31 Essentials To Get Healthy You Wish You Knew About Sooner

Each day you can do things in your daily routine to get healthy, little changes, and additions to your life to improve the quality of life. Starting this season, whether you make small changes or big changes, you too, can get healthy. We have easy additions from natural toothpaste to workout gear to help you get healthy this season, year-round, no matter your starting point!

Time to Get Healthy Now


If you haven’t been feeling ‘like yourself’ lately, you just may need a “reboot”. Experience the revolutionary Daily Recharge, an energy “recharge” formula unlike any other when you want to get healthy and stay healthy. Harnessing the power of potent plant-based compounds, it uplifts your strength, physical stamina, mental endurance, muscle density, and overall fitness levels. Get ready to unlock the secret to restoring your youthful vibrancy and muscle recovery with specialized energy-recharging antioxidants. Feel the transformation as you embrace a life full of vitality, strength, and boundless energy.


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If you know about the power of aroma therapy, you just found your new best nose ring. If you don’t, you are about to have your mind blown, calm, focused, and supported as you get healthy this season! Essence’s Custom Blends 5-Pack Bundle contains carefully crafted essential oil blends to promote mind-body balance. In this bundle, you get Allergy Relief that offers you soothing ease and helps you tackle seasonal discomfort. Breathe Easy, in the same way, ensures unrestricted breathing – by aiding to clear the airways, it solves half of the health issues! The Immunity Boosts included in this bundle, fortify your vitality and enhance your quality of life on your journey to get healthy and happy.

Additionally, for those facing fatigue and low energy, the Energy Elevation Essence revitalizes energy levels, empowering you to conquer each day with renewed power. Last but not least is Stress Less –  it melts away your stress and helps you relax. It doesn’t end here, though, this pack allows you to customize your aromatherapy journey sustainably with a reusable ring that lasts up to 30 uses with your own oil drops.

Mommy/Nausea pack by Essence is your ultimate companion in the fight against nausea. This bundle is a versatile toolkit designed to provide ease from morning sickness for moms and offer comfort to those dealing with persistent nausea. Each diffuser ring, Peppermint Scent, lavender Scent, Lemon Scent, Breath Easy, and Nausea Relief acts as a source to relieve you against the discomfort nausea brings. Moreover, you can reuse the ring up to 30 times by replenishing it with your chosen oil drops, making it an eco-friendly choice for those who want to get healthy on the regular.

Get ready to experience convenience and luxury as you get healthy on the go with the exclusive Pearl Travel case. Carry your Essence Soaking Pod, rings, and a bottle of oil all in one stylish case. This exceptional set includes a travel case, pearl soaking bay, and two unscented rings (oil not included). Designed to accommodate most 5 mL Essential Oil bottles, it’s the perfect solution for your on-the-go aroma therapy needs.

ProXR Pickleball

Ladies, this is a big dill. We found the paddle you’ve been looking for. This is a pickleball paddle designed exclusively by women for women and you can tell just by gripping the handle. Designed by 2022’s winningest player Beth Bellamy, the sleek all-white design with its own cover is sure to make an entrance. This paddle also features a premium fiberglass face for that extra pop to bring home more winners. The polypropylene honeycomb core makes the paddle itself “feel like one big sweet spot,” to keep the accuracy in your game. 

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Get Healthy

The junior paddle is perfect for young beginners who want a good paddle without a high entrance point. You want your child to have a paddle to help their game grow and this is the right paddle for the job. It’s lightweight for little hands and will have them well on their way to loving the game and joining the family as pickleball enthusiasts. Get healthy this summer as a family and have fun while learning a new sport.

Uncharted Supply Co.

Enjoying outdoor adventures and spending time with friends and family are the highlights of summer. Occasionally, accidents happen, which is when Uncharted Supply Co.’s First Aid Plus kit comes in handy to get healthy. This top-of-the-line kit features a waterproof shell and molle attachments, making it perfect for outdoor adventures or trips to the beach. With 92 pieces of emergency supplies, including a flashlight, bandages, gauze, and anti-bacterial wipes, you can rest assured you’ll be prepared for anything from a nasty splinter to a full-on CPR emergency.

Not only is the kit packed with all the essential tools you need, but it’s also designed to be compact and intelligently organized, so you can stay calm and focused in an emergency. Whether you’re storing it under the sink at home, in your boat, or in your car, this kit is the perfect size for small spaces. And with its durable, 100% waterproof design, you can trust that your gear will stay protected from the elements. Invest in the First Aid Plus kit today and enjoy a safer, more secure summer!


If you’re looking for the ultimate bundle to power through your work day, workouts, and even those well-deserved nights out, look no further than the GHOST® LIFESTYLE+ BUNDLE from GHOST to get healthy! This bundle is a game-changer, providing you with everything you need to conquer every aspect of your mom lifestyle with ease.

Let’s start with GHOST® WHEY in the mouthwatering Cereal Milk flavor! This versatile and absolutely delicious 100% whey protein is a mom’s best friend when it comes to refueling after workouts or adding some extra protein to your daily routine. Not only does it deliver on taste, but it also comes with digestive enzymes, ensuring you can enjoy every sip without any worries. It even comes in Chocolate and Cinnamon Cereal Milk varieties, perfect to help you get healthy.

Get ready for endless summer vibes with GHOST® GAMER in the refreshing Sonic® Ocean Water™ flavor! This incredible blend of nootropics and natural energy is perfect for boosting focus and performance during an important workday or a fun gaming session, or any other activities you enjoy.

For those times when the thirst is real, GHOST® HYDRATION in the invigorating Lemon Crush flavor has you covered! Whether you’re hitting the gym, the field, or the beach, or simply need to replenish after a challenging week, this electrolyte-enhanced formula is your go-to hydration solution. Just add a scoop to your water bottle or favorite GHOST® shaker, and you’re in for some seriously tasty H2O to get healthy and stay hydrated. When you’re focused on living your best mom life, GHOST is your partner every step of the way!

The Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe has made a name for itself as the best place to go for all vitamins, supplements, and health foods! Let’s take a look at some of their great products for you to get healthy!

The ISO-100 Birthday Cake Protein Powder is a unique supplement that combines high-quality whey protein with delicious birthday cake flavor. This supplement is perfect for those who want to build muscle mass and improve their athletic performance, while also satisfying their sweet tooth. This protein powder contains only 110 calories per serving and less than one gram of sugar, making it an excellent choice for those who are watching their calorie intake or trying to lose weight. Additionally, this supplement contains essential amino acids that have been shown to promote lean muscle development.

If that sounds good, you should also try the ISO 100 Cocoa Pebbles. It’s a high-quality protein powder that boasts exceptional taste and unbeatable nutritional value. Packed with 25 grams of pure hydrolyzed whey protein isolate per serving, this supplement delivers all the essential amino acids required by your body to enhance muscle growth and recovery to get healthy. The partnership with Post’s Cocoa Pebbles guarantees a yummy flavor that will make you feel like a child again!

Another great supplement – with a great partnership – is the DC Joker Candy Aminos Powder! This product is not only packed with essential amino acids, but it also comes in a mouth-watering candy flavor that will leave you craving more. The DC Joker Candy Aminos are specially formulated to support muscle recovery, enhance performance, and increase endurance. With key ingredients like BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), taurine, and caffeine, each serving provides a powerful punch of nutrients.

Check out these other wellness products from the Vitamin Shoppe. The Super Mass Gainer supplement is a 12 lb. powder packed with everything you need to support your muscle-building goals. With delicious vanilla or chocolate flavors, this supplement will make it easier for you to consume the extra calories and nutrients needed for muscle growth. The Super Mass Gainer is specifically formulated with a high-calorie content to help meet your daily caloric needs to get healthy.

Each serving contains an impressive 1,300 calories, making it ideal for those who struggle to consume enough calories through food alone. In addition to its calorie content, this supplement also provides 52 grams of protein per serving, as protein is crucial for building and repairing muscles.

Magnesium Threonate is a unique form of magnesium that boasts several potential benefits for brain health and cognitive function due to its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier effectively. This property makes it particularly beneficial for those looking to support cognitive function and promote brain health.

The Fit Shakes are revolutionary drinks that combine nutrition and taste in one convenient package. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, these protein shakes are designed to refuel your muscles after an intense workout while keeping hunger at bay. The Fit Shakes come in delectable flavors that will make you forget you’re even consuming a health-conscious beverage. These shakes offer guilt-free indulgence without compromising nutritional value. Get healthy with the right products, all from The Vitamine Shoppe!


Heading back to school or college can be an exciting yet stressful time, and getting a good night’s is essential. That’s where the Nectar Copper Pillow saves the day!  With dual-action cooling and copper fibers, this pillow is a game-changer, making sleeping more comfortable than ever. The cooling fabric is designed to keep heat away, while the copper fibers wick away both heat and moisture. Not only does copper help regulate temperature, but it’s also naturally antimicrobial, helping to fight odors and bacteria.

Maintaining the pillow is easy too. If it gets dirty, simply spot clean with mild soap and water, pat gently, squeeze out the excess water and let it air dry. The pillow’s core is constructed with contouring memory foam, designed to cradle your head and support your neck.  This helps alleviate pressure points and ensures you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. So, whether you’re studying for exams or pulling an all-nighter to finish a project, the Nectar Copper Pillow is the perfect addition to your back-to-school or college essentials list.

Bowmar Nutrition


Introducing the ultimate solution for fitness enthusiasts on the go: the Portable Blender for protein shakes. Say goodbye to lumpy protein powder shakes and hello to smooth, delicious blends wherever you are. This sleek and compact blender is designed to effortlessly mix your protein powder, creating a creamy and refreshing treat in seconds. With its powerful motor and durable construction, it’s your reliable companion for fitness fuel anytime, anywhere. Don’t let your busy lifestyle compromise your nutrition goals – take charge with the Portable Blender for Protein Shakes and enjoy the perfect blend of slushy goodness.

Experience the refreshing zing of zesty lemon while nourishing your body with the power of greens with Bowmar Nutrition’s Greens Lemon. This remarkable green powder is your go-to solution for elevating your daily nutrition and supporting your overall well-being. Harnessing the vibrant energy of nature’s finest greens, this supercharged formula is designed to enhance your vitality and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Want to sculpt those glutes like never before? Look no further than the powerful Booty Band. Designed to target and engage your glute muscles, it’s the secret weapon you’ve been waiting for. Perfect for on-the-go training or at home, this will become one of your gym bag essentials. This Booty Band is ultra-durable and is a very strong resistance. Get ready to unleash your full potential.

Indulge your taste buds and nourish your muscles with the delectable flavor of Bowmar Fitness Vanilla Bean Protein. Specially crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palates, this protein powder is a true delight for vanilla lovers. With each sip, you’ll be transported to a world of creamy goodness and rich, aromatic bliss. But don’t let its delicious flavor fool you, this protein packs a nutritious punch as it instantly adds 22 grams of delicious whey protein to your day. Not a fan of vanilla? Bowmar Nutrition offers a variety of other delicious flavors like pumpkin spice, peach cobbler, and French toast. 

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As the back-to-school season approaches, it’s time to gear up with essentials that prioritize hygiene and cleanliness. Handzies Extra Large Back-to-School Bundle is a must-have for families with students in any grade level! This comprehensive pack is specifically designed to keep hands clean and germ-free throughout the day, ensuring a healthier learning environment.

The Handzies Extra Large Back-to-School Bundle consists of 2 packs of 100 individually packaged wipes (that’s 200 individual wipes) and six 30-count soft packs that are great for glove compartments and diaper bags. The wipes are pre-soaked in water and soap, so they are convenient and ready to use right out of the package! They also are free of alcohol and other harsh chemicals, and they are dermatologist tested, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and vegan-friendly.

E.10.11 Labs

E.10.11 Labs is taking flower consumption to the next level with their revolutionary elon® device and stelo™ and Ari53™ flower pods. The device acts as a dry herb vaporizer by heating the whole flower to the optimal temperature while avoiding toxins created by combustion. It also features a patented pause feature and self-cleans during charging. elon is a state-of-the-art device that is redefining the flower vaporization category. Its sleek design makes it everyone’s best bud for dry flower consumption. Holding a 1000mAh battery, elon is ready for all-day use in a convenient and hassle-free manner.

There are many health and wellness benefits to using the elon device. Providing fast and efficient cannabinoid delivery through our precision-heating technology ensures that you receive the full benefits of flower and natural terpenes, without any of the pyrolytic toxins generally associated with flammable combustion. Get healthy while trying something new with less toxins.


Nausea, whether it is stress-induced, caused by certain foods, or motion sickness, brings discomfort, dampens moods, and leaves one feeling drained. Dramamine is here to help, no matter what the cause, get healthy and combat your nausea.

When you need something gentle, the Ginger Chews, a soft, lemon-honey-ginger-flavored chew works wonders in treating nausea. With just two chews, it swiftly eases nausea. Not only that, these chews also provide quick comfort for upset stomach, morning sickness, motion sickness, and even occasional heartburn.

Dramamine® Multi-Purpose is your go-to solution for nausea, no matter what triggered it. Clinically tested ginger dosage effectively relieves nausea symptoms and is safe for kids aged 6-12 too. Dramamine® for Kids goes above and beyond to prevent nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and queasiness, making every journey a smooth and fun one. Plus, it comes in yummy grape flavors – making it a hassle-free intake for stubborn kiddos. Enjoy worry-free adventures with your little adventurers!

Dramamine® Non-Drowsy, on the other hand, offers relief without drowsiness. Stay alert and nausea-free on all your journeys, confidently using it every day you travel. Be sure to check out the Less Drowsy options as well!


One way to support healthy skin is by adding biotin to your diet. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a critical role in maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails. It helps to improve the structure of keratin – the protein that makes up our hair, nails, and the outermost layer of our skin. By strengthening this protein matrix, biotin can help reduce breakage and promote healthier-looking hair and nails.

With MyBiotin, you get all the benefits of biotin – thicker hair, smoother skin, and stronger nails! In fact, you can start seeing results in about three weeks! This special biotin formula stands out against other biotin products on the market. Plus, the capsules are vegetarian! Try MyBiotin today and get results fast!


In the hustle of everyday life, finding a moment to decompress can feel like a distant dream. But worry no more –  Daytime Synergy Gummies are here to bring balance and serenity to your days. Crafted by expert botanists, these gummies harness the incredible potential of CBD and CBG. With a perfect 1:1 ratio of CBD and CBG, Daytime Synergy, works harmoniously, magnifying the health and wellness benefits through the Entourage Effect. 

Moreover, its delightful orange flavor makes stress relief easy – just pop, chew, and savor the Zen and see your anxiety vanish! While you’re at it, say goodbye to aches and tension and feel the stress melt away as you nurture your body. CBD Relief Salve is designed to provide targeted relief for aches, sore muscles, and joint discomfort. It not only soothes discomfort but also heals your skin –  leaving it radiant and rejuvenated ideal when trying to get healthy. 

Do you have trouble sleeping at night because of stress? Unwind Synergy+ CBD & THC is at your side at CBDistillery! This tranquil duo soothes your mind and assists you in falling asleep. Each gummy includes a unique 5:1 ratio of 25mg CBD and 5mg THC, resulting in the optimum combination for long-term comfort. These gummies are ideal for those looking for relaxation, stress relief, and potential sleep enhancements, get healthy with a full night’s sleep.


The HR Smart Fitness Scale will help you reach your health and wellness goals. The high-tech scale uses bioelectrical impedance to provide full body composition so you can learn all about your body while you get healthy. The 14 biometric measurements include heart rate, BMI, subcutaneous fat, bone mass, BMR, body fat, body water, visceral fat, weight, muscle mass, fat-free body weight, protein, metabolic age, and skeletal mass.

Sync your scale with the free VeSync app to display and track your progress, as well as that of each family member in your household with separate profiles so you can all get healthy. The HR Smart Fitness Scale syncs data with Fitbit, Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit, and MyFitnessPal. The tempered glass scale boasts anti-skid padding and a TFT display. When the HR Smart Fitness Scale is in Baby Mode, you can weigh babies and pets without including your own weight. And, if you are pregnant, you can select the Zero-Current Mode to turn off the electrical current to just measure your weight and BMI.


This summer, try out the Boka Brush 2.0, a waterproof electric toothbrush that will elevate your oral care routine. This premium toothbrush features stainless-steel accents, activated charcoal bristles, and a magnetic charging base with a long-lasting battery. With two brush heads and a travel case included, this brush is perfect for those on the go. The toothbrush uses advanced sonic technology to provide a gentle yet effective clean, vibrating at an impressive 30,000 times per minute.

The first-of-its-kind charcoal bristles help limit bacterial growth, leading to healthier teeth and gums and great dental visits. The rechargeable li-ion battery lasts over 25 days, and this brush has a 2-minute timer with 30-second alerts to ensure you are brushing for the recommended time. With a 2-year warranty and the option to sign up for the subscription service, which saves you money on replacement brush heads, the Boka Brush is a great investment in your oral health. Get healthy by keeping your mouth healthy and try it out today and experience the benefits of this top-of-the-line toothbrush.

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Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Get Healthy

Adults and children with active lifestyles and fitness goals need a trusted beverage like the Langers Lyte Ade to keep up with their bodies. The Langers Lyte Ade is a sports, rehydration, and energy drink that provides great hydration, especially with an intense workout. This drink helps to replace key electrolytes through isotonic infusion while giving you a concentration of fluid, sugars, and electrolytes ideal for maximum replenishment. With added caffeine, this drink now has a new element now, get healthy with a boost.

In addition to perfect hydration, you will also get a boost of energy to achieve peak performance. This naturally flavored drink has 80mg of caffeine per bottle and other ingredients that help in recovery. Available in 12-packs, the Langers LyteAde comes in 4 fruity flavors including Blue Raspberry, Orange, Fruit Punch, and Lemon-Lime.


Vibrant. Energizing. Harmonious. Artfully Crafted for Connoisseurs. Nowadays offers a delightful departure from the norm. Embrace the natural fruit flavors, a refreshing finish, and a generous 6MG dose of THC, all converging to create an exuberant happy hour experience. Enjoy it mixed, sipped, or served on the rocks. This effervescent elixir, whether imbibed or abstained, elevates any occasion with its light and lively essence for you to stay healthy and calm, naturally.


While you get healthy enjoy walking around campus pain-free with Protalus shoe insoles. The T-100 Elite shoe insoles push the edge of insole technology providing a universal fit for those with flat feet and high arches. Get healthy and improve comfort while walking and even relieve Plantar Fasciitis. The T-100 Elite insoles, which are their best sellers for athletic shoes, provide relief by distributing body pressure by properly keeping ankles aligned, preventing overpronation and/or over-supination. Protalus offers a variety of insoles, all made with patented rebound foam and patented alignment technology, providing impact reduction and moisture-wicking capabilities, too.


Get healthy and take the edge off this summer with affordable massage guns from Rainbow. The Gentle Recovery Massage Gun and Oil Set is a fantastic set that includes a variety of massage applicators, from the fork applicator to the ball and cone applicators. But that’s not all – it also comes with 100% natural lavender oil to help nourish and soothe your skin. The USB charging cable is a great bonus, too, making it easy to take your massage gun and oil set with you on the go. Whether you want to alleviate stress or just relax after a long day, this set is perfect for you.

For those who prefer a more traditional massage, the Hand Held Electric Full Body Massager is the way to go to get healthy. This massager is perfect for women and can help relieve tension in the back, neck, and shoulders. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day at work or just need a little extra pampering this summer, this massager is the perfect choice. Stop spending hundreds of dollars at the spa, and get healthy at home. It’s time to get your hands on the Gentle Recovery Massage Gun and Oil Set and the Hand Held Electric Full Body Massager today and start feeling your best this summer without breaking the bank. 

SmartyPants Vitamins

Get healthy with the whole family and stay well all year long with a new line of vitamins from SmartyPants Vitamins. Available for kids to teens to adults, these vitamins not only taste great but will promote immunity, energy, sleep, and more. The Kids & Toddlers Multi Formula uses new premium ingredients, all in one delicious serving to get healthy. These vitamins are specially formulated based on the latest scientific research to help fill average nutrient gaps in the average kid’s diet and include the premium forms of nutrients your body prefers, whenever possible. 

Parents, your health and wellness routine is just as important as your children’s. Get healthy with the SmartyPants Women’s Multi gummies which are made with 17 premium nutrients including vitamin D3 for immunity, vitamin B12 to support energy metabolism, vitamin K1 for bone health, biotin to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails, vitamin E, vitamin C for immunity, vitamin A for eye health, and folate as methylfolate, all in one delicious gummy serving without any of the junk.

Guru Nanda

Summer is the perfect time to get healthy, and Guru Nanda’s U Shaped Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper (2-Pack) and Rechargeable Portable Water Flosser 300 mL make it easy to maintain oral hygiene on the go. The tongue scraper is made with high-quality stainless steel that is rust-proof, which is gentle on the tongue while effectively removing bacteria and debris to get healthy. The U-shaped design allows for easy use and ensures that the entire surface of the tongue is cleaned. The 2-pack allows for sharing with a partner or keeping one on hand for travel.

The rechargeable portable water flosser is an essential tool for maintaining healthy gums and teeth. With a 300 mL capacity, it provides ample water for multiple uses before needing to be refilled. The compact size and rechargeable feature make it an ideal choice for travel or daily use at home, get healthy starting with your mouth!  The water flosser comes with a 360-degree rotating nozzle and three cleaning modes with six pressure settings for complete mouth cleaning. 

It has three modes to choose from – normal, soft, and pulse – to customize the experience based on individual preferences. It also comes with two standard jet tips for daily cleaning, one periodontal pocket tip for patients of orthodontics and periodontitis with sensitive teeth and gums, and one orthodontic tip for removal of food residue. These oral care products by Guru Nanda are an excellent addition to get healthy and any summer wellness routine.

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In order to get healthy you must move your body and whether you’re an avid athlete, traveler, or entertainment goer, the flipbelt is the perfect fit for you. Its water-resistant anti-slip design holds your essentials in place and keeps them dry so you don’t have to worry. Designed for comfort and compatibility, the belt can hold your phone, keys, ID, cards, cash, medical devices, and more. So step up your go-game and trim down on the excess accessories with this slim all-in-one design perfect addition to get healthy.


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Quench your thirst with a beverage that not only tastes great but is good for you. Get healthy with Aloe Vio which is made from real aloe vera with and without pulp. Aloe vio is never made from powder or concentrate. Available in natural and a range of flavors and sizes, standard aloe, sugar-free, and sparkling aloe for that refreshing taste.

Delicious flavors including pomegranate, mango, and watermelon are perfect for summer! Aloe water is a great way to stay hydrated, as it contains water and electrolytes that help to replenish fluids lost through sweat and other bodily functions. Get healthy and stay hydrated with Aloe voi. Additionally, aloe vera contains vitamins and minerals that are important for skin health, such as vitamins A, C, and E, as well as zinc and magnesium.

Sacred Essentials

Sometimes you have a muscle ache, soreness, inflammation, or arthritis that needs immediate relief or as close to that as you can get. This CBD Infused Pain Roll-On is a convenient roll-on that is fast-acting with a quick-absorbing formula that can be applied to painful joints and muscles whenever you need it. Use it whenever you need relief while you get healthy this summer. The unique blend includes menthol, peppermint and lavender oils, arnica, and rosemary with Full Spectrum CBD oil to help get you the relief you need quickly and safely, also free from dyes and added fragrances.


When it comes to oral health, having a simple routine is key. Get healthy by using Fizzy’s 3-in-1 Aligner Cleaner, Mouthwash & Toothpaste lets you enjoy the convenience of a single solution that acts as a mouthwash, aligner cleaner, and foam toothpaste. Those with sensitive mouths will appreciate this alcohol-free, fluoride-free, and paraben-free formula.

Cleaning your aligners with Fizzy is easy. Apply 1-2 pumps of the solution, let it sit for about 5 minutes while you eat or drink, then rinse. To use as a mouth rinse, apply 1-2 pumps to your mouth and swish for 30 seconds before spitting. If used as toothpaste, you can apply the solution to a toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual. Say goodbye to bad breath and plaque and hello to healthier teeth.


If you have aching muscles after working out at the gym or chronic migraines, then you probably already have a collection of ice packs and heating pads that just don’t do the trick. Maybe they don’t retain their heat or coolness, or perhaps they don’t conform to the shapes you need to match the angles and curves of your body. Well, now you can throw them out because TheraICE has exactly what you need to get healthy!

TheraICE RX Hot and Cold Flexible Ice Pack Compression Sleeve stands out as a revolutionary product because it truly does promote wellness and healing. Designed for your to get healthy with cutting-edge technology, this compression sleeve offers both hot and cold therapy to address a wide range of conditions.

The sleeve can be easily frozen or heated to deliver customized relief wherever it’s needed most to get healthy. The compression aspect provides for comfortable wear during any activity, allowing the sleeve to easily slide on and stay in place, whether it’s on your arm on over your knee. The silky touch of the fabric combined with the cushy support of the inner gel creates an incredibly relaxing and comfortable feeling.

This next product is so unique! TheraICE uses the same gel and fabric as their sleeve, as well as the same heating and cooling technology, to create a therapy hat and mask that can provide targeted relief to the head and face. The Headache Relief Cap is form-fitting and comfortable while offering a soothing and effective way to alleviate pain. Designed with the utmost care, TheraICEensures a perfect fit for all head sizes.

Don’t go another day living in pain and get healthy! Get these amazing hot-and-cold therapy tools today! You won’t regret it!


Introducing the PopGel 3-pack with toothbrush and floss: the dental superhero squad that’s ready to save your teeth and the planet from the clutches of plastic! PopGel 3-pack includes the ultimate oral care essentials to save you from frequent, pricey dentist visits. Get healthy with this eco-friendly set of Natural bamboo toothbrushes and Refreshing Mint Toothpaste makes your teeth squeaky clean and super healthy –  giving you the brightest smile! Furthermore, it includes Dental Floss made with corn fiber to ensure plaque-free teeth!  

The incredible taste and smell of natural Mint toothpaste are just too good to ignore. Plus, it gently removes stains from your teeth, leaving them pearly white without causing any damage to the enamel. The best part is that the PopGel 3-pack is completely plastic-free; truly one of a kind! 

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Solely – a deliciously wholesome solution to unhealthy snacking! Unlike sugary snacks laden with artificial additives, Solely’s fruit snacks are a guilt-free alternative. They specialize in creating tasty and nutritious snacks using only one ingredient – whole, ripe fruits. It doesn’t contain any added sugars, preservatives, or harmful substances. Besides, Solely’s dedication to simplicity and transparency, providing consumers with pure, healthy snacks makes it truly exceptional! 

In addition to their dried fruit snacks, they also offer a diverse range of products, including gummies, jerky, and dried fruits. With a variety of options to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your preferences and lifestyle. Get healthy and indulge in the delicious flavors while knowing that you are fueling your body with quality ingredients! 


If you’ve been struggling with eczema-prone skin, you know how frustrating and uncomfortable it can be. The constant itching, dryness, and redness can take a toll on your confidence and overall well-being. Luckily, Gladskin has developed the perfect solution for those suffering from eczema – the EczemAct Body Lotion.

With years of research and innovation behind it, this body lotion is specifically formulated to provide relief and nourishment to eczema-prone skin. Unlike other products on the market that may only temporarily alleviate symptoms or even worsen them with harsh chemicals, Gladskin’s EczemAct Body Lotion takes a revolutionary approach for longer-lasting relief. Get healthy skin and try it today!


Avengers, it’s time to stay hydrated and get healthy! BlenderBottle, a leader in modern drinkware, has released a selection of affordable, licensed bottles that any Marvel fan will love! With more than two liters of capacity, you’ll stay hydrated for hours, and with a convenient grip and a leak-proof design, you won’t have to worry about spills.

Plus, the materials are high quality and are free of BPAs and phthalates. Designs for the five-star-rated bottle include Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and the Hulk.

Toothbrush Toys

Are your kids tired of boring and basic toothbrushes? Look no further than Toothbrush Toys! This collection features a wide variety of fun and playful designs that will make brushing your teeth an enjoyable experience. From animal-shaped handles to superhero-inspired bristles, these toothbrushes are anything but ordinary.

Not only are the toothbrushes visually appealing, but they also provide a thorough cleaning for your teeth and gums. Each brush is made with high-quality materials and designed with dental health in mind. Say goodbye to bland and ineffective oral care products – Toothbrush Toys has got you covered.

Our collection is perfect for children who may be hesitant – or even ambivalent – about brushing their teeth. With options like dinosaur heads and cartoon characters, kids will look forward to their daily dental routine. And adults can rest easy that their little ones are getting good teeth cleaning without a battle. Get healthy starting with good oral care at a young at!

Get healthy this year, no New Year’s Resolution necessary, by adding simple and easy additions to your daily routine. Unlock a world of benefits by simply moving your body, reducing stress, and ensuring a restful night’s sleep. And this is just the beginning! It has never been easier to get healthy and stay healthy by adding some of these healthy solutions into your daily life, starting now.

Plant People: A Mom’s Solution for Stress, Gut Health, Focus Support & Overall Wellness



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Outdoor and indoor toys are a great way to keep young children entertained and engaged. With so many toys to choose from, parents and...