6 Cheerful Kid-Friendly Recipes They Can Handle Solo This Season

Tis the season for kid-friendly recipes the whole family will enjoy making together. Simple, yet, whimsical kid-friendly recipes encourage the kiddos to jump in on the holiday fun. So, admit it. This weather makes you feel like baking, too. And, it’s way more fun to play in the kitchen with the children.

The crisp, chill in the air as the tinsel is drug out of its boxes from the attic marks the turn of the season. The season of celebration and togetherness. And, what brings people together better than food? Delicious and adorable food worthy of photos, of course!

We all have those special memories of Great-Aunt Betty’s peppermint bark candy or Grandpa Joe’s famous Christmas fudge. The tastes and smells of the season have a powerful effect on nostalgia, don’t they?

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In order to keep the good times going, recipes need to be taught and passed down (especially kid-friendly recipes). While, yes, perhaps starting with your grandmother’s 12-step, gourmet apple crisp may not be the easiest thing to teach to your children right now, we can definitely start them off on something simple. When it comes to teaching the art of cooking, it’s usually best to start with baby steps. Simple and cheerful recipes are the perfect segway into getting your kids in the kitchen and prepping them for those heirloom recipes! These foolproof, kid-friendly recipes may need a little supervision at first but you’ll be shocked at how quickly they’ll be able to handle these kid-friendly recipes on their own!

Kid-Friendly Recipes for Christmas


Christmas Tree Rice Krispie Treats

How fun are these Easy Christmas Tree Rice Krispie Treats by Rachel Cooks? Rice Krispie treats are like a childhood rite of passage. We have all had them, made them, and loved them. Pair the simplicity and sweetness with the merriment of the season by teaching your children the magical art of the crisp! Just a dash of food coloring, a pop of sprinkles, and a pretzel stick make this one of the easiest kid-friendly recipes there is!

Reeses Peanut Butter Ball


Before we dive into the euphoria of Christmas, let’s create a treat for the fall! This mouth-watering Reese’s Peanut Butter Ball by Delish takes your regular expectations of a dip and annihilates them with a rich, creamy flavor that will have you craving autumn all year long. Since it’s simply a matter of mixing ingredients together, decorating with mini pieces, and gathering up graham crackers, it’s a no-brainer for adults and children alike to make this one of the staple kid-friendly recipes.

Kool-Aid Pie


Now here is a treat that knows no season. This delicious Kool-Aid Pie by Mom Foodie is magnificently simple but marvelously tasty. Not only is it no-bake but it is completely customizable! Let’s be honest, children near a hot oven can be a bit nerve-racking but mixing something scrumptious in a bowl is a breeze!

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Try using fun holiday colors by adding flavors like cherry, or green apple. Sprinkle peppermint shavings on top for a festive punch! Your tastebuds will be drowning in seasonal goodness in a flash! The combination of Cool-Whip sweetened condensed milk, and a Kool-Aid packet on a graham cracker crust make for a delightful dessert.

Mint Oreo Parfait and Grinch Punch

Can anyone resist the delectable taste of chocolate and mint? There’s a reason the Thin Mints are the Girl Scouts’ best-selling cookie. This flavor combination just cannot be beaten! The Grasshopper Parfaits by BellyFull are ridiculously simple to make. The effort-to-reward ratio is favorable on the reward side of things.

Biggest bonus? (Besides getting to use green food coloring, of course.) There is room for personal modifications. Are you a loyalist to Girl Scout Thin Mints? Add those instead of Oreos? Want to make it an “adult-dessert? Just add creme de menthe liqueur. Need a little more fluff? Add in some mini marshmallows. Everything is so wonderfully simple to start with so adding in your preferences is a cinch! Plus, watch their faces light up when you tell them you’re about to let them handle the mixer!

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Kids are always up for silly and goofy things. This Grinch Punch from Simplistically Living is so much fun to make and an easy way to get the kids chuckling. Boasting only 7, no prep ingredients, this entertaining green drink will be fixed up in a flash! The kids can just mix, serve and wait for all the holiday quotes from, “The Grinch,” movie to get your kitchen erupting in laughter and fun. Nothing brings in the Christmas spirit quite like the Grinch. Be sure to have him at your next holiday party!

Pretzel Hugs

Melty white and milk chocolate on a salty, crunchy pretzel bite? Yes, please! These Pretzel Hugs are proof that the best things in life are the little things. Simply place a Hershey’s Hug on a mini pretzel and place it in the oven for just long enough to get them soft. Then plop red and green M&M’s on top and lightly push it down into the melty hug. It’s like pressing a tasty holiday button! The best part is they cool very quickly so by the time your little ones have pressed all the “holiday buttons,” there will likely be some tasty treats ready for sampling! When it comes to kid-friendly recipes, this one is a no-brainer!

We all have to start somewhere! These kid-friendly recipes will get your family excited for the season and prepare them for more complicated recipes down the road! Today it’s easy-no-bake peanut butter balls but who knows! Tomorrow your kiddos may be whipping up Aunt Kathy’s peanut brittle! Keep those treasured family foods going by introducing these kid-friendly recipes to your home this season and have fun watching their little minds grow!

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