4 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Engagement Ring like Meghan Markle

Even though she has only been married to Prince Harry for a little over a year, the Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has stepped into the limelight once again for her recent upgrade to her diamond engagement ring. The Duchess made several unique changes to her engagement and wedding ring sets, adding a new band of diamonds in place of her previous solid gold band, as well as adding a third eternity band to signify their growing family after the arrival of their son, Archie.

Upgrading an engagement ring isn’t commonplace but it has become more popular over the years. There are many different reasons people look into upgrading an engagement ring from their former engagement ring, and there are many different ways you can do it. Like Meghan Markle, you can add to your current ring leaving the primary design in place. Or you can change the ring all together to give yourself a completely new style that fits your current lifestyle. No matter what you decide, upgrading an engagement ring is a great way to mark a new chapter in your life.

4 Things to Consider When Upgrading an Engagement Ring

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Get a Brand New Ring

Go big or go home as they say. One of the most popular ideas when looking at upgrading an engagement ring is to get a whole new ring entirely. This can often be costly, but with man-made diamonds you can off-set some of the cost compared to traditionally mined and sourced diamonds. This savings can afford you the ability to purchase a larger main diamond or additional designs, making the upgrade an even more spectacular one.

Get a New Band

If you love your current diamond engagement ring or hold a sentimental value to it, you might consider a smaller and more subtle upgrade like Meghan Markle did with her engagement ring which is simply trading out the band. You can choose a diamond encrusted band, a new metal, or a different style like three stones, a vintage style, or something more classic when upgrading an engagement ring.

Incorporate Your Old Stones into a New Ring

If your old engagement ring has smaller solitaire or accessory stones, you could use those stones in a brand new design. Depending on your current engagement ring design, you could add them into a new band, use it as an accessory diamond, or create a new ring design as a more subtle eternity band or costume jewelry piece when upgrading an engagement ring.

Add an Eternity Band

Another simple way to upgrade an engagement ring is to do nothing with your original engagement ring itself, but rather add an eternity band to your set. An eternity band is a secondary band that complements your engagement ring. Meghan Markle added an eternity band to her wedding set with gems for each of her family members- herself, her husband Prince Harry, and their son Archie. An eternity band is a wonderful way to show your growing family or a new chapter in your life. There are several different designs and options to choose from depending on your personal style and preference, making it a perfect addition to your current set.


Lab-grown diamonds are one of the most affordable and eco-conscious ways to consider upgrading an engagement ring. They are 100% real diamonds. The natural process to grow diamonds is replicated in a lab using advanced technology. It is the same organic compound that is found in diamond mines except it costs less and does not damage the environment.

Upgrading An Engagement Ring Daily Mom Parent Portal

More and more people are opting for lab-grown diamonds instead of traditionally mined diamonds for upgrading an engagement ring. Some of the reasons for this change is because of the rising cost of mined diamonds as well as the environmental impact diamond sourcing has on the world around us:

  • Mined diamonds create up to 6,000 pounds of mineral waste and disturb 100 square feet of land for every single carat that is sourced.
  • Lab grown diamonds are safer for employees- miners have 1 in 1000 injuries per year as a direct result to mining.
  • Lab grown diamonds are 20% to 30% cheaper than mined diamonds.
  • Consumers don’t have to worry that their diamonds are not ethically sourced.
  • Lab-grown diamonds are graded in the same exact way as mined diamonds- so you are still getting the same quality no matter what.

Considering a lab-grown diamond when upgrading an engagement ring? Find out more from Clean Origin.

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4 Ways To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring Like Megan Markle



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