Newborn Hospital Hats To Gush Over

Newborn Hospital Hats To Gush Over 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Within seconds of the arrival of your little bundle of joy, she was probably crowned with a traditional blue and pink striped cotton hospital hat. Her first photo, posted to all of your social media sites within hours of her birth, displayed her chubby cheeks and cherub lips protruding from that universal head piece. You proudly placed it on her head for her first car ride home, and then immediately removed it upon arrival and stored it in her memory box for safe keeping.

While these hats have been a precious souvenir for parents for years, many moms-to-be have begun searching for something different that will stand out from the rest and truly reflect their personalities. We have found the most unique and adorable newborn hospital hats for both girls and boys that will add a bit of sparkle to your newborn’s first photo and leave all of your friends gushing.

A Touch of Tradition

Newborn Hospital Hats To Gush Over 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

If you don’t want to stray too far from the traditional newborn hospital hats, but want something slightly different and special for your new baby girl, these adaptations of the universal hospital hat are absolutely perfect. The Sweet Baby Newborn Hat in blue and pink stripes or the Pink and White Striped Nursery Big Bow Newborn Hat from Melondipity (both made of the exact material that traditional newborn hospital hats are made of) will have the nurses in awe during your baby’s hospital stay.

Newborn Hats For Girls

Newborn Hospital Hats To Gush Over 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Perfectly made to warm brand new little heads, Melondipity’s line for newborn girls will truly stand out from the rest. The Organic Pink Big Bow Newborn Hat is made with the finest organic cotton and Eco, chemical-free dyes to protect every ounce of that precious new little head.

If you want to stick with an authentic hospital grade hat, the Baby Pink Sparkles Newborn Hat and the Beautiful Bow Newborn Hospital Hat differ only in the fact that they are 2X thicker, providing a warmer layer of comfort for your snugly little girl. The handcrafted rose and bow in the center of these two hats provide just enough sparkle to compliment your new little gem.

The Organic Sweet Seersucker Flower Newborn Hospital Hat will make the perfect first accessory for your baby. Made of 2 ply organic cotton and Eco, chemical-free dyes, you can feel confident in your healthy choice as you snap your baby girl’s first photos.

Newborn Hats For Boys

Newborn Hospital Hats To Gush Over 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesGirls don’t have to be the only ones with style on their day of birth. Give your new little man some spunk and personality with one of these adorable and unique hospital hats for boys.

The Organic Marvelous Monogrammed Newborn Boy’s Hospital Hat is the made of perfect simplicity and style. Double ply for extra warmth and made from 100% organic cotton, you can get your little one’s initials monogrammed on the front in either blue or brown font.

The Twinkle Little Star Baby Boy and Toddler Hat is perfect for winter babies. Handmade with 100% grey cotton yarn, it boasts a proud star on the front and ear flaps with tassels on each side. Your little man will be as comfy as he is cute in this newborn hat.

Your newborn will truly stand out from the rest in the Striped Reversible Pilot Hat. This grey and white under the chin tied hat is made from 100% organic Egyptian cotton. Add a little vintage flare to your handsome little man’s first photos with this precious hat.

Hand-knit with non-allergic yarn, the Little Sailor Baby Boy Hat is sure to be an eye catcher. This sweet beanie has blue and white stripes and a red felt anchor stitched onto the front.

Newborn Hats For The Littlest Fashionistas

Newborn Hospital Hats To Gush Over 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesLet’s be honest; there is nothing cuter than a tiny fashionista. Melondipity has created some of the most fashionable newborn hats to accessorize your little one’s very first photo shoot.

While it’s not quite a full hat, the Miss Scarlet Feather Headband certainly does the job of enveloping your baby’s sweet little head. Featuring over-sized red feathers and a red side flower with center rhinestones, this headband will add a diva’s flare to your princess’s first photo shoot.

Perfect for any season, the Solid Gold Baby Girl Hat will be a beautiful compliment to your daughter’s sweet features in her first photos. This 100% cotton gold beanie is adorned with tiny gold sequins and has a fold over metallic gold rim. It boasts a beautiful over-sized gold flower on the front.

Your little girl will look absolutely precious in this Icy Pinks Baby Hat With Flower. Hand crafted with beautiful soft pink and white detail, this hat will reflect a blossoming flower on your infant’s head.

The Autumn Harvest Feather Baby Headband will make the perfect crowing accessory for your fall baby. Featuring rich brown, green and orange feathers, this handmade head piece will add pizazz to your little fashionsista’s first photo shoot!

Newborn Hospital Hats To Gush Over 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Whether you want just a touch of something special or a show stopping accessory, a unique newborn hospital hat should definitely be on your list of things to pack in your hospital bag. For more unique newborn hospital hats and beyond, be sure to visit Melondipity!


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