22 Amazing New Kids Books from Simon & Schuster Perfect to Launch the School Year

Connecting to your child through reading is one of the best ways to start or finish a day. Check out this list of new releases of kids books from Simon & Schuster that will have your young one begging for a few more pages. Whether you have a self-reader or one that loves listening to you read, scroll through these titles for an ideal way to connect.

22 New Kids Books from Simon & Schuster

The Book of Stolen Dreams


Rachel and Robert have always lived under the oppressive rule of Charles Malstain, but their lives take a turn when their librarian father gives them a mysterious mission: to find the missing final page of The Book of Stolen Dreams.

To succeed in their quest, they must brave the darkness and confront powerful forces, and if they fail, Malstain could enslave their world forever. Undaunted, the siblings set out on a thrilling journey, determined to uncover the book’s secrets and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Join these brave adventurers in their debut journey into kids books from Simon & Schuster as they navigate the magical world of The Book of Stolen Dreams, perfect for fans of Philip Pullman and Katherine Rundell.

Lia Park and the Heavenly Heirlooms


Twelve-year-old Lia Park and her best friend, Joon, have recently joined the International Magic Academy after triumphing over the corrupt diviner, Gaya. However, their first mission at the academy is proving to be their most difficult yet. The King of Darkness, Jihaedaegukjeok, desires to find the three Heavenly Heirlooms – magical objects that create fire and light – and use them to plunge the world into eternal darkness.

The heirlooms cannot be destroyed unless all three are together, so they have been hidden by magic. Unfortunately, now one of them is missing. Lia, Joon, and their peers at IMA must now recover the missing heirloom and return it for safekeeping.

Every step of the way is filled with danger and unexpected surprises, making Lia suspicious that someone inside the school might be trying to sabotage their mission. If Lia and Joon succeed in their task, they will be able to save humanity from the King of Darkness.

Perfect for readers of the kids books series Gifted Clans and Aru Shah, this second book of the thrilling Lia Park series will take readers on an unforgettable magical journey.

The Drama with Doomsdays


Since Celia Cleary had the fateful vision about Jeffrey Johnson, her prophecies have been of minor events and daily inconveniences. It seemed like she had finally gained some control over her powers until things turned mysterious.

One day at school, her notebook suddenly filled with the same name written over and over: Patrick. Using the family guidebook, she learns that this Patrick is connected to a Doomsday Prophecy – a vision predicting the future for an entire grade. Now, Celia must act quickly and use the help of her friends to discover the classmate at the heart of the Prophecy before it’s too late.

Can they prevent doomsday in time, or will the shifting sands of luck be against them? Find out in the second in this series of kids books from Simon & Schuster, perfect for fans of the Thirteen Witches and Love Sugar Magic.

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How to Catch a Polar Bear


It’s 1948, and Nick, a twelve-year-old, is all set for the most incredible summer ever with his best friends Nick and Penny. Things turn wild when a polar bear escapes from Milwaukee’s zoo and appears in his neighborhood.

Aside from the zoo break, Nick has the opportunity to work for his Uncle Spiro and open a frozen custard shop in the zoo. The only catch: they have competition with a neighboring stand run by Happy Harold.

When Penny discovers that the polar bear may have been released on purpose, Nick suspects Happy may be behind it. With mysteries to be solved and a zoo full of unexpected surprises, Nick’s summer is about to become interesting. It’s the perfect time for fans of the kids books by Stuart Gibbs and The One and Only Ivan to join Nick in his adventures.

The First Magnificient Summer


Victoria Reeves, a twelve-year-old girl, is anticipating her summer with her father even though she hasn’t seen him in two years. She hopes to make her father proud with her intelligence and maturity. However, when Dad arrives for their road trip to Ohio, he brings his new family, The Replacements, along.

Victoria begins to suspect that her Dad treats her less than the others due to her gender. Writing her thoughts down in her journal, she discovers she’s in a contest she didn’t know she was a part of: She gets her first period AND her father’s multiple shaming jabs. In the end, she has to make a choice: Will she let a man define her?

This middle-grade novel – a combination of journal entries and poetry – is a touching and inspiring story of a young girl attempting to become a woman over the course of an eventful summer with her long-absent father. Fans of kids books by Judy Blume and Barbara Dee will feel at home.

An Old Fashioned Girl


Fourteen-year-old Polly Milton’s summer visit to her friend Fanny Shaw’s city home exposes her to a world of wealth and status that starkly contrasts her modest rural upbringing. Although she endures relentless social pressure to fit in with her fashionable peers, Polly finds solace in Fanny’s brother, Tom – even though he can be incredibly annoying.

Over the next six years, Polly’s annual visits have a lasting impact on the Shaw family, as they reconsider their values and expectations while she battles to maintain her traditional ideals. Through love, friendship, and ups and downs, Polly must find a way to stay true to her core beliefs in this heart-warming story from Louisa May Alcott, the beloved author of Little Women.

Hardy Boys Clue Book #16 Undercover Bookworms


Frank and Joe Hardy are on the case to save the Bayport Junior Public Library, a place they hold dear. The town council plans to close it due to budget cuts, and the librarian is doing her best to convince them otherwise.

When a valuable book disappears from the Rare Reads Room, the brothers spring into action with the help of their clue book. Suspects are everywhere – from a councilwoman eager to combine the two libraries to their classmate Jeffrey Le Guin – but it will take all the brothers’ detective skills to identify the true book crook.

Join the Hardys in their sixteenth kids books, including interactive Clue Book adventure, as they attempt to solve the mystery before it’s too late! Sure to be a favorite from Simon & Schuster.

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Captain Awesome is a Spy! No. 25


Eugene and the Sunnyview Superhero Squad are tasked with a mission of epic proportions in the twenty-fifth installment of Captain Awesome: solving a mysterious puzzle while attending a wedding. While the festivities are in full swing, Eugene and his friends can’t help but notice that the wedding staff are acting suspiciously. They’re rushing off, whispering into earpieces, and hiding around corners. It’s up to Eugene and the Superhero Squad to find out what’s going on!

Young readers will love one of the many Captain Awesome kids books with illustrations on almost every page and easy-to-read language.

Batter Up, Charlie Brown!


Put on your gloves and root for the Peanuts gang as they step up to the plate in this new graphic novel! Featuring some of the best-loved Schulz strips, exciting previously published stories, and an all-new original baseball-themed tale, it’s a real home run for fans of the classic comic strip.

Join Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the gang as they enjoy the game of baseball and celebrate the joys of summer days in one of the great kids books by Charles Schultz from Simon & Schuster!

Wonders of the Night Sky


Since the beginning, people have looked up at the night sky and wondered about its mysteries. Now, curious readers can explore the spectacular wonders of the universe with this award-winning nonfiction middle-grade guide.

Written by a renowned physicist and astronomer, this beautifully illustrated book offers an engaging look at astronomy, complete with accessible facts and engaging illustrations. Delve into the fascinating science behind the stellar backdrop, and get ready to be inspired by the wonders of space!

Henry Heckelbeck and the High-Dive Dare


As summer heats up, Henry Heckelbeck and his friends head to the brand-new community pool. Excitement ripples through the group when they spy the diving boards, but Henry feels a hollow pit in his stomach – he’s scared of heights! But Henry has never been one to back down from a challenge, so with a deep breath, he steps up to take the plunge.

Join Henry as he takes on this new adventure and discovers that even when you’re scared, courage can carry you through. With engaging illustrations on every page, the Henry Heckelbeck kids books offer beginning readers a thrilling, easy-to-read story.

Aphrodite & the Dragon’s Emerald


Good friends Aphrodite and Persephone are on an important mission to recover a missing emerald. Traveling from Sparkle City, the two little goddesses run into a flying purple dragon who is anxious to help. This friendly dragon may be the creature to help locate the lost emerald.

Aphrodite and the Dragon’s Emerald is the newest title in the Little Goddess Girls series, part of the Aladdin QUIX line from Simon & Schuster. This is one of the many perfect kids books for children 5 to 8 who love fantasy and using imagination when reading or listening to a story.

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Nancy Drew Clue Book #18: Bird Bonanza


Nancy Drew is back in the eighteenth installment of her clue books with Bird Bonanza, an interactive story inviting the reader to solve the case. Nancy and her friends, Bess and George, get to immerse themselves in all things birds at Bird Bonanza Camp. In addition to learning about different types of birds, they can participate in bird-themed activities and craft to their heart’s content.

The most exciting opportunity at camp (especially for George) is winning a pair of binoculars, the PowerTron 5000s. That is until the prize is stolen and the greenhouse is vandalized. Who better than Nancy Drew and her Clue Crew to crack the case? Your child will love collecting clues and solving the mystery alongside the characters in this and the other installments of the kids books with Nancy Drew!

Super Turbo and the Fountain of Doom


Super Turbo (the hamster) and his band of Superpets have finally conquered the school water fountain. Their celebration is short-lived when they realize they have no way to turn OFF the water. And it is now a fountain of doom!

In this easy-to-read ninth installment of Super Turbo’s kids books, your child will laugh and delight in the adventures of the Superpet Superhero League. If graphic novels are your mid-grade child’s jam, look no further than this adorably furry series of kids books.

Worst Broommate Ever!


Being a witch-in-training is no joke. In this first installment of the Middle School and Other Disasters series from Simon & Schuster, the Worst Broommate Ever, Heidi Heckelbeck wrestles with how to fit into her new magic boarding school.

While Broomsfield Academy is the only school with classes specifically to train witches, there is no guarantee that all students will fit in. Especially now that pranks can have a magical twist. Your child will love reading this first of many kids books describing the misadventures of being a supernatural middle schooler.

Class Pest: Harvey Hammer 2


In the latest aquatic escapade of the Shark School series kids books, we’re diving back into the splashy shenanigans of none other than Harvey Hammer, the young hammerhead sensation! Harvey’s luck is about as unpredictable as a fish in a tornado.

He’s scored an invite to the underwater extravaganza that is Flash’s epic birthday bash! But oh, the scales of fate can be oh-so-tricky, for, at the very same moment, Harvey finds himself with the responsibility of babysitting the class pet – Pirate the Parrotfish, a troublemaker who thrives on reeling Harvey into more deep-sea turmoil than a whirlpool in a waterpark. Get ready for a tidal wave of laughs, twists, and underwater hijinks that’ll leave you flipping your fins for more!

Mermaid Tales 1: The Friendship Wish


Dive into the watery wonderland of the Mini Mermaid Tales QUIX chapter book series from Simon & Schuster —a sparkling spinoff from the beloved Mermaid Tales saga! Meet Rosie, a pint-sized mermaid with a penchant for twirling with dolphins and constructing sandcastles. Hold onto your seashells because Rosie’s fishy tale begins in the bustling Trident City, where she’s just washed ashore. But wait —Rosie’s got a conundrum as deep as the ocean: she’s as friendless as a clam at low tide.

With Trident Academy out of reach, parents swamped, and Manny Nanny a bit too yawn-worthy, Rosie’s aquatic life seems to be BOR-ING. Cue Aqua, the undersea whirlwind, whose friendship comes with a tsunami of trouble. Join Rosie in this splashy saga of fin-flipping, fishy friends, and the kind of underwater adventures that’ll have you hooked from the first page in this and all of the Mermaid Tales kids books.

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A Work In Progress


Prepare to dive into a heartstring-tugging middle-grade tale that’s as relatable as it is resonant, where one young lad embarks on a journey of self-discovery that’s a patchwork of prose, verse, and visual artistry. Will is navigating the treacherous waters of body image with the finesse of a seasoned sailor and also harbors a forbidden crush on none other than the elusive Jules, the beanstalk belle who seems galaxies away.

Will hatches a plan to transform his diet and engages in epic exercise endeavors. Yet, progress is often slower than a snail’s moonlit stroll, leaving our protagonist marooned on an island of frustration and raftless hope. Join Will as he navigates the tumultuous waters of self-acceptance, sprinkled with humor, heart, and the unspoken triumphs that define the journey of growing up. This is one of those kids books that will stick with your child as he or she ages.

Does a Bear Poo in the Woods?


Prepare to embark on a rib-tickling adventure that will leave young readers giggling and grown-ups grinning. Follow the escapades of a bashful bear on a most urgent mission. Prepare for a bear’s journey through the woods, where he’s searching for the perfect “loo with a view.” In this uproarious and mischievously adorable selection for the list of kids books, toilet training takes center stage, wrapped in a blanket of hilarity that’ll have everyone rolling with laughter.

The Bellwoods Game


Gather ’round, thrill-seekers and believers in the eerie unknown, for the chilling tale of Fall Hollow continues to weave its spectral web. A brave soul named Abigail Snook ventured into the depths of the woods, a journey from which she never returned.

Now, the echoes of her enigma are woven into the very fabric of the place, an enigma passed down through generations like an unsettling lullaby. Brace yourselves, for what awaits them in the depths is not just Abigail’s ghostly specter but a malevolent force that could unravel the very essence of Fall Hollow. In this suspenseful yarn, secrets fester, tension simmers, and a sinister presence awaits its unwelcome guests beneath the shadowed canopy. If you are seeking kids books with a little bit of spooky, this is a must-read.

The Firefly Summer


For years, her summers have followed a well-worn routine, a trio of tranquility shared with her father and stepmother—structured, predictable, and hushed. But this summer, a twist of fate ignites the spark of change in Ryanna’s story. Throughout the sun-soaked days filled with laughter, lakeside explorations, and s’mores under starlit skies, Ryanna navigates not just the labyrinth of a decades-old mystery but the uncharted landscape of self-discovery.

The echoes of the past become harmonious with the cadence of her present, revealing that sometimes, the answers we seek are nestled in the embrace of the unexpected. Embark on this heartening journey where the echoes of laughter, the sparkle of newfound kinship, and the map of a mother’s memory guide Ryanna toward an understanding that home is often found where the heart feels most alive.

Charlie Numbers and the UFO Bash


Buckle in and prepare to investigate this puzzling and smart story, one of Simon & Schuster’s newly released kids books. For Charlie, if it can’t be proven through a mathematic equation, it must be false —this includes his skepticism toward the existence of UFOs.

From rendezvous with UFO enthusiasts to secret chambers and honorary pursuits, Charlie finds himself on a path that challenges his extraterrestrial beliefs. What if, against all odds, the existence of extraterrestrial life is actually real?

Kids books are a wonderful way to open your child’s eyes to learning for fun. Whether a graphic comic, a chapter book, or just a silly read, kids books have a place in every home. Let Simon & Schuster spoil your youngster with their amazing new kids books this fall!


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