Holidays 2017: Top Gifts Every Mom Will Enjoy


Moms. They all say the same thing every year, “Oh, you don’t have to get me anything!” But we all want to give them something special. Something they will truly enjoy. That’s why Daily Mom has come up with the gifts we know the mom in your life would like no matter their stage in life. Whether she’s a new mom, a seasoned mom, or a grandma, this guide will help you find the perfect gift for the one person in your life who would be happy with a drawing on a paper bag but who actually deserves the world.

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OXO Tot Air Stroller by OXO

Perfect for the mom on the go


This is the hassle-free stroller for the mom on the go – isn’t that all moms? This mere 11 pound stroller doesn’t skip on the amenities. The OXO Tot Air Stroller includes an easy access storage space, front-wheel suspension for a smooth ride, and large canopy with a peak-a-boo window. With its tiny fold, the OXO Tot Air Stroller fits compactly in the trunk or on your back as it features a built-in carrying strap, making it very portable. The stroller is available in Jade, Onyx or Orchid. If you are looking for a stroller that you won’t hesitate to take on a quick errand or on a cross-country trip, the OXO Tot Air Stroller is the one for you.


OXO Tot Air Stroller


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Diamond Accented Letter Pendant by Mini Mini Jewels

Perfect for moms who love dainty diamond jewelry

The holidays are the perfect time to spoil mom with beautiful jewelry to show her how truly appreciated she is. This 14k Rose Gold Brilliant Diamond Initial Necklace is a stunning piece that will surely wow her– and everyone else! The shimmering diamond pendant is simply gorgeous on its own, but paired with the glittery rose gold chain, it adds even more sparkle to this magnificent necklace. The letter choice will also make this necklace an even more meaningful and sentimental gift that she will cherish forever.

  • Handcraftedby professional jewelers in California
  • Crafted using fine 14K rose gold


14k Rose Gold Diamond Accented Initial Necklace


Mini Mini Jewels|Facebook | Instagram

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Perfect for giving mom the gift of more comfortable sleep

Moms are tired! They balance so many things throughout the day and work into the night. This Christmas give the mom in your family a better night’s rest with new pillows from Slumbr. These are not your average pillows. These pillows will let Mom sleep better because they are comfier. These pillows are comfier because they are designed for different sleep styles. Pillows are not one size fits all because people are not one size fits all. Slumbr helps you pick the perfect pillow with their quiz. In less than a minute you can determine the best Slumbr pillow based on sleep style, sleep environment, and pillow preference. The days of randomly squeezing pillows through plastic while standing in the aisle of a super store. You pick the Slumbr pillow and can try it at home for up to 30 days during Slumbr’s “30 Moon Trial.” Just exchange it for another Slumbr pillow. Only the highest quality ingredients like down, latex, or buckwheat. Order mom a couple Slumbr pillows and then let her sleep in the day after Christmas! That’s the best gift we can imagine!

  • Pillow Menu Includes: Down Alternative, Buckwheat, Latex, Down and Feather, Luxe Down, and Slim and Soft Down.
  • The Luxe Down Slumbr Pillow called the Cassiopeia, is ideal for back and side sleepers. It is made with all natural, plush European Goosedown. It’s fluffy but doesn’t flatten out like low quality down pillows. This is the most comfortable pillow ever and an amazing gift to show mom that your rest and well being is important to you.
  • For a firmer feel, the Lyra from Slumbr gives pressure relief with a springy feel. Made with hypoallergenic and breathable latex, it doesn’t sink like memory foam but gives you a feeling of bounacy. It isn’t too thick making it great for side sleepers as well.


Cassiopeia | Lyra


Slumbr | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Tassel Necklace by Catherine Page Jewelry

Jewelry for the modern mama who loves stylish simplicity

Created by hand in a small Texas town, Catherine Page Jewelry is meant to be a reflection of the woman in your life. Her individuality and style should be celebrated this holiday season with a work of art much like herself. Whether she’s your mother, sister, or love of your life, any woman will love the colorful and creative necklaces, earrings, and bracelets designed and crafted by skilled artists here in the United States. Using high quality materials and stones, Catherine Page creates seasonal pieces meant to last.

The Tassel Necklace is a beautiful selection this season with it’s 60″ length and 3-tiered tassel pendant. Able to be dressed up or down and available in 7 different stone/color combinations, any woman is sure to love the weight and quality of this piece. This knotted gemstone necklace also features a 22kt gold covered accent at the top of the tassel and a simple, slip on style that can be wrapped in multiple layers to be worn at the ideal length.


Tassel Necklace


Catherine Page Jewelry | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram

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Life Planner and Accessories by Erin Condren

Perfect for busy moms working at home and on the go

The Erin Condren LifePlanner is sure to bring a smile to the face of a busy mom in your life. This planner is legitimately the most coveted planner for women and for good reason: it is beautiful, thoughtful, and you customize it to meet your preferences and needs. We love the colorful color schemes available. Each month has a bright tab and the divider features inspiring quotes. We are swooning over the Metallic Painted Petals design in Rose Gold. Every LifePlanner comes equipped with a resealable pocket to store your goodies in, some stickers in the back to mark important events, and multiple day/week/monthly/yearly views, as well as a large note section and a smaller pocket-sized date calendar in the back, which works great for jotting down birthdays and other vital dates. The Laptop Case, also in rose gold, matches the calendar perfectly. Mom will have the prettiest and most coordinated desk space with the matching Reversible Quote Tabletop Calendar. Also in the Painted Petals design, the monthly cards are double sided with a mini calendar on one side and printed quote on the other.

  • Customize the cover and coil with color choices and personalization. Pick the page layout: horizontal, vertical or hourly.
  • Lots of space in the planner for notes, appointments, reminders, and to-do lists.
  • Desk Calendar is small enough to sit on a desk and not get in the way.
  • Laptop case is made with a durable leather like material that will hold up during travel and everyday use.
  • Laptop Case and Tabletop Calendar are brand new items launching soon!


LifePlanner in Metallic Painted Petals


Erin Condren | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram

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Beachwaver S1.25 by Beachwaver

Perfect for easy, beachy waves

Beachwaver makes it easy to achieve beautiful beachy waves, minus the effort— and the beach! This one of a kind curling wand rotates on its own with the push of a button, making styling your hair hassle free. Just pull a section of your hair, clamp it at the bottom, and let the Beachwaver do the work for you. The wand rotates in both directions, so you can have the perfect curl no matter what. The home button will conveniently move the clamp back to the front position so you’re always ready for the next curl. The Beachwaver is easy enough for anyone to use, and saves both time and effort!




Beachwaver |Facebook | Pinterest|Twitter | Instagram

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Starling Women’s Tall Boots by Kamik

Perfect for the Mom who loves snow days just as much as the kids

Remember how much fun snow days were as a kiddo? As an adult, they still in theory sound fun, but we always end up with soggy feet- literally. All because we don’t have the proper shoes to wear. We have the best of intentions to research, find, try on, boots but like most things pertaining to ourselves our plans fall short. As moms tend to neglect ourselves, it’s just the nature of the beast called motherhood. Soccer practices, lunch making, and bed time stories fill our moments and hearts with happiness. But then the next thing you know it’s snowing- and our feet our freezing. Have no fear, we’ve done the work for you and found the perfect cold weather boot. We love Kamik Starling Women’s tall snow boots for so many reasons.

  • Keep your feet 100% dry with DriDefence waterproof membrane
  • Breathable- allows moisture to escape but doesn’t let any in
  • Keep your tootsies warm all the way down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit
  • NiteRite Rays reflect and allow you to keep making snowman long after the sun goes down
  • Soft teddy fur lining




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Color Intense Lip Set by Beautycounter

Perfect for the makeup lover who doesn’t want to sacrifice health or quality

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the makeup lover in your life, head over to Beautycounter. Their limited-edition Color Intense Lip Set includes a collection of 5 universally flattering shades – Girls’ Night (classic red), Little Black Dress (rich berry), Brunch (tawny nude), First Date (rosy pink), and 9 to 5 (luminous mauve). Each lipstick boasts vibrant color and a moisture-rich, satin finish with a festive peppermint flavor. This gorgeous lip set comes all ready to gift in a navy and gold tin.

Beautycounter was created with the philosophy of putting better, healthier and non-toxic skincare and beauty products into people’s hands, They go above and beyond with their “Never List.” This list contains over 1500 toxic chemicals and ingredients they will never use in their products, leaving room for only the healthiest ingredients.


Color Intense Lip Set


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Projector Diffuser by Zaq

Perfect for the mom who needs a little relaxation in her life

Essential oils are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why. There’s a myriad of health benefits from relaxation, germ killing, mental clarity, and more. Diffusing is by far the safest way to reap the benefits of essential oils, and the new Sky diffuser/projector from Zaq will be an absolutely adorable addition to your home. This uniquely shaped diffuser gently disperses your essential oils into the air, but what really makes this diffuser stand apart from the rest, is the projector feature. Technically, this product is for children, but we’ll be honest – we’ve been enjoying this in our bedroom for a few weeks now and won’t be sharing with our Daily Kids anytime soon! The projector puts light-up colored stars on your ceiling and walls – a sweet nightlight while you enjoy the relaxing effects of your essential oils. It also serves as a mini-humidifier – perfect for the dry winter air.


ZAQ Sky Diffuser


ZAQ | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

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Hat Attack

Perfect for the mom who wants to upgrade her casual look

So many moms love to throw on a hat and head off to conquer the day. She may be heading to the park with her kids, she may have errands to run, she may be working remotely from a coffee shop that day but whatever she’s up to, wearing a hat as part of a causal look shouldn’t mean wearing something old and ugly. Upgrade mom’s hat with something new from Hat Attack! Hat Attack gives women stylish and comfortable options for hats. This company combines causal and classic styles to create tons of styles on trend. For a sporty look, we love their baseball caps.


  • The Performance Cap matches everything and works everyday whether you are going for a run or just need to cover up a bad hair day.
  • The Luxe Baseball Cap is a black leather cap that can be worn for a casual evening out.



Performance Cap | Luxe Baseball Cap


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Happy Holidays from Daily Mom! Keep checking in with us throughout the holiday season for the best in gift ideas for everyone on your list. If you’d like to win some of your gifts this year, make sure you are following along with Daily Mom’s 60 Days of Giving. Following Daily Mom on social media is the best way to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

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