Gear Guide: Withings Home and Baby Monitoring System

Having a baby can be one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences of your life. One minute you’re basking in the smell of your newborn’s sweet skin and the next, you’re checking in on him in his crib every five minutes to make sure he’s safe and content. Getting things done while your baby is napping is near impossible. Luckily for us, we live in the age of technology, and one of the greatest baby gadgets to hit the markets has been the video baby monitor, making quick check-ins as simple as a glance on a screen from anywhere in the home. But, what if you could check in on your baby while you’re away at work or on a much-needed date with your partner? This is why we love Withings Home Monitoring System. It’s an all-in-one piece of comfort!

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Who is Withings?

With the mission to inspire health and well-being in every person’s life, Withings combines innovation, practicality, design, and most importantly, technology, to provide consumers with the most up-to-date gadgets that are proven to make one’s life more balanced and better managed. Not only does Withings produce a home monitoring system (that doubles as a great baby monitor), but they also make fitness watches, activity trackers, scales, alarm clocks, thermometers, and blood pressure monitors – all items aiding in a healthy and natural lifestyle.

So, how does the Withings Home Monitoring System fit into this list of health-inspired gadgets? The Home Monitoring System allows you to stay connected with your smallest bundles of joy, whether that’s a newborn sleeping in his crib, preschoolers having quiet time in the playroom, or the family pet home alone. The monitor also serves well as providing peace of mind when your family is away from home.


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Withings Home Monitoring System is a beautifully designed 5 megapixel lens combined with 2-way audio and speaker, 2 digital microphones, a customizable LED light, air quality sensor, and three different color covers all wrapped up into one small device, perfect for sitting anywhere in your home. Compatible with any smartphone, tablet, apple watch, and apple TV, the monitoring system can be used anywhere and with ease by simply downloading the Withings Home App.

Gear Guide: Withings Home And Baby Monitoring System 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Other smart technology features include:

  • 5Mpx
  • 1080p
  • x12 zoom
  • Night vision
  • Tracks and detects noise, motion, air quality, and changes in the environment
  • Analyzes previous data from day to day to pick up unusual activity
  • Live streaming and smart alerts on your device
  • Provides a recap of the last few hours’ timeline of events, with time stamps (as shown in photo above)
  • Provides a recap of video from the last 48 hours
  • Watch and download up to 30 days of video
  • Stores data safely with bank level technologies
While the Withings Home Monitoring System offers a very detailed account of the actions in your home throughout the day, it goes even one step further by tracking the air quality in your home and alerting your smart device if dangerous levels of toxins are sensed. Withings Home Monitoring System tracks VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds – chemicals that have a high vapor pressure and can possibly be harmful to humans. Whether it’s stinky diapers, detergents, paint, or even cigarette smoke, the monitor pays special attention to making sure the air your loved ones are breathing isn’t harmful to their health.

Withings Home Monitoring System vs. Traditional Baby Monitors

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An all-in-one monitor, the Withings Home Monitoring System is the perfect baby monitor to add to any baby registry. In baby monitor mode, the monitor covers all of the key components a new mom looks for when purchasing a monitor that will help ease her transition and worries. Featuring two-way talk with the simple push of a button on your smart device, high definition video both day and night, a 135 degree wide angle lens that gives Mom and Dad a full view of the nursery, as well as motion and sound detection that alerts your smart device, the monitoring system has everything you need to put your little one down to rest with ease. If your little one struggles with going to sleep or you’re in need of a middle of the night night-light, the monitor also features a Lulla Light, or a customizable LED night light sequence and musical programs to help lull your little one to sleep.

While traditional baby monitors may offer some of the same features, the Withings monitor eliminates the need for extra gadgets like big, bulky monitor sets or hand-held devices that are easily misplaced. By syncing to an app on your smart device, video of your baby is always within reach and most likely, already in your hand. The video recaps and motion/sound alerts are also capabilities rarely offered with traditional baby monitors. And when your child has outgrown the need of a video monitor, use the monitoring system as a home monitoring system or pet cam while you’re away for the day.

Where to Buy

One word: Target. An absolute favorite among moms everywhere, Target is our go-to when we need a moment to ourselves, an affordable and fun shopping experience, or simply a one-stop-shop for all of our daily necessities. So, when it comes to building a baby registry, Target is obviously our go-to for all of our baby needs – to include the Withings Home Monitoring System. Simply add the monitor to your baby registry online or be sure to scan it into your registry while at the store.

Are you a fellow Target-lover? Check out our great finds in Back to School Shopping with Target 2016!

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Stephanie High
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