Most Innovative Baby Products: Tommee Tippee No Knock Cup

Most Innovative Baby Products: Tommee Tippee No Knock Cup

One minute your baby is breastfeeding or enjoying their bottle, and the next they want to be drinking out of a big kid cup. Tommee Tippee understands teaching your little one how to drink from a cup instead of a bottle may be somewhat challenging so they have created a range of products like a no spill cup to assist parents and children with this transition. One of the most innovative transitioning products is the No Knock Cup. The No Knock Cup is a no spill cup to help kids develop their drinking skills without parents having to constantly clean up spilled milk.

Transitioning from a Bottle to a Cup

Most Innovative Baby Products: Tommee Tippee No Knock Cup

Some children see their parents and other adults drinking out of regular cups and have a desire to do the same. However, just giving them a regular cup one day can be risky. Children aren’t used to having to hold their cup carefully, raise it to their mouths gently, or sip at a slower speed. They also don’t understand that regular cups cannot be thrown, turned upside down, or banged around which is why there are so many spills and messes in the beginning.

Toddlers need some training time when a new cup is introduced and the No Knock Cup is the perfect option for this learning period. This cup is designed specifically for children and will allow them to drink like a big kid without having to worry about constantly knocking it over.

Most Innovative Baby Products: Tommee Tippee No Knock Cup

On the other hand, many children can become attached to their bottle making it difficult to be weaned off of them. The longer children utilize a baby bottle, the longer it can take for them break the habit of using one. Around 12 months, parents should begin the process of transitioning from bottle feeding to drinking out of a cup.

Dentists recommend that children should drink out of open cups like the Tommee Tippee No Knock Cup. Drinking out of an open cup can support oral health and increase speech development. The No Knock Cup does not utilize a spout or straw to consume the beverage. Instead the open cup design can help your toddler master grown-up drinking skills early on. This feature will eliminate an additional and unnecessary transition from bottle to sippy cup and sippy cup to open cup.

No Knock Cup: The No Spill Cup

Most Innovative Baby Products: Tommee Tippee No Knock Cup

A first-of-its-kind toddler-proof open cup, the No Knock Cup is the open top, no spill cup that prevents accidental spills while drinking. This practical cups will help keep flooring clean and dry and table-tops free from spills and stains. Families will finally be able to enjoy mealtimes without interruptions from messes. Thanks to the CleverGrip technology that grips to any smooth surface but lifts up easily, this tough cup resists knocks, bumps and bashes from little hands. The No Knock cup is available in 190ml and 300 ml, in fun eye-catching bright and bold colors and patterns. This cup is BPA free and perfect for children 18 months and older.

About Tomee Tippee

Most Innovative Baby Products: Tommee Tippee No Knock Cup

Tommee Tippee offers a huge range of simple and intuitive baby and toddler products such as bottles, cups, sleep sacks, pacifiers and more. The company’s mission is simple: to make everyday life easier for families everywhere. The Tommee Tippee toddler range includes BPA-free toddler drinking and feeding products such as cutlery and toddler tableware to help teach children how to eat and drink, offering a seamless transition from those first steps, through to independent feeding and drinking.

No Knock Cup

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Most Innovative Baby Products: Tommee Tippee No Knock Cup



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