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Mornings can be a rough time for anyone. Adding children to the mix can make it downright crazy, especially when one of them is six years old, going on sixteen! Do you find that one of the biggest struggles is getting your kids dressed (hopefully in matching clothes that they don’t hate) and out the door? If that is the case, today’s tip is bound to make the struggle a bit easier.


Kids love to be independent and parents should encourage that. Whether you have one little angel or ten, we’ve found that the quickest solution to make those rough mornings a little less hectic and teach your child a little bit about making their own choices is to provide a clothing organizer. 


Have you ever noticed that the morning you hit snooze one too many times is also the morning that your child wants nothing to do with any of her breakfast selections, can’t find her shoes, thinks the toothpaste tastes funny, and hates every single thing you pull out of her dresser to wear? Now you can eliminate at least some of that chaos!

Encouraging Independence

How many times a day do you hear a phrase similar to “I want to do it myself?”

Maybe you have a little boy who wants to wear the same Mickey Mouse t-shirt every single day. Or, you have a little girl with a very BIG opinion on what is “cute and comfortable” enough to wear out for the day. Either way, it’s great to encourage your child to develop his or her own sense of style. This really helps them gain confidence in their own choices. Plus, getting dressed on their own is a great way to help with the development of both fine and gross motor skills. Of course, if you leave getting dressed solely up to your 3-year old, he might just leave the house in his underwear!

So, what’s a mom to do? Getting children involved in choosing and organizing their clothes makes all the difference between a chaotic start and a stress-free morning!

How to make a clothing organizer

Before you get started, you’ll need an organizer. We love this one from IKEA. You can’t beat the $5.00 price tag!

Step 1:  Let them CHOOSE THEIR OWN Outfits!

Choose a weekend to let your sweet little ones choose their own outfits, with your guidance of course. This will quickly eliminate the “I don’t want to wear that; it’s too itchy/long/short/pink” from your mornings. It also allows your child to develop his or her own sense of style. Plus, they’ll have fun doing it! 

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Step 2: Put one outfit in each slot.

Monday goes at the top, Friday goes at the bottom. There is plenty of space to put in outfits for Saturday and Sunday too, if you wish!

Clothing Organizer For The Win 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Step 3: Use the bottom pocket for underwear and socks.

This keeps everything your child needs for getting dressed in one place — no more last-minute searching for these necessary items.

Clothing Organizer For The Win 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Step 4: Wake up and get dressed!

Now, when your kids wake up in the morning, they know exactly where to find their clothes and can get dressed on their own, in clothes that they chose, and without fuss. It really is a wonderful thing!

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Have a child who has no interest in picking out their own clothes? No problem! Follow the steps to starting your own clothes organizer anyways. It still makes your mornings easier. No rushing to the dryer searching for a matching shirt. Every weekend you can ask your little one if they want to help you. You never know when they may change their mind.

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For more organization ideas, check out the 31 Day Organization Challenge: House Edition. 

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