.

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Bamboo Adjustible Drawer Organizer

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A utensil organizer is great for utensils, but also comes in handy for other shallow drawers, like for makeup brushes in the bathroom, and pens in the office. This bamboo organizer is not only beautiful but is also adjustable from 13″ to 19.6″, allowing for plenty of storage and fitting a range of drawer sizes.

Door Wire Rack

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Once a door is shut, no one sees the back side, so why not make the most of the space it leaves behind? With a behind-the-door adjustable rack, everything will have the perfect spot in the bathroom, kitchen, office, wherever there’s a door, there can be a door rack.

Mini Drawer Trays

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Custom organize any drawer in a bathroom or office with these super-cute, durable, and functional trays. The non-slip silicone pads will keep them in place, and the variety of 5 sizes across 13 trays ensures a place for everything that needs to be stored.

Cleaning Supplies Caddy

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If a house is going to stay clean, it’s going to take plenty of cleaning supplies to keep it that way. Store all the sprays, scrubs and brushes in the same spot for easy upkeep, while keeping the cabinet dry too, with this cleaning caddy.

Soft Storage Basket

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All those throw blankets need a place to go when they’re not in use. The perfect solution is a decorative woven cotton rope basket that fits in with all the other household decor. It’s also perfect as a hamper and storing toys, so pick up a few.

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Family Calendar

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Keep the entire family’s schedules organized with a calendar and command center that everyone at home can use. Note events and activities, due dates, and even weekly meals in one place so everyone can stay on track.

Silicone Cable Ties

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We have so many corded devices all throughout our homes! Wrap up all those electrical cords and cables with some fun and colorful reusable cable ties. Made of silicone and magnets, they’re bendy and super easy to use.

Removeable Hooks

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For great home organization, everything needs a specific place. Wall hooks can be a great way to store items that need to be hung up. Command Hooks are removable and adaptable, so if you don’t need it anymore, or need to move it, they don’t cause any wall damage. It’s a win-win.

Hanging Wall Display

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If there is a kid or two living in the home, chances are there are a ton of “prized” artwork papers lying around. Let kids get on the home organization bandwagon and give their beautiful paintings and drawings proper display, with hanging wall wire and hooks. The wire and hooks let children hang up their work with ease and view them until they’re ready to replace it with something new.

Sliding Shoe Storage

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For those who just love their footwear, having proper shoe storage is not only the best way to keep them off the floor and together, but to keep them clean and in good shape. Shoes that are cared for look better for longer. So make the most of your money and keep your important shoes in these individual stacking boxes.

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Clear Jars

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From cotton balls to ear swabs, to cookies and candy, multiples of items just look better in clear containers. Small ones are perfect for bathrooms and offices, and larger ones are perfect for the kitchen. Group them together for not only a functional home organization storage solution, but a decorative one, too.

Jewelry Tree

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Give all those earrings, necklaces, watches, and rings a place to live with a beautiful jewelry tree. Placed on a dresser, shelf, or bathroom sink, it’s the perfect place for all your costume wear. Necklaces won’t get tangled up and earrings will always be in pairs with this great home organization product that makes a nice gift, too.

Foldable Storage Bins

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Although it’s not often we fold up our storage bins, it’s nice to have the option for space-saving. These large felt baskets have handles for moving toys or pet supplies around and fold up nice and flat when you’re done. We love the soft feel, which works perfectly in a kids room.

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Over the Door Pocket Storage

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Storage and home organization products with multiple functions are the best type of products to have. This over the door pocket storage is great for storing dolls, clothes, craft supplies, you name it. But the hooks also give it the option to hang it over a closet rod. Cool, right?

Linen Storage Bags

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Pack up all those out-of-season blankets and clothes in some nicely designed, linen storage bags. These extra-large clear and gray totes with handles fit two queen-sized down comforters and two pillows each. That’s the same as 25 adult sweaters. So buy away, then pack it up when the temps change!

Reusable Storage Baggies

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Storage baggies are great for organizing small items. And they’re even better when they’re more durable than the disposable kind, and can be reused almost forever. Grab a 22-pack in multiple sizes, and you’ll have a bag for whatever organizing needs you have, from batteries, to safety pins, and everything in between.

Under Bed Storage

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It’s no secret that storing items under the bed is a great use of that often neglected space. But don’t just throw items under there. Pick up a pack of these soft-sided storage bags with handles, and store all the out of season clothes you need. The top is transparent so you can always find what you need, and the reinforced handles make sure that all the yanking you do won’t break the design.

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Garage Tool Storage

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Because a garage is outside the main house, it’s an often neglected room for home organization. Clean up and get sorted with some tools specifically made for that space. We know there are always at least a few long-armed tools in a garage or shed, so keep them all standing straight and out of the way with this wall-mounted cleaning tool organizer. Brooms, rakes, shovels, and more don’t stand a chance of messing up the garage when they’re put in place with this handy tool.

Overhead Garage Storage Rack

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Think of all the space just hanging out above the cars in the garage. Your Christmas decor, keepsakes, and more can all have a proper place stored in the garage when a durable overhead garage storage rack is installed. Everything will stay high, dry, and safe with the stud-attached brackets properly installed. They’re safety tested up to 600 lbs!

Plastic Storage Shelving

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Every garage should have at least one of these racks inside. Easy to build without tools, plus being strong and sturdy, they’re quick to set up and can hold everything from bins, paint, garden equipment, tools, and more.

Dresser Clothing Organizers

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Dresser drawer organization isn’t the easiest to master. With some cloth drawer divider baskets, items like underwear, socks, bras, ties, etc. stay in their rightful place. The foldable design and customizable nature make them the perfect home organizing accessory for any dresser or chest of drawers.

Having an organized home isn’t just a more functional way to live, but a happier way to enjoy your home. For great home organization, start in one place, make piles for keep, give away, and trash, and then put what’s left back in a clean and orderly way. Pick up a few of these products to keep things together, and you’ll have a happier home all year long.

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