27 Awesome Upscale Gifts to Give This Christmas Season

Use this holiday season as a chance to truly spoil your loved ones with these upscale gifts. This Christmas shopping season is amongst us, and we’re making it easy on you this year. For the loved one in your life that you know deserves a little something special for the holidays, look no further.

Briggs & Riley

This holiday season, make sure that you have enough room to pack everything you need with the Briggs & Riley Large Expandable Spinner Suitcase. Each suitcase comes equipped with adjustable garment compression panels that compress to allow more packing room, keep clothes wrinkle-free, and keep your items from shifting during travel. A large zip-around pocket and two smaller mesh pockets provide even more interior organization options. These upscale gifts are sure to have your loved ones smiling as they travel in style.

The Briggs & Riley Large Expandable Spinner Suitcase is encased in a hard shell made of Makrolon polycarbonate material making the suitcase almost indestructible while also being light enough to comfortably move through airports. A wide tilt-resistant wheelbase makes the suitcase stable and easy to maneuver built-in TSA compliant combination locks will keep your items secure during the entire travel process. Every avid traveler in your life will love receiving the Briggs & Riley Large Expandable Spinner Suitcase this holiday season.

Briggs & Riley Large Expandable Spinner Suitcase
Briggs & Riley | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


This year make the techies in your life the envy of all their friends with the OWC ThunderBay 4 Mini hard drive device. This powerful device allows you to combine four external hard drives to provide up to 8 terabytes of storage. Each 2-terabyte hard drive can also be used independently of the other three. It’s the perfect storage solution whether you are storing all those childhood memories or photos or downloading your favorite computer games.

The OWC ThunderBay 4 Mini is the perfect solution to back up all your personal devices as well and makes an incredible upscale gift for your tech savvy friends and family. It is certified to work with both Windows and MAC operating systems. Storing your files and date on the OWC ThunderBay 4 Mini will create more space on your computer and allow your computer to function much more quickly. All of you tech savvy friends will be overjoyed finding the OWC ThunderBay 4 Mini under the Christmas tree this year.

The OWC ThunderBay 4 Mini
OWC | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | LinkedIn | Pinterest


Nomatic is known for providing innovative luggage to meet the needs of all types of travelers. For those needing to travel for business or leisure with more than what will fit in a carry on bag, the Nomatic Check-In is a great upscale gift option, full of features to make traveling even easier.

The Nomatic Check-In offers an innovative design with a built-in magnetic compression system that allows travelers to pack even more. This system allows you to compress your packed clothing into the slimmest profile possible to maximize volume within the suitcase. In addition to being able to pack even more clothing and items, the Nomatic Check-In is an upscale gift, made of a durable polycarbonate shell making it nearly indestructible so you can guarantee that your items are safe during your travels. Low-profile handles and silent hinomoto wheels allow you to travel seamlessly and easily through even the busiest airports. The avid traveler in your life will be thrilled with the Nomatic Check-In this holiday season.

Nomatic Check-In
Nomatic | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Youtube

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State and Liberty

The holidays offer lots of opportunities to get dressed up and have a blast. This year, State and Liberty offers a great option for the man in your life with the Athletic Fit Stretch Suit in Navy. This exquisite suit offers style combined with the comfort of built-in stretch. The perfect upscale gift for your man this season. Each suit comes with a classic blazer and a pair of dress pants. Both are crafted from spandex performance blend fabric that makes the suit both breathable and provides stretch for comfort.

The Athletic Fit Stretch Suit Blazer is lined with dress shirt material making it lightweight and cool. The pants are low maintenance and wrinkle resistant making it an excellent option for traveling. Whether your man is wearing the State and Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Suit in Navy to a holiday party or to a business meeting, he is sure to turn heads and stay comfortable all day and into the night.

Athletic Fit Stretch Suit – Navy
State and Liberty | Facebook | Instagram


Nobis offers premium outerwear for the whole family. If you’re looking for a unique gift for the family this year, check out this well-made staple piece that will last! The Nobis Mateo Men’s Bomber Jacket offers a classic style with a modern twist. Available in two colors, the Nobis Mateo Men’s Bomber Jacket is lightweight and luxuriously soft. It provides windproof and waterproof protection while still being lightweight and breathable.

Another great option from Nobis this year is the Nobis Little Ursa Kids Mid Layer Jacket. Available in two colors, this trendy jacket has a stretch weave shell and Primaloft insulation to keep your little one warm while also offering protection from the wind and rain. Two exterior zipper pockets and an interior back zipper pocket offers plenty of storage for all the things your little one wants to take on the go.

For the women in your life, the Nobis Phoebe Ladies Bomber Jacket offers a stylish twist on the classic bomber jacket style. Gathering details at the shoulders offer a feminine touch to this lightweight and super soft jacket. The Nobis Phoebe Ladies Bomber Jacket is breathable, windproof, and waterproof making it a trendy, stylish, and functional option for all the women in your life this holiday season.

Nobis Mateo Men’s Bomber Jacket | Nobis Little Ursa Kids Mid Layer Jacket | Nobis Phoebe Ladies Bomber Jacket
Nobis | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter

Lucky Brand 

Lucky Brand offers trendy, beautifully-made clothing for men and women. For the fashion-forward friends on your gift list, check out all Lucky Brand has to offer. The Henley Hoodie would be a great option for the men in your life this holiday season. Each Henley Hoodie is super soft with a three-button detail at the neckline. A kangaroo pocket makes storing keys or other small items a breeze on the go. With three colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for the man in your life.  

The Leather Trucker Jacket is sure to be a crowd-pleaser this holiday season. This beautiful women’s jacket comes in an immaculate cognac color, with button enclosures and beautiful details. The Leather Trucker Jacket will easily become a closet staple for your most fashion-savvy friends and family on your gift list. Lucky Brand has everything to wow all the fashion lovers this holiday season at such affordable prices! For under 75 dollars, these options are available for gifting this holiday season and are sure to be a staple in wardrobes for years to come.  

27 Awesome Upscale Gifts To Give This Christmas Season

Henley Hoodie | Leather Trucker Jacket
Lucky Brand | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


The ideal upscale gift this year for the art lover in your life! A piece of art is often one of the most cherished gifts you can give or receive this holiday season. The RAAQUU Full Copper Matte Large Oval Ceramic Vase will become a statement piece in any home. This exquisite vase features a mesmerizing rainbow and iridescent colors on a tall oval-shaped base. It instantly catches the eye and the copper matte finish creates a sophisticated piece.

Each vase is handcrafted and Raku fired so no two vases are the same, providing a unique piece for your home or your gift recipient’s home. Along with the vase, you will receive a delicate PEFC certified wooden base to set your base on as well as Certificate of Authenticity. Wow the art lover in your life with this unique and special RAAQUU Full Copper Matte Large Oval Ceramic Vase this holiday season.

27 Awesome Upscale Gifts To Give This Christmas Season

RAAQUU Full Copper Matte Large Oval Ceramic Vase
RAAQUU | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Australia Luxe Collective 

Australia Luxe Collective offers premium cold weather footwear solutions. If you’re looking for luxury boots to keep your favorite shoe lovers warm this holiday season, the Australia Luxe Bundaburg Pale Boot is a gorgeous wedge boot covered in overlaid faux fur. Shearling lining ensures that you will always be warm and comfortable in these upscale gift boots. Over-the-knee boots have also made a comeback this year. The Australia Luxe Nerio Satin Pale is the perfect boot with soft satin leather and grade A sheepskin to provide warmth and protection from the elements. Fashionable and functional, the Australia Luxe Bundaburg Pale and Nerio Satin Pale boots will be a hit this holiday season! 

Australia Luxe Bundaburg Pale Boot | Australia Luxe Nerio Satin Pale EXPLORE AND CONNECT:
Australia Luxe Collective | Facebook | Instagram  

Moonlight Roller

If you’re looking for some retro fun this holiday season, with a touch of an upscale gift, look no further than Moonlight Roller for some fun retro roller skates to fulfill those unique Christmas gift requirements. Moonlight Roller puts a fresh spin on a classic pastime with their fun iridescent roller skates.

The Moonlight Roller Flashdance Roller Skates are gorgeous iridescent and refractive skates that will make you the life of the party at the skating rink. Each pair of Moonlight Roller Flashdance Roller Skates are made from vegan microfiber “leather” with 82” laces. The skates are cushioned to provide comfort as you cruise the floor. The skates are attached to sturdy aluminum plates and a custom ceramic coating can be added as well for the perfect customized roller skates.

Moonlight Roller Flashdance Roller Skates will delight everyone from the avid skater to the beginner. With several bright colors to choose from, it will be easy to find the perfect pair for the skater on your upscale gift list this year.

Moonlight Roller Flashdance Roller Skates Sherbert Coating
Moonlight Roller | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Madewell’s beautiful clothing will delight everyone on your gift list this year. College students and teens would love a full outfit from Madewell. Consider the Madewell Tall Skinny Roadtripper Supersoft Skinny Jeans for your favorite friend this year. These incredible jeans include a button-front detail that makes them edgy classics. Cut specifically for those with an hourglass figure, the Madewell Tall Skinny Roadtripper Supersoft Skinny Jeans are flattering with a narrower waist, a longer rise, and extra room at the hips and thighs.

Pair the Madewell Tall Skinny Roadtripper Supersoft Skinny Jeans with the Madewell Elsmere Pullover Sweater for the perfect holiday outfit. The Madewell Elsmere Pullover Sweater is available in three colors and it is the perfect cozy sweater to keep you comfortable this holiday season with soft chunky horizontal rib. It’s the perfect holiday outfit! 

Madewell Elsmere Pullover Sweater | Madewell Tall Skinny Roadtripper Supersoft Skinny 
Madewell | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

My Amber Life

With technology constantly evolving, privacy is often a concern. While you want to preserve your pictures, memories, and information, it’s hard to know what the safest way or place to do so is. Amber X and Amber Pro allows you to safely store your photos and videos in a private and secure Privacy First, Smart Personal Cloud. You will have the ability to access those pictures and videos from anywhere without taking a risk of losing them or keeping them on your device to take up space.

The Amber devices connect seamlessly to a wireless app on your device. You’ll be able to quickly backup your smartphone and store your files on Amber’s built-in 500GB storage. Amber is a luxurious upscale gift for the techy in your life and is also equipped with ports that will allow you to connect an external hard drive to back up data or transfer content from SD cards.

Each Amber device is connected to the AmberCloud which is your own personal Cloud storage system that will securely store your information. With the Amber app, you can access your personal cloud from anywhere at any time. In addition to accessing your files from anywhere, Amber also gives you the power to share, cast, and stream from anywhere.

Amber’s innovative technology keeps your information secure and protects valuable information, files, pictures, and memories at the touch of a button. Give your loved ones digital security and peace of mind this holiday season with Amber.

Amber X | Amber Pro
My Amber Life | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


For the fitness enthusiast in your life, the Brrrn Board is the newest innovation in the at-home fitness realm. The Brrrn Board is a slide board made from recycled materials and pairs perfectly with the Brrrn At-Home Subscription service which gives you access to hundreds of at-home slide board workouts. Slide workouts have recently increased in popularity in the at-home workout sphere. This upscale gift option is a great and exceptionally fun way to get a full-body workout from the comfort of your home.

The Brrrn Board is available in two different sizes to accommodate every athlete.  Each board comes with one pair of slide mittens and one pair of slide boots so that you can participate in a large variety of slide workouts. Use the included Brrrn Board Care Kits to keep your Brrrn Board in pristine condition allowing you to incorporate slide workouts in your fitness routine for years to come.

27 Awesome Upscale Gifts To Give This Christmas Season

Brrrn Board
Brrrn | Facebook | Instagram


So many of us spend hours a day sitting at a desk behind a computer and our posture is certainly suffering. Body-Aline is an innovative workout device designed to correct your posture by building stronger back muscles taking pressure off your spine. Science tells us that poor posture is a result of weak back muscles and habitual forward movement. Body-Aline uses backward movement and tension to correct posture and build muscles in the back. Building these muscles can also help with chronic back pain.

Similar to a chair, each device is equipped with a padded seat, a massage roller, arm rails with adjustable tension, and back support with adjustable tension. To use this device, you will sit on the seat with your feet flat on the floor, lean back into the role, and rotate the arm handles rearward. The motion of the Body-Aline device is designed to correct muscular imbalance between the opposing muscle groups in the back. Body-Aline takes only a few minutes a day to be effective.

By performing this exercise daily, you will quickly see an improvement in your overall back strength resulting in better posture and less back pain. This holiday season better posture and less back pain is the perfect gift for anyone on your list who works in an office or on a computer all day. Give the gift of strength and relife with Body-Aline.

Body-Aline | Facebook | Instagram

Ring Doorbell

In this day and age so many of us are concerned about security and keeping our homes a safe place. Ring Doorbell’s innovative doorbell cameras have grown in popularity for the protection and security they offer homeowners. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is an excellent option this year when shopping for upscale gifts and items to improve your home security this holiday season.

27 Awesome Upscale Gifts To Give This Christmas Season

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is a cutting-edge system that features 3D motion detection and Head to Toe HD video. The device can even be integrated with your Amazon Alexa Greeting system to greet visitors at the door for you. With crisp audio included within the doorbell, you can even program it to accept deliveries.

The Ring app allows you to see your camera’s view in real time wherever you are. The Head to Toe HD video camera incorporated into the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 allows you to see a full shot from the ground up so that you can not only see visitors but packages left at the doorstep. This upscale gift provides security for your home and deliveries this holiday season and year around.

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
Ring | Facebook | Instagram

RoseSkin Co 

Give the gift of long-term hair removal to your best girlfriends this holiday season with the RoseSkin Co IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset. With full-body treatments for thirty minutes once a week, noticeable results will be apparent in as little as three weeks.  

27 Awesome Upscale Gifts To Give This Christmas Season

Each RoseSkin Co IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset comes with a laser device, universal plug, and user guide to help you get started on your hair removal journey right away. The RoseSkin Co IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset uses cutting edge intense pulsed light technology to zap unwanted hair at the root and destroy them with powerful light pulses.

Destroying the hairs in this manner will slow down hair growth and will lead to permanent long-term hair removal after multiple uses of the RoseSkin Co IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset. This process is quick and pain-free, allowing you to bring the salon to the comfort of your home with this upscale gift option. It is the perfect gift for teens, your best friends, or any woman in your life! Give the upscale gift of smooth skin this holiday season with the RoseSkin Co IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

RoseSkin Co IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset
RoseSkin | Facebook | Instagram 


This holiday season makes trying to conceive that sweet holiday bundle even easier with the Mira Plus Kit + Confirm Wands Bundle. Mira works by testing PdG (Pregnanediol Glucuronide), (LH) luteinizing hormone, and E3G (estrogen) to help you determine your most fertile window and pinpoint when you are most likely ovulating giving you the best chance to conceive.

Mira can help you understand your cycles better and get pregnant even faster. Each Mira Plus Kit + Confirm Wands Bundle comes with ten individually packaged single-use Mira Confirm wands, an easy-to-read user manual, and ten urine containers. The Mira Plus Kit + Confirm Wands Bundle has everything you need to help you meet your fertility goals this holiday season. Be sure to treat you and your significant other this holiday season with an upscale gift that will change your whole world, one precious newborn cry at a time!

Mira Plus Kit + Confirm Wands Bundle
Mira | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

One By Wacom

This holiday season, make the artists and students in your life overjoyed with a new One by Wacom tablet. With an innovative and creative pen display, One by Wacom tablet allows you to edit photographs, create original drawings, take notes, or even create mind-maps and visuals. The possibilities with One by Wacom tablet are endless when added to your list of unique Christmas gifts this year!

27 Awesome Upscale Gifts To Give This Christmas Season

The unique tablet feels like pen and paper but is completely digital. Download one of the many apps available to the One by Wacom tablet to accommodate however you want to use the device. Once you use it on the go, you can also connect it to your other devices regardless of operating systems.

The system includes a battery-free pen and tilt recognition technology. Sensitive to pressure, the pen allows users to create art and write as they would on a piece of paper. This upscale gift is available in two sizes to fit your lifestyle. The versatility and endless possibilities make the One by Wacom tablet a great option for the student or artist on your holiday gift list.

One by Wacom tablet
Wacom | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Youtube

Karma and Luck

This holiday season provide the perfect addition to your loved one’s Feng Shui in their office or home with the Karma and Luck Success Feng Shui Jade Stone Tree. This beautiful faux bonsai tree is designed to help you master the skill of controlling yourself and becoming successful. The structure is made to represent the Tree of Life which symbolizes growth, deep grounding, and fertility.

Each leaf on the tree is made from an authentic Jade gemstone which brings abundance and prosperity and is often considered a cleansing stone. The tree and branches are constructed out of hand-wrapped copper wire and attached to an authentic geode base. The tree is both beautiful and spiritually functional.The Karma and Luck Success Feng Shui Jade Stone Tree will be a welcome addition to any home or office this holiday season as an upscale gift item.

Karma and Luck Success Feng Shui Jade Stone Tree
Karma and Luck | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


The Taylor Wall Organizer by 1Thrive is one of the perfect upscale gift for the busiest friends this holiday season, looking to become more organized. Whether they are running their own small business and toting several kids to various practices, the Taylor Wall Organizer can help them keep their life in order and everything running a bit smoother.

The Taylor Wall Organizer comes with white magnetic dry erase board with a weekly calendar layout to keep weekly plans in order and visible for the whole office or family. Use the cork board section of the organizer to pin up important notes or reminders. The magnetic black board is the perfect place to keep your list of weekly to-dos. A stunning gold mail file is the perfect place to store important mail as well.

Each Taylor Wall Organizer comes with chalk markers and an exquisite gold cup to store them. The sleek design will be the perfect addition to any home office or family area. Give the gift of chic organization this holiday season with 1Thrive’s Taylor Wall Organizer.

Taylor Wall Organizer
1Thrive | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube


Kada offers trendy, quality clothing that is sure to delight every fashionista on your holiday gift list this year. With pieces that incorporate classic styles with modern trends, Kada is able to create pieces that can stand the test of time. The Better Skirt: Pencil incorporates the classic style of a pencil skirt with the tend of a floating compression waistband. The butter soft fabric and perfect length makes it easy to wear The Better Skirt: Pencil all day at the office and then dress it up to hit the town in the evening.

Another top quality offering from Kada is The Power Pullover: Classic. This super soft crew neck sweatshirt combines a high neckline and oversized look to provide the perfect combination of masculine and feminine vibes. Whether you combine it with a classic pencil skirt and wear it to the office or match it with skinny jeans and your favorite tennis shoes, The Power Pullover: Classic will quickly become one of the closet staples that you can’t live without. Make your fashion forward friends’ dreams come true this holiday season with upscale gifts such as The Better Skirt: Pencil and The Power Pullover: Classic from Kada! 

Kada shop
Kada | Facebook | Instagram 


Boots are always a hit in the fall and winter and Aerosoles offers some great boot options. For the shoe lover in your life, consider a pair of Aerosoles boots to brighten their holiday spirits. If you’re a fan of tall boots the Aerosoles Star Boots are an excellent option. These boots hit about mid-calf and include beautifully detailed lacing. Made of soft suede, the offer a unique twist on the stylish combat boot that is on trend this year. An inner zipper closure, lug soles, and a 1.5” heel makes the Aerosoles Star Boots both fashionable and functional. 

Another great option for the shoe fan in your life is the Aerosoles Shelton Boot. This unique boot combines combat boot with a luxe quilted fabric finish. The ¾” heel makes the boot wearable all day and into the night. Finished with laced details, the Aerosoles Shelton Boot are not only trendy but will become a classic staple in your closet. They’re sure to delight everyone this holiday season! 

Aerosoles Shelton Boot | Aerosoles Star Boots 
Aerosoles | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter


Lomi is an innovative new way to have a positive impact on the environment and your home. For the foodie or chef on your gift list this year, Lomi will provide a sustainable way to recycle food waste in a more sustainable way. Lomi is a countertop compost system that allows you to compost food waste, animal products, fruits, vegetables, and bioplastics.

27 Awesome Upscale Gifts To Give This Christmas Season

Using Lomi just twice a week in your home can reduce your environmental waste footprint by up to 50%. Drop your food into the Lomi container and press the single button to allow Lomi to do its magic. There is a built-in carbon filter to take care of all weird kitchen smells.

Lomi also does not use bags so you will never have to deal with a leaky bag or the mess composting bags can create. Lomi creates compost by a unique process that incorporates heat, abrasion, and oxygen and can turn your food waste into dirt in as little as four hours. Lomi is a mindful and upscale gift to be given this holiday season and will make the perfect addition to any home kitchen this holiday season.

Pela | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


Even adults need a sleep routine to ensure good quality sleep and the importance of good sleep is becoming more evident every day. This holiday season gives the ones you love the gift of a good night’s sleep with the Hatch Restore device. This thoughtful and upscale gift and innovative device combine a sound machine, smart light, sunrise alarm, pre-bed meditations, and an alarm clock into one package to help you get the best sleep possible.

27 Awesome Upscale Gifts To Give This Christmas Season

The Hatch Restore device pairs with a smart app, the Hatch Sleep App, to help you tailor a personal sleep schedule to ensure you have the best sleep routine for you. Use the Hatch Sleep App to enable the Restore Sunrise Alarm. This built-in alarm mimics the rising sun and wakes you up with a natural light instead of a loud jarring noise. The light triggers your body to naturally release cortisol which is the hormone responsible for waking you gently and naturally.

Research tells us that the blue light emanating from our electronic devices like cell phones and tablets keep our brains from properly preparing for sleep and keeps the brain active long after bedtime. The Hatch Restore device uses a built-in reading light to help your brain wind down in a more natural way helping you to sleep better.

The Hatch Restore device also had a library of sleep meditations to help you drift off to sleep more seamlessly. This is a great feature for those that struggle to wind down and prepare their minds for rest. Use the Hatch Restore membership for access to even more sleep content.

With the stress of the holidays, it is important to get an excellent rest. The Hatch Restore is the perfect gift for those who need to slow down or improve their sleep cycles. With more features than any other sleep machine, the Hatch Restore device offers innovative lighting, sleep meditations, and natural light alarms to help you truly rest and rejuvenate each night from the comfort of your home.

Hatch Restore Device | Hatch Restore Membership
Hatch | Facebook | Instagram

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Aviator Nation

Aviator Nation brings California surfer style to the masses. For those on your list with the laid back vibes and chill style, Aviator Nation has all the options from hoodies to pants in the coolest surfer styles in men, women, and childrens sizes.

27 Awesome Upscale Gifts To Give This Christmas Season

An excellent choice for the coolest kid in your life is the Aviator Nation Kids 5 Stripe Hoodie and Kids 5 Stripe Sweatpants. With the Women’s 5 Stripe Hoodie and Women’s 5 Stripe Sweatpants, you’ll never have to sacrifice style for comfort. The classic Aviator Nation hoodie also comes with six stripes in the Women’s 6 Stripe Hoodie.  You can’t go wrong this holiday season with the comfort and style that Aviator Nation’s clothing has to offer.

Aviator Nation Kids 5 Stripe Hoodie
Aviator Nation | Facebook | Instagram

Comma Home

Comma Home’s Minky Weighted Blanket will be at the top of everyone’s upscale gift wish list this year. With luxuriously soft minky material and double stitched construction, this weight blanket makes the perfect blanket to snuggle in this holiday season.

Each blanket is filled with tempered glass beads to provide uniform weight. Weighted blankets have been proven to help you relax and fall asleep more quickly. It’s the perfect gift for those in your life who are stressed and need to unwind.  The Comma Home Minky Weighted Blanket fits on a queen size mattress and is machine washable, making it the epitome of perfect unique Chistmas gift! This holiday season give the gift of relaxation, amazing sleep, and warm snuggles with the Comma Home Minky Weighted Blanket.

Comma Home’s Minky Weighted Blanket
Comma Home | Facebook | Instagram

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Pluto Pillow

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give is a personalized one. Pluto Pillow is not your typical personalized best but it is one of the most beneficial and helpful unique Christmas gifts. Pluto Pillow uses an innovative process to custom design a pillow to fit your needs, lifestyle, and preference.

After answering some questions and providing information, Pluto Pillow will customize a pillow just for you. Each Pluto Pillow is created out of CertiPUR-US certified foam which is a high quality and breathable foam that is breathable and responsive to temperature changes. Pluto Pillow allows you to choose the height and firmness of the foam in your pillow. Once your foam is manufactured to your liking, each pillow comes with a custom cover which is also based on your preferences. Smooth covers, quilted knit covers, cooling covers, and more are all available.

With more than 35 combinations, Pluto Pillow will be able to design the perfect pillow for you or your loved one.  Just in case you are not satisfied, Pluto Pillow offers a 100-night trial during which you can receive a full refund at any time but with more than 1,100 five-star reviews, you are sure to love your new custom pillow.

Pluto Pillow
Pluto Pillow | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Parisienne Et Alors

For your most fashion forward friend finding the perfect holiday gift can be a daunting task. Parisienne Et Alors’ Sweater Salonique fits the bill for the hard-to-buy-for fashion guru. This elegant sweater pairs a classic high collar with a cropped length and voluminous sleeves. Another touch of traditional style incorporated in this sweater is the cable knit pattern. Each sweater is produced in Paris and beautifully combines luxury with style. The Parisienne Et Alors’ Sweater Salonique is sure to wow this holiday season in the department of upscale gifts and clothes!

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Parisienne Et Alors’ Sweater Salonique
Parisienne Et Alors | Facebook | Instagram

This holiday season, don’t fight the urge to spoil the loved ones in your life! Treat them to their very own upscale gift or two this season as you watch their smile light up the room upon opening their special surprise. Look no further to find the perfect upscale gift for your special person this season.

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27 Awesome Upscale Gifts To Give This Christmas Season



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