Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Gifts ideas for book lovers can extend well beyond the hottest book of the year. Comfy, cozy socks, coffee or tea, and even snacks to munch on while reading are all great things to accompany the ideas on this list. Make sure your bookworm is happy heading into the holiday season with these great ideas.

9 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Unique Bookends

Gift Ideas For Book Lovers

Book lovers love old books. They use them as decor as often as they read them. With some unique bookends, a room can be transformed. These pipe wall brackets easily make for some unique bookends. Get creative with your book end gifts and your book lover will love them even more.

The Art of Happy Moving

Gift Ideas For Book Lovers

Whether you’ve been in the military for a day or a decade, you know that moving is just a part of military life. But that doesn’t mean we have to go it alone. The On the Move box featuring The Art of Happy Moving is an excellent gift for both new and seasoned milspouses. The Art of Happy Moving is an excellent book that walks you through not only the logistics but also the psychology of choosing a destination and all the steps along the way. While you can purchase the book alone, this box is really a beautiful gift complete with tea, bath salts, a candle, and delicious chocolates. Whether your bestie is close to retirement or facing that first PCS, this is the perfect gift.

Reading Lamp

Gifts For Bookworms

Book lovers read anywhere and everywhere, often straining their eyes when the light is poor. Sometimes even when we’re asleep next to them. With a good, rechargeable reading light, your bookworm can read anywhere they wish. Talk about a gift idea that keeps on giving.

War is Personal

War Is Personal

War stories are most loved by those who have lived them. As Elaine Wilkes compiles the stories of her father’s experiences, the reader is taken back to the invasion of Okinawa. In one of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific, Private Roy Wilkes, USMC was front and center. These gripping, real-life stories in War is Personal give insight into the heart and soul of a young Marine during World War II.

Fun Bookmark

Gifts For Bookworms

Book lovers have a hard time with folding down pages to keep their spot, and a cute bookmark is a perfect solution. This Nessie bookmark will remind them of you while bringing a smile to their faces, even when reading the tensest murder mystery of the year.

Adult Coloring Book

Gifts For Bookworms

The letdown after a great book is finished makes it hard for book lovers to move on to the next one right away. To relax in between, your bookworm might enjoy a coloring break. There are so many adult coloring books available, including this Art Mandala one. Just make sure to include some colored pencils with it.

Cottonwood Flowing

Cottonwood Flowing

Sixty years after teenage Eva Kelly sends her brothers off to fight in World War II, Eva finds herself in a hospital better, unresponsive. When her granddaughter visits and finds her journals, she reads them and faces her own memories. Claire learns, through her grandmother’s journals, about love, loss, and betrayal. Family secrets, war stories, and the memories tucked away for decades come out in this well-written novel, Cottonwood Flowing.

Audible Subscription + Headphones

Bookworms come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them prefer Audiobooks. A gift subscription to Audible is a great way to make their daily commute better. Subscription options include monthly, quarterly, yearly, and even just gifting one book. And pair them with a quality pair of headphones for public transportation, working in a coffee shop, or just blocking out noisy children on a Saturday afternoon.

Literary Socks

Comfy socks should come with every great page-turner and these literary socks are a great addition to any gift this holiday season. Library card socks or out of print socks are both guaranteed to push your gift to the top of the pile. Grab a pair for yourself too!

While not everyone is a book lover, surely everyone loves a good book. Bring joy to the book lover in your life when they open one of these great gifts this holiday season. For more gift ideas for the book lovers in your life, check out our favorite books for military spouses.

Gift Ideas For Book Lovers



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