All About Fascia & Why it Matters

If you’ve been browsing Facebook recently, you may have seen the hottest new craze that everyone from soccer moms to hardcore athletes are getting in on: Fascia Blasting. At first glance, it may look odd or confusing, so we’re here to break it down of what the science is behind this phenomenon, as well as give some first-hand insider tips and tricks. But first, we need to understand what fascia is.

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Fascia is the connective tissue that forms your internal soft tissue architecture. Your fascia runs from your head to your toes, and is an intricate, interwoven system. It provides your body’s framework that, in turn, helps support your muscles, organs, and your entire body. An easy way to imagine your fascia is to think of an orange. The outer, harder orange layer of the peel is your skin, peel that back and it reveals a white fibrous layer directly underneath. That white layer of the orange is delicate, yet it binds the slices of the orange together, and has a system in place that reinforces the infrastructure of the orange. That would be your fascia.

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Your fascia and its health impacts your daily life in numerous ways. It is an additional layer of protection in your body from outside trauma, wrapping protectively around your muscles and organs. It also supports how you’re able to move, from sitting down, to jumping and running. Your fascia penetrates and is intertwined and enveloped with many different parts of your inner system such as blood, nerves, and muscles. When your fascia has adhesions or distortions, it can cause poor blood circulation, weaker nerve impulses, limited flexibility, and many other aliments. For example: are your hands and feet constantly cold? You may suffer from tight fascia that is clamping down and limiting the blood flow to your outer extremities.

Even cellulite may be caused by tight fascia. Those dimples on your thighs may actually be your bound fascia. Many people think that cellulite is fat tissue, however, in reality, it’s caused by distortions in your connective tissue – fascia! When the fascia is tight, it can pull the skin and create dents and ripples. Anyone of any size, fitness level, or body type can have smooth skin if they have healthy fascia.

There are four different types of fascia, and you can learn more about them and check them out here, along with some videos.

Fascia expert and body guru to the stars, Ashley Black, explores how fascia directly relates to cellulite in her newly released book, The Cellulite Myth: It’s Not Fat, It’s Fascia. We highly recommend checking it out for more information.

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How can I restore my fascia and make it healthy?

Proper nutrition:

  • Giving your body the proper fuel it needs is vital to restoring your fascia. If you’re constantly putting more toxins in your body, your fascia will never get a chance to restore fully.

Staying hydrated:

  • Like most of your body, it needs to be properly hydrated in order to work correctly. Water flushes out the toxins, and you’re able to move freely, without as much muscle pain.

Check your posture:

  • The way you sit and hold yourself when you’re standing is a key to good fascia. If you have poor posture and a weak muscle stabilizing system, it will cause the micro-traumas to hurt your fascia, because it’s compensating.

Stretching and exercise:

  • Regular stretching and exercise keeps your fascia healthy because it allows for proper blood flow, muscle movement, and it also reduces muscle tension.

Fascial release:

  • Your fascial system is malleable, and has the ability to be changed, molded, and fixed. If adhesions in your fascia have formed, they can be released.
  • The FasciaBlaster® is the only self-use tool that’s specially designed to break up fascial adhesion!

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With the FasciaBlaster® you can reduce the appearance of “cellulite, restore healthy fascia, break down fat cells (spot reduction!!!), break up and reduce scar tissue, improve muscle performance, muscle access and recovery, reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation … and LOTS more!

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About Ashley Black:

Ashley Black is the inventor of the FasciaBlaster®, best selling author, and fascia expert and trainer to the stars. When she was a child, she was diagnosed with JRA, and assumed that she would have to live through constant pain for the rest of her life. Through a lifetime of hard work, pushing herself physically, and education, she now lives a pain free life, and wants to share her knowledge of the fascial system with the world, so they can achieve similar results.

Although she owned sports therapy clinics and had hired and trained hundreds of practitioners in various Fasciology™ techniques, the number of people they could personally treat would always be limited. It became clear that in order to help as many people as possible, she needed a platform to reach a broader audience and ultimately educate the masses on the science of Fasciology™.

It was also clear that she needed a tool that would not only allow her to more quickly and effectively access the muscles and joints beneath the layers of fascia, but also so her clients could self-treat between sessions to keep their pain at bay. She invented the FasciaBlaster® and handed it out to her mostly male pro athletes and high-level clients, who passed it on to their friends and families.

The original FasciaBlaster® is the one tool on the market today that can fully penetrate into the multiple fascia layers to break up and smooth adhesions. With regular use of the FasciaBlaster®, one can expect pain reduction, increased flexibility, joint function, circulation, and muscle definition. It can also virtually eliminate the appearance of cellulite. The FasciaBlaster® is best when you can use it regularly, and must always be used on bare skin. It also works best if you warm up prior to blasting, which can be done either by taking a hot bath or shower, sitting in a sauna, or doing it directly after a sweaty workout.

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You must use oil to blast, and luckily, Ashley’s newest line of Blaster Oil and After Blaster Lotion is the perfect combination. The oil is specifically designed to use with your FasciaBlaster®, and it streams out so you can apply it to your area without having to spread it with your hands, so your hands will not slip while using the blaster. It’s comprised of three patented algaes that have proven fat reduction compounds and heat the tissue. The After Blaster Lotion has high quality arnica in it, which has a numbing agent to reduce bruising and inflammation and accelerate recovery. Both are petroleum and paraben free.

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The Mini2™ is a smaller, more compact version of the original blaster, and is great because you can use it one handed. Since it’s smaller, you can really work it into the smaller, harder to reach areas such as your inner thighs, neck, and arms. You can also use it for trigger pressure point therapy, with the pointed ends, to dig into your deep divots and loosen the tight fascia. It’s so versatile and perfect to throw into your gym bag to lightly blast in the sauna after your morning aerobics class.

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The long awaited and coveted FaceBlaster was just released on February 7th, and already has a massive wait list, because dedicated blasters love how pocket sized this tool is, and it’s had remarkable results shown to decrease the look and appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles, tighten the neck, and even help relieve other ailments such as migraines and TMJ.

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If you need any more convincing about the FasciaBlaster® line, check out these amazing Before & After photos, make sure to join the FasciaBlasters Group on Facebook, which has over 170,000 people who use and love the products, and make sure to visit YouTube for all of Ashley’s informative videos. Once you start blasting – you’ll be hooked for life!

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