How to Throw a Puppy Party For Four-Legged Friends

A Puppy Party celebrates your four-legged-furry family member. You can honor your dog’s birthday or adoption day with an annual Paw-Ty! Many dogs truly become members of the family. Dogs are excellent listeners, many become confidants keeping secrets. Other dogs become workout buddies as their humans run, jog, and walk beside them. Many dogs even get to sleep in bed with Mom and Dad. Most family dogs love to snuggle, cuddle, and be hugged. And, of course, they are loved.

How To Throw A Puppy Party For Four-Legged Friends

It only seems fitting that an annual Puppy Party be held in honor of your favorite pooch. It might just be a small family celebration, where your pup enjoys a special treat. A small gathering of those who know your furry friend the best, where each of you shares a favorite “tail” or two about your family dog.

But on the other hand, your dog, your best friend, the one who loves you absolutely unconditionally… The one who meets you at the door every single time with tail-wagging enthusiasm definitely deserves something more. Your dog could be the reason to host a huge neighborhood block party during the Dog Days of Summer. Either way, it’s time to plan the food, the decorations, and the fun for your Puppy Party so everyone will have a tail-wagging good time.

Puppy Party Treats for the Dogs

Visit your local gourmet dog baker for amazing dog-friendly cakes and treats. Or, be creative, try your hand at homemade dog treats or even a dog-friendly birthday cake. You can follow a recipe from scratch or you can make dog treats and dog cakes from a mix. If you make your doggie birthday cake from a mix, be sure to go the extra mile and make it in a dog bone or paw print cake pan.

Since it has become so trendy to hold a puppy party, you can even get a Dog Birthday Cake Mix Kit, complete with the dog-friendly cake mix that can be made in the oven or microwave, as well as the bone-shaped cake pan, frosting, and candles. It does not get much easier than that!

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Making homemade dog treats can be a fun family event. The Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats by Eating Bird Food is a five-ingredient recipe that your pup is sure to love. You can make the treats into traditional cookie shapes. Or get some fun cookie cutters like the Ann Clark 3-Piece Dog Cookie Cutter Set. Then your dog treats can be in the shapes of bones, paw prints, and a Labrador. The cookie cutter set even comes with a recipe book.

How To Throw A Puppy Party For Four-Legged Friends

The Doggie Birthday Cake by Allrecipes is top-notch. The delicious peanut butter carrot cake can be made with or without honey. Of course, pups do seem to enjoy it a bit more when sweetened with honey. Be sure when choosing peanut butter for your dog treats or birthday cake that it does not contain artificial sweeteners like Xylitol as it is dangerous for pets.

Puppy Party “Doggie Treats” for the Kids

How To Throw A Puppy Party For Four-Legged Friends

That’s right, children of all ages and those young at heart will enjoy the Puppy Party even more if the human food comes in dog form, which means use those bone-shaped cookie cutters and paw print cookie cutters to make some mouth-watering sugar cookies, too. Just be sure not to mix up the dog-friendly treats with your famous homemade sugar cookies. They just don’t taste quite the same.

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You can use the dog bone cake pan or paw print cake pan to make a cake for all the humans, too. Just be sure to decorate them differently. Perhaps, use brightly colored frosting and dog bone sprinkles on the cake for the kiddos. If you want to keep the squeals coming as you serve dog-bone cake and paw print cookies to the humans at your party, be sure to serve the food in dog bowls. Of course, you can get dog party-themed paper plates and cups, but you also can get a multi-colored 16-Piece Set of Plastic Pet Bowls – which makes eating ice cream a whole lot more fun.

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No Puppy Party is complete without serving your human guests Puppy Chow. It’s a classic recipe made with Chex cereal, chocolate chips, and peanut butter. Everything is tossed in powdered sugar so you have to lick your fingers clean. Chex officially dubs the recipe, “Muddy Buddies,” on its website, but declares that you might know it better as Puppy Chow. Either way, it’s simple to make and everyone loves it.

Puppy Party Photos

How To Throw A Puppy Party For Four-Legged Friends

Be sure to have a Pup-arazzi Station so you can snap some awesome photos. You can hang a dog-themed background that features a dog house, paw prints, or a doggie birthday party. Include a bin with lots of props for humans and dogs. There’s no guarantee that every dog will participate, but some dogs like to dress up. Include oversized glasses, scarves, hats, big coats, fake flowers, and more. Be sure to put a bowl with dog treats so the pups can be rewarded for posing for cute photos.

How To Throw A Puppy Party For Four-Legged Friends
Puppy Dog Ear Headbands

Of course, you can include Puppy Dog Party Costume Props, you know the adorable photo booth cutouts on sticks that make you look like a German Shepherd or a Dalmation, at your Pup-arazzi Station, too. Puppy Dog Ear Headbands are great fun for Puppy Party photos, too. You just might want to get enough headbands for everyone so no one has to take them off. Your Pup-Arazzi Station will have your guests begging to take photos.  

The goal of a Puppy Party whether celebrating your dog’s birthday, adoption day, or the day he finished a training class is simply to celebrate love. There is no other love like that of a dog. Your pooch knows when you need a snuggle and when you need a big slobbery kiss on the face. It is certainly not too much trouble to honor your pooch with a Puppy Party, at least once a year. And, if you hang out at the dog park and make some dog-loving friends, you might just get yourself invited to a Puppy Party or two or three this year. Woof. Woof.

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How To Throw A Puppy Party For Four-Legged Friends



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