6 Best Board Books for Indoor Toddler Fun

Early literacy starts at home. Babies and children should be read to and introduced to books from an early age in order to expand vocabulary, improve literacy outcomes, and teach social and emotional skills. Babies learn how to converse from observing and interacting with adults and older siblings in the household setting. Being read to from infancy allows babies to turn into toddlers and older children who can truly appreciate the value of a good book.

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The Benefits of Reading to Babies & Toddlers

Reading books out loud to babies from infancy:

  • Teaches baby about communication.
  • Introduces educational concepts such as shapes, letters, and colors early on.
  • Builds listening, memory, and vocabulary skills.
  • Imparts information to baby about the world around them.
  • Teaches phonemic awareness – the understanding that words are made up of smaller sounds.
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The more parents read to young children, the more words the child is introduced to at an early age improving their verbal skills and abilities. Reading aloud with children is not only an important and valuable bonding experience between parents or caregivers and young children but also teaches toddlers life lessons about the world around them. 

The transition from infancy to toddlerhood is a time when children make leaps and bounds in their vocabulary and literacy development. Children are learning to speak themselves, along with beginning to understand concepts in the world around them such as relationships, feelings, animals, weather, shapes, colors, and seasons. Books are a perfect way to introduce and explain these things to children, along with giving them a safe and comfortable space to learn – at home with family.

6 Best Board Books for Toddlers 

Fun and interactive, the board books for toddlers from Schiffer Publishing are the perfect transition from infant soft books to educational, entertaining toddler fun. With bright, colorful pages, simple, captivating stories, and active, engaging pages such as the Lift-the-Flap books, your little ones will love storytime with Schiffer’s books.

Think Zoo Animals & Think Farm Animals

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With sturdy pages, and 10 flaps hiding an animal beneath, Think Zoo Animals and Think Farm Animals will keep your toddler actively engaged throughout the story. These interactive animal tales give clues as to who is hiding under the flap improving your child’s critical thinking and early analytical skills as they try to guess who is underneath. The bright, colorful drawings and fun and easy to lift flaps will make it both simple and fun for your child to learn about the animals they love and improve their language skills while also developing their fine motor skills as they lift the flaps to discover who is hiding within the pages.

Chadwick & Friends

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This sweet book about the Chesapeake Bay will take you and your child on an adventure all around the seashore sharing adventures with the many animals who live there. Fun rhymes will keep your child smiling and intrigued as he or she tries to guess who is hiding under the easy-to-lift, sturdy flaps. This vertical board book increases vocabulary and language skills, along with developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

What Do You Hear?

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Let your child join their animal friends at the symphony for an entertaining and educational time learning about instruments and the sounds they make. This board book full of colorful illustrations brings lessons about the orchestra and its components to your living room. All children love silly animals, making music, and storytime so combine all three with this bright and beautiful storybook. After learning all about the distinctive sounds different instruments make take the lesson a step further and let your child explore with a few homemade music makers of their own guaranteeing they will both learn from and love this story.

The Lost Race Car: A Fox and Goat Mystery and The Missing Bouncy Ball: A Fox and Goat Mystery

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Join detectives Fox and Goat on their mystery adventures searching for little children’s lost toys. Guaranteed to both entertain and engage toddlers throughout the story, these books teach lessons and concepts in size, shapes, colors, and more throughout the savvy detectives’ search. Using clues to help Fox and Goat find the missing toys, your young child will be challenged to solve the mystery without even knowing that is what his or her incredible, developing mind is doing. With beautifully illustrated pages and interesting, lovable characters, your little ones are sure to love the fun and educational books in this series.

Storytime with toddlers is not only beneficial for their development but so much fun! Watching their reactions, excitement, and raw expressions and emotions to the events happening in these stories is an incredible experience. The pure, unadulterated joy toddlers experience over something as simple as finding out who is hiding under the flap, or discovering the missing race car is contagious. Also, the pleasure and satisfaction they experience and exhibit after successfully lifting a flap, turning a page, or guessing the correct answer to a clue are astonishing. Sharing the experience of reading with your child and learning to love literature together is a lifelong gift to you both.

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