31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

It’s easy to say you should take care of yourself, but it’s hard when your to-do list is never-ending. Shopping for online products can prove tricky for most people, and it’s a constant challenge because wellness is such a personal domain. We here at Daily Mom have compiled a guide to help you purchase amazing products to give you that pick-me-up comfort you need. Below is a list of fantastic products that will provide you with the perfect wellness check, including vaginal detoxes, gummy vitamins, migraine & back pain relief tools, and oral health products such as electric toothbrushes and portable water flossers. All of these self-care products should be included in your daily routine. 

Fantastic Wellness Check Products


31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

Relief doesn’t always have to come with nasty side effects and with a prescription. Inflamade is changing the relief game with its THC-free, vegan, and laboratory-tested products. With convenient dosage amounts on the tinctures and optional choices with their topical creams, relief is a few drops or applications away. With all-natural ingredients like MTC oil and Hemp Extract, there’s no need to compromise.

From Inflamade® Restore to pain relief to sleep essentials, and chill and calm options, Inflamade has all your bases covered. It’s great to use on aches and pains, muscle recovery from workouts, stress-relief from life, it’s time you took your own relief in your hands with the help of pure and effective ingredients, guaranteed to help you or your money back. Get ready for life-changing relief with Inflamade!

Goddess Detox

31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

Talking about vaginal health is frequently disregarded and brushed off as being unimportant, and this must stop right now! Compromised vaginal health has a direct impact on women’s overall physical well-being as well as their mental and emotional health. Ignoring warning signs or “embarrassing” vagina talk for a prolonged period can lead to undesirable consequences. That’s why it’s essential to have a regular wellness check and discuss it with your daughter or mother routinely – there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

There is a reason women are called Goddesses – your surreal being encompasses all that your femininity holds – especially your vagina. The herbs used in the Goddess Detox Self Love Bundle include those that cleanse your vagina, physically, and spiritually – your mind will soon follow. The herbal steam in the Goddess Detox Self Love Bundle draws in all the old debris and negativity your vagina has come into contact with in the past. Not only that, but it also increases sexual energy and blood flow towards the vagina and significantly decreases pain during period cramps. Along with the steaming components, enjoy the additional washes, cleanses, and oils.

You get to enjoy yourself more in bed, whether you are solo or with a lucky guy, which can have an amazing impact on your overall happiness and well-being. So, get yours now and thoroughly enjoy these magical wellness check products with unlimited benefits.


Oral health is important year-round but as we approach the holidays and begin to enjoy sweet and other delicious treats more frequently, you need a toothbrush that will maintain your teeth and mouth. The Hydrosonic Pro from Curapox gives you that professionally cleaned feeling every time you brush – even with braces, implants, sensitive gums… and those hard-to-reach spots.

The CURACURVE® bend enables the Hydrosonic pro brush heads to reach these critical areas of the mouth with ease. With up to 84,000 brush movements a minute, the Curen® bristles are designed to provide the best possible performance. The ultrasound technology in the Hydrosonic Pro cleans on two levels: mechanically and hydrodynamically making it very easy to handle as well. So If you are ready for a great wellness check be sure to include the Curapox toothbrushes.

31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle
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The Be You Toothpaste combines impeccable flavors of peach and apricot and a watermelon flavor with a touch of shimmering mint that is refreshing and cooling. By placing this trending toothpaste into your routine wellness check, your summer days will elongate throughout the fall months with touches of summer flavors throughout the day.

Alani Nu

31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

Wellness should feel good and taste good. That’s why Alani Nu offers a range of delicious, convenient products that support your goals while bringing bright, bold flavors to your daily routine. If you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle and get your body in shape, it is often difficult to do it with diet and exercise alone. Incorporating the amazing fitness, energy, beauty, and wellness check products from Alani Nu can get your where you want to be.

Turn your workouts up a notch with the flavor-packed Pre-Workout. Start your day with a scoop of this pre-workout before you begin your fitness routine and you will not only feel more energized but more motivated to work hard and not quit! Formulated to provide you with 200mg of caffeine, and amino acids like L-Theanine to prevent you from crashing. This has the endurance and performance you need with the crisp flavors you deserve.

Designed to support muscle strength, mass, growth, and endurance, the Creatine powder gives your body a boost – without building bulk. Each scoop contains 5g of pure creatine and nothing else. No sugar, no gluten, and no artificial colors or flavors!

Enjoy benefits like endurance and mental focus without caffeine. The stim-free PUMP product was created to increase mental focus and endurance while amplifying the muscle “pump” effect with the combination of Glycerpump & L-Citrulline.

When you begin to drag during your day, refresh and reset with Alani Nu’s best-selling Alani Energy. Each can serve up 200mg of caffeine and bold flavor – all for 15 calories or less and 0g of sugar! With a dash of vitamin B6 and B12, these energy drinks will help keep you and your natural glow at your brightest – even on your busiest days when you don’t have time for a wellness check.


Rowdy offers superfoods that are a perfect amalgamation of addictive flavor and health benefits—because getting in shape doesn’t always have to be rigorous or bland, right? With Rowdy’s Power Bundle, you get three delectable flavors to enjoy the process of your growth; you can drink them in simple water or shakes. The collagen in these protein powders helps you add mass to your hard-earned muscles and restores your youthful skin. And the prebiotics effectively improves your gut health. Add Rowdy to your list of items for a perfect wellness check. 

31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

Rewarding yourself for achieving milestones propels you to move forward, and dopamine is one of the best things to get for yourself from these Peanutty Dark Chocolate Rowdy Bars. Don’t start counting the calories you’ll get; no guilt necessary because it is dairy-free, gluten-free, and keto-friendly. Not to mention its sweet and salty flavors that melt in your mouth; the euphoric feeling is to die for!

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Get ready for the scrumptious Keto Chocolatey Cookie Dough, which is definitely the ideal solution to your snack craving. Along with being appetizing, it is also a good source of prebiotics. Enjoy this guiltless pleasure because it’s low carb, so you can have a bunch of them without worrying about your diet.


You want to take care of your family, but you don’t want to expose them to harsh chemicals and toxins. It’s hard to know what’s in your medicine cabinet, the print is fine, and you just want to take care of your family quickly. Not only that, pharmaceuticals are notorious for containing harsh chemicals and toxins that can be harmful to your family – opposite of what you want. But imagine if you could create your own clean medicine cabinet?

You absolutely can! Genexa is a safe and clean alternative for the whole family when you need medicine. Their clean products are made with the same active ingredients you need but without the artificial ones you don’t. They are also pediatrician tested and approved, so you can trust them with your family’s health.

If you are looking to get back to basics and use natural ingredients that will help you get better and not worse, then this new kind of medicine company will be your go-to. They make clean, safe products for the whole family. Genexa is the perfect choice for those who want to take control of their health and feel their best. What sets Genexa apart from other brands is its commitment to quality. The brand replaces the artificial inactive ingredients used by category leaders and replaces with clean alternatives that are natural and organic.

You’ll feel good about their team of experts who develop the products with input from leading doctors and healthcare professionals. This ensures that the products you give to yourself and your family meet the highest standards for effectiveness and safety. So go ahead and plan a wellness check for your family and treat them to clean medicine products from Genexa.


31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

Warmies is a one-stop shop for all of your wellness needs and offers products that bring comfort and warmth to the whole family. From their best-selling plush toys and slippers to their heating pads and neck wraps, all products are microwavable and contain 100% French Lavender, sourced directly from Provence, France for added relaxation.

Warmies® Plushes are fully microwavable to provide hours of soothing warmth and comfort. These Stuffed Animal Warmies are scented with real dried French lavender and perfectly weighted for a positive sensory experience. Warmies make an ideal gift for all ages. There are tons of adorable animals to choose from including alligators, unicorns, penguins, puppies, and more!

And don’t forget to get something for yourself or as a gift for a friend, family member, or co-worker. As adults, we all have stresses that need to be relieved after a long day so it’s important to have a regular wellness check. The Warmies® Spa Bundle includes 3 items to give you the ultimate rest and relaxation you need.

The Neck Wraps are microwavable and gently scented with French lavender for the ultimate comfort and relaxation. Simply warm in a microwave or chill in the freezer to relieve stress and soothe everyday aches and pains. The Slippers are fully microwavable and made with luxuriously soft faux fur, they are perfect for relieving stress and soothing tired, aching feet. The Eye Mask Simply can be warmed in a microwave for 30 seconds for a peaceful night’s sleep or chilled in the freezer to rejuvenate tired eyes.


Parents, teachers, and even teen athletes may start to experience joint pain as the start of the school year brings on increased activity. Copperfit is a collection of advanced compression products to help support your joints, aid in healing, and promote recovery. Copperfit’s newest collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow is a perfect way to focus on bringing your health and wellness to the forefront of your everyday life.

The Compression Elbow Sleeves and the Compression Knee Sleeves are great solutions to relieve aches and pain from two of your most-used joints. These sleeves offer more support and comfort to an active lifestyle while still being able to remain flexible in your daily schedule. The contoured design and reinforced band allow for a good fit that holds in place while the compression helps improve circulation and reduce muscle recovery time. The enhanced, anti-chafing high-performance circular knit is both infused with copper that uses moisture-wicking and odor-reducing technology. So if you are ready for a great wellness check be sure to include Copperfit compression products.


31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

If you are one that frequently gets heartburn and indigestion, let us introduce you to your new best friend. Wonderbelly is a better, more thoughtful, and tastier alternative to TUMS that is changing the conversation around digestive health and the “hard-to-talk-about” things that cause many digestive health issues.

Non-GMO, gluten-free, uses no talc, no artificial dyes, no artificial flavors, no common allergens, and no artificial sweeteners are just some of the natural ingredients that make Wonderbelly different from the rest. Wonderbelly is just as effective as TUMS, using the same active ingredient (calcium carbonate) without any of the added junk (ie talc). The Variety Pack includes three flavor profiles: Strawberry Milkshake, Citrus Mint, and Watermelon Mint. Add Wonderbelly to your list of items for a perfect wellness check. 


The Huggaroo Soothe is one of the leading migraine relief products. Store in the freezer between uses and use it as an ice face mask and use it as a cold eye compress for puffy eyes or cold face mask. Quickly heat in the microwave for one to two minutes to help with sinus pressure relief. The Huggaroo Soothe is your 2-in-1 solution eye massager with heat and cooling for the perfect wellness check product.  

Securely wrap around your head with a nylon hook and loop fastener, blacking out all light with clay beads for added massage. More versatile than a standard headache hat, the Huggaroo Soothe can also be used for sinus relief or as a cold compress for the eyes.

The Huggaroo Ice Comport is a headache relief gel ice pack encased in a soft, luxurious fabric, which feels wonderful against the delicate skin of your face. The 100% polyester plush fabric is hypoallergenic, making it the softest material available, designed with the most sensitive skin in mind. The Ice Comfort is over 33 inches long, allowing you to use it all over your body and fit all head sizes. The ice pad cools quickly in a freezer as a frozen sleeve and can be used for multiple ailments.

The Huggaroo Gem is a weighted eye mask for hot and cold therapy. Quickly and easily warm in the microwave to us as a warm eye compress for dry eyes or keep in the freezer between uses to help relax and unwind. When used as an eye mask for dry eyes, the Huggaroo Gem provides quick and fast relief. This mask is not only comfortable but also blocks out light for a more restful sleep. If you are ready for a great wellness check be sure to include Huggaroo.

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Herbal Revolution

The traditional method of using herbs to improve your health is unfailing. Intending to utilize the endless benefits of herbs through extensive research, Herbal Revolution developed a blend of herbs and spices – that offers numerous and distinct benefits.

This complete tonic set features five different tonics, each with an 8 oz quantity offering a unique flavor and health benefit. The elderberry tonic boosts your immune system, and the digestive tonic keeps your metabolism in check. Fire tonic – the name is self-explanatory; it prepares your body to combat the harsh cold weather.

The energy tonic, on the other hand, is a must-add to your daily routine if you aim to have a healthy lifestyle. It reduces tiredness and fatigue, ensuring productivity, thus making the perfect wellness check product. Tumeric is almost present in every household, giving relief during injuries, restlessness, and sickness. So, turmeric tonic’s endless benefits are unquestionable.


31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

If you have ever found yourself struggling with swallowing pills or just absolutely hate the taste of oral medications, you will be grateful to find MEDCOAT. This innovative, affordable, and easy-to-use solution will revolutionize the way you take medication! With MEDCOAT you can easily apply a soft and slippery coating to pills that make the pills easier to swallow. This pill-swallowing solution is ideal for young children, adults, and seniors. Whether you have one pill to take daily or multiple, MEDCOAT will seamlessly become a part of your medication routine.

The coating is flavored which stimulates saliva production further aiding the swallowing process and also works to camouflage the pill’s original taste with a sweet taste in 3 flavors including lemon, cola, and strawberry. The package contains a card with 10 applicators and each applicator can coat up to three to pills depending on the size. MEDCOAT can be used for pills and capsules of different sizes and shapes and also for divided pills. MEDCOAT is sugar, soy, and gluten-free and uses no artificial flavors or colors.

Sharper Image

Are you an exercise enthusiast? When you work out regularly or suffer from muscle soreness, you understand how crucial it is to have a regular wellness check with an effective method for relieving tension. The best way to combat muscle pain is using the Sharper Image Powerboost Massage Gun. This state-of-the-art recovery tool will target sore muscles and knots. It includes four attachments and has four intensity levels, so you change the strength of the percussion to suit your body’s needs and help break up lactic acid before your next workout.

Changing the nodes allows you to customize your massage by loosening tight, stiff muscles and reducing soreness. For example, use the flat one to cover more surface area or pinpoint a trouble spot with the cone attachment. The massager has an ergonomic handle so you can reach different parts of your body comfortably. In addition, it uses quiet-drive technology to eliminate noise.

This massage gun is the perfect travel companion with a 2-hour running time so you can take it to the gym, camping, and on vacation. So during your next wellness check, if you find any areas of muscle soreness or pain, use the portable Powerboost Massage Gun to get your body back on track and maintain your active lifestyle.


31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

If you are looking for exercise equipment for your workout routine, you should choose one that fits your body type and usage needs. With the patented P.Ball by P.volve, you can define and strengthen your lower body in a unique and versatile way. It’s designed to achieve the best results with an exact diameter to fit between the thighs for a maximum target of inner thighs, abs, glutes, and pelvic floor muscles.

Attached to the elastic band is an exercise ball that aims to tone the inner and outer thighs, lift the glutes and improve hip mobility. In addition to using it between the legs, you can also use it in your hand to strengthen your upper body and behind the back to strengthen your core.

Each P.Ball comes with:

  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • An extender for universal fit
  • A hand pump and needle for inflation

During all P.Ball exercises, get sweaty on the cushioned P.Mat workout mat, which provides extra support, stability, and comfort for the knees and wrists. As you work out on this super comfortable mat, you’ll notice how easy it is to maneuver and how easy it is to roll up and store away once you’re done. The versatile P. Ball will provide a fantastic workout on your P.Mat, and help you meet all your difficult fitness goals! So keep yourself in shape and energized this year, thanks to P.volve.


What if you could eat some delicious gummies before a night of drinking and not feel the effects of alcohol the next morning? Game changer right? The Toast! Before You Drink Gummies are the gummy bear snack that’s got your back. Based on the latest science, these tasty Before You Drink Gummies are powered by natural ingredients to help restore key nutrients and support your liver so you can celebrate and still feel great! These gummy supplements come in individual packs with two servings in every pack to share with friends. They’re also perfect for gift bags, party favors for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette trips, and for live events.

31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

For other health purposes, Toast! also has created Before You Sleep Gummies and Immune Support Gummies. The Before You Sleep gummies will help support your quality of sleep so you can get the best rest. If you’re doing a wellness check, be sure to add these gummies to your routine! Made with 100% vegetarian/vegan-friendly ingredients, these gummies are here to boost your body’s rest and relaxation.

31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

Toast! To Immune Support. These raspberry flavor gummies are here to help support a healthy immune system, so you can focus on the things that matter. Made with 100% vegetarian ingredients these supplements will nourish your body’s natural defenses and protect your immune system.

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When you are doing strenuous exercise like running or weight lifting it can lead to sore muscles, tendonitis, or tennis/golfer’s elbow.  Using TheraICE RX Hot & Cold Compression Sleeves, you can boost the body’s healing process. Each time these unique compression sleeves are worn, the hot or cold therapy will reach all the right spots giving you the relief you need. Many ailments can be treated with the dual therapy technique, including inflammation, arthritis pain, sore muscles, swelling, strains, sprains, and more.

With its state-of-the-art design, the sleeve provides just the right amount of compression and won’t slip off, and the stretchy fit will fit the knees, elbows, biceps, hamstrings, thighs, calves, and ankles.  These lightweight sleeves are super thin, so they can go discreetly under clothes, and are perfect for travel as you can wear them anywhere. With high-quality gel lining and a comfort-first fit, the buttery soft sleeves offer 360-degree relief to stabilize while providing mobility.  These sleeves are available in four different sizes and two colors, black and pink. 

Thanks to the TheraICE Rx Hot & Cold Compression Sleeve, recovery is made easy, so your next wellness check will be perfect. 


Chronic back pain is a widespread condition that millions of people experience daily. The Backpod is an award-winning treatment tool for releasing tight upper backs and rib cages.

A professional physiotherapist in New Zealand developed this innovative tool specifically to counter the upsurge of chronic back pain caused by hunching over computers, smartphones & other smart devices leading to headaches and other ailments. Back pain is one of the most common ailments discovered during a wellness check.

This tool offers impressive effectiveness and strength for your back and is highly convenient in size for everyday use anywhere. Backpod can improve your posture by increasing flexibility and releasing tension and stress. It is made from a super-strong polycarbonate core coupled with an outer cushion made from hypoallergenic synthetic rubber.

Backpod is helpful for breathlessness, chronic asthma, or pregnancy-related rib pain caused by tight rib cage joints. Don’t let chronic back pain take over your life and stop you from doing activities you love. Instead, start living life to the fullest with Backpod and get that kick back in your step!

Hyland’s Naturals

31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

Getting your kids to eat healthily is the most challenging thing on earth. However, these Kids Organic Elderberry Plus Gummies can make it simple and enjoyable. These gummies contain organic black elderberry, which not only adds a tasty flavor but also works to strengthen the immune system and combat the seasonal flu. On the other hand, the zinc in these gummies promotes growth and development in your growing child. Additionally, they are free from allergens and GMOs and don’t contain any harmful artificial flavors. So get these gummies added to your child’s wellness check routine and start boosting their immunity right away!

Your body needs as much care and love as you give to your children. That is why you need to get this gummy bundle. This bundle comprises a set of three gummies: Organic Elderberry Plus, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Blast, and Stress Busters. Each has tremendous health benefits. Add these to your wellness check routine and help promote healing in your body any time of year.


31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

CoolCura puts a modern twist on an ancient acupuncture technique called Feng Fu. Feng Fu is the point where the skull meets the spine. CoolCura is worn around your neck and places ice on the Feng Fu point for stress relief, anxiety relief, and pain relief in just 20 minutes. This innovative band naturally relieves pain by increasing blood flow and endorphins in your body. Some medical professionals use this technique to help patients with chronic back pain, headaches, and hangovers. The cumbersome experience of trying to hold an ice cube on your neck is difficult and messy. This unique design allows you to ease your pain without the mess and stress of using ice cubes.


A weighted heating pad can provide pain relief and deep relaxation. Comfytemp weighted heating pads are the perfect solution for sore muscles, cramps, body aches, or if you just want something to keep you relaxed and comfortable. These pads are the perfect addition to your wellness check routine.

Comfytemp’s extra-large weighted electric heating pad can provide relief from a wide range of physical ailments. For example, this pad can be used to relieve menstrual cramps or to soothe sore muscles on the neck, arms, legs, and shoulders. This pad will also provide people with a calming sense of warmth and comfort as they relax on the couch and watch their favorite Netflix show.

The 3.7 lb weighted pad is made with super soft flannel and is machine-washable after detaching the controller. The weighted heating pad also has three heating levels and an extra-large design to ensure it stays in place and provides pressure for therapeutic relief. It heats up in a few seconds and will shut itself off after two hours to prevent overheating. For full-body relief, the only name you can trust is Comfytemp.


31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

Are you looking for rapid hydration plus immune support? Check out Kinderlyte! Kinderlyte electrolyte packets hydrate 3x faster than water alone without the use of artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives. And with kid-approved flavors such as lemonade, and superior hydration, your family will feel better faster with Kinderlyte!

31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

Also available in a pre-mixed electrolyte formula, Kinderlyte uses electrolytes + glucose* (instead of fructose) so that it hydrates fast like an IV, naturally! They never use fruit juice, which doesn’t absorb as quickly, making Kinderlyte uniquely natural AND effective. This makes it perfect for tackling stomach bugs, heat exhaustion, sports, late nights, travel, and more! Add KinderFarms to your list of items for a perfect wellness check. 


Coping with ongoing migraines can be difficult; however, having the proper medications can relieve the pain. Migrastil is a line of all-natural products proudly made in the USA and created by migraine sufferers. Their roll-on, migraine sticks, and Soothing Neck & Shoulder Cream are designed to provide relief.

Their best-selling vegan Migraine Stick is an effective all-natural, cruelty-free, and pain-relieving option for migraines and severe headaches. The Migraine Stick is made from all-natural oils to give you instant cooling pain relief from the first application. This soothing stick uses pure peppermint, spearmint, and lavender oils in a fractionated coconut oil base to fade the tension. 

If you suffer from neck pain, use the Soothing Neck and Shoulder Cream made with deep penetrating plant extracts to soothe neck and shoulder pain and tension. Add this great product to your wellness check and rub a small amount on your shoulders and neck at the first signs of discomfort. The non-greasy, moisturizing formula has a very light, pleasing ginger mint scent. This cream contains pure menthol and essential oils of peppermint, spearmint, lavender, ginger, and frankincense in a moisturizing cream fortified with shea butter and aloe vera.  

You can also trust us with your joint and muscle pain. Migrastil PainBlock Roll-On is non-greasy with a low-scent formula that glides on easily with its no-mess applicator. This roll-on provides gentle cooling relief with no harsh burning sensations. Its natural deep-penetrating plant extracts counter inflammation, pain, and discomfort.  So go ahead and check out Migrastil’s products for the ultimate in migraine, neck, joint, and muscle pain control so you can live your best life every day!

Dr. Well’s Products

31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

Cold weather is coming and if you’re like us, that means that all those aches and pains caused by cold weather are also returning. Created by a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner to address and stop pain within the body, Dr. Wells’ Pain Relief Magic Cream is all you’ll need this season. The cream is quickly absorbed by the skin to provide instant relief from pain. It contains organic ingredients like camphor oil, menthol, and magnesium sulfate, which are known for their efficacy in relieving pain.

The unique formulation of this cream also helps to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation. Made in the USA, this Black and woman-owned business helps its consumers feel their best selves through a range of organic supplements, skincare, and homeopathic products. Each is formulated using the latest scientific research to promote optimal health and support a natural healing journey.


31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

Looking to get a great workout and improve overall health while you have a blast doing so? Prepare to experience Plankpad! While holding a plank position is not always easy, practicing this regularly is one of the best ways to improve core strength and endurance. With the Plankpad PRO, you can now take your planks to the next level!

The Plankpad PRO is a fitness device that actually makes doing planks fun! (Yes, you read that correctly!) By planking on this high-end maple wood balance board instead of the floor, you’re challenging those tiny muscles that create stability more than ever. Beyond that, use Plankpad PRO’s connected app to play games while you plank, and make the time pass more quickly. You can even broadcast it on TV, so the whole family can challenge each other. Get fit to the core with this great wellness check product!


31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know that on average, women have 494 menstrual cycles? On average you’ll spend around $10 monthly on female products and with 494 cycles, that’s $4.940 in a lifetime! In addition to the cost, your environmental impact is also a factor. So if you’re thinking about making your period more cost and environmentally friendly then LastPad is the amazing product to help you achieve that.

LastPad is a reusable pad that is available in three sizes to match your period flow. The smallest pad is perfect for your days with a lighter flow. The medium pad is a great everyday pad for when you’re working or doing sports. The large pad is for those days with heavy flow when you need all the protection you can get. After you’ve used the pad, store it in the included pouch and the next time you do your laundry, take the pad out and wash it with your clothes. Add the environmentally friendly LastPad to your list of items for a perfect wellness check. 


31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

Itching happens to everyone whether it’s an eczema flare-up, allergy rash, or insect bite. Itching can really be irritating especially if it happens often and you don’t have the right treatment for it. That is why Sarna, the #1 Dermatologist-Recommended brand in the topical anti-itch category, has designed a line of products specifically formulated to moisturize and soothe dry itchy, skin without parabens and other irritants.

The brand’s line has 3 products, each designed to relieve itching at different levels. Sarna Original Lotion is formulated with camphor and menthol, intended for soothing dry itchy skin resulting from dry skin, insect bites, sunburn, or poison ivy. If you’re experiencing the occasional itch or dryness that isn’t so severe, this is the lotion you want to use.

If you’re experiencing a severe rash, itchiness, or dry skin you’ll want to reach for Sarna Sensitive Lotion instead. This is the strongest anti-itch medication you can buy without a prescription. This lotion contains no parabens, fragrances, or other harsh chemicals making it safe for daily use.

Lastly, if you suffer from eczema flare-ups, you’ll want to keep the Sarna Whipped Foam nearby. This foam
formula delivers fast, soothing relief to eczema-prone skin and is strong enough for adults yet gentle enough for children. Be sure to add Sarna lotions to your list of wellness check products.


Oral health plays a big role in determining your overall well-being, which is why it is important to do a wellness check and choose your oral care products wisely. And getting this 2-bottle Riven Mouthwash will not disappoint you. What sets this apart is its efficient ability to get rid only of harmful bacteria without wiping out the useful ones, thanks to the probiotics in it. Apart from that, it doesn’t sting and isn’t too strong; it comfortably cleans your mouth. In addition to giving you fresh breath, this mouthwash cleans your teeth and gums more effectively than brushing.

Not to mention, it doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients and is alcohol-free. This mouthwash has excellent packaging; the glass bottle is UV-protected and has a cool design to accent your bathroom decor.

Smile Direct Club

Taking care of your teeth and mouth is an important part of your overall health. A lack of good oral hygiene can lead to cavities and gum disease, not to mention other problems that affect the entire body.  At Smile Direct Club, their mission is to provide consumers access to premium oral care products, including whitening strips, portable water flossers, electric toothbrushes, and toothpaste at affordable prices.

The Pop-up Water Flosser is a game changer when it comes to your oral health. This water-resistant flosser removes 99% of the plaque between teeth and below the gum line, leaving your mouth feeling refreshed and teeth super clean. One of the best features of this flosser is it stands at 5” when closed, making it great for travel. Other great features include built-in storage for floss tips, lasting up to a month on a single charge, three pressure modes ( normal, soft, and pulse), and it also works for people with braces or other dental work. So go the extra mile for your dental health and get that priceless smile; only with Smile Direct Club.

Pick N’ Peel Stones

31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you have an anxiety disorder or are just in need of something to do with your hands while you binge-watch Dr. Pimple Popper, Pick ‘N Peel Stones were made to satisfy all your picking and peeling needs. Intentionally designed to help calm your mind, soothe your anxiety, and even give you some uncomplicated fun, we’ve found that they are perfect for kids, adults, and older folks that are looking for a simple way to relax and take time for some much-needed self-care. Be sure to add this to your list of wellness check products that you can recommend to family and friends.


Keep your family healthy and hydrated with the 5-Stage Faucet Filter from GoodFor. Founder Jane Emma was tired of worrying about the safety of the water she and her family were using daily. So she solved this problem for her family and millions of others. The GoodFor company offers a wide array of products that provide safe, clean water for the home. They have everything to fit your family’s needs, giving them peace of mind. Having clean filtered water is vital for your overall health.

Using a 5-stage faucet filter, you can reduce harmful chemicals such as chlorine which can alter the taste and smell of your water. The five-stage filter is made with activated carbon that filters out all 12 identified herbicides, 14 pesticides, and 32 organic contaminants. We all know tea and coffee taste better with filtered water, as you don’t get any odd smells or after-tastes. The 5 stage faucet filter is a quick and easy way to protect your loved ones from harmful chemicals.


31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, sometimes you just can’t help the surrounding noises. Whether you have a noisy neighbor, a snoring spouse, or just need complete silence, Earpeace Sleep is your solution to uninterrupted slumber. These Patented Contour Earplugs feature enhanced comfort and design – made of ultra-soft hypoallergenic silicone for a natural fit. The Earpeace earplugs are reusable earplugs that help reduce noise sensitivity and can also block snoring. In each pack of Sleep earplugs, you will receive 3 pairs of contour earplugs with small or medium tips.

The self-care products in this collection will keep you on track for your fitness goals, maintain your mind, body, and soul in ways that will benefit you in the coming months, and generally allow you to look and feel your best. In addition, we also have included unique health and fitness products, such as workout equipment, healthy snacks, supplements, and headache relief accessories, that can make achieving the perfect wellness check an actual reality.

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31 Of The Best Wellness Check Products For A Healthy Lifestyle



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Parveen Duggal
Parveen Duggal
Parveen is a former healthcare professional who lives in Canada on Lake Huron with her husband and three gorgeous daughters. She loves fashion, jewelry, sunglasses, scrapbooking, cooking, enjoys whipping around town in her Tesla, and watching movies with her handsome husband. She is religious and loves to raise money for charities around the world. Parveen loves traveling especially going to Disney World with her entire family.

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