New Mom: Holiday Gift Guide

Here at Daily Mom we are kicking off the Christmas season with a series of gift guides for everyone on your Christmas list! We love making things easy for our readers so we have made a list of some of our favorite products and services for each of the loved ones you’ll be showering with gifts during this holiday season! We wouldn’t be Daily MOM without knowing what new moms love, so if you are looking for the perfect gifts for a new mom on your list take a look at some of our favorite finds curated especially for them!

The Best Gifts for a New Mom

Handprints Tower of Time by Child to Cherish

Every new mother loves a gift that will preserve in her memory a time when her baby was still just a tiny bundle. Child to Cherish has a unique keepsake that is the perfect gift for a new mom on your Christmas list with their Handprint Tower of Time! She will love how she can watch her baby’s hands grow into a toddler, preschooler and finally, a 5 year old who is ready for school!

The kit consists of five graduated size multi-colored tin molds which let you take imprints of a little one’s hand from ages 1 through 5. Keep this precious memento forever in various sized tins designed to fit their age at that time. The kit is available in Pink, Blue or Multi-colored and comes in either a round or oval version.

Dream by Babyhome

The Babyhome Dream cot makes the perfect gift for any new mom and her baby. Whether you are the new mom on your Christmas list or you are purchasing for someone else, the Dream is sure to bring joy to any home!

One of the stand-out features of the Dream is the changeable leg positioning. Three interchangeable leg positions allow the Dream to adjust from a stationary cot, to a rocker, to wheels that let Dream be easily moved around the house. The new mom on your list will love that she can use the stationary cot next to her bed so that she can easily check on her little one through the night and have easy access to nurse him. During the day the legs can be changed to the rocker position to soothe baby for a nap! This versatile cot is perfect for any home, with its variety of 9 chic colors and patterns.

Want to see Dream in action? Check out this YouTube video.

Couture Belly Binder by Belly Bandit

Her body has been through a lot lately, after all, the new mom in your life has miraculously sustained a human life for 9 months and then gave birth to him and is now breastfeeding. We can’t blame her for feeling like her body is nowhere near her pre-pregnancy body or even anywhere close to how she wants to look. That’s why we’d suggest giving your girlfriend the Belly Bandit this Christmas!

Belly Bandits work to compress a woman’s shape in a way that is flattering and natural. It works to shrink a woman’s belly, waist, and hips. It also helps to shed inches faster and minimize stretch marks. Your new mom friend will be feeling and looking better before St. Patrick’s Day!

Want to see Belly Bandit in action? Check out this YouTube video.

 B*Warmer Hoodie by Boob Design

If you don’t know by now that Daily Mom thinks every new mom needs Boob Design apparel in her nursing wardrobe then we don’t know where you’ve been hiding! The B*Warmer hoodie by Boob Design is perfect for breastfeeding in the winter months!

Your new mom friends will be so impressed by the high quality fabric (95% organic cotton & 5% elastane) and fleece-lined nursing overlay flap bodice. If you’re considering some of Boob’s other products for the new moms on your list (or maybe for yourself!) check out our other features: Nursing Clothes to Obsess over, Spring Nursing Wear, Summer Nursing Wear, Fall Maternity Fashion Guide.


B*Warmer Hoodie


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Swaddle Gift Set by Aden + Anais

Aden + Anais swaddles are made to soothe and comfort the tiniest of infants, making this swaddle gift set the perfect gift for the new mom on your Christmas shopping list!

The gift sets include two breathable, muslin swaddle blankets, a burpy bib for keeping messes to a minimum, a lovey made from muslin with an adorable animal friend for babies to grasp onto, and Swaddle Love, a book on swaddling by Raegan Moya-Jones. Any new mother will cherish these classic sets for years to come!

Want to know how to swaddle using these Aden + Anais swaddle sets? Check out this YouTube video.


There is nothing more permanent and life changing than becoming a new mom. Help her commemorate that occasion by getting the most thoughtful holiday gift one can give, a beautiful necklace with her children’s names forever etched into the silver tags. One of the most breathtaking pieces of custom Leonard Designs jewelry, the Inspiration necklace and earring set will bring any mother to tears on Christmas day and will hold a special place among her other precious possessions.

This necklace features silver hand molded tags paired up with a smoky teardrop, red bead and an aqua stone hanging off a hand molded ring, creating a charm necklace that a woman of any age will love and use in her everyday wear, as well as for special occasions. At only $36 dollars the necklace is a true find and pairs up stunningly with matching teardrop earrings for only $20.


Don’t let bad hair days get your loved ones down!
Whether you’re looking for a new mom Holiday gift for yourself, your friend or your family, ensure they keep those gorgeous pregnancy locks by gifting them one of the miraculous PHYTO products. Sleepless nights mean less time for hair maintenance, so an express smoothing Mask PHYTOLISSE is a quick way to tame the frizzy hair that you get when blow drying is just not an option.

Don’t have time for 30 minute in-shower treatments, try this fabulous overnight elixir, SECRET DE NUIT, that works while you sleep (don’t we wish this was true for everything else?). Simply apply it on dry or towel dry hair before you go to sleep and wake up with hair that is scented, regenerated and protected. Any new mom will appreciate a thoughtful gift like this that will also help her save some times while staying as beautiful as she can during this precious time.

Spa Treatment Gift Certificate at SpaTerre

SpaTerre LaPlaya

What’s the perfect gift for the new mom in your life?  Get her the one thing she never has enough of –time to herself!   A gift certificate for a spa treatment is just what a new mom will love. For a truly relaxing morning, send her to our favorite LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort’s SpaTerre.  They have the perfect gift options for any new mom with their global ritual spa options. The Javanese Royal Treatment, Volcanic Earth Clay Ritual, and Thai Herbal Therapy are treatments meant for royalty.


The Javanese Royal Treatment starts with a warm brown sugar & turmeric scrub, followed by a cooling yogurt covering.  Shower in the treatment room and then step outside on the balcony to soak in a tropical, fragrance-infused bath while enjoying some Tea!  This “Royal” treatment is completed with a Balinese fully body massage.

A Volcanic Earth Clay Ritual includes a detoxifying volcanic clay body mask and invigorating Balinese foot massage.  Shower with a fragrant shower gel and enjoy a traditional Balinese massage.

Thai Herbal Therapy is perfect for revitalizing the tired new mom.  A “hot poultice” of medicinal herbs is the key to this treatment.  The muscle tension and brain fog with clear with this healing massage and aromatherapy.

Lactation Cookies by MilkMakers

You remember your days as a new mom and how you constantly found yourself wondering whether or not your baby was getting enough to eat. You found yourself considering supplementing or even giving up breastfeeding altogether because you weren’t sure that your supply was meeting your little one’s demand. Save the new moms you know from this cycle of doubt by gifting her with Milk Makers cookies to boost her supply and her self-confidence.

The reason these cookies work to boost supply is because the natural, organic ingredients that they are baked with (oats, flax seed, and brewer’s yeast) are natural galactagogues, which means that they boost the breast’s milk supply. It is a delicious way for any new mom to boost her supply AND satisfy her sweet tooth!

Air Carrier by Boba

Want to find the perfect gift for any new mom? Look no further than the Boba Air, a lightweight baby carrier! This carrier is made out of 100% nylon, making it truly lightweight and perfect in any weather. Additionally, it conveniently folds up into itself. Throw it in the diaper bag, keep it in the car, or travel with it — it’s so small Mom can take it anywhere!

The fully adjustable straps make it a sure fit for any mom, no matter her size. It’s easy to get on and off (without any help!) and moms can use it to front carry or back carry infants from 15 to 45 pounds, extending its usefulness well into toddlerhood. Like to know the best part? Even though it’s lightweight it feels sturdy and babies feel secure in it because it keeps them close to their mom.


Boba Air


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Silver Drop Diaper Baby by JJ Cole



Finding the perfect diaper bag is not an easy feat. So help the new mom in your life and get her a JJ Cole diaper bag this Christmas. With seven gorgeous, hip styles, there is definitely a bag that any mom would love.


JJ Cole diaper bags are the perfect diaper bag for any situation. From everyday use to travel, these roomy bags are a dream to carry. With the option of using the longer shoulder strap or the shorter tote handles, mom’s hands will always be free. Inside they’re full of zippered compartments and pockets so all of baby’s gear is perfectly organized. They have special grips for attaching to the stroller, a changing pad inside and insulated side pouches for a bottle. They’re the perfect mix of style and functionality!

Nursing Lounge Set by Baby Be Mine


Have a new mom to shop for on your Christmas gift list? A new mom who is nursing? You have to check out Baby Be Mine’s lounge set made specifically for a nursing moms needs!
This set, made from high quality fabric is not only ultra soft but also incredibly comfortable. We are sure this lounge set will be the item a new mom will reach for first, and might not want to take off!

bbm collage 2

It can be used not only as a lounge set, (or sleep set) but can double as a “going out” top! YES, a pj you can go out in! Thanks to its flattering cut and subtle colors no one will know that she is wearing pj’s. Of course it doesn’t end there; we did say nursing mom, the top is made with pushback panels for easy breezy breastfeeding! There are no straps or clips, just ease. This item makes a wonderful gift for a new mom or even a seasoned mom still breastfeeding, and have her thanking you every time she reaches for it.




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