First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Reading to young children is not only wonderful for its quality time, but also for the child’s development. Giving book gifts to the young kiddos on your list is beneficial for everyone. Check out this list of first-rate book gifts for the little ones on your list this holiday season.

Book Gifts They’ll Absolutely Treasure For Years to Come


First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

When a stuffed animal accompanies a book, it helps to bring the characters to life. The Inkling Friends are colorful and unique toys that make their way into a child’s imagination through fun and adorable children’s book gifts. Gus The Toothy Tusked Rus, Ollie The Oddball Oddbird, and Wobby The Wild Eared Walla will quickly become your little one’s favorite friends as they read and learn about kindness, compassion, and love in their very own infant novel. The Inklings Baby Friends includes three stuffed animals and three books but stay tuned as more characters will be added to this fuzzy family soon!

Pickles + Ocho

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Pickles + Ocho is a heartwarming story collection that explores LGBTQ families and other real-life experiences as seen through the eyes of Pickles and Ocho. These two adorable French bulldogs, Pickles and Ocho, also accompany the stories through other situations such as pet adoption and adjusting to new family dynamics. The I Want It All Bundle includes the Our Favorite Place book, the Pickles + Ocho story, the coloring and activity book, and two plush stuffed animals of the French bulldogs. Diversity, inclusion, and love are just a few of the lessons your child will learn when receiving these children’s book gifts.

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What On Earth Books

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

The ocean is a magical place for any age! Book gifts that help your child explore and use his or her imagination are ideal presents this holiday season. The die-cut board pages and pop-ups of the book, Zoom: Ocean Adventure, surprise and delight young ocean lovers while educating them on fun ocean facts.

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Zoom: Space Adventure helps your child explore space while following Ava and her cat on a space adventure. In this beautifully illustrated story that is perfect as one of many book gifts, read along as Ava visits the International Space Station and travels past all of the planets in the Solar System.

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Kiddos have so many questions, especially when those questions can help prolong bedtime. Kill two birds with one stone by purchasing book gifts like 5 Minute Really True Stories for Bedtime. With 30 short and sweet stories, all with facts verified by Britannica, help answer questions like, “How do sharks sleep underwater?” and “Where is the oldest bed in the world?” Beautifully illustrated, this storybook will answer all your child’s questions in five minutes and under!

Pavilion Books

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Everyone knows the stories of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel. But not everyone has seen Cinderella as a 1920s flapper or Sleeping Beauty as a 1950s gal who pricks her finger on a record player! Not to mention seeing Rapunzel as a 1970s flower child who lives in a tower block. Buy Delightfully Different Fairy Tales this year, because book gifts with time old tales with a twist are fun for all ages!

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

The Three Wishes: A Christmas Story is the beautifully woven tale of the origin of Santa Claus. Starting as a young boy herding his family’s reindeer, the current day’s Santa Claus stumbles upon a cave that, once entered, cannot be left without the outside world standing still. This is one of many Christmas-themed book gifts that will hold your child’s attention and be requested for years to come.

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Tumble Creek Press

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Book gifts this holiday season don’t all need to contain a story. Space and Shapes Activity Book includes 56 space-themed activity pages ideal for children just starting school. Follow the illustrated kids in this book who are starting school in space. And once finished, tear out the single-sided coloring pages to display proudly!

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Do you have a child who has book gifts on his or her list that all revolve around comics? Help your kiddo learn how to create their own comic book through the drawing, coloring, writing, and lettering guidance of Learn How To Make Teen Comics. Use the blank script pages or formatted comic sheets in this book to unlock your child’s imagination!

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Coloring has proven to be therapeutic for not only children but also adults. In Flora, Fabric, & Fauna of Callen, find 40 drawings of the plants, animals, and people native to the Nation of Callen in Scotland. Book gifts that encourage creativity and promote learning are ideal making this a present anyone can enjoy.


First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Book gifts are the absolute best gifts for kids of any age, but finding the right book can be overwhelming. You may not be sure what a seven-year-old likes to read, but luckily Bookroo is there for you! Bookroo is an award-winning book club for kids of all ages. From board books to chapter books, they find the perfect book gifts for all kids. Monthly book deliveries (and a library of over 14,000 books) will give kids a chance to explore different worlds with ease. This year, skip searching up and down the book aisles and trust that Bookroo knows exactly what your kids will want to read.

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The Highlights Book of Things to Do

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Never again will your child wonder what to do with their time. Purchase book gifts that will encourage helping hands after Christmas dinner, and so much more. The Highlights Book of Things to Do features over 530 activities developed to encourage children (ages seven and older) to explore, play, discover, and keep them active.

More The Merrlier

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

For the little ones in your life, this is not just another ABC book. Filled with playful illustrations and alliterations, Animal ABCs highlights distinctive and delightful characteristics of each animal, from affable, Andean alpacas to zany, zig-zagged, zebras. Little listeners will learn their ABCs, a diverse array of animals, as well as some fun new words in this cute idea for book gifts.

Claris: Holiday Heist: The Chicest Mouse in Paris

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Follow the adorable mouse who moved to Paris in her fourth book, Claris: Holiday Heist: The Chicest Mouse in Paris. Claris moved to Paris to pursue her dream of working in fashion, and this book filled with beautiful illustrations won’t disappoint. Read as Claris takes on a cat burglar…with holiday cheer. Book gifts that incorporate Christmas are perfect for their ability to delight readers year after year.

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No Reading Allowed: The WORST Read-Aloud Book Ever

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

A single word can have numerous meanings. When these words are put together in sentences, the results can be both absurd and hilarious.

Sir Francies Bacon
Sir, France is bakin’!

Stringing together the same words spelled differently can have completely different meanings. Check out No Reading Allowed for more fun with the English language and silly illustrations to go along with each sentence. Perfect for book gifts for any occasion, both young and old will get a kick out of this purchase.

The World Needs Who You Were Made To Be

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Joanna Gaines became one of America’s most loved females with the rise in popularity of her show, Fixer Upper. Fast forward a few years to find the release of Gaines’ second children’s book, The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be. This book helps to illustrate that life is most beautiful when differences are celebrated. Book gifts that teach a lesson are wonderful to gift for Christmas or any other occasion!

Pow! Kids Books

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Interactive book gifts are loved by both children and adults as being fun and educational. Follow This Line is a board book that takes the reader on an adventure through the city, sky, and sea. Count, sort, and point out various objects as you wind your way from start to finish in this visually entertaining book.

Boing: A Cat with Sticky Out Whiskers

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Boing: A Cat with Sticky Out Whiskers is a book that reminds children that they are great just the way they were made. Binerkey Boing is a cat with crazy long whiskers, which he despises. After leaving home and meeting a tapir with a strange nose, a lobster who can’t swim, and many more animals, Boing learns that his differences make him unique. And that is a good thing!

Once Upon a Pancake

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

With books for both children and adults, Once Upon a Pancake helps everyone become a creative writer. Develop fun and creative stories you love where the only limit is your imagination with Once Upon a Pancake. Available in varying levels of difficulty for different age groups, gown-up help is not required for the kids’ versions where children can write over 20 stories in a variety of styles with beautiful, color illustrations. This paperback book will be a cool keepsake from your little one’s childhood for many years to come.

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

Additionally, the Once Upon a Pancake Coffee Table edition would make a great Christmas gift for new homeowners. This fun book is great at home, or even in coffee shops and bars for tons of entertainment. With a durable and attractive hardcover binding, this book encourages guests to create, explore, and well entertain with their creative and imaginative additions to these fun stories. With 122 unfinished stories inside this book is a great gift for older teens and adults alike.

National Geographic Kids

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

When you think of educational and inspiring books National Geographic should be at the top of your list. This popular and informative magazine publisher has books for kids that cover every non-fiction topic you can think of. Let your kids learn, read, and explore this holiday season with National Geographic. For all of our soccer lovers and mathematicians out there we love the National Geographic Kids It’s a Numbers Game! Soccer book. This hardcover book is full of fun facts and brainteasing tidbits about this popular game and how everything from positioning to scoring the perfect goal is all related to math. Whether you are looking for a book to gift as part of the want, need, wear, read Christmas tradition, or simply looking for a great gift for a young reader, National Geographic Kids will educate and inspire with their books this season.

Guion the Lion

First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

There is no better time to teach our little ones about empathy, kindness, compassion, and love than during the holiday season. This season whether you are looking for the perfect children’s book for the school book exchange, or simply seeking something for them to read under the tree, Guion the Lion is a beautifully written and beautifully illustrated book about an imaginative little lion whose creativity, imagination and different way of seeing the world sets him apart from his friends. In this children’s book about compassion and understanding, things change once Guion’s friends begin to appreciate his unique perspective and see all the wonderful and magical things in the world you only have to see a bit differently to believe.

Book gifts come in lots of types and sizes. Whether it contains a lasting message, a silly story, or an activity, book gifts are ideal for just about any occasion. Purchase one or more books on the list this holiday season for the tiny readers on your list!

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First-Rate Book Gifts For The Little Ones On Your List

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