12 Creative Halloween Costumes For Women

Are you looking for a creative Halloween costume this year? Don’t get stumped and pull out the same old costume, this Halloween we’ve done the work for you. Here are our top 12 Creative Halloween Costumes For Women.



You will create quite the buzz in this adorable bee costume. The costume includes one tunic with attached wings, a stinger, and a hood. There is no way you won’t have a good time dressed as the queen bee this Halloween.

Buy here: Kangaroo Halloween Costumes – Bee

Pineapple Costume


Could this pineapple costume be anymore adorable? Crafted of high quality, comfortable material with zippered pockets, the all you need to complete the look is a Pina Colada.

Buy here: Pineapple Costume

Women’s Cozy Shark


You probably knew that sharks are an apex predator. But most likely you did not know that sharks were bringing sexy back. This Women’s Cozy Shark costume is both comfortable and sexy. The fin details on the sleeves and back add a fierce touch along with the scary shark teeth on the hood. Happy hunting!

Buy here: Women’s Cozy Shark

Women’s Skeleton Costume


Don’t like sexy costumes? Prefer a more traditional Halloween look? Then this is the costume for you. This skeleton jumpsuit is fun and outrageous. You will be comfortable and able to enjoy running around, chasing little ones while they trick-or-treat. This costume is also available for men, so you and your significant other can be a skeleton gang this Halloween.

Buy here: Women’s Skeleton Costume

3 Piece Cougar


Younger men are attracted to older, confident, and successful women. It is a fact. So embrace your inner cougar with this 3 piece cat suit. You will feel confident and sexy while on the prowl in your cougar suit this Halloween.

Buy here: 3 Piece Cougar

Wonder Woman


Step aside Gal Gadot, mama is unveiling her inner Wonder Woman this Halloween. This costume features a headpiece, skirt, gauntlets, belt and a cape. Nothing is more powerful than dressing like Wonder Woman and this costume makes us want to celebrate Halloween every night!

Buy here: Wonder Woman

Star Wars Princess Leia


“Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?” What is more iconic than a Princess Leia costume? Inspire others this Halloween with this  Star Wars Princess Leia costume. This costume includes everything you need to complete the look (except the boots). May the force be with you.

Buy here: Star Wars Princess Leia

Haunting Beauty Ghost Spirit Costume


Looking for something eerie? This is the costume for you. The costume includes a cape with an attached hood. The removable chains that wrap around the bodice give this costume an extra scary detail. Happy Haunting!

Buy here: Haunting Beauty Ghost Spirit Costume

Witch Costume


Are you looking to dress up as an evil witch this Halloween? Look no further than this elegant witch costume. This witch costume comes with a cape that gives off quite the mysterious vibe. Now you just need some black lipstick (and a green face) to complete the look!

Buy here: Witch Costume



This Halloween is all about stealth! It is time to show off your ninja skills with a unique women’s ninja costume. This set includes the black hooded jumpsuit, mask, red straps, finger-less gloves, and garter. Remember one thing this Halloween, ninjas must always be prepared!

Buy here: Ninja

Butterfly Wings Shawl


This butterfly cloak is a showstopper. It is unique and beautiful. The wings have no stiff interior structure making it very comfortable to wear. This vivid cloak will make your Halloween a night to remember.

Buy here: Butterfly Wings Shawl

Sriracha Tank Costume


Hot sauce lovers coming in hot! This simple and creative costume is clever and will surely get a lot of laughs this Halloween. The costume includes the tank and hat. The best thing about this costume? You can wear the tank all year long.

Buy here: Sriracha Tank Costume


In the mood for more spooky Halloween inspiration? Check out our Holiday  section at Daily Mom.

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