Back to School Shopping with Target

Kids all across the country are beginning to board school buses, get into their carpools and gear up for another school year full of fun and learning. It doesn’t matter if your kids start school after Labor Day or if they started a few weeks ago, it is certain that you have a list of items that you need to be well prepared for the upcoming months. This school year, make Target your one stop shopping center for all of your back to school needs. From school supplies to classroom must haves as well as all you need to create your homework station, your arsenal of school snacks and healthy foods, and your secret stash of germ fighters to help keep your little ones free from all the illnesses schools seem to attract – this superstore has it all.


Beginning a new school year can cause both apprehension as well as excitement for parents, students and teachers. Kick off the school year prepared with everything you may need without the added stress and wasted time of going store to store by shopping at Target. They have everything you need in one place and most stores even have a Starbucks. Seasoned expert school shopping tip #1: Always start with caffeine! 

Back to School Supplies

School supplies are the solid foundation of back to school shopping. Seasoned expert school shopping tip #2: Start with a game plan. The School Shop is full of everything you could possibly need this year. They have backpacks, lunch boxes, crayons, pencils, pens, markers, thermoses, calculators, folders and much more. Be prepared by drafting a list of exactly what you will need. Seasoned expert school shopping tip #3: Wait until you have a supply list from the school before going shopping. Schools and teachers often send out a list of the exact supplies that kids need for themselves and for the classroom. Check out Target’s list finder to see if they have one for your child’s school. Waiting until you have this list can save you from purchasing things that your child doesn’t need and will make shopping a little easier on your wallet. Use this list and include the necessities you know you will need such as a backpack and a lunchbox.

Backpacks can be one of the toughest things to choose. After all, you want something that will last your kid all through the year, won’t break the bank, offers them comfort and support for carrying heavy books, and also something that they love! Luckily Target has a wide selection and there really is something for everybody. If characters are their favorite they have all the major players. You will find Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Minions, Frozen, Finding Dory and more! For older kids or children who don’t want a character backpack, they have a fantastic sporty collection by Puma, the ever stylish Jansport collection and even a recycled polyester option that offers the ultimate in comfort from Embark. Seasoned expert school shopping tip #4: Have your child try on the bag before you purchase it. The bottom of the bag should meet the lower back, but should not be more than 4 inches below the waistline. The point at which the bag and straps meet should be 1 to 2 inches below the top of the shoulders.

Make sure you take care of your child’s growing body! The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons recommends that a backpack should not exceed 15 to 20 percent of a child’s body weight, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not exceeding 10 percent. Ensure that your child always carries the backpack using both straps. This will distribute the weight evenly and is safer for the carrier’s back, neck and shoulders. Once you have chosen the right backpack, try not to overload it.


One of our favorite backpack options is this camouflage bag by French Bull. It is colorful, stylish and perfectly sized for everything they will need to carry.


Clothes can be one of the toughest things to shop for. It often requires adequate time to choose, try on sizes and ensure that everything meets dress code. Seasoned expert school shopping tip #5: Before you leave the house organize your child’s clothing and make a list of what they have and what they really need, to avoid purchasing unnecessary clothing.

If you are looking for wardrobe staples you can avoid the overpriced malls and the overcrowded outlets this year by heading to Target. They have a spectacular and stylish collection for both girls and boys. Whether you are shopping for the softest basic tee shirts or a stylish designer collection like Cat and Jack – they have it all! Seasoned expert school shopping tip #6: Wait until a few weeks into the school year to get most of your child’s clothing. When the year starts the temperatures are still pretty warm and kids will likely change their mind on what they want. 


Back to school shopping must include a solid round up of new and exciting snacks. After all, you want to make sure you have great options to add into their new lunch boxes. When it comes to exciting and healthier options, forgo the grocery store and head straight to your local Target. They are well known for bringing in lesser known and up and coming food brands.

Here are a few of our healthier favorites:

  • Simply Balanced BrandThis is Target’s wellness grocery brand. It offers great and affordable natural and organic options. Consider some of their organic cereals to kick start your morning. Top them off with fruit and a hard boiled egg on the side for a healthy and well-rounded breakfast.
  • Bitsy BrainfoodThis fantastic and exciting food product owned and operated by moms offers kids healthy and fun snack options filled with both fruits and vegetables and free from artificial ingredients, Certified USDA Organic, as well as Non-GMO.
  • Annies: Annies offers healthier options for your kids of some of their tried and true favorites. They use organic ingredients and no artificial colors, synthetic flavors or synthetic preservatives.
  • Go Go Squeez: The leading and loved 100% fruit applesauce on-the-go, Go Go Squeez is 100% fruit in a squeezable, resealable pouch for sipping, squeezing and enjoying; perfect for throwing in the lunchbox or for a quick after school snack.

The Extra Special Lunchbox Treat! Unreal Candy is a great special treat to add into their lunchbox on occasion! It really is unreal how delicious these treats are. They are also made from natural ingredients such as red cabbage juice, beetroot juice, annatto and turmeric extract and non GMOs, fair trade, and gluten free. Seasoned expert shopping trip #7: Never begin a shopping trip with an empty stomach. It will result in opened snacks before you even reach the checkout.

Extra Extra!

Think you are done shopping once you get through food, clothes and school supplies? Well, you may now be prepared for the year with all the basics, but you may not want to check out just yet. When you are stocking the house for back to school don’t forget some of these other, less thought of essentials:

Load the kids into the car and head to your nearest Target. Get prepared for back to school this year with a little bit of fun and tons of supplies! Final seasoned expert shopping tip: If your Target sells beer or wine be sure to pick some up so you can indulge after the kids go to bed and praise yourself for doing such an awesome job making it through another year of back to school shopping. 


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