Toddler Safety Guide & Giveaway!

The notion of keeping your toddler safe around your home can be a daunting task when sometimes, their main goal in life is to outsmart you and throw you off your feet. But with our favorite precautionary items in your Mommy arsenal, at least you will be armed for the battle that awaits.

Toddler Safety Guide &Amp; Giveaway! 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The month of September has been devoted to baby and toddler safety awareness, and we love finding new, innovative safety products on the market to help you in the never-ending goal of keeping your toddler safe at all times. To acknowledge baby and toddler safety awareness month on the last day of September, we want to bring you a collective guide of toddler safety products.

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Car Safety

Toddler Safety Guide &Amp; Giveaway! 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Car Seat by Clek Foonf

The Foonf really kept growing toddlers in mind, as they designed a seat that allows for rear facing up to 50 pounds, and forward facing until 65 pounds. Most other seats on the market max out at 40 pounds for rear facing and may not allow a heavier toddler to continue rear facing past their second birthday. The quality of the Foonf’s construction is undeniable by anyone that has seen it in person. Its steel frame is like no other on the market, and its height when installed in the vehicle can easily turn a fussy toddler who can’t see out the windows, into a happier kid rolling down the road.

On top of being innovative with safety issues, such as the ingenious anti-rebound bar to secure your rear facing child, Clek Foonf is also GreenGuard certified, meaning they do not bathe the car seats in flame retardants or other toxic chemicals.

Toddler Safety Guide &Amp; Giveaway! 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Anyone with a toddler knows that sometimes, getting them to remain happy while being tightly secured in a vehicle is oftentimes a tricky task. The additional height of the Foonf helps this considerably, while also taking parent’s needs into consideration and making them much thinner than any other traditional carseat, meaning you can fit three of them side by side in the backseat of an average sedan.

For more information regarding car seat safety, check out this post on 5 Common Car Seat Mistakes.

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Bedroom Safety

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Side Bed Rails by Babyhome

When your toddler is ready to take that drastic step from transitioning from their crib into a bed all their own, parents are sometimes at a loss on how to keep them safe while they sleep. Babyhome has made yet another product that will help put parents’ minds at ease. The Babyhome Side is a revolutionary bed rail, featuring a rail that has hinges that move in both directions. Why is this so great? It makes it possible to access the bed without having to remove the bed rail.

It also comes with safety straps that securely attach to the box spring of the bed, and has mesh windows so that you can have peace of mind by being able to see your toddler. One of the best things about Babyhome, though, is how compact and portable their products are. It comes standard with a travel carrying bag, and also has a fun variety of colors available.

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Panning Video Monitor by Levana

Once your little one is mobile, it is important to have a monitor for his nursery that can pan the entire room. If he gets out of his crib or toddler bed and starts wandering around the room in the middle of the night, having a monitor that can follow him to practically any corner of the room will give you peace of mind. Levana – the very first company to incorporate video to baby monitors – has a range of products to suit every type of parent’s needs. One of our personal favorites, STELLA, boasts many state-of-the-art features including:

  • A vast range of up to 15 feet in night vision and 750 feet in daylight.
  • A large 4.3″ color monitor screen.
  • A rotating zoom camera that pans 270 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically.
  • A long lasting battery of up to 36 hours in PEEP mode and 10 hours when in constant use.
  • Two-way communication.
  • Built-in lullabies.
  • LED night visions and sound indicator ring.
  • Up to 4 camera capability …and much more.

Levana’s STELLA will give you all of the comfort and security you need, knowing you won’t miss a peep or a move your toddler makes while you’re in the other room.

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Home Safety

Toddler Safety Guide &Amp; Giveaway! 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesWalk-Thru Gate by Summer Infant

Unlike the gates you find in your local department or baby store, Summer Infant has created the gate that surpasses them all. They don’t just keep safety in mind, they also take into consideration your home decor! Long gone are the gates made of white plastic or thin, blonde wood.  Choose Summer Infant’s Wood and Metal Walk-Thru gate for your home to protect your little one while also enjoying such features as:

  • Pressure mounting
  • Simple one-handed operation
  • Convenient walk-thru door with auto-closing door
  • Fits openings 29.5″ to 40.5″
  • 29″ tall

You can keep your toddling tot safe while also retaining the chic, modern look that your home had before kids!

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Playard by North States

You can’t be by your toddler’s side 24 hours a day. Searching for the perfect play yard for those moments when you need to do some chores around the house and want to keep your child safe in a confined area might seem like an overwhelming task with all of the options out there. North States offers a variety of quality gates and play yards to meet your every need. We love their 3 in 1 Wood Superyard.

This versatile superyard features:

  • 6 panels that enclose a 30″ tall and 10 square ft round space for safe play.
  • Can open to become a large gate or enclosure, perfect for fireplaces and doorways.
  • Free standing or hardware mounted options.
  • Includes one panel with a self-closing, child-proof gate door.
  • Has the ability to incorporate more panels.

With this North States Superyard, you can feel secure while your child plays safely in its confinement.

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35 Piece Safety Pack from DreamBaby

You don’t want to spend all day picking up individual packs of baby-proofing items as your little one starts to explore your home. You may have the toddler who hates to go shopping with you and would have a meltdown the moment you step into a home improvement or baby store to pick up essential baby-proofing items.

Daily Mom and DreamBaby make it easy for you with this all-in-one, 35 piece safety pack! It includes: 24 outlet plugs, 1 appliance latch, 1 multi-purpose latch, 1 mini multi-purpose latch, 1 angle lock, 1 adhesive double lock, 1 secure-a-lock, 4 corner protectors and 1 fish door stopper.

This set will help you keep your new walker from exploring the dangerous side of your home. You can’t avoid having electrical sockets or cabinet and appliance doors but you can keep little fingers safe from electrical shock and protect your tot from an oven door opening on his unsuspecting head when you utilize these products from DreamBaby.

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 Furniture Straps by Kidco

Your toddler can pack some serious punch and their strength should never be undermined. While furniture straps are not designed to hold the weight of your furniture, they are meant to withstand force. The force is what matters if your toddler were to attempt to pull or yank a chest of drawers, or bookcase to the floor. When properly installed, the Kidco Furniture Straps can withstand the force of hundreds of pounds of pressure. Kidco also specializes in flat screen TV straps as well, which attach securely either to the wall, or a piece of furniture, such as your entertainment center. When it comes to toddler safety, you can never be too cautious!

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Bathroom Safety

Toddler Safety Guide &Amp; Giveaway! 11 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Stepstool by Baby Bjorn

The Baby Bjorn Safe Step is a must have for your growing toddler who is eager to reach new heights! Make using the potty, reaching the sink or grabbing that favorite toy (which always seems to be just out of arm’s reach) easy and safe. Lightweight and a snap for a child to move all around the house, Baby Bjorn’s Safe Step is a benefit to any home with little ones eager for some “big kid” independence, and parents needing peace of mind knowing little feet are getting a boost safely. The Baby Bjorn Safe Step has a rubber mat on top that will keep your child’s feet from slipping – even when they’re wet. A rubber strip that runs along the bottom of the Safe Step allows it to grip the floor so it won’t slide. The Baby Bjorn Safe Step comes in six color options to match your décor and your child’s taste!

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Faucet Protector by Boon

Does your toddler love to play in the bathtub with the water running, but you worry about the strong flow and sharp edges of the faucet? BOON has the perfect solution: FLO. FLO acts as a water deflector and protective faucet cover with a built-in bubble dispenser. You simply place FLO on your faucet, and the running water is deflected away from the faucet in a gentle waterfall fashion. FLO’s materials are soft and rounded, so that there is no chance your child will get hurt on the sharp edges of a standard bathtub faucet.

FLO’s Features:

  • Soft, protective materials that are BPA, Phthalate and PVC free.
  • Creates a gentle waterfall effect.
  • Built-in bubble dispenser.
  • Allows shower diverter access.
  • Fits most standards faucets.

Your toddler will love playing in the bathtub with FLO’s fun and safe water effects!

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Toddler Safety Guide &Amp; Giveaway! 14 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

American Red Cross On The Go Aid Kit by The First Years

As parents, we know that bumps and scrapes are part of having a growing toddler. The First Years really kept infants and toddlers in mind when they designed this first aid kit. The kit includes: 54 essential items including: Antibiotic ointment, bandages, gauze pads, hand sanitizer, instant cold pack, scissors, tweezers, and more! This first aid kit is easy to store at home and in the car.

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Bath Slip Mat by Green Sprouts

Water isn’t the only danger to your child in the tub. Gain peace of mind! Relax together while you lather up your toddler and play with his or her rubber duckie by protecting your little one from falls in the tub with a Green Sprouts Baby Bath Mat. Suction cups on the bottom keep the bath mat firmly in place on your tub, and a textured surface inhibits little feet from slipping. The Green Sprouts Baby Bath Mat is a health conscious choice for bath time safety. It’s 100 percent rubber and BPA, PVC and Nitrosamine free. This bath mat is not only health and safety conscious, but also versatile! It fits in a baby bath and a sink as well as the tub, and its use grows as your child grows. The Green Sprouts Baby Bath Mat is on Daily Mom’s radar for as a must-have for bath safety.

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Outdoor Play

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Helmets by Nutcase

Protecting your toddler’s head is a huge safety concern once they start using toddler bikes and other outdoor ride-on or ride-in toys. Nutcase Helmets makes well designed helmets that are both safe and adorable. The Little Nutty line of helmets is sized just perfectly for your growing toddler.

Toddler Safety Guide &Amp; Giveaway! 17 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

  1. Every bike helmet comes with 3 sets of inner pads to get the fit just right.
  2. The spin dial on the back of your helmet adjusts the fit perfectly so you won’t have to worry that this summer’s helmet won’t fit next summer.
  3. Magnetic clasp closures assures that no little chins will be pinched when it’s time for a ride.
  4. Proper air flow keeps your head cool and comfortable even during hot summer afternoons.

Add to that the fact that logos on each side of every Nutcase helmet are reflective making your toddler visible even on shady days and early morning rides.

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160-Separator-GreyToddler Safety Guide &Amp; Giveaway! 18 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesHealthy Baby Block by Lavanila

Looking to keep your little one safe more than just around the house? Your tot needs protection from the sun as much as you do! Your toddler’s sensitive skin needs 100% natural pediatrician-approved, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with SPF 40 and that is just what you’ll find from Lavanila.

Lavanila is known for their all-natural beauty and skincare products and their reputation carries through to their Healthy Baby Block. Made with Calendula, coconut oil, green tea extract, zinc oxide and other natural ingredients, this creamy moisturizer makes the perfect sun-protectant for your little one’s silky smooth skin!

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 Toddler Safety Giveaway!

We have paired with our favorite safety brands above to bring you an amazing giveaway, which is sure to set a high safety standard in your home, bathroom, bedroom, or during outside play time.

There are 7 prizes, and there will be 7 different winners chosen.

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