Farmhouse Nursery: 8 Things You Should Include

Close your eyes. Imagine a white farmhouse with a tire swing in the front yard. The sun rising over the horizon and waking the morning glories. Nothing compares to the crisp air of a country morning cooling your coffee and seeping through your toes on the wooden wrap-around porch. Doesn’t this tranquility sound like what you want your farmhouse nursery made of? Or rather dream of your farmhouse in the countryside of France. The aroma of fresh-baked bread, the scent of lavender and peonies filling the air inside of a clean white and cream decorated farmhouse. The floral decor of a French farmhouse matches perfectly with the delicate femininity of tufted furniture. 

Farmhouse decor is all the rage thanks to Joanna Gaines and her amazing ability to envision perfection and bring life to that dream. Rustic, French, modern, industrial, and country farmhouses. Oh, how we love them all! Each one is as enchanting as the other. Simply choose what best fits your style to design your little love’s farmhouse nursery. The number of beautiful decor items to fill your nursery is countless, but here are eight items you must include to capture the comfort and functionality of any farmhouse.

Farmhouse Nursery: Shiplap

Farmhouse Nursery: 8 Things You Should Include

The simple black and white color scheme of a farmhouse is the perfect canvas for decorating your dreamy nursery. There is no better way to incorporate this than to give your room some good bones with that beloved shiplap. Shiplap is a farmhouse staple and provides a beautiful backdrop for your crib. Painting your shiplap white makes your nursery look like a traditional farmhouse. If you rather have a rustic tone, feel free to paint it white and then distress with some light sanding. Now, shiplap can cost you some real do-re-me. A cheap, easy, and quick DIY you can do to significantly cut cost is to use a piece of plywood, cut into strips (6 or 8 inches is good for an accent wall), sand, paint, and distress. Hang your stripes of plywood on the wall over top of studs with nails. If you want a more dimensionally dynamic look, don’t nail the bottom of the boards to the wall so that they pop off the wall a little. Voila, you have shiplap at a fraction of the cost!

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Farmhouse Nursery: Wire Baskets

Farmhouse Nursery: 8 Things You Should Include

There may be a few wire baskets hanging around your house. If not, there are plenty to be found. Wire baskets are great for things that you want to be gathered but also displayed. Think antique blocks, books, flowers, and diapers. If you find a vintage wire laundry basket, you’ve hit the jackpot! It is a great way to display colorful blankets, quilts, and stuffed animals.

Farmhouse Nursery: Galvanized Decor

Farmhouse Nursery: 8 Things You Should Include

Along with wire baskets, galvanized buckets are a great storage option. Galvanized buckets are great for storing items that you do not want to be displayed or for tiny socks. This storage option comes in all shapes and sizes and is even made to hang flush against the wall for little ones to use themselves one day. Galvanized decor is the perfect color to match with a rustic nursery full of stained natural wood or a powdered pink and white room. A three-tiered stand is a gender-neutral storage stand for diaper creams, lotions, qtips, and the baby care items you will need.

Farmhouse Nursery: 8 Things You Should Include

Farmhouse Nursery: Blanket Ladder

Farmhouse Nursery: 8 Things You Should Include

Whether you are anticipating the arrival of your prince or princess, or if you are choosing to wait for the surprise of a lifetime, adding a blanket ladder next to your rocker will be ideal. This accessory is a great opportunity to give your nursery a pop of color or keep it traditional. Either way, you will be able to easily reach over for a blanket to bundle up your sweet little one in your arms. Looking for a buttery soft swaddle blanket? Little Unicorn makes swaddle blankets as soft as clouds in unique designs. Your baby is bound to love them and everyone will be asking for the 411 on where to get them! If there are a few outfits that you would like displayed before baby’s arrival, a blanket ladder is a perfect place to hang them on decorative hangers.

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Farmhouse Nursery: Pegboard

Farmhouse Nursery: 8 Things You Should Include

You may have seen pegboards hung up in garages with old, dirty yard equipment. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Pegboards can be a fun and colorful organizer for your farmhouse nursery. Take a piece of pegboard, paint to your liking, and frame with 1-inch boards. Painting or staining your frame can help your organizer stand out and give it a finished and refined look. The hard part with this DIY project is picking out only a few things to hang on it. Baskets, shelves, pictures, frames, wreaths, buckets, flowers, and hooks, are just a few ideas. Make this DIY project useful and within an arm’s reach of your changing table. That way you can have everything you need and you can keep your eyes and hands on that wiggle worm.

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Farmhouse Nursery: Lambs Ear

Farmhouse Nursery: 8 Things You Should Include

Lamb’s ear is a soft, delicate addition to your nursery much like your sweet little one. Adding lamb’s ear can create an airy and organic feel to the room while maintaining the farmhouse look. You can make this a focal point above the crib or add a few stems here and there on shelves and wreaths. This is an inexpensive way to make your nursery look chic and expensive.

Farmhouse Nursery: Industrial Hardware

Farmhouse Nursery: 8 Things You Should Include

In order to preserve favorites from tiny, little fingers you will need shelves. Shelving can be expensive, especially anything that has character. You can cut this expense by using a 2 x 8 board cut to the length you desire, paint, stain, or distress and use industrial hardware you can buy from Amazon. Don’t spend a fortune on the board. Try to utilize anything leftover from other projects. Don’t fret if the hardware isn’t the color you want. As long as the style is right, Rustoleum can do the rest. Industrial piping can also hang your curtains. The stability of the industrial curtain rod will hold up the weight of the blackout curtains you are surely going to buy. Another way to incorporate industrial hardware is to utilize 90-degree industrial pipe hooks for hats and jackets. Place these hooks close to the door so that you can quickly grab necessities on your way out the door.

Farmhouse Nursery: Wall Art

Farmhouse Nursery: 8 Things You Should Include

Who doesn’t LOVE a statement piece? An oversized piece of wall art is a great way to catch someone’s eye and to bring a little pizzazz to your little’s farmhouse nursery. Whether it is a tractor, farm animal, words of endearment, or an antique farmhouse window with a wreath, a large piece of wall art perched on your shiplap accent wall will be perfection. Who knows? The sweet words on your wall art may bring your wee one comfort one day or aid in them learning farm animal noises.

If a farmhouse nursery is what you desire, no worries, there are plenty of options. Decorating your dream farmhouse nursery can be as inexpensive as you wish with DIY projects. After all, you have diapers to buy! The key to an ideal nursery is one filled with beautiful decor that is functional and filled with love. Be sure to add these eight farmhouse-inspired decor items to make your life a little bit easier and a lot more decorative.


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Farmhouse Nursery: 8 Things You Should Include

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Amanda Armstrong
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