Why Leesa is the Best Online Mattress

The internet has changed the way people purchase mattresses. But how do you find the best online mattress with all of the mattress websites now available? For one, reviews are key. Since you may not be able to physically lay on the mattress before purchase, you will have to rely on testimonials from others that have experienced the bed already. When it comes to the mattress with the best reviews, you will want to explore Leesa. Leesa is the only online mattress with over 13,500 verified five-star reviews. After reading all the reasons why people are more than satisfied with a Leesa Mattress, you will be ready to get one of your own.

Why Leesa is the Best Online Mattress

Why Leesa Is The Best Online Mattress

When comparing companies to find out which has the best online mattress, you will see that Leesa stands above the rest. Out of 40 online mattresses tested, Leesa was rated #1.  Additionally, Business Insider named the Leesa Mattress the best online mattress you can buy allowing you to trust that you and the whole family (including the 4-legged members) won’t be disappointed with your Leesa purchase.

The Leesa is a 10 inch memory foam mattress that comes compressed in a box delivered right to your door. This mattress is made from three premium foams that provide different features. The first layer is a breathable foam that is cooling, allowing your body to maintain a comfortable temperature all night long. The second layer is the pressure-relieving memory foam that helps relieve back, hip, and shoulder pain by contouring to your body. The third layer is the high-density foam base that creates ultimate durability and support without bed mates feeling motion. 

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Pros of Buying a Leesa Mattress Online

Why Leesa Is The Best Online Mattress

You Can Try Before You Buy

One of the downfalls of looking for the best online mattress is that you aren’t able to physically lay on them before making your decision. Although many companies including Leesa offer a refundable, risk-free trial, the unknown of making a large purchase without seeing or feeling it in person sometimes deters buyers. Leesa is one of the only online mattresses that has their product available in select stores such as West Elm and Pottery Barn for individuals to try before they buy.

A Convenient Delivery

Why Leesa Is The Best Online Mattress

When purchasing a mattress from an actual store, many may find the delivery process somewhat of an inconvenience. Oftentimes deliveries are scheduled several weeks after purchase, delaying the time you get to start enjoying your new mattress. They come in a big delivery truck and someone is required to be present in the home to accept the delivery. You then have strangers in your home because the mattress must be brought in by the delivery drivers. Additionally, an added shipping and delivery fee is usually tacked on for this service.

When purchasing a Leesa mattress, your order is typically shipped in 2-3 business days after being produced and you do not have to be home to accept the shipment. It arrives flat packed in a box that is a manageable size for even one person. The best part? Shipping is free!

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No Pushy Sales People

Walking into a mattress store can sometimes feel similar to walking onto a car lot. The second you walk through the door you are met by a sales associate that wants to follow you around the store giving you every single detail about each mattress when all you want to do is browse at your leisure. Getting commission off selling you a mattress is their goal and this can be relentless sometimes. Buying a mattress from Leesa.com is just simply purchasing the product of your choice on your own without a mediator. However, if you need help or have additional questions, their Customer Care Team is available 7 days a week.

A More Streamlined Selection

Why Leesa Is The Best Online Mattress

When walking into a mattress store it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed. You are faced with rows and rows of different mattresses each with different features and different price ranges. You can touch and lay on all of the options but after a while you aren’t sure how they feel different and can’t remember which ones you liked the best. When researching Leesa, you have the option between 2 amazing mattresses. You can view a side by side comparison of the features of each mattress and decide which one will best fit your needs.

A Better Price

Why Leesa Is The Best Online Mattress

The advantage to having an online store is that costs can be cut because there is no need for a showroom, employees to work the showroom, display mattresses, etc. Oftentimes you will find that the online mattress companies such as Leesa are lower in price than if you were to purchase your mattress at a brick and mortar store.

Other Accessories and Features of Leesa

Why Leesa Is The Best Online Mattress

If you prefer a spring mattress, Leesa also has a hybrid mattress that combines memory foam and coils for enhanced pressure relief. In addition to the two available mattresses, Leesa also creates different bed frames including a platform bed, an adjustable base, and a foundation. If you love the comfort you receive from your Leesa mattress, you will want the pillows to accompany it. A premium foam pillow, a hybrid pillow, and a down alternative pillow are also available. The waterproof mattress protector is also a must-have accessory to keep your mattress clean and protected from spills, dirt, and dust. Other features include:

  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Cooling technology
  • Made in the USA
  • Breathable, seamless mattress cover
  • Quick setup
  • Delivered in 2-3 business days
  • Free shipping
  • In-home delivery and setup available
  • 100 night risk free trial
  • Fully refundable
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About Leesa

Why Leesa Is The Best Online Mattress

Leesa is a direct-to-consumer online mattress company that creates and delivers quality American-made mattresses. Leesa is committed to providing more than just a place to sleep but also a comfortable place to relax and lounge. Although they are dedicated to helping Americans sleep better, their most important mission is supporting their community by donating mattresses to those in need. For every ten mattresses sold, Leesa donates one mattress and to date they have given more than 32,000 mattresses to over 1,000 nonprofits.

A good night’s sleep is the key to feeling energized, productive, and well-rested throughout your day. One way to accomplish this is to have a quality mattress that helps you sleep comfortably all night. After sleeping on a Leesa you will agree, they top the list of best online mattress.

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Why Leesa Is The Best Online Mattress



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A reasonable price, a quick delivery, and the most comfortable mattress I've ever laid on. The Leesa Mattress tops the list of best online mattresses. Why Leesa is the Best Online Mattress