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Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon

Being able to peek in and check on your baby while they are sleeping is the ultimate “parent anxiety” relief. Sometimes you just want to look at them and know that they are still peacefully sleeping, or quietly playing. What about if you’re a working Mom? What if you could check in on your napping baby while you’re out and a babysitter is home with your little one? Thanks to the Peek Plus by Summer Infant, you can use this technology integrated video monitor to see baby on your phone or even on the web through a password protected log-in site.

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon


Right out of the box, the three piece system looks cleanly designed and easy to set up. The handheld monitor, the camera and the Gateway (which connects to your internet router) each have their own clearly marked power adaptor. Set the camera up 4-6 feet from where baby sleeps and plug it in. Plug in the handheld monitor to charge it, and connect the Gateway to your internet router using the provided cord. Once everything is plugged in, it’s ready to go aside from the online or the mobile device viewing. The Peek Plus comes with straight-forward directions on setting up your internet viewing and the free downloadable app is a simple setup as well.

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon


The best part of the Peek Plus system is being able to view baby through the app on your phone or online through the Summer Infant “Internet Viewable” website. There is password protected log-in so you don’t need to worry about privacy. The app is available for Apple, Android and Blackberry, so you can view baby sleeping while you’re at work, or you can even have Grandma and Grandpa download the app or access the website to peek in on their sleeping grand baby! They will love it!


With the handheld monitor next to your bed at night, a push of a button turns the screen on to get a view of baby and you can also turn the screen back of without turning off the audio. This way you can listen for baby like a traditional audio monitor, and then only turn on the screen to give a quick check before going in. The app is simple to use since you can keep your login password saved. Open the app and hit the login button to view baby easily on your phone! You can even save screen shots as images to your camera roll – which is a lot of fun depending on what baby is doing.

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon


The screen shows in both night vision in dark conditions and in color when the light in the room is bright enough. The image quality allows for you to see even tiny hand movements. Audio quality is sensitive enough to pick up quiet vocalizations but not overly sensitive so you don’t hear every tiny grunt. A light at the top also shows the audio visually by volume – turning red when baby is really hollering!

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon


Being able to softly creep out of the room and relax in another part of the house is your down-time as a parent. It is so easy to be on edge, wondering if you should go check on baby. Peek Plus gives your curious and protective self the ability to keep an eye on baby so easily! I love that I can keep the handheld monitor plugged in by my bed, and also have the app open on my phone so I can view baby while I am in another part of the house before I go to bed. Adding another camera would make this excellent for keeping an eye on baby while they’re in the playroom and you are cooking dinner!

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