26 Really Great Reading Options For Your Kids This Back-to-School Season

With back-to-school comes the increase in the hustle and the bustle. Slow down with some really great reading options for your kids. Whether they are not yet school-aged or in the thick of it, check out the list below for some books that will provide your kiddos with really great reading options while they unwind.

26 Really Great Reading Options for Your Kids

Seven Wonders Book 1: The Colossus Rises

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Adventure and mystery combine in this fantastical new series young readers will love. Follow twelve-year-old Jack McKinley as he and his friends set out on an epic adventure to save his life. With elements of history, mystery, and of course the incredible intricacies of the ruins and relics of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, these stories will take your child on a quest right along with the strong main character and his friends. With a plot that will keep your young reader invested and an ending that will have them begging for more, the all-new Seven Wonders Series is a great collection to give your child this year as they head back to school.

The School for Good and Evil

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The battle between good and evil has begun…in a fairytale. But fairytales aren’t always just about the good, happy characters, there is always an antagonist, and here, in The School for Good and Evil they may just have to work together for a “happy ending”. Your young readers will follow Sophie, who thinks she’s on her way to the ranks of Cinderella and Snow White, and Agatha, who plans to join the villains we all know and love, as their roles become reversed. What comes next is a slew of epic, entertaining challenges that each girl must overcome as she finds herself in a series of unexpected scenarios at school. Touching on all the challenges of going to a new school, new friends, new classes, and unexpected situations, The School for Good and Evil teaches your children to always expect the unexpected and that experiencing something new and different isn’t always a bad thing.

Realm Breaker

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Action-packed and full of surprises, the Realm Breaker series by Victoria Aveyard is a fabulous new fantasy series from medieval times.

When darkness has fallen over the land and all the heroes have perished the question becomes who will save the world from destruction? The last of the ancient lineage, Corayne an-Amarat knows she must unite an unlikely band of companions and stand against a vicious opponent, invincible and determined to burn all kingdoms to ash with an army unlike anything the realm has ever witnessed.

If your young adult reader loves action, adventure, and fantasy novels of mythology or medieval mayhem, this new series will enthrall and captivate them, transporting them to another time.

Blade Breaker


In the 2nd book of this series, Corayne and her companions must assemble an army to combat their opponents’ evil forces. With a former squire, an outcast assassin, an immortal, an old sorceress, and a pirate’s daughter in the lead, this young adult fantasy fiction novel brings together elements of adventure, romance, and magic that will captivate its reader.

With plenty of foreboding mystery, evil, darkness, and otherworldy beasts to contend with, Blade Breaker will test the true character and will of the world’s most hopeful and brave new hero.

The One and Only Ivan


The One and Only Ivan celebrates the unlikely friendship of an elephant and a captive gorilla, Ivan. Having grown up in captivity, Ivan is accustomed to living in a cage with humans as his only companions. Ivan occupies his time with human activities such as watching tv and painting until he meets Ruby, a baby elephant taken from the wild. As their new friendship develops, each begins to see the world through the other’s eyes, changing their perception of their own and each other’s upbringing and survival. Poignant and moving, this novel of companionship and compassion is a must-read for kids elementary and middle school age readers this school year.

Keeper of the Lost Cities Collection


Mystery and magic, the Keeper of the Lost Cities Collection is a fantasy fiction series your upper elementary and middle school aged readers will love. From superpowers to shocking secrets, the Keeper of the Lost Cities follows Sophie Foster, a telepath who has never quite fit into her “normal” life.

With hidden civilizations, prestigious secret academies, and an extreme criminal organization out to get Sophie, this tiny elfin girl must learn about her powers and how to manipulate them to the advantage of herself and those she loves. With the 9th book set to be released in November 2022 and the first 5 now available in a boxed set, the Keeper of the Lost Cities will take your tween on a fantastical journey of exploration, self-awareness, and magic.

Super Turbo Meets the Cat-Nappers


Most children ages five to nine years old can’t get enough of reading graphic novels. Treat your kiddo to the seventh installment of the Super Turbo series by purchasing Little Simon Publishing’s Super Turbo Meets the Cat-Nappers.

Super Turbo is a superhero. And a hamster. But that has never stopped him from saving the school where he lives and the students who keep him company during the week. In this book, Super Turbo gets to go home with a student during the weekend. Imagine his surprise when he arrives to find lazy, napping cars. This really great reading option will have your child laughing and quickly reading to get to the book’s conclusion.

The Big Bad Woof


Your younger elementary student will love the seventh graphic novel in the Pup Detective series. The Big Bad Woof has the Pup Detectives helping solve the crime around missing priceless paintings. This really great reading option has the detectives smelling out the Big Bad Woof while meeting new friends…who could be foes.

Arcade World


For the third book in this graphic novel series, Arcade World’s Robot Battle show Travis and Journey as they meet a new and mysterious friend and player. Really great reading for your younger elementary school child who might prefer to just play video games over reading, this story is light and fun. You can’t get more exciting than giant robots crashing through a city in the middle of a mystery!

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Creepy Crayon!


Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers produced the best sellers Creepy Carrots and Creepy Pair of Underwear. If your kids can’t get enough of Jasper Rabbit, do not pass up the newest iteration of really great reading, Creepy Crayon!

Kids ages 4-8 will love reading about Jasper, a rabbit who just can’t cut it at school. Whether reading, writing, or arithmetic, he feels like he is failing it all. That is until he finds a purple crayon lying in the gutter. This perfectly pointy crayon helps Jasper accomplish the seemingly impossible: schoolwork. But then, the crayon starts trying to take over Jasper’s life. Both silly and creepy, this book will have your kids rolling with laughter.

Postcards from Summer


Young adult fiction about secret love is a really great reading combination for your child in junior high or high school. From Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Postcards from Summer begins by introducing Lexi, a teen who lost her mother at a young age but desperately wants to know everything about her.

Upon the death of Lexi’s grandma, Lexi finds letters, pamphlets, and fliers collected by her mother. All of the memorabilia is from and about Mackinac Island. In hopes of learning more about her mother, Lexi sneaks away to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Where this leads Lexi is more than she had in mind…

The Islanders


Best-selling author Mary Alice Monroe introduces the reader to a story of heartbreak and friendship in her newest story, The Islanders. Best for children nine and up, this really great reading option introduces the audience to Jake, an 11-year-old whose father is wounded in Afghanistan and his mother goes to care for him.

Left with his grandma in a natural sanctuary, Jake is left in the direst situation possible…no internet. Fortunately, Jake isn’t the only summer inhabitant of this island. After getting into trouble with his two new friends, Jake is put on mandatory community service patrolling the beach to protect turtle nests from predators. This story beautifully narrates Jake’s summer and his journey through hardship.

Dungeoneer Adventures 1: Lost in the Mushroom Maze


Coop Cooperson is quite an adventurous boy. He is the only human student at a school for future explorers! In the first of its series from Aladdin Publishing, Dungeoneer Adventures: Lost in the Mushroom Maze, Coop navigates how to fit into the academy while focusing on honing his skills as an explorer. With fun classes like Dungeons, Mazes, Swords, and Sorcery, your child will get lost in this really great reading that envisions this imaginary world.

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Tim Possible & the Time-Traveling T. Rex


Not many kids have experienced time travel. Or a dinosaur. But a time-traveling T. Rex? In Time Possible & the Time-Traveling T. Rex, the main characters Tim and Tito are faced with just that: a time-traveling T. Rex named Oskar that appears one day in Tim’s backyard.

Perfect for younger elementary-aged children, this really great reading book is available on August 30th and will allow your child’s imagination to run wild. Kooky characters, Impossible Juice, and robotic lunch ladies litter the pages of this adorable and funny chapter book.

Who’s Farted?


Completely inappropriate and yet perfect for really great reading, Who’s Farted is a playful activity book when your child just wants to unwind. Packed with search and find adventures, this brightly illustrated book is a funny gift for your kids or one of their friends. Really great reading doesn’t always need to be “proper”. Get your child this book for an after-school surprise!

Nothing Interesting Ever Happens to Ethan Fairmont


Coming this October, Nothing Interesting Ever Happens to Ethan Fairmont is really great reading for your middle elementary-aged child. Genius (self-proclaimed) inventor Ethan Fairmont unintentionally discovers an alien named Cheese. Cheese is stuck on Earth and needs humans’ help to return to his home planet. Can Ethan rescue this extraterrestrial visitor while also keeping his family and friends safe? Your child will race to the finish of this quick and fun really great reading option.

How to Eat a Book


Another option for really great reading available this October is How to Eat a Book. Reminiscent of Shel Silverstein, this fanciful tale explores the impossible dilemma of being eaten. By a book. Starting with Sheila and continuing with Gerald, and Geraldine, children find out what happens when thrown into a world of fiction and fantasy. With fun illustrations created to look three-dimensional, your child will laugh and squeal with delight while moving quickly through this book.

Quest Kids and the Dragon Pants of Gold


Another really great reading option from Union Square Kids’ Publishing available on Sept 13th is Quest Kids and the Dragon Pants of Gold. The first in the series, the Quest Kids are comprised of a wizard, a 700-year-old elf child, a rock troll, an animal of questionable type, and Ned, the leader. You know, the usual suspects. This fantasy takes the Quest Kids on their first real crusade where the team learns about friendship through magic and humor.

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Britannica First Big Book of Why


Britannica’s First BIG Book of Why answers your little one’s need to know about everything. “Why do I have eyelashes? Why does popcorn pop? Why does it rain?” This really great reading book answers more than 100 questions with short one-page writeups combined with beautiful photos and original illustrations by Kate Slater.

The book by Sally Symes and Stephanie Warren Drimmer answers questions about animals, the body, space, and more. Britannica’s First Big Book of Why is such a fun way to start a daily discussion with your kids big and small. You can read the book in order or randomly flip to one of the 272 pages that looks interesting to read on a particular day.Why do mosquitoes bite? Why is Neptune blue? Why does the ocean have waves?

Marvelous Body


The Marvelous Body book comes with a magic lens so children age 7 and older can see the inner workings of the human body. The 48-page book by Jane Wilsher takes you and your children on an adventure into the human body as you discover how the senses work with the brain, how doctors identify disease, and how food is transformed into energy.

The comic and cartoon-style illustrations by Andrés Lozano take the serious subject of biology and turn it into really great reading. Lozano has red and blue drawings, when the “magic lens” is used you get to see “inside” the human body, which adds to the fun and learning.

The Little Learner Board Book Set


The Little Learner Board Book Set by Mudpuppy is really great reading for tiny hands. The four-book set boasts high-contrast artwork that little ones love. The 4-inch books introduce, “Numbers, Shapes, Colors, and First Words.” The chunky 8-page sturdy books come in a slipcase box for storage and display.

Marine Life on the Move


The Marine Life on the Move magic bath book takes your children on an underwater literary journey. The black-and-white book comes to life in vibrant color when the pages get wet. The Marine Life on the Move book features whimsical illustrations of underwater animals driving vehicles. The 6 by 6-inch book is the perfect size for little hands and really great reading for the bathtub.

Wild Rainbow Magic Bath Book


The Wild Rainbow Magic Bath Book keeps babies and toddlers engaged and entertained in this really great read during bath time. The Wild Rainbow Magic Bath Book features animals like turtles, fish, and butterflies. You know your little one is a sponge when it comes to learning. This book is a perfect way to teach your little one about animals during bath time.

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Please Don’t Laugh, We Lost a Giraffe!


Merriam-Webster’s new activity book Please Don’t Laugh, We Lost a Giraffe is a really great reading alternative for your elementary-aged child. With the background of a wildlife refuge, the kid detectives Marriam and Webster meet animals of all types through word scrambles, letter mazes, and puzzles of all types. Help build your child’s comprehensive skills with this fun and educational book.

Follow the Stars! What Happened on Mars?


Another really great reading alternative from Merriam-Webster is Follow the Stars! What Happened on Mars? In this book, Merriam and Webster blast into space and solve puzzles throughout the galaxy. Your child will help uncover clues and solve the case of the Mars rover through puzzles, codes, riddles, and many more games. A perfect way to keep your child entertained educationally.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: Baby’s First Book of Extraordinary Women


The all-new board book adaptation of the New York Times best-selling Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls introduces your little ones to extraordinary women from the past and present. The easy-to-read, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: Baby’s First Book of Extraordinary Women keeps the Rebel spirit and teaches young readers about artists, inventors, athletes, activists, pilots, scientists, dancers, and more.

The miniature bio is coupled with beautiful animated colorful portraits of amazing women like Misty Copeland, Jane Austen, Yusra Madini, Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, Simone Biles, and more. This really great reading option encourages your little one to dream big and set goals. It also makes a perfect baby shower gift!

Really great reading can be hard to find when the craziness of the school year hits a household. Help your child both learn and relax by purchasing one or more of these titles. Downtime is necessary and a relief for both children and adults alike. Do yourself a favor and find the book on the list that best fits your family’s reading needs.

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