5 Choices Explained by Astrology Signs

We’re all familiar with the twelve astrology signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. And we all know that each of these signs has different personality traits. But do you know why a certain friend never comes to your parties? Were you surprised at much you enjoyed a particular job field? Could your dietary preferences have something to do with astrology signs? We have the answers to all of these questions and more. Read on to learn more about the choices you make!

Staying In Or Going Out

5 Choices Explained By Astrology Signs

Some people love to party. Others prefer to stay home, curl up with a glass of wine, and read a book. Neither person is wrong for the things they enjoy. But some people are more introverted than others. The Minds Journal ranked the astrology signs from most introverted to least. The five most introverted signs are Aquarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo. So if you know someone who rarely attends a get-together, their astrological sign could be why. When planning a party, keep in mind that! According to the Thought Catalog, the best people to invite will be those who are classified as a Libra, Saggitarius, Aries, Gemini, and Leo.

Party Themes by Astrology Signs

5 Choices Explained By Astrology Signs

And while we’re on the topic of parties, every good host or hostess should have an idea of what types of parties to throw for their guests. The Spruce has a list of party themes that each zodiac sign will prefer. For example, Aquarius’s prefer star-gazing parties while Pisces enjoy luaus. And if you’re a Taurus, a glamping-themed party might be more your thing. Live it up by pitching a glamorous party tent in your backyard. But since you can’t please everyone, maybe host a game night instead. You can’t wrong with that. Or, can you?

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Popular Games

5 Choices Explained By Astrology Signs

So now that you know Scorpios, Pisces, and Aquarius’ are probably going to stay home, go ahead and plan a game night around the likes of your other party-going friends. But, do game night right! Plan ahead to entertain your friends by picking games they’ll love according to their astrology signs. Your Tango has a bunch of suggestions. For example, Aries will enjoy playing Monopoly while Geminis will live it up with Cards Against Humanity. Virgo’s will enjoy playing Midnight Outburst. But really, as long the food is great, you can’t go wrong with hosting game night!

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The Zodiac Diet

5 Choices Explained By Astrology Signs

If nothing else, this article will inspire everyone reading to host a potluck event. But if you love to cook, Elite Daily has some menu suggestions catered to each of the astrology signs. Elite Daily refers to this diet as the Zodiac Diet but is quick to mention that this diet is NOT based on science. It’s really just for fun. But, in the name of all things fun, we checked it out anyway. For a complete list, read this article!

If you’re inviting Libras or Scorpios, stockpile! Eating in moderation is a bit of trick for Libras. Scorpios are emotional eaters. They don’t hold back at meals. If you know people in either of these two signs, be a good host and have plenty of healthy food offerings for them so they won’t hate themselves when they leave for the night.

Cancers are on the list of picky eaters, according to Elite Daily, but for good reason. They have sensitive stomachs. Menu items should consist of healthy fats and lean proteins. This menu selection will also please Virgos who tend to look for healthier selections. Definitely have salad fixings and veggie sides available for them as well. Virgos, Saggitarius’s, and Pisces aren’t exactly picky eaters, but they both prefer to eat fresh food. Pisces, of course, also love fish and seafood.

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Best Careers

5 Choices Explained By Astrology Signs

When job-searching, look for a career that suits your personality the best. Pop Sugar has a list of career options based on the 12 astrology signs. For example, Leo’s are known for their charming personality and their love of being the center of attention. They would do well working somewhere within the entertainment industry. If you’re a Sagittarius, your adventurous nature would suit you well working in the travel industry. Capricorns – well known for desiring a stable paycheck – would do well working in any computer science field or in real estate.

5 Choices Explained By Astrology Signs

From diets and job preferences to learning which friends to invite to a party and what games to play, the insights provided through understanding astrological signs are endless. Now that you know – the question is, what changes did this article inspire you to make? Are you in the right career? Do you feel less guilty about spending a quiet night in solitude instead of partying it up? Whatever your astrological sign is, we hope you enjoyed this article and that you’ll choose to read more!

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5 Choices Explained By Astrology Signs

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