30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

As temperatures increase, so does your kiddos’ need for summer activities. Don’t get caught without reading material this summer, and stock up on the titles of the newest book releases in this summer reading list. From graphic novels to cookbooks to learning the ABCs, this summer reading list has everything you need before setting off on summer vacations, the pool, and all the summer fun.

30 Books for Your Summer Reading List

Escape from Atlantis

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

If your child is a fan of Percy Jackson or Rick Riordan’s various fantasy series, the all-new Escape from Atlantis is the perfect summer reading series for them! Join Riley Evans on an adventure into the Bermuda Triangle that doesn’t go as planned. With only her dad, aunt, and annoying cousin Alfie for company, she is so bored staring at the waves that she’s starting to see mermaids between them. Unfortunately, when their boat is capsized in a storm, Riley and Alfie find themselves alone, washed ashore on a strange island, Atlantis.

Adventure awaits these shipwrecked survivors on the island of Atlantis, a place beyond one’s wildest dreams. From strange people to unicorns and gargoyles to talking animals, Riley and Alfie only want to find their parents and go home, but there are forces lurking that conspire against them and keep them from reaching their goal.

As Riley and Alfie unravel the mystery of Atlantis and its most terrifying part, the Forbidden Zone, they realize that the clock is ticking. If they can’t learn what happened to their parents and find a way off the island soon, it may be too late to leave.

Return to Atlantis

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

The second book in the all-new Escape from Atlantis series, Return to Atlantis follows Riley’s journey home to safety where her mom and brother were awaiting her return. But, there is more to her return than others know. With a gang of rescued Atlanteans living in her Colorado basement, Riley must keep their secrets while also ensuring their survival far from the magic of the island Atlantis. Full of unforeseen dangers, this spellbinding novel follows Riley and her crew from Colorado back to Atlantis where enemies new and old await their arrival.


30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

Author Kate O’Hearn will enthrall her readers again with the Titans Series, the story of a group of kids who must stop invaders before they take over Titus and the universe. Mystery and mythology will keep your child hooked until the very last page…and then wanting more! Fifteen years ago, Olympus was destroyed and the Olympians were resettled on Titus. Since then Earth has been declared a quarantined world and humans are not allowed. The Titans and the Olympians are at peace, but when humans somehow end up on Titus this precarious peace may be destroyed.

A heroine in her own right, Astraea, a resident of Titus discovers a human boy, Jake, who has no idea how he has arrived on Titus. Astraea and her sidekick and Zephyr decide to help him get home before anyone else discovers him.

But what the trio uncovers is something much bigger than one human boy. It’s a scheme to take down the rulers of this world, conquer it, and then do the same across the galaxy. Can a group of kids stop the invaders? Or is Titus, like Olympus before it, doomed?

The Missing

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

In the second book of the Titans series, Astraea, Zephyr, and their friends travel to a dangerous jungle world to seek help in the struggle against the Mimics, an enemy of the Titans and Olympians.

While nothing goes according to plan, these friends fight for their lives as they encounter dangers beyond their imagination – from dinosaurs to unbearable climate conditions, the group finds themselves in serious trouble. Stick with this crew as they fight impossible odds, celebrate their triumphs and tribulations, and find help in unforeseen people and places.

The Fallen Queen

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

After her friends are captured by the Mimics in the jungle, Astraea, Zephyr, Pegasus, and Tryn fight to survive while trying to formulate a plan for saving the others. With impossible odds, fighting against the Mimics, who can kill with a touch and take the shape of any friend or family member, Astraea, and her crew know the only hope for their people is to defeat the Mimic Queen herself. To do that, they’ll need to even the odds of seven friends versus an entire planet. So they come up with a plan to capture the one thing more terrifying than their enemy—the giant snake Lergo. With the goal in mind of defeating the Mimics for good, these friends make unlikely allies and fight opposition from some they had considered friends. While the battle seems impossible, these friends use their cunning, skills, willpower, and hope to defeat even their strongest enemies.

War of the Realms

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

Freya and the Valkyries must stop a war before two worlds are destroyed in this third book of an exciting series that School Library Journal described as perfect for “those looking for Rick Riordan read-alikes.”

If your child loves the stories of Asgard and the Valkyries -, Odin, Thor, and Loki, they are sure to love the War of the Realms series. Mixing mystery, adventure, and mythology, these Norse goddesses who reap the fallen souls from human battlefields have the power to cause death with just one touch.

At the end of the second book, The Runaway, Freya and the Valkyries were about to leave the human world when they learned that the Frost Giants, Fire Giants, and Dark Searchers had united to declare war on the Realms. Further, these evil forces had barred the only entry back to Asgard, trapping the Valkyries far from their endangered homeland.

As the War of the Realms spills over into Earth, Freya and the Valkyries must find a way to save not just the Norse world but the human world as well. Keeping your avid reader on the edge of their seat, the War of the Realms brings action to your young reader, inspiring a love for these stories of mythology and wanting more.

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

A sweet story of a family’s love, Sylvester the Donkey makes a wish that devastates both himself and his parents. In this Caldecott Medal–winning story, the true meaning of love and loyalty is tested when Sylvester makes a wish that takes him far from his parents but unbeknownst to them also keeps him close to home. This is the story of a parent’s unconditional love, hope, and appreciation for what you have rather than what you may wish for, teaching generations of young readers about what is truly important in life.

A Year of Good News

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

No one likes bad news. So, how about some heartfelt headlines to lift your spirits? Martin Smatana helps celebrate the greater things in life with 52 short stories filled with positivity, heart-warming tales, and smile-inducing news. Illustrated with fabric swatches and remnants, the book is a delightful and charming addition to your child’s summer reading list. Inspire the entire family with A Year of Good News.

10 Cats

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

10 Cats is as cute as it is colorful. Follow these feisty felines as they play, bounce, and roll around with Mama and into some unexpecting paint buckets filled with primary colors. What colors will they mix up?

Playtime turns into a messy time and bath time in 10 Cats by author Emily Gravett. Engaging and playful, this adorable book for young children is perfect for those learning to count and acknowledge colors. Additionally, delight your little one with the search-and-finds in this book, which is perfect for your summer reading list.

I Cannot Draw A Bicycle

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

Who doesn’t love a cheeky, funny story? I Cannot Draw A Bicycle will have everyone giggling while encouraging imagination in this laugh-out-loud book on your summer reading list. Learn that everything is created with simple shapes, and while not always easy, “nothing” can become “something” with some work. Award-winning author and illustrator Charise Mericle Harper will have everyone reading this story repeatedly.

Aven Green Soccer Machine

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

Aven Green is a spunky, smart, feisty girl who happens to have been born without arms. But being born without arms hasn’t stopped her from making the most of life and taking on all types of adventures. In Aven Green Soccer Machine, even the most skilled player (Aven) has trouble learning the skill of helping a new player acclimate to the team. This new book from Dusti Bowling is perfect for your summer reading list for kids aged 6-8 who are just entering the chapter book world.

Be the Bus

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

Fans of Mo Willems rejoice! Be the Bus is the adult Pigeon book you didn’t know you needed and wanted. This book features all-new original art and has many Pigeon-y tidbits to discover. Learn essential tips, thoughts, opinions, quotes, complaints, and basic philosophical misunderstandings in this profound collection for adults. It’s a one-of-a-kind humor book from your favorite one-of-a-kind pigeon – a child-like book for parents on your summer reading list.

The Rainbow Snail

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

Young children thrive on simplicity and color. Author Karin Akesson hits it on the head with the delightful story The Rainbow Snail. Follow Snail as it takes an adventure through beautiful surroundings adding all the rainbow colors. Go from blue like the raindrops to green like the grass through all the colors. The fun, bright illustrations and the ability to learn colors will delight young children when going through their summer reading list.

Aven Green Music Machine

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

Aven Green is a music machine in this cute chapter book on the summer reading list. Although spunky and fun, Aven may not have arms, which hasn’t stopped her from enjoying life and learning lessons. In this story, Aven must choose what instrument she wants to learn for the school talent show but gets frustrated when it’s not as easy as she thinks. She may have figured it out with some help from her parents, but will she be ready in time? Find out in this adorable book.

Drawing with Squiggles & Wiggles

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

This book is perfect for kids of all ages or adults who are kids at heart and love to tap into their creative side. With this book, anyone can draw cartoon-like pictures! This step-by-step book will turn a spiral into an elephant and three simple bumps into a few adorable pigs! Any child can learn to create and draw these cartoons, starting with just one silly shape. Add this to your summer reading list for your creative children.

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Eric Loves Animals (Just Like You!)

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

From the same creative author who brought beloved classics like The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Eric Carle now releases an alphabetized kingdom of animal illustrations as seen through his eyes. One of the children’s favorite authors has compiled 172 pages of his art for children and adults to enjoy together. See favorites like the Grouchy Ladybug and never-before-seen critters like jellyfish and hippos. Get inspired, or enjoy the beauty of an Eric Carle book with this family favorite that every home should have on the summer reading list.

I Did It!

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

The goal for early readers in kindergarten and first grade is to have fun. Especially when researching a summer reading list. The simple comic book “I Did It!” by Michael Emberley lets young readers enjoy the ups and downs of a little creature learning to ride a bicycle. “Can I do it? I can’t do it. I want to do it. I did it!” The adorable artwork guides readers to the words and phrases throughout the book, so young readers want to read all by themselves.

Let’s Go!

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

The companion book to “I Did It!” is “Let’s Go!” by Michael Emberley. This comic book, created for early readers, continues the adventure of the little creature. He and five friends want to go to a party this time, but it is very far away. The friends try to get to the party by building cars, skis, boats, and more. The I Like to Read® Comics are the perfect summer reading list because of their eye-catching art and humor, but they are challenged by learning to read.

Kordan the Wizard

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

Does your child love to read and love music? The new book, Kordan The Wizard, combines a fascinating tale of dragons, wizards, and giants with QR codes throughout the book that links to original songs. Kordan The Wizard by David Nos is a fantasy novel full of adventure, heroes, heroines, kings, princesses, romance, magic, and fantastical creatures for readers 8 and older.

The magic leaps off the pages throughout the novel. Musician Robert Agner created the original songs and music with Nos. The easy-listening songs amplify the plot when you scan the QR codes while reading. (Digital eBook versions, readers click a link to hear the songs and music.). In Kordan The Wizard, danger, romance, magic, and music are real. You can stream the entire easy-listening Kordan The Wizard album on all major music channels, including Spotify, iHeart Radio, Tik Tok, YouTube Music, and more. The perfect complement to your summer reading list!

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I Am A Tornado

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

I Am a Tornado by Drew Beckmeyer is a fascinating children’s book that takes little readers on a thrilling journey of nature’s power. The book follows the life and experiences of a tornado as it travels through different landscapes and affects everything in its wake. The author presents the story from the perspective of the tornado, which adds an innovative touch to the book’s concept.

This book uses the tornado as a metaphor for children experiencing big feelings. Use this book to open a dialogue about anger, sadness, and frustration with your child. The perfect book on the summer reading list to help your children find healthy ways to process their emotions instead of destructive tornado-like ways.

Julia and the Shark

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

The middle-grade novel Julia and the Shark lets young readers know that “it’s okay not to be okay” as Julia and her family share their journey from dark depths to starry skies. The novel filled with courage and hope by Kiran Millwood Hargrave includes stunning illustrations by Tom de Freston.

The story is a conversation starter for families about mental health. Julia is an ocean-loving, aspiring scientist who wants to study oceanography and biology like her Mom. The family spends the summer on a remote island, so Julia’s mom can search for the elusive Greenland shark. Julia sets out on a quest to prove the shark is real but realizes that not all journeys are meant to go on alone. This is an ideal story for your whole family making it a wonderful addition to the summer reading list.

Even Superheroes Get Scared

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

Help your little superhero learn about fears, anxiety, and emotion with the book Even Superheroes Get Scared by Shelly Becker. This book includes fun rhymes and relatable situations that kids can understand, like being afraid of the dark or being scared of bugs. They will love the whimsical illustrations (done by Eda Kaban) that are colorful, action-packed, and memorable. Preschoolers will love getting to know characters like Beastie and Laserman. As a parent, caregiver, or teacher, you’ll love the life lessons packed in this book on the summer reading list. So pick up a copy of this fun book today!

The Monster Mac and Cheese Party

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

Todd Parr’s latest book, The Monster Mac and Cheese Party, is a delightful tale that will captivate children and adults alike. The story centers around three monster friends who plan to throw the ultimate mac and cheese party. They face various challenges as they prepare for their big event, but with teamwork and determination, they overcome them all.

Todd Parr’s signature style of bright colors, bold illustrations, and playful storytelling makes this book special which is how it made it on the summer reading list. Children will love the charming characters, silly antics, and fun-filled dialogue. Parents can appreciate the underlying themes of friendship, problem-solving, and inclusivity that are seamlessly woven into the narrative. Whether you’re a fan of Todd Parr, a New York Times bestselling author, or are new to his work, this book will surely entertain you from beginning to end.

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Cooking with My Dad, the Chef

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

Cooking with My Dad, the Chef from America’s Test Kitchen, is not just a cookbook but a heartwarming and mouthwatering celebration of family and the love of food. This book features a collection of gluten-free and family-friendly recipes perfect for kids of all ages, written by Boston chef Ken Oringer and his daughter Verveine, who grew up in her dad’s restaurants.

With step-by-step instructions and fun comic-style illustrations, it’s a great way to interest your kids in cooking. From Mochi Waffles to Beef Bourguignon and Lemon Italian Ice, this book offers a range of recipes for all skill levels. It’s a must-have for any family who loves to cook and eat delicious food together, which is how it made it on the summer reading list.

The Baby with Three Families, Two Countries, and One Promise: An International Adoption Story

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

The Baby with Three Families, Two Countries, and One Promise: An International Adoption Story is a heart-warming memoir of a baby’s journey through adoption. The baby moves between three families and two countries with the promise of his eventual happiness.

Author Julie Connor shares her experience with international adoption, including the challenges and joys that come with it. The book raises awareness about international adoption and encourages readers to consider adoption as an option to grow their families. If you want a children’s book for your summer reading list that delivers a message of hope and love, this is it.

Linh’s Rooftop Garden

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

Experience an adventure in Linh’s rooftop garden through the eyes of a young Asian girl and her mom. Explore the fruits and vegetables as playful text guides young readers through an immersive experience of visual curiosity. Hunt for clues while you discover and compare unique characteristics of blueberries, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes, and more. A fun and educational interactive picture book series for your summer reading list! 🍓🍅📚

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Game Over: Teen’s Guide to Kicking Video Game Addiction

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

The journey of Tomer Shaked may help your teens or young adults to overcome video game addiction. Game Over: One Teen’s Guide to Kicking Video Game Addiction is written by a 17-year-old, first-time author. Tomer shares the excitement of receiving his first X-Box as a young child and how video game addiction began to affect his life. Even as a teenager, Tomer realized he was spending more time in a virtual world than the real one. Tomer shares how he quit video games and re-entered the real world. A crucial addition to your summer reading list for teens.

But I’m Not Sick

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

Help little ones fight their fears of the doctor with this summer reading list book. This story, written by a medical professional and mother, walks through all the elements of a typical check-up or wellness check. With cute pictures and rhyme schemes, your child will enjoy reading time while also learning about normal doctor visits.

Reading this book provides a great opportunity to discuss health and wellness with your child while helping your little one feel confident before an appointment. Encourage him or her to ask questions and use this book as a guide to provide answers and assurances.

ABC God Loves Me

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

This inspirational alphabet book, filled with heartwarming rhymes and stunning animal illustrations, showcases the endless blessings of God’s love for every child. From the myriad of creatures on Earth to the bounteous blessings we share, God’s presence permeates every aspect of our lives — from A to Z! Ideal for new parents, grandparents, or anyone celebrating their little ones, this delightful Christian board book introduces children to faith and makes a charming read-aloud anytime you want to encourage your little one.

Simone Biles: A Little Golden Book Biography

30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones

Inspire your little ones with read-aloud Little Golden Book biographies. Start with Simone Biles, the superstar Olympic-medal world champion gymnast. Your elementary students will enjoy reading about Simone Biles’ successes in gymnastics from childhood to adulthood. The book features beautiful illustrations by Kim Holt.

Biles is considered the greatest gymnast of all time, with four gymnastic moves named after her. The book touches on the importance of mental health as the author, Janay Brown-Wood, explains how Simone Biles took herself out of the Tokyo Women’s All-Around Olympic competition. “Mental health comes first,” Biles says. A great addition to a summer reading list for your young athletes.

The thought of curating a summer reading list for your child may not have crossed your mind. But the summer will be here before you know it, and you don’t want to get caught without reading reinforcements! Bookmark this article for ideas that span every adolescent age group.

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30 Awesome Books For A Summer Reading List For Your Little Ones



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