Tinybeans: A Photo Sharing App that Makes Your Baby Book

We all do it- we have hundreds of photos and videos on our phones that just stay on our phone. Long gone are the days of printing photos, putting them in scrapbooks or baby books, and having something to flip through when those days seem so far behind us. But, parents, don’t fear- Tinybeans is the app you need to document your child’s life along with milestones, photos, videos, and more. You can share all those first steps, first ballet recitals with friends, or first home runs with family and friends near and far.

What is Tinybeans?

Tinybeans: A Photo Sharing App That Makes Your Baby Book

Tinybeans helps parents everywhere track their baby’s biggest milestones, or just every day special moments, in an easy and convenient way. Every day we take photos and videos of our little ones, especially during the first year of their life, but rarely do we put those snippets of our days into anything meaningful other than our iCloud. We scroll aimlessly waiting for a doctor’s appointments, smiling to ourselves at how much they have learned and grown, but years later our photos will be replaced with newer versions and the photos we once cherished won’t be as convenient to view.

Tinybeans: A Photo Sharing App That Makes Your Baby Book

With this parent-created app, you can easily create your own baby book to help document your child’s development as well as capture some favorite “every day” moments. All your photos are put into a Tinybeans Journal that can be categorized by time in a calendar format or by a special collection that you put together. You can invite family and friends to follow your Tinybeans Journal so they can see how your baby is growing and changing over the years. They will receive automatic updates via the app or via email (a smartphone isn’t required!). This also allows parents to enhance the privacy of what is shared on social media- only what you put in your Tinybeans Journal can be viewed by people who are invited by you to view the journal, and photos won’t be seen by anyone else.

See how Tinybeans works here:

Tinybeans Can Help You Create that Baby Book

As many seasoned parents know, creating a baby book usually goes down on the list of priorities as your baby gets more active or you have more children. Tinybeans helps parents create a baby book easily with the developmental milestone features that offer height and weight trackers, as well as other features, to help you keep track of your always changing baby.

The app is useful to keep track of all your photos and videos, and allows you to easily and safely share them with friends and family. Tinybeans also makes it easy to create real-life, hold in your hand photo books that you can flip through any time you want (and pass down to your children as they grow).

The photo book is easily created using the photos and captions you have added to your Tinybeans Journal. You can create a baby book of your child’s first year, a yearly photo journal as they grow, or a collection from a family vacation. The Tinybeans photo books are not only a great keepsake for your family, but they also make great gifts for grandparents and family members.

How Much Does Tinybeans Cost?

Tinybeans: A Photo Sharing App That Makes Your Baby Book

Tinybeans is a free app. You can download and access your photos at any time, but there are features that are available on their Family Premium Plan that make sharing your memories and creating gorgeous photo books even easier:

  • No ads- You can download all your memories in one export
  • Upload videos longer than 30 seconds
  • Unlimited albums
  • Easily search for specific memories
  • Keep some memories just for parents
  • Exclusive printing
  • Special offers
  • Free shipping on photo book orders

Tinybeans is the easiest way to ensure that you not only track your child’s milestones but it also helps you to create that baby book that often gets put on the back burner for other priorities. It is one of the only platforms in which you can limit the sharing of your child’s personal photos to a select group of family members and friends, keeping your child safe and your special moments private.

With Tinybeans, you can store your memories, track your child’s development, and create beautiful photo books and keepsakes for years and years to come.

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Tinybeans: A Photo Sharing App That Makes Your Baby Book



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