7 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Kids Glasses

You see them squinting, trying to focus on something. They are rubbing their eyes, sitting close to the television, or complaining of headaches. You take them to the doctor who does a simple eye exam. Your child can’t see any of the shapes or letters on the chart, even the bigger ones, so you make an appointment with your optometrist. It doesn’t take long for them to tell you that your child needs glasses.

Parents always want their kids to be happy and healthy, and wearing glasses is a small accommodation that will help your child tremendously. But if you have never experienced a child needing glasses, you might not know what to look for. Even if you wear glasses yourself, a child’s needs when it comes to eyewear is somewhat different than that of their adult counterparts.

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So your child needs glasses: now what?

7 Things to Keep in Mind if Your Child Needs Glasses

Needing glasses is a small and simple accommodation for your child. Many parents may be hesitant to put glasses on their child, especially if they are very young (i.e., babies or toddlers) but glasses will help them to better see the world around them. They will be able to really see: they will be able to see the leaves on trees and blades of grass, they can sit comfortably on the couch next to you instead of on the floor during family movie night, and they will be able to sit anywhere in their classroom.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Glasses Kids Glasses

But there are a few things parents should know when their child is going in to get their first pair of glasses. Here are 7 things to keep in mind if your child needs glasses: 

The Technical Stuff

When your optometrist first tells you that your child needs glasses, you might not even know where to begin. Luckily, there are several options to help you decide which glasses are right for your child. Many times doctor’s offices are expensive, but with an online prescription glasses retailer like EyeBuyDirect, all you need is your child’s prescription in order to purchase glasses for your child.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Glasses Kids Glasses


Generally speaking, there are only a few sizes for glasses: men’s, women’s, kid’s, and baby/toddlers. However, before you leave your optometrist with your prescription, ask them to measure your child’s face. Also, test out a few frames to see which ones fit your child the best. A few things you need to look for:

  • The eyes are centered on the lenses.
  • There are no gaps between the bridge of the nose and the glasses as the weight of the lenses might cause the glasses to fall down when your child looks down.

EyeBuyDirect has a large selection of eyeglasses for your child, so you are sure to find something that fits them well. You are even able to choose frames that are specific to your child’s measurements, ensuring that the ones you order online will fit them perfectly.

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Your biggest choice when it comes to glasses for your child is the style of frame. There are so many options, especially for kids, when it comes to shape, style, and color. EyeBuyDirect has several options for you to choose from, but not so many that you will feel overwhelmed. Since the cost is significantly lower at EyeBuyDirect than most traditional optometrists, you can get several pairs for your child for their different needs and daily style. The low cost at EyeBuyDirect also helps swallow the inevitable- when your child loses or breaks their glasses it isn’t as expensive or inconvenient (no drive to the optometrist, yay!) to order replacement glasses. Either way, having a few pairs on hand isn’t a bad idea:

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Get a pair of everyday glasses: The Posie Matte Clear frames are great everyday frames. The beige color can match anything your child is wearing, and the matte texture is on trend. Since you can put in your child’s exact prescription, you will know that they will be perfect for them the moment they arrive in the mail.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Glasses Kids Glasses

Get some fun ones: Get your child excited about wearing glasses by getting them a pair in their favorite color. The Posie Matte in purple is an example of “fun frames” that fit your child’s style and personality. EyeBuyDirect has kid’s frames in several rim shapes and colors, so you can find exactly what they are looking for in a new pair of glasses.

Get a pair of everyday sunglasses: These Little Morning glasses are also perfect for every day- at least when you’re out in the sun. The clear lenses go with everything. And since you can choose the type of lens you would like with each pair of glasses from EyeBuyDirect, you can make sure your child has a pair of prescription sunglasses in addition to regular glasses. These mirrored amber rose lenses are stylish and on trend, so your little won’t mind wearing them out with friends.

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Get a pair for in and out: When your child is at school or playing with friends in the neighborhood they are constantly going inside and outside, back and forth. A pair of glasses with transitionary lenses, like these Typist frames, makes it easy to go in and out from darker environments to brighter ones. The black frames also go with everything, so your child can wear them with almost any outfit.

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Straps and Holders

One thing most parents don’t think about when it comes to getting new glasses for their child are straps and holders to keep their glasses in place. Especially with the younger crowd, straps can help keep their glasses on their faces, making your child less likely to lose them, and making it less likely for them to drop and break.

The Feelings Stuff

This isn’t a big deal

Needing glasses is no big deal. Sure, your child needs something extra to help them and it is a hard realization when you find out that they haven’t been seeing things clearly for the past several years (but maybe that explains why they can never “find” their shoes? Maybe?). But compared to other things a child may need, this isn’t a huge deal.

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Remember that it might be a struggle

No matter your child’s age, wearing something on your face all the time, even if it helps you see better, is an adjustment. Not only is it somewhat annoying to have something placed on your face when you’re not used to it being there, but all of a sudden wearing glasses can sometimes give them a headache. They might fight you on wearing them all the time so start out slow by only requiring them to wear their glasses for short periods of time during the day or during certain activities. Slowly increase that time until they are fully adjusted.

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It helps teach them responsibility

Now your child has something for which they are fully responsible for throughout the day. If your child needs glasses, they will have to take care of those glasses- from home to school to after-school activities- they will need to make sure they are kept safe. That’s a big responsibility but one that helps teach them to care for their things.

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All parents feel a little guilty

Especially if your child is a toddler or older, you may feel a bit guilty that you didn’t realize your child needed glasses. Most parents feel this way. But in the end, recognizing that they need something a little extra and giving them the gift of sight- to be able to see actual leaves and the real shape of a bird as it flies by- is something that is invaluable.

Once your child is sized, fitted, and picks the frames he or she wants from EyeBuyDirect, all you have to do is wait. Once the glasses arrive and your child begins to wear them, you will see the magic that is having clear vision for the first time. They may fight it at first, but in the end having the ability to see clearly is something they will cherish. And having frames they love- that speak to their individual style and personality- is an added bonus.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Glasses Kids Glasses

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7 Things You Need To Know When Buying Kids Glasses

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