A Couch For A Small Space: Meet Elephant In A Box

Finding a couch for a small space can be very tricky. And now, in light of work and school closures, a majority of people are going to be forced to work from home, increasing the need to maximize the space you already have. Now is the time to set up your fully functioning home office and or living room workspace so that both you and the kids can work remotely this season in a healthy and efficient at-home environment. For people who don’t have a separate office or the space to put a full-sized desk, Elephant In A Box has just what you need. It’s the perfect couch for a small space!

A Couch For A Small Space: Meet Elephant In A Box

Sofa Buying Guide

We know how stressful furniture shopping can be. And with the pandemic still going strong, more and more people are ordering straight off the internet. Before adding any furniture to your shopping cart, we have a list of things you need to know. The NY Times has an extensive list for shoppers to read before they complete their online orders. Among the recommendations listed; sofa size, family member size, and pets were all mentioned.

Sofa Size

Be sure to check out the dimensions listed for the sofa, especially if you need a couch for a small space. There are four different types of sofas to choose from; standard, loveseat, sectional, and sofa bed. Break out that measuring tape and check the area you want the sofa to go in. Double-check the width of the sofa to make sure it will fit through the entryway of your home. We can’t stress enough how important it is to take accurate measurements – in particular when you need a couch for a small space! The NY Times has provided diagrams on their website to aid with taking correct measurements.

A Couch For A Small Space: Meet Elephant In A Box
A Couch For A Small Space: Meet Elephant In A Box

Whether you’re shopping for a small, studio apartment or a luxury home, Elephant In A Box is the answer for you, especially if you need a couch for a small space. Aptly named because this sofa, measuring 83.5″ L and 37.5″ wide is strong enough to support over 3000 pounds and it comes in a box that measures 37.8″ L and 15.8″ W. Yes! You read that right! Elephant In A Box is delivered in a box that’s less than half its length and width before it’s set up. That means you won’t have to worry about getting the couch into your house

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Household Size

The next item on the NY Times‘ list is the number of family members in your household. Is the sofa you’re purchasing going to be big enough to accommodate everyone? Also, households with small children and pets will want to purchase furniture that is durable and easy to clean. For this purpose, the NY Times recommends finding furniture that is made from microfiber or leather or any furniture that has a high rub count. Also, because we all know how kids love jumping on furniture when parents aren’t looking, it’s recommended that sofas with down-filled cushions be avoided. Make sure you read the cleaning instructions before buying that sofa.

A Couch For A Small Space: Meet Elephant In A Box
A Couch For A Small Space: Meet Elephant In A Box

Elephant In A Box uses upholstery made from 100% polyester. Hunker highly recommends furniture made with 100% polyester because of its durability. They remind buyers that furniture made with 100% polyester is ideal for homes with rigorous daily living. They also caution shoppers to make sure the furniture isn’t made with a polyester blend because it won’t stand up to the same day-to-day abuse that 100% polyester will.

Other Buying Mistakes

Bob Vila also has some recommendations for people who are in the market for new furniture. His list is based on some of the most common mistakes people make when furniture shopping which includes skipping research and purchasing trendy furniture.

Skipping the research is probably the biggest mistake people make, especially when they’re in a hurry to get a new piece of furniture. Once you know what style of sofa you want, check multiple store websites to see what they have. Don’t be fooled into buying a new sofa just because one store has it listed “on sale for a limited time.” You might find it listed for a lower price somewhere else. Also, pay attention to the reviews posted about the furniture.

If you want a high-quality couch with rave reviews look no further than Elephant In A Box. You can read the reviews customers have left on their website. They also provide links to other reviews customers have left on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. If that doesn’t convince you, how about this? Elephant In A Box offers a 30-day trial period, limited lifetime warranty, free returns – with or without the box – and no restocking fees!

Trendy furniture – whether it’s a particular style or color – can also be another mistake shoppers make. Keep in mind that what’s in style now, might not be in style in a few years. Because furniture is an investment, think twice before adding anything trendy to your home. This will help you avoid buyer’s remorse down the road. Elephant In A Box will outlast every trend, guaranteeing that your living room or office will never look outdated.

Just in case we haven’t already convinced you that Elephant In A Box is perfect, especially if you’re looking for a couch for a small space in your house, we have a list of five reasons why you must buy this couch!

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Elephant In A Box

A Couch For A Small Space: Meet Elephant In A Box

Made With Honeycomb Technology

The masterminds behind Elephant In A Box use a honeycomb technology – the same technology used in aviation – which allows the sofa to quickly expand and recover its size and shape. The sofa quite literally comes out of the box like an accordion. The amazing thing about its design is that Elephant In A Box doesn’t require a lot of room for setup making it the ideal couch for a small space


Our favorite feature about the Elephant In A Box isn’t what it’s made with but how it helps protect the environment. Its compact shipping size means that the shipping process will use only 1/5 of the energy needed to ship other sofas. When you purchase Elephant In A Box, you’re helping to protect the environment. This is a purchase you’ll feel good about!

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Special Features

A Couch For A Small Space: Meet Elephant In A Box

Elephant In A Box is more than meets the eye and we have three more reasons why you need this couch! First, it’s the perfect couch for a small space. Second, it takes five minutes to set up and requires no tools. Fans of Transformers will love this last reason. Located inside of one of the armrests is a folding desk. With this feature, you won’t need to worry about cramming too much furniture into one room. Plus the folding table is the only feature of the Elephant In A Box that is made with wood. The rest of the sofa isn’t, making this an environmentally-friendly purchase.

A Couch For A Small Space: Meet Elephant In A Box

The Elephant In A Box is the perfect couch for a small space because it can transform any small room into a workspace in seconds. When it’s time to work, pull the desk out from the armrest and set a chair up. The desk is perfect for laptops, tablets, and reading. The only thing not included with this sofa is extra lighting. If you need extra lighting but don’t have room for a lamp or just need something small for the armrest desk, we’ve got you covered. Amazon has a wide selection of travel desk lights that will compliment the armrest desk.

Elephant In A Box | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

If you’re looking for an affordable, durable couch for a small space, get the Elephant In A Box. It only takes a few minutes to set up and requires no tools. The Elephant In A Box is an environmentally-friendly purchase you’ll never regret buying. Don’t let square footage stand in your way! Visit Elephant In A Box and grab a couch for a small space today!


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A Couch For A Small Space: Meet Elephant In A Box

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