Top Gifts of 2017- Gifts for a Mother Runner


Mother runners are a special breed. We live and breathe running. We hit the pavement several times a week, with (or without our children if we’re lucky) to rack up the miles. Even after a sleepless night we wake up before the sun to get in our training miles. We put the babies to bed and run on the treadmill. We stand with thousands of strangers at the crack of dawn in shivering cold weather or sweltering heat just to get a medal at the end. This holiday season, Daily Mom has found the best gifts for the moms who are the epitome of a mother runner. The one who raises babies and runs so many miles that it puts your car to shame. The one who has blisters and sore legs but still trudges up the steps to comfort a crying little one. She is strong. She is fierce. She is a runner.

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Inspired Endurance Jewelry

The perfect gift for the accomplished racer


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A race- no matter how big or small- is a huge accomplishment. A wonderful way to mark this special moment in your loved one’s life is by giving them something that they can wear every day to remind them of how strong and determined they are in their goals. Jewelry by Inspired Endurance offers several different options to commemorate your loved one’s race day accomplishments. All pieces are made with sterling silver and are beautifully designed to fit your runner. Specialized charms, chains, and bracelets are sure to fit your loved ones personal style. From 5ks all the way up to Ironman triathlons, these pieces signify how far they have come. Inspired Endurance offers:

  • Charms and necklaces for 5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2, 70.3, and all distances in between
  • Running inspired charms like Sole Sisters, running shoes, and runner girl
  • Themed running jewelry for Ironmans and other sponsored races
  • Personalized charms for added sentiment

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There is no better way to tell your special someone how proud you are of them than by giving them a piece of jewelry to signify all that they have accomplished. The training hours, the miles run, and the actual race day wins are noted in this special jewelry collection.

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Perfect for the barefoot runner

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Runners know that finding the perfect shoe can be difficult, especially if you run in different support. You need a trail shoe for rough terrain, a support shoe, a lightweight shoe, and a training shoe. Recently many avid runners have fallen in love with the idea of minimalist and barefoot running, and that’s where Vibrams comes in. Minimalist running has been shown to improve runner gait and pronation, as well as alleviate some of the most common running injuries like foot pain, lower back pain, runner’s knee, and aggravated Achille’s.

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VibramsV-Run shoe provides you with a shoe that meets the needs of those who wish to transition from a more traditional running shoe to a minimalist shoe. Some of it’s features include:

  • The Vibram VI-LITE provides a lightweight material that allows for significant shock absorption.
  • The Vibram XS RUN gives a stable hardness across the broad part of the foot as well as a large soft surface for strong grip.
  • The Vibram MONT allows for use on the roughest terrain at low temperatures.

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The Vibram V-Run has a soft, mesh top to maximize breathability, but can also be worn in cooler temperatures. As a transition shoe, it offers support that you are used to with a traditional shoe but also allows you to connect with the ground in a minimalist way, allowing you to experience barefoot running.




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Platypus Hydration Pack

For the mother runner who logs long mileage

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For the distance runner, avid hiker, or outdoor lover in your life a hydration pack is a necessity. The Tokul XC 5 by Platypus is the perfect size for those who want something light while trekking up the trails or for long training runs, but large enough to hold enough water and nourishment for the entire time. The new lightweight RidgeAir back panel will keep your dry and comfortable.

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The pack is able to hold 3 liters of water and also has a back pocket to store snacks, a light cover, and extra supplies. The magnetic water spout allows easy access to the water while you’re on the move and reattaches easily so nothing is getting in your way. The Tokul XC 5 by Platypus is the perfect gift for the mother runner in your life who doesn’t ever want to stop moving (you know, other than your toddler).


Tokul XC 5


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Knuckle Lights

Because the dark can’t keep this runner down

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Safety is paramount when it comes to avid fitness buffs, especially runners. Training runs often have to happen in the early morning hours for long-distance runs, leaving runners vulnerable to the darkness. Knuckle Lights provide the light runners need to see during zero-dark-thirty and allow others to see them.

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Knuckle Lights are worn on a runner’s hands unlike other running lights that are worn on the head. This gives the runner a perfect pathway of light right in front of them and are also comfortable. Each Knuckle Lights set comes with two lights, emitting 120 lumens to provide an extra wide flood beam light that doesn’t bounce- even while swinging your arms. They are also light weight and waterproof, so you don’t even notice you’re holding anything, even in the rain. The three settings of high, low, and blinking ensure that you are running safely in all low-light conditions.

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If you have a runner who can’t help but run in the dark, Knuckle Lights will keep them safe even in the darkness.


Knuckle Lights


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Free Steps 6

For those who run in snow, sleet, and ice

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There are those of us who hate the cold, and those of us who just can’t stay away. If a little ice and sleet can’t get you down, then the Free Steps 6 by Hillsound are the accessory you need for your trail running shoes or hiking boots this season. Hillsound offers several different types of winter accessories and equipment to make sure you’re able to continue to stay on the move even when the cold and ice strike. From crampons like the Free Steps 6 that offer additional traction to gaiters that keep your warm and dry, Hillsound makes sure you have what you need to keep moving. Free Steps 6 are spiked traction chains that attach to the outside of your shoe or boot to give you added traction on slippery surfaces. They are:

  • 21 stainless steel spikes that grip ice and packed snow
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Perfect for trail running, fly or ice fishing, or winter hikes

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If you love hikes in winter wonderlands, are training for a race in the cold months, or simply live in a climate where you need more traction on your shoes, then Free Steps 6 are a great gift for the holiday season.


Free Steps 6


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Soundwhiz Wireless Headphones

For music to keep you moving

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It’s no secret that music moves your soul. This holiday season, give the workout buff in your life the one thing that will pump them up through that last rep or last mile. Soundwhiz Wireless Headphones are premiere wireless headphones that give you hours of music on a single charge. The crystal clear HD sound will give you amazing, clear music because of its balanced mids, trebles, and bass.

Soundwhiz Wireless Headphones offer:

  • Sweatproof design that is comfortable even for extended wear, even in the rain
  • Noise cancellation and sound isolation
  • Make calls without the background noise- pairs with Apple and Android phones
  • Quick charge means you are out the door sooner
  • 9 hour charge hold means you can work out harder and longer
  • All controls on the headphones including volume, skip, play, pause, and call controls. Voice activation available through Siri and SVoice integration as well.

Top Gifts Of 2017- Gifts For A Mother Runner 16 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Headphones by Soundwhiz are the wireless headphones that any fitness lover in your life has been wanting. These headphones will stay on their ears, provide heart pumping music, and allow them to workout longer and harder. Soundwhiz Wireless headphones come in pink and gunmetal, silver and gunmetal, or red and black.

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