23 Excellent Gifts for Him for Christmas

Finding the perfect gifts for him for Christmas does not have to be a challenge. You can surprise the man in your life with the perfect holiday gifts. It might be exercise equipment for your fitness buff. It might be a stylish watch for the man who loves fashion or it might be a DIY kit to upgrade the bathroom. No matter your man’s personality here are a few wonderful, unique ideas for gifts for him for Christmas.


Daily Mom Parent Portal Untuckit 18

The gallant guy in your life may request clothing this holiday season, so when the inevitable requests come in, the opportunity to really treat him to something special arises with UNTUCKit. Who says he can’t look sharp with his shirt untucked? With UNTUCKit, he can be comfortable and still look like a million bucks.

Pair this top with the Wool Davenport Sport Coat for a polished, professional look (yes, still untucked). We adore this sport coat for its flattering construction as well as the intricate details designed to make his day easier. The structured collar, absorbent underarm patch, contrasting thread accents make this comfortable, attractive, and easy to pair with any of his favorite UNTUCKit shirts.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Untuckit 24

Any of these shirts can be worn for any occasion, and that’s precisely why the Wrinkle-Free Penley Shirt dinner table or can make a statement in the boardroom paired with his favorite blazer. The spread collar keeps this shirt looking and feeling comfortable and the material will keep him cool and cozy. For that same checkered look in a different flavor, the Wrinkle-Free Bryant Shirt is ready to wear, fresh out of the dryer, and looks polished with a pair of chinos or jeans.

Of course, there is something to be said about solids. Solid colors are easy to pair with any and everything, so keep it exciting by finding him a shirt that’s not solid, as long as you’re looking closely enough! The Wrinkle-Free Marcasin Shirt has a tiny herringbone pattern that’s nearly unrecognizable. This pattern is professional yet playful and can be paired with his suit of choice or his favorite jeans.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Untuckit 27

Complete his look with the Wrinkle-Resistant Palazzo Sport Coat. This naturally wrinkle-resistant wool composes a great foundation for every man’s wardrobe. With a fully-lined interior, double vents, and underarm sweat patches, this sport coat will work for him all day long. It’s fully functional, too, with its two front flap pockets and interior pockets. He will be able to keep all of his important gear with him while looking amazing.

This holiday season, help the guy in your life look and feel his best without adding laundry stresses to his plate. This Christmas, give the gift of UNTUCKit for a wardrobe that works.

Wool Davenport Sport Coat | Wrinkle-Free Penley Shirt | Wrinkle-Resistant Palazzo Sport Coat | Wrinkle-Free Bryant Shirt | Wrinkle-Free Marcasin Shirt

UNTUCKit | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


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Home makeover gifts are absolutely perfect for this holiday season! Let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to upgrade our bathrooms. It’s a win-win. You get to upgrade your bathroom and he gets gifts for him for Christmas. This year you can surprise the special someone in your life with the experience of Brondell! Time spent in the bathroom is no longer wipe and go, it’s oftentimes the only place we have to relax for a few minutes. With such limited time, you might as well make those few minutes worth it! The Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat is the most hygienic and custom bathroom addition and it can be added to the list of gifts for him.

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Gifts-for-Him-for Christmas

The Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat is an experience you’ll be bragging about every time someone steps into your bathroom. This electronic bidet has an endless warm water spray, heated toilet set, and a warm air dryer! There is simply no need for toilet paper to keep your tushy clean! Designed for the modern bathroom, the Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat also includes a replaceable deodorizer and a cool blue nightlight. Your bathroom will look elegant, smell wonderful, and leave you eager for those bathroom breaks!

The Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat has a remote for easy use and you can program your own settings so your toilet seat knows exactly what you like! The best part of the Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat is that there is absolutely no plumbing required. It’s the perfect gift for those who have been begging you to upgrade for years!

Why stop at just upgrading your toilet experience when picking out gifts for him for Christmas, when you can also upgrade your showers! The Vivaspring Filtered Shower Head is the perfect shower head that filters your water from chlorine and odor, leaving your skin silky soft and your hair cleaner than ever! This showerhead is 6.5 inches in diameter and contains 60 nozzles, giving you a wide spray that feels like you’re taking a shower in the rain. Simply close your eyes, and enjoy the clean water spraying down on you. When it comes to upgrading your home this holiday season, Brondell truly delivers everything you need!

Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat | Vivaspring Filtered Shower Head
Brondell | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Nomad Goods

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When you are shopping for the technology lover in the family, gifts from Nomad Goods are an obvious choice. Charging all of our electronics can be a hassle, and the more cables we add into the mix, the fewer options we have to be flexible. With the Base Station Pro, take the challenge out of charging. With FreePower® technology, you can experience a positionless charging experience for all your gear. A matrix of 18 coils allows anyone to simultaneously charge up to 3 devices. This modern, sleek design features a padded leather surface, and the attractive slim profile can elevate the vibe and appearance of any office or room.

Designed with the minimalist in mind, the Card Wallet in Black stores his cards in a neat and slim manner. Impressively, it can hold up to 10 cards without the bulk of a common wallet. This leather piece is made in the USA and develops a unique, beautiful patina over time. Card for AirTag is included in this wallet and it seamlessly integrates Apple’s location tracking in a form convenient for your wallet. Simply connect it to your Apple device and find it easily if needed. Either way, Nomad Goods is the best go-to for technology gifts this season.

Base Station Pro | Card Wallet, Black
Nomad Goods | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Blue Sky Outdoor Living


You don’t have to live at the North Pole to crave a warm and toasty fire this time of year! Thankfully, Blue Sky Outdoor Living has you covered! You’ll be basking in the warm glow of the Peak Smokeless Patio Fire Pit with Spark Screen and Screen Lift all season long!

Gather the family, grab your s’mores fixin’s and prepare for some fun with the Peak Smokeless Patio Fire Pit with Spark Screen and Screen Lift. You’ll be impressed with its bold, sleek look and sturdy construction, but most of all, by the fact that you won’t head inside for the evening smelling like smoke. (Because let’s face it, nobody wants to leave a fun bonfire smelling like the inside of a chimney!)

How is this possible, you ask? Well, because the Peak Smokeless Patio Fire Pit is smokeless! With its unique burn chamber, air is pulled into the bottom ring of holes, up through the hollow wall, and is then released through the inner ring of holes into the top of the burn chamber. This not only helps control the smoke, but also creates a nicer fire. Ash is collected in the ash catch tray below for super-simple clean-up, too.

When the weather dips into perfect bonfire temps, be at the ready with the Large Steel Banded Wood Storage Basket. Hold firewood in style with this sleek steel basket. It has an extra-large diameter plus convenient carry handles, so you’ll have the supplies needed to keep the party going late into the evening. Stay warm and cozy through the holidays and beyond. Remember when Blue Sky Outdoor Living makes the list of gifts for him for Christmas – it’s really a gift for the whole family.

Peak Smokeless Patio Fire Pit with Spark Screen and Screen Lift | Large Steel Banded Wood Storage Basket
Blue Sky Outdoor Living | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Robert August

Daily Mom Parent Portal Robert August 5

Handcrafted in Spain, the Python Loafer shoes by Robert August are phenomenal creations! Made with genuine python leather, every Python Loafer shoe is Goodyear Welted for superior quality and comfort. Every shoe purchased from Robert August is custom made and includes a premium shoe tree with each order. Use the 360º design studio made available by Robert August to design the perfect shoe for yourself or someone else! Strut to work in style when you slip on a pair of the Python Loafer shoes from Robert August!

Python Loafer
Robert August | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest


Daily Mom Parent Portal Vertagear Dm Export2 5

After a long day of work, all you want to do is sit back and play some games while fully immersing yourself in the gaming experience…and we couldn’t agree more! For the gamer in your life, Vertagear has designed a comfortable, sturdy gaming chair, the PL4500. The integrated steel skeleton ensures long-term durability to keep you securely aligned and stable through long gameplays.

The ultra-premium high resilience foam has a density well above industry standard which prolongs the life of the chair. Due to the density of the foam, this PL4500 chair prevents deformities in the foam from long use, very much like memory foam.

The PL4500 is the ultimate gaming chair in many ways, with interactive moods such as audio and a compatible RGB LED upgrade kit. The marriage of coffee fiber padding and silver lining embroidery limits odors and increases breathability and inhibits bacteria-growth control due to sustained hours of play (and sweat). The silver lining kills bacteria and prioritizes cleanliness and comfort in the areas needed the most. The heavy-duty base is engineered with industrial-grade metal to support up to 400lbs of weight for long-lasting comfort for all shapes and sizes of gamers.

The PL4500 is easy to assemble with slide-in hardware components and makes the perfect addition to the gifts for him for Christmas. Simply slide the backrest in the seat for a one-person, easy set-up. Vertagear is pretty much your one-stop-shop for your holiday gamers!

Vertagear | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Time Concepts

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Gifts-for-Him-for Christmas

What better gifts for him for Christmas exist than stunning new timepieces to add to his collection? Luxury speaks, and so does this ICON Roland Sands Signature 2253 Chronograph from Time Concepts. Style, substance, masculinity – this watch has it all!

The ICON Roland Sands Signature 2253 Chronograph comes with a 43-millimeter 316L stainless steel case and fixed bezel, with a stainless-steel push crown. This luxurious watch features Japan Quartz atop its two-eye chronograph with date movement. The gorgeous sapphire blue dial features a striking Roland Sands logo. Superior quality luminous phosphorescent numbers, hour hand and minute hand glow blue at night, giving this watch a radiant appearance.

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Gifts-for-Him-for Christmas

The tan textured leather strap has an easy-to-change spring bar and appealing rustproof buckle, which adds to the watch’s upscale look. Like a fine wine, the leather strap of the ICON Roland Sands Signature 2253 Chronograph ages well too, as it develops a patina that only improves with time.

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He’ll wear this timepiece anywhere from casual meetups to formal gatherings, weddings, birthdays and family dinners. Time Concepts has something to complement just about anything in his wardrobe, especially his festive, holiday-best looks! 

ICON Roland Sands Signature 2253 Chronograph
Time Concepts | Instagram


Worx Daily Mom Parent Portal 2

A project is only as good as the tools used to create it, and Worx keeps this at the front of their philosophy, crafting tools that are designed to let the worker’s talent shine through. At the crux of the woodworker’s collection is a circular saw, so if you have a man in your life who is in need of something to take their woodworking game up a level (or three), then perhaps Santa should include the Nitro 20V Power Share 7.25″ Cordless Circular Saw With Brushless Motor in his pile of gifts for him for Christmas during his annual trip down the chimney.

The Nitro 20V Power Share 7.25″ Cordless Circular Saw With Brushless Motor features a professional cutting capacity of 2 9/16 inches, which is ideal for a variety of lumber types. Featuring an efficient brushless motor, this cordless saw will run up to 50 percent longer and operate more powerfully, which means it will last longer and create more projects than other circular saws. which runs 50 percent longer, is 25 percent more powerful, and has a 10 percent longer life than brushed motors.

Measure twice and cut once, for real this time. Make the cut you want to make with the adjustable knob which allows you to bevel the blade up to 57 degrees for perfect miter cuts.

Worx Daily Mom Parent Portal 6

Lightweight and easy to use, this saw makes hard work look easy with an LED light that illuminates the workspace and helps them follow their line. With a dust trap and a rechargeable battery, the Nitro 20V Power Share 7.25″ Cordless Circular Saw With Brushless Motor is the best gift to give someone who needs high-quality performance from their tools.

Nitro 20V Power Share 7.25″ Cordless Circular Saw With Brushless Motor
Worx | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Daily Mom Parent Portal Untuckit 10

Founded by a World War 1 veteran, Devil-Dog® was named in honor of all the brave people who served in the armed forces. Since that time Devil-Dog® has made it its mission to create durable, tough-as-a-marine jeans at an affordable price. Check out our favorites below!

The Slim-Straight jeans are built for lasting, all-day comfort. That’s because they’re made with Lycra® and dualFX® technology. Available in seven different colors, our favorites are Lincoln, Moore, and Fremont. Every pair of the Slim-Straight jeans are made with 93% cotton, have five pockets, and a zip fly.  Their LeJeune design allows for extra comfort by providing a less fitted slim than other styles.

For days when boots are required, Devil-Dog® offers Boot-Cut jeans. Made with 95% cotton, these jeans have all the style and comfort needed for long workdays. They sit just below the waist and are cut straight through the thighs and legs. Just like the Slim-Straight, the Boot-Cut jeans have a five-pocket design and are made with Lycra® and dualFX® technology.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Untuckit 50

For the special man in your life, shop Devil-Dog® this holiday season. Grab a pair of Slim-Straight or Boot-Cut jeans and watch your man work in style! And remember! When you shop Devil-Dog®, you’re honoring veterans in the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP)!

Slim-Straight | Boot-Cut
Devil-Dog® | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest


Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Gifts-for-Him-for Christmas

Spine health is not only crucial but vital for longevity and general well-being throughout someone’s entire life. If you think that hitting the gym is the only way to strengthen, straighten, and keep your back in check (especially if you are hunched over a desk all day) think again! Leave the gym for classes and weight training, and leave your back to SpineGym. All it takes is 5 minutes, three times a week, and watch as your posture improves, your strength increases and your general well-being improves – desk jockey or not! This is such a unique tool to add to the list of gifts for him for Christmas.

The SpineGym is recommended by over 500 physiotherapists and physicians around the world. This simple Scandinavian design is revolutionizing homes and offices. This sleek, simple design supports you while you work your back and chest by performing simple, easy movements. The SpineGym has three different poll attachment points on each side for easy adjustment to suit people of various sizes. The low-profile, sleek base keeps this device stable and very easy to use (and portable).

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Gifts-for-Him-for Christmas

Thanks to the strength and torque in this device, it can be used consistently for however long you desire to use it. It’s the type of gift that keeps on giving, one simple backstretch at a time.  

SpineGym | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Peter Manning NYC

Daily Mom Parent Portal Peter Manning Dm Export2 4

The man in your life has so much on his plate, looking for the best gifts for him may seem like an unreachable goal – finding gifts for him for Christmas that he’ll truly appreciate is possible. Whether your guy is picky, easy-going, or a little bit in between, one thing is for sure… he needs a jacket when the weather gets cooler. Not only that, a jacket that fits the short, the lean, the not-so-lean, and the hard to fit; Peter Manning NYC made sure of that.

This handsome, all-time classic Harrington Jacket – Navy is the type of jacket that is functional, warranted, and one of those perfect gifts for him for Christmas that’ll bring a smile to his face. This particular jacket is a surprisingly great fit for the not-so-tall man in your life. It’s a simplistic design with just enough features to keep a man satisfied while having just the right sleeve and body length.

If a jacket that has a two-button stand-up collar, ribbed trim at the cuff and hems, and a durable cotton/nylon shell with a comfortably warming lining would make him happy – this will be one of the top gifts for him for Christmas that’ll keep him snuggly during those cooler days. Peter Manning NYC has the fit, the style, and the gifts that no man says he actually wants, but actually… wants!

Harrington Jacket – Navy
Peter Manning NYC | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


A Wallet3

The Classic Wallet No. 101 boasts a timeless style. It comes in various shades of browns and blacks which vary from the beautiful shades of vintage chestnut leather, black leather, chestnut leather, and walnut leather. The extremely, well-made top-of-the-line leather Classic Wallet No. 101 is Ghurka’s No. 1 best-selling wallet. It is 4 ¼ by 3 ½ inches and features eight credit card slots. The Classic Wallet No. 101 has a leather-lined currency divider and two extra pockets for cards or receipts.

The durable, excellent leather Classic Wallet No. 101 will stand the test of time. Ghurka is based in the same factory it started in 1975 in Norwalk, CT, by Marley Hodgson. Ghurka makes everything from handbags, backpacks, and briefcases with the kind of quality that can be passed on to the next generation. Wallets always make excellent gifts for him for Christmas. This wallet will be the best he’s ever received.

A Wallet 6

Classic Wallet No. 101
Ghurka | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Gifts-for-Him-for Christmas

Proper organization is key to getting through the sometimes-hectic holidays, isn’t it? Whether you are the photographer leading the family holiday card photo shoot, traveling to a gorgeous snow-filled destination over winter break, or simply testing out your new lens snapping pics of the kids on Christmas morning, you need photography travel gear from Incase!

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The DSLR Pro Pack With Woolenex has some of the best organizational space around, for both new and experienced photographers. It’s made with abrasion-resistant fabric and is exceptionally light and durable enough to keep most of your belongings. This convenient camera bag has pockets and changeable dividers to fit your DSLR, along with attached lenses and flashes, and any other gifts for him for Christmas.

Besides the DSLR Pro Pack’s top zipper, which allows easy access to the camera, the interior zipped mesh pockets add to the storage for smaller items that are easily lost, like spare batteries, filters, and memory cards. The interior slip pocket helps keep an iPad stowed securely away, while the exterior hip pocket helps attach a tripod. Padded shoulder straps make the bag easy to carry, no matter what adventures the season has in store. Capture each moment more conveniently this Christmas with Incase.

DSLR Pro Pack With Woolenex
Incase | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Gifts-for-Him-for Christmas

Traveling for the holidays can be stressful, especially if you don’t have the right luggage. Even short weekend trips shouldn’t mean you are stuck carrying a heavy bag on your shoulders. The luggage options from Travelpro make excellent gifts for him for Christmas so he can navigate the busy airports or check into hotels much easier knowing travel items are safely stored in the proper suitcase. The Roadtrip Rolling Duffel Bag with Packing Cubes is a 30-inch drop-bottom suitcase on wheels that will quickly become the first bag he chooses when heading out of town.

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This two-compartment bag makes organizing his contents so much more efficient. The main compartment will hold the majority of his items and can be separated using the three included packing cubes. These added accessories are great if he wants to plan outfits for each day or if he just likes to keep items categorized. Additionally, if you are packing for little ones but they don’t have much, they can each have their own packing cube so you don’t get their items mixed up.

The bottom zippered compartment is ideal for holding shoes, toiletries, gear, or other items you wish to keep separate from your clothing or delicate pieces. Available in black or navy, the Roadtrip Rolling Duffel Bag is a rugged but light travel bag that is both water, abrasion, and stain-resistant, keeping your bag looking new no matter how rough the bag handlers might be.

Roadtrip Rolling Duffel Bag with Packing Cubes
Travelpro | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Illuminated LED Cornhole Set by PoolCandy

Yardcandy Illuminated Led Cornhole Outdoor Games Yc3155ch Yardcandy 28393324412993 1800x1800

Is a Cornhole set on your holiday shopping list for gifts for him for Christmas? We agree, Christmas is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy some fun with the kids, teens, or adults in your life with the Illuminated LED Cornhole Set from PoolCandy. This classic lawn game set features a colorful platform that’s lit with LED lights all around so you can play at home or anywhere from dusk to dark.

Yardcandy Illuminated Led Cornhole Outdoor Games Yc3155ch Yardcandy 28393394634817 1800x1800

Whether mastering this classic game or just enjoying quality time with friends and family after eating Christmas dinner, this set is sure to provide many hours of entertainment now and into the new year!

Illuminated LED Cornhole Set

PoolCandy | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube


Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Gifts-for-Him-for Christmas

Do you know a globe-trotting man who loves to travel with only the best travel gear on your holiday list? Then look no further than Monos when shopping for gifts for him for Christmas. Monos designs high-quality bags, luggage, clothing, and accessories that are functional and stylish.

The chic Metro Folio Kit is a versatile accessory that attaches to the Metro Backpack and Metro Duffel. The Folio Kit is designed with QuickSnap™; it easily snaps on and off the Metro Backpack and Duffel to quickly swap kits according to his needs.

The kit is crafted with ultra-micro fiber vegan leather and has room to carry an e-reader, passport, mini-tablet, SD card, and credit cards. With elastic loops to keep pens and cords safe, a removable key ring, and a small zip pocket, he’ll never be without the essentials!

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Gifts-for-Him-for Christmas

For the person on your list who loves comfortable yet stylish clothing, the chic Kyoto Long Sleeve crewneck sweatshirt is loungewear that will become a go-to staple in your wardrobe. This luxurious sweatshirt makes a perfect travel companion. This gender-neutral sweatshirt has a relaxed fit with drop shoulders, and pairs perfectly with Kyoto Pants. The mid-weight sweatshirt is made from soft, breathable cotton and is designed to keep you cool, cozy, and comfortable in any weather condition or situation. So whether you are relaxing at home or hopping on a flight, the Everywear clothing line offers you the ultimate loungewear comfort.

Monos premium travel gear and the Everywear clothing line make holiday shopping easy for the travelers and fashionistas on your list.

Metro Folio Kit | Kyoto Long Sleeve
Monos| Facebook | Instagram

Solo New York 


This holiday season, get ready to travel in style with the All-Star Hybrid Backpack Duffel by Solo New York. This brilliantly designed lightweight backpack can be converted into a large duffel bag by just tucking away the padded straps in a zipper compartment. It’s designed with many clever features, including a separate shoe/laundry compartment, a removable/adjustable shoulder strap, and an internal organizer for clothes.

This backpack will become your go-to travel bag with its stylish design and large capacity to keep all your personal belongings organized and safe. The All-Star Hybrid Backpack Duffel is the perfect travel companion for the holidays and would make an excellent gift for the frequent traveler on your list. 

All-Star Hybrid Backpack Duffel
Solo New York | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Universal Brand Development

Pop Up Cover

Spectacular three-dimensional dinosaurs come roaring off the pages of Matthew Reinhartís Jurassic World: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book. Calling this a pop-up book is like calling Tyrannosaurus Rex just a dinosaur. No details are left unseen, as artist Rich Davies uses a 360-degree format allowing readers to view and participate in the action from all sides, integrating interactive pull-tabs and hidden surprises.

Popup 4

Journey through three decades of major motion pictures from Jurrasic Park to Jurrasic World. From Jurassic Park super fans to dinosaur lovers of all ages, this fantastic pop-up book will make Christmas one to remember. This pop-up book pays attention to artistry and detail. It will be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Jurassic World: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book is definitely a unique book to add to the list of gifts for men for Christmas.

Pop Up3 1

Jurassic World: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book
Universal Brand Development | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Spice Of Life USA

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Gifts-for-Him-for Christmas

Spice Of Life USA knows that the days start getting shorter and before you know it, his after-dinner walks seem like nighttime strolls. Keep your fitness buff safe as you add the Buddy Beat Light to the list of gifts for him for Christmas. This one-of-a-kind light not only illuminates your walk with powerful LED lighting but also connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth so that you can listen to your favorite podcast or music while you stroll. Remain hands-free when you answer your calls with Buddy Beat Light.

Of course, your evening stroll isn’t the only time you may need some extra lighting. Use Buddy Beat Light to finish up your gardening projects after work, take your dogs out for a quick break, or even enjoy reading while the house rests with the gentle external lights on your Buddy Beat Light. It will stay secure wherever you need it with the adjustable arms and magnetic closure. Enjoy fall from sunup to sundown without worrying about your safety with Buddy Beat Light.

Buddy Beat Light
Spice Of Life USA | Facebook | Instagram

Groovy Guy Gifts


Forget the socks and underwear for the gifts for men for Christmas. Give them a gift they’ll be able to show off for years to come. This holiday season, Groovy Guy Gifts has something special for every man on your list, and the Midnight Smoker gift set may just be the manliest thing we could find.

The Midnight Smoker gift set includes everything a cigar-loving gent could ask for. Including the beautiful humidor (wooden box) each of these gifts arrives in, he will receive a stainless steel cigar cutter, a torch for easy lighting, a travel case, and even a flask for those nights where the cigar calls for a rich brandy or a smooth scotch. Make it truly unique to him by engraving his name and initials on all his gear. The possibilities are all available to you and will make this gifting season one to remember.

Time and time again, he will enjoy this gift and will certainly become the most popular guy in his group thanks to Groovy Guy Gifts.

Midnight Smoker
Groovy Guy Gifts | Facebook



With the holidays just around the corner, finding Christmas gifts for him can be challenging. A BREO BOX is a quarterly or yearly subscription box that can be one of the perfect Christmas gifts for those who are impossible to shop for! Each box is filled with cool gadgets, home goods, and fitness products for men and women who love discovering new ways to enhance their lifestyles.

Also, be sure to check out the “Lifestyle Shop” at Brebox.com. Here you can find additional gadgets and items, which can make great stocking stuffers for the holidays. For example, if you’re traveling for the holidays or just love the outdoors, then be sure to add the AirChair from the lifestyle shop and take it with you!

This chair is easy to inflate and makes the perfect seat on the lawn or at the beach. The innovative nylon chair requires no pump, and it’s collapsible & foldable, fitting securely into a drawstring backpack. The AirChair is one of the best Christmas gifts for tweens who love the outdoors but prefer to sit on a comfortable seat rather than on grass or sand!

So this holiday season, get that lucky person on your list the BREO BOX subscription, and they will remember you through all four seasons of the year! You can also check out the Lifestyle Shop for additional cool gadgets that can make great stocking stuffers.

BREO BOX | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube



This holiday season, surprise the gamer on your list with the LVL50 Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset by PDP. These extremely comfortable & lightweight headphones are officially licensed by Xbox and have a battery life of more than 16 hours, giving you endless interactive game time. These headphones work with Xbox One, Series S & X, Windows PC, Mac, and tablets!

The noise-canceling mic features flip-to-mute technology for precise and easy communication. The headset is also equipped with 50mm HD Speaker Drivers with Windows Sonic compatibility to deliver high-quality stereo sound. These headphones would make the most awesome gift for the avid gamer during the holidays. Play at the top of your game with a fully immersive experience with the ultimate LVL50 Wireless Headset.


LVL50 Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset
PDP | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Man Crates

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Gifts-for-Him-for Christmas

This holiday season, give the special guy in your life meaningful gifts for him for Christmas from Man Crates. Man Crates designs high-quality products for men packed in crates and ammo cans, including jerky, grilling gifts, bar & drink accessories, and more! No matter what your man is into, Man Crates has it all.

The extremely cool Personalized Portable Puck Shot is just the game every puck shot fan wants in their man cave. It comes with 16 solid wooden pucks, which are stored in a black burlap bag. In addition, the baltic birch game board set has everything to keep family and friends engaged for hours. The game board doubles as a carrying case and can be personalized, making it more meaningful and memorable.

So get your man a masculine one-of-a-kind gift from Man Crates that he will use and appreciate the entire year.

Personalized Portable Puck Shot
Man Crates | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Finding excellent gifts for him for Christmas is much easier with these awesome suggestions. Gifts for him for Christmas can be big or small; it’s really just a matter of finding the ones that fit his personality and style. Make the guy in your life feel special this holiday season with the perfect gifts for him for Christmas.

Check out Daily Mom’s Parenting Section for more advice, tips, and tricks.

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