Step in the 21st Century with Custom Car Lighting

In our evolving world of modern luxuries, an increasing number of people have personalized tastes in art, design, and technology. Good taste even extends to how we furnish our cars, and this requires a certain degree of creativity. From millennials to older generations, the wants and needs of consumers are now streamlined towards designing a lifestyle – an image that sets us apart from the rest.



Just as some people camp outside major gadget stores to snap up the latest smartphone edition, ultimately what matters is how a product makes us feel. After all, human behavior is heavily influenced by consumerism and a sense of connection to the world around us. This same ideology can be said for people geared towards owning a car. According to Zipcar, the world’s largest car sharing company, “95 percent of American households own a car, and most Americans get to work by car (85 percent).” This percentage is astonishing in terms of automobile innovation and assembly; since Henry Ford, the automobile has transitioned from pure function to an expression of a person’s inner self.

Custom Car Design and Innovation

Fast forward to 2017, where car production and sales in the US now ranks among one of the largest automobile markets worldwide. While many people like to own ‘big brand’ cars (think Volkswagen, Ford and Mercedes) the focus has shifted somewhat towards creating a cutting edge look, with a custom-built interior. We decorate our homes and take pride in our personal appearance, so why should the inside of our cars be any different? Speaking of contemporary car interiors, one American company pushing the boundaries on the aftermarket lighting for cars is Hook Lights. Inspired by sci-fi games and futuristic lighting effects, founder Ernest Martynyuk understands form, function and elegance do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Interior Car Lighting


Transforming Cars into Custom-Made Spaces with LED Lights

Ernest is currently making a name for himself by specializing in the supply of colorful LED lighting options. Designed to furnish the inside of cars, trucks, vans and just about any other type of automobile, both cool and warm colored lights are widely recognized for their mood-boosting potential. Whether you own a basic car model and want to inject a stylish dose of color into your dashboard, or accentuating the ambience while traveling long distances at night; or perhaps you’re a driver with a passion for innovative design? Hook Lights products are a versatile option to transform how you, and others interact with a previously cold, metallic object.

Combining Practicality, Aura and Style

For centuries, people have relied on vehicles to whizz them from point A to B. Not only are cars a necessity for getting to work efficiently, they’re also the primary means of traveling our busy lives: grocery shopping, school, restaurants. But it’s not just cars that are viewed as an essential household commodity. Trucks, camper vans and vacation motorhomes are equally as important to those who require them as part of their lifestyle. Did you know many American citizens spend on average around 17,600 minutes driving each year? From Airstream campers to caravans, it seems one of the most popular ways to go on vacation is to do it yourself with a well deserved road trip; with 50 states America’s cross country journeys are endless.

Ernest Hook Lights Headshot

(Ernest Martynyuk, CEO,

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned driver, we all feel the strain of long distance road trips from time to time. When it comes to keeping vision sharp, this is where custom car lighting can work in your favor. Hook Lights offers a soothing en-route atmosphere; highly befitting if you’re planning to spend long hours traveling. Lighting is a renowned stimulant for the mind, so it’s all about creating a comfortable environment for you and your family to enjoy at any given moment.


Hues to Suit Your Mood

Depending on the look and feel you want your automobile to reflect, LED lighting comes in a variety of cool and warm hues.

Exotic Blue

A calming color known to aid relaxation, cool blue LED lighting will help to illuminate the interior of your car in a way that’s subtle, with a futuristic twist.

Warming Amber

It takes time to achieve the perfect sensory experience, but soft amber accents will make you feel at home whenever you’re on the move. Subdued colors possess the power to switch on a person’s feel-good factor; so choose warm orange tones if your aim is to create a luxurious car interior for any trip.

With car owners continuing to search for ways to add artistic flair and comfort to their vehicles, the future for car interiors is shaping up to be a colorful affair.





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