The Newest Baby Products for Your Baby Shower Registry

If you are an expectant mother, you may be struggling with choosing items for your baby shower gift registry. There are so many baby products on the market, making it hard to make decisions on exactly what you will need to prepare for your little one’s arrival. Things like “that expensive baby swing looks fancy and all, but do I really need it?” may be going through your head. You should consider factors like safety and practicality when making purchases for a newborn. Let us help you make those tough decisions and add these must-have, newest baby products to your registry.

The Newest Baby Products You Must Check Out


The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

If you ask any mom or dad, they will tell you that the award-winning Boppy Original Feeding & Infant Support Pillow is a must-have. It helps support infants during feeding time by putting them in the ideal feeding position. This pillow allows the parent’s arm a break from supporting their baby’s weight by resting their head and body on the pillow. As your baby grows, this pillow is great for tummy time, playing, and support while learning to sit. It also comes in 11 different colors and patterns, to match any nursery decor. Grab more than one slipcover to make sure you always have a backup during wash cycles.


The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine should be at the top of every expecting mom’s list of newest baby products to check out this year. There is nothing better than a well-rested baby and Hatch makes that easy with the Hatch Baby Rest+, the next generation of the Hatch Baby. Hatch Baby Rest+ helps babies develop healthy sleeping habits, can be controlled from your smartphone, and is customizable. It is not just a sound machine, it also serves as an audio monitor and a nightlight. The best thing about Hatch Baby is its sleek design. It is a perfect addition to a modern nursery and parents can coordinate styles with their child’s room using coverlets in fun patterns and colors.


Perfect for new parents, Dreambaby® offers a wide variety of safety gear that will keep you and your family safe and happy. Their Retractable Gate is ideal for indoor/outdoor use and is large enough that it can cover those awkward spaces that average baby gates just cannot cover. The soft, but high-quality mesh, is able to be used over and over again, even surviving the elements of outdoor use! Each gate is sold with two sets of mounting hardware, so it can easily be relocated to another place to keep your family safe.

Posh Peanut

Are you looking for the perfect outfit to bring your newborn home from the hospital? Do you have a newborn photo shoot coming up and you need the perfect outfit for your little girl? Posh Peanut has the sweetest and most stylish onesies, bodysuits, rompers and gowns for every newborn. If you love floral patterns, look no further, Posh Peanut has so many beautiful options. The French Gray Floral One Piece is stylish, comfortable and makes for the cutest newborn photos. Do not forget the matching headband, making the outfit complete.

We also love the Dusty Rose Knotted Gown because it is so soft and easy to untie for diaper changes. Posh Peanut has nailed the balance between fashion and practicality with this knotted gown.

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The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

The KeaBaby Baby Wrap is an all-in-one baby carrier that allows for hands-free babywearing. With multiple functions, this Baby Wrap does more than just hold your baby. You can also use it as a nursing cover for discreet breastfeeding, a postpartum belt to help your tummy slim down after pregnancy, and both a swaddle and blanket to keep your little one snug and warm. Made from a high-quality cotton-spandex blend, this carrier is soft, stretchy, and sturdy.

Swaddle Designs

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

Every new mom wants all of the best products for their baby and they should check out the newest baby products on the market before making any decisions. Anything that helps your child be comfortable and sleep well, is a win in our book. Swaddle Designs provides some of the best swaddles on the market. New moms will love that the swaddle blankets come with helpful pictorial instructions on how to swaddle like a pro. Not only does Swaddle Designs offer beautiful swaddles but they also offer bibs, blankets, and clothing. Wrap your babies with stylish swaddles from Swaddle Designs and see just how well they can sleep.


The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

Ettitude offers all your basic baby needs to help you get ready for your little one’s arrival. Choosing the perfect crib sheet can be a tough decision for first-time moms. Look no further, than Ettitude as they make a beautiful, soft and safe Fitted Crib Sheet perfect for a good night’s sleep. We also love the Hooded Baby Waffle Towel for both little boys and girls. This towel is absorbent and gentle to protect your baby’s skin. From bath time to bedtime, Ettitude’s products will make sure you are ready to survive the first few months of being a new mom.


The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

Zoli offers truly innovative baby products that are must-haves on all parent’s lists. They are ecofriendly, non-toxic, and safe. The BOT 2.0 is the next generation Zoli cup that utilizes its innovative straw technology that can be used for both cold and warm drinks. The Chubby Gummy teethers are another must-have to aide children in both early brushing habits and teething relief.


The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

If you are looking for the newest baby products that are adorable and also practical look no further than BooginHead. Their Bandana Teether offers a sweet solution to teething; it is a cute bib plus a silicone teether. They offer a unique line of pacifier clips in fun colors, styles, and patterns like Classic Flag and a Unicorn Plushie plus a paci clip.

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Perry Mackin

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

Transitioning from breast to bottle is made easy with Perry Mackin’s Silicone Bottle. 100% food-grade silicone is the preferred material for bottles due to its flexibility and breast-like feel. Plus the bottles are easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and the flow-rate mimics moms.

Abby & Finn

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

Babies are unpredictable- you never know what might make them upset or make them happy. But what you can predict is that all babies eat, sleep, and poop. To help with that last part is Abby & Finn– a superior subscription diaper service featuring diapers made with no fragrances, dyes, or other irritants for that sweet baby skin. The best part though is that they are delivered to your door, no long lines, no late-night diaper runs just quality diapers there when you need them.

Little Sleepies

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

Nothing is softer than a newborn baby’s skin. While we cannot match this softness, we can dress our babies in something close like Little Sleepies featuring the soft, buttery feeling of bamboo that is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The infant knotted gown features a stretchy neckline for easy on and off plus a knotted bottom that also helps with diaper changes. Little Sleepies is a must-have for new babes.

Made Of

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

No two babies are the same, but what is for certain is that they are adorable, cuddly things that deserve all our love. Another guarantee is that their skin is delicate and deserves the best care out there. Made Of offers a full line of organic baby products including everything from bath products, diaper creams, wipes, baby sunscreen, and nipple cream for mama.

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Apple Park

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

As mamas, we are always trying to do our best for our babes. We buy the best diapers, organic foods, and the best clothing like Apple Park. Each gown, layette, and sleeper is made from 100% organic cotton and eco-friendly fabric dyes, thus creating clothing dubbed organic luxury. Your baby will feel soft, cozy, and right at home wearing Apple Park.

Omie View Bassinet Mirror

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

The Omie View Bassinet Mirror is a remote controlled mirror that gives you a better view of your baby while they are laying in their bassinet or crib. This portable mirror allows parents to check on their sleeping baby without risking waking them up constantly. The convex design and remote controlled tilt allows you to adjust the mirror as needed to gain a view of your baby if they have moved or changed positions. The Omie View also has an LED night light to see your baby in a dark room.

Tranquilo Mat

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

The Tranquilo Mat is a portable, vibrating mat that calms and soothes fussy babies and helps them fall asleep quicker. Your baby lays on top of this thin mat that can fit in cribs, bassinets, or even strollers. The Tranquilo Mat mimics the sounds and motions similar to a mother’s womb with 4 different levels of vibration and 2 heartbeat modes. This lightweight mat can be rolled up and taken with you on the go and the cover is both removable and washable.

Willow Pillow

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

The Willow Pillow is an innovative feeding tool that secures around your baby’s neck and rests on their chest. The Willow Pillow has 3 helpful functions for both baby and parents. Used as a bottle holder, this pillow allows parents to feed their baby hands-free and complete other tasks at the same time. The Willow Pillow can also be used as a bottle trainer, helping little ones learn how to hold a bottle and feed themselves on their own. Lastly, this can also be used as a bib to help keep spills and messes off baby’s clothing.

Remi Baby Monitor

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

The Remi Baby Monitor is a must-have on the list of newest baby products and is great for keeping parents calm! Connected to your smartphone through WiFi, you are able to hear, speak, and be alerted when the baby wakes up. This is amazing if you’re not home and the baby wakes up because it’s just like a walkie talkie where you can talk to and comfort your baby from wherever you are. It also tracks your little one’s sleeping patterns as well as monitors light, sounds and temperature in the bedroom. The Remi Baby Monitor also allows you to use it as a nightlight or play lullabies where you can download the songs you want directly from your computer. This monitor is amazing, especially since it can be used all the way up to age 10!

Just Born “Big Dreamer” Musical Mobile

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

Every nursery needs a mobile attached to the crib. The Just Born “Big Dreamer” Musical Mobile is an animal-themed mobile that rotates accompanied by peaceful music. This helps both soothe babies and lull them to sleep. The neutral color scheme will match any nursery decor for both boys or girls. The “Big Dreamer” Mobile attaches securely to the side of a crib but also can be easily moved out of the way during bed making.

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Tiny Love

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

The Tiny Love Black and White Gymini is great for babies including newborns! This playmat is designed with both style and development in mind. The textures and sounds are great for babies to learn their senses as well as stimulate their vision with the contrasting black and white geometric shapes. Parents can also sit with their little ones to have bonding time while playing together and teaching them communication skills. If you’re in the market for a playmat that will grow with your little one, as well as encourage their development, Tiny Love is the brand to check out!

Nanobébé Starter Set

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

As a new breastfeeding mom, you always want what’s best for your baby. Experts recommend breastfeeding for as long as you can, but exclusive breastfeeding simply isn’t an option for every family. Nanobébé’s starter set is the perfect solution!

Designed specifically to preserve breastmilk nutrient’s Nanobébé’s unique shape helps ensure your baby has as close of a breastfeeding experience as possible. Nanobébé bottles fit perfectly in the smart warming bowl, allowing quick and even warming while giving baby an experience similar to breastfeeding. Mom’s can even connect their favorite pump to the bottles to express milk directly for future use.

Regalo Baby

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry

It’s a great big world out there and keeping your new baby safe is going to be your top priority. Let us help you with this priority by checking out the newest baby products for safety and peace of mind. Cherish those newborn moments because once they are on to go, they never stop moving! One tool new parents can use to keep their pride and joy safe from harm is the Regalo Easy Step Extra Wide Baby Gate. Built from solid steel with an easy-open door this gate is a must-have for every home! Parents can install in minutes and the ability to fit doors up to 49″ wide means you can easily pick which space in your home is best for baby.


Before your bundle of joy arrives, make sure you have all the newest baby products. Do not leave your baby shower guests guessing what you want. These newest baby products should be on every expecting mother’s gift registry this year.


Want to be extra prepared before your little one arrives? Check out some more of the newest baby products that every mom needs.

The Newest Baby Products For Your Baby Shower Registry



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