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 In order to keep your garbage disposal working properly, you must do some maintenance on it every once in a while. Many times, people will buy products to drop into their disposal to both clean it and release a fresh aroma into the air. However, those can be pricey, and you are unsure what chemicals you are coming into contact with and also releasing into the environment. An easier (and natural) solution is out there!

{Photo Credit: The Memoirs of Megan}

Adding a harder material to be ground up by the disposal creates a scouring type action that cleans both the blades, and the chamber walls effectively. Using vinegar and the fresh lemon (or any citrus) will deodorize the chamber and will get rid of any unwanted smells.

To Do:

  • Cut up lemon into smaller cubes
  • Place the lemon cubes into an ice tray
  • Fill the ice tray up with vinegar
  • Freeze

To Use:

  • Run your sink water on cold as it is better to wash away grease
  • Turn on your garbage disposal
  • Place one frozen cube down the garbage disposal
  • Wait for all grinding noise to stop before turning off the disposal.

You’ll love the fresh smell that comes out, and you can rest assured that this routine maintenance will keep your disposal clean and fresh for years to come!

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