Daily Mom Spotlight: Chatbooks: Photo Albums for the Busy Mom

Are you one of those moms that loves taking the time to sit down and scrapbook your child’s special memories? Or, a mom who spends hours on an online marketplace for photo albums, uploading, resizing, cropping, and then thinking up the perfect, witty caption for something that happened a year ago? If so, you may want to move along, because we’re here today to tell you all about a totally amazing new company who specializes in making photo books, for people who don’t have the actual time to make photo books. It’s a game-changer in the memories-making department; here’s our Chatbooks experience!

Daily Mom Spotlight: Chatbooks: Photo Albums For The Busy Mom 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Chatbooks is the best way for modern moms to create beautiful photo books, and not waste your time messing with formatting a book, or spend your savings in the process. We all love photography. And, let’s face it, a perk of being a mom these days is being able to grab our cell phone and snap a quick photo of the memory, while it’s happening in the moment. Programs like Instagram and Facebook are amazing tools, yet who’s to tell if your child will actually ever see that photo? Will that photo live and die in a Facebook album archive, forever? Or, what if something happens to your phone? All those photos and memories could literally be gone forever.

We’re big cheerleaders for actually printing your images, so that your children have something tangible for them to browse when they are older. Think of it this way: when you were married, what method did your photos get delivered on? Some people may answer “CD”, yet most computers these days don’t even come equipped with a CD drive. Printing photos has been around since the beginning, and is something that will always prevail over apps and technology.

Daily Mom Spotlight: Chatbooks: Photo Albums For The Busy Mom 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

That doesn’t mean that we think you should revert back to film, and turn your child’s bedroom into a darkroom to process those photos. We are all busy moms, and we should absolutely use the technology that is available to us today to make our lives easier! That’s why we love Chatbooks so much. It’s so easy!

Step One: Download the app.

  • Chatbooks is available for both iPhone and Android.

Step Two: Connect to the source that you’d like to auto-sync from.

  • You can choose either Facebook or Instagram. It will sync up all your photos and get to work, immediately! Each time you upload a photo from your phone into Instagram or Facebook, those photos get automatically loaded into your Chatbooks photo book. Your book literally creates itself.

Step Three: Create those memories!

  • Snap those pics. Upload away! Your photo album is being created automatically. It even has the option to use the caption and location from each photo, so you don’t have to worry about being witty, all at once, at a later date.

Step Four: Edit your book.

  • Once your photo book has 60 photos, you’ll get a notification that your book is almost ready. You can edit your book to your heart’s content. (Delete some of the selfies, perhaps, like we did? Nobody needs to see that many photos of Mommy holding her latte.) You can choose your album cover, move the photos around, or edit captions.

Step Five: Wait for it to be delivered to your front door!

  • One of our favorite things about Chatbooks is how affordable they are. They are only $8 per book ($12 if you’d prefer hardcover.) Oh, and shipping is totally free. That’s it. An entire book of 60 photos, without having to drop tons of money, and waste your precious time to preserve those memories. Also, if you happen to not love the end product, there’s a 100% money back guarantee. All the praise hand emojis.

Daily Mom Spotlight: Chatbooks: Photo Albums For The Busy Mom 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Chatbooks are printed with the same amazing quality that you’d be used to with more expensive brands. They use quality ink and archival paper, so those memories can last forever, without worry of them fading away. Books are a fun 6″ by 6″ size, so they can easily be displayed on your piano, bookshelf, or even coffee table. Your children will love it when “their books” arrive at the door, and are a great size to display easily. We love how the volumes and dates can also be written on the spine as well, so you can find your photo or time-frame easily.

Daily Mom Spotlight: Chatbooks: Photo Albums For The Busy Mom 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

You can also create a custom photo book with Chatbooks starting at $12, that can have up to 366 photos in it – perfect for a special vacation, wedding, event, etc.! Or, if you think that a particular photo would be great for printing extra copies (maybe send some to grandparents?) your photos can be printed on 5″x 5″ quality cardstock that can ship right along with your book. It’s also affordable; 24 prints for $8!

Daily Mom Spotlight: Chatbooks: Photo Albums For The Busy Mom 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

We’re suckers for funny marketing, so make sure to check out this amazing promotional video, made by our friends at Chatbooks. It’s too good to miss.




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