Please Your Pup: Delicious Cake Recipes For Dogs

If you’re looking for some delicious and healthy pet-friendly cake recipes for dogs to celebrate your pup, look no further! If you’re not looking for delicious and healthy dog-friendly cake recipes to celebrate your pup, but are otherwise intrigued that an article exists about such a thing, stick around! Below you will find a non-exhaustive selection of reasons a cake for a dog would be warranted. You’ll learn about typical ingredients in cakes for dogs and ingredients that should absolutely be avoided. Finally, there are the three very special, snout-lickin’ cake recipes you can bake for your four-legged furr-child.

Please Your Pup: Delicious Cake Recipes For Dogs

Now, you may be asking yourself “why would a dog need a cake?” First, how dare you. Second, there are plenty of special moments in the lives of our dogs and why not celebrate them all!? You might be celebrating a dog’s actual birthday, every birthday kid needs a cake! Doggy Birthday Cakes can be just for the pup… and maybe as a prop in some cute birthday photos. Furthermore, the beautiful masterpiece you make from these cake recipes for dogs can be the pièce de résistance of an entire Puppy Birthday party, complete with decorations, special outfits, and human and pet guests alike!

Adoptaversaries are also very important milestones in a dog’s life. An “adoptaversary” is the anniversary of the day a pet was adopted from a rescue or shelter and made a member of the family. Fun Fact, when you adopt a homeless pet, you are saving TWO lives…the life of the one you bring home and the one that can not take its place. Now, if anything, an adoptaversary should be worth two cakes! If you happen to know the actual birthday of your adopted dog, go ahead and celebrate both. The adoptaversary exists because often rescue animals don’t come with a complete history, let alone a birth date.

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Other Reasons You May Need Cake Recipes For Dogs Include:

  •     She is now fully potty trained with no more accidents.
  •     He passed his Good Canine Citizen test with flying colors.
  •     She helped teach children to read at the local library.
  •     He won the “Most Unique Costume” Contest at the Puppy Halloween Party.
  •     She saved a boy from a well.
  •     He mastered the art of “puppy-dog” eyes and simply asked for one.
  •     It’s Thursday.
Please Your Pup: Delicious Cake Recipes For Dogs

Popular ingredients in cake recipes for dogs are carrots, peanut butter and oats. Some dogs truly love carrots and see them as a delicacy, while others could not be less interested. Likewise, there are actually dogs that exist that don’t like peanut butter (but they will eat ice cubes, go figure). Nobody knows your pup better than you so take their favorites into consideration while selecting a recipe. Dogs don’t need loads of sugar but sometimes appreciate a little something sweet, in addition to applesauce and bananas, honey and real maple syrup will do the trick. 

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Please Your Pup: Delicious Cake Recipes For Dogs

One very important point to remember is some ingredients, including ingredients “hidden” in other pre-made ingredients, can be dangerous for dogs. Make sure to check the labels of any pre-made “people foods” you may use in your cake recipes for dogs, like peanut butter, to make sure they do not include Xylitol. Xylitol is a natural and widely used sweetener that is toxic for dogs. Even in small amounts, Xylitol can cause seizures, low blood sugar, liver damage and even death in dogs.

Please Your Pup: Delicious Cake Recipes For Dogs

There are also a number of seemingly harmless foods to avoid while preparing a cake for a dog. The most well-known food that is a no-no for dogs, and one that is often found in cakes for humans, is chocolate. Dogs should also not be allowed any stone fruits or fruits with pits. Apple seeds can also be poisonous, as they include arsenic. You shouldn’t share your morning cup-of-joe or your happy-hour beer either, as coffee grounds, beans, and hops should be avoided. Walnuts and macadamia nuts might be something you wouldn’t imagine being dangerous for pups, along with onions and garlic. There are plenty more dangerous foods that any dog parent should be aware of, you can find an extensive list here to check against any other cake recipes for dogs you may come across.

Cake Recipes For Dogs

Easy Homemade Dog Cake

This Easy Homemade Dog Cake by Dorothy Kern really measures up to it’s name with ingredients you likely already have in the kitchen. It’s also easy on your schedule, only taking about a half-hour from start to finish. This cake is topped so simply and perfectly with unsweetened whipped cream any dog is sure to lap up with delight.

Please Your Pup: Delicious Cake Recipes For Dogs

Paw Print Peanut Butter Pup-Cakes

Expecting four-footed guests at your doggy celebration? Try these Paw Print Peanut Butter Pup-Cakes by Kiki Kane that are great for sharing. This recipe requires a bit more as far as ingredients, equipment and time. However, with ingredients like shredded carrots, cinnamon and pipe-able Peanut Butter Frosting, they are sure to be the envy of every barker on the block!

Please Your Pup: Delicious Cake Recipes For Dogs

Pumpkin Dog Cake

Don’t let yourself be limited by the season, this Pumpkin Dog Cake by “If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen” is a great choice year-round! Pumpkin is high in fiber and is a common remedy for pups with tummy troubles but it is good for their digestive system any time, especially as a yummy celebratory treat. The pumpkin makes this the most belly-friendly of these cake recipes for dogs. The creator of this recipe used milk bones to decorate the finished product.

Please Your Pup: Delicious Cake Recipes For Dogs
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Congratulations to you and your dog on their special (or completely average, with the exception of now having cake) day! No matter the occasion, dogs are just the best and deserve to be showered with love, affection, and treats as often as possible. What are you waiting for!? Get in the kitchen and get to work. After all, if your dog had thumbs and could work the oven without burning down your house, he would do it for you. No matter which of the cake recipes for dogs you choose, don’t forget to mix in a little extra love and enjoy the fact that it’s the one and the only dish you don’t have to be extra careful to keep fur-free.

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Please Your Pup: Delicious Cake Recipes For Dogs

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