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When it comes to little girls toys, it doesn’t have to be all pink all the time. If you’d like to add some variety to your daughters toy box, check out these great “boy” toys that are sure to impress the princess in your life.


What’s better, really, than building ramps and making roads and racing cars around? If you are looking to add some 4 wheeling fun to your little girls life, we have some cool options for you.

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No household with children is complete without a massive collection of Lego for kids to build and imagine with. Legos are a classic toy staple for many reasons. They encourage imagination, building skills, small motor skills and even help teach math!

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Science Kits

Don’t save the scientific discovery toys for your boys alone! Encourage your girls to dive into science, have fun and learn at the same time. Girls will love getting hands on with these gross science kits.

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“Boy” Dress Up

Of course our girls love to put on sparkly dresses and fancy tiaras. Don’t forget to add in other dress up options for them to choose from. We love “career” dress up like Doctor, Fire Fighter or Carpenter. Give your girls a chance to dream and imagine their future in a role that is too often marketed toward boys alone. Melissa and Doug have some great options.

Outside Toys

Digging in the dirt and playing in the sand can be therapeutic for most children. Don’t forget about your girls’ natural exploration needs. Think about adding a sand box to your back yard, or start a collection of nature related toys.

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