Best Nursery Accessories: Boon Nursh Bottles

Best Nursery Accessories: Boon Nursh Bottles

Parents of babies that use bottles know the search for the best baby bottle is never-ending. They go through tons of bottles experimenting with different sizes, different shapes, different materials, and different nipples trying to find which ones their babies like the most. Well, the search is over, moms and dads, as we introduce you to the best baby bottles, Boon Nursh bottles. The Nursh bottles utilize a silicone pouch for air-free feeding, making them different from other bottles available for your baby.

Best Baby Bottle – Nursh

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A majority of bottles are all the same and have similar features. This is where the Boon Nursh bottles stand out from the rest of the baby bottles on the market. The Boon Nursh is a silicone pouch surrounded by a silicone shell that makes it easy and soft for baby to hold. The purpose of the silicone pouch is that it collapses as your baby drinks, releasing the air that causes gas and colic. These bottles are not only for formula or breast milk, they are also perfect for your little one to drink water or juice as well.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Best Baby Bottle

The nipples on the Nursh bottles are also made from 100% silicone and are modeled after mom. They are meant to feel natural and allow your baby to feel like they are feeding directly from their mother without ever knowing the difference. The design of the Nursh nipples provide optimal nipple length which ensures proper tongue positioning and guaranteed latching.

When it is time for your little one to move up from baby bottles to sippy cups, the Boon Nursh bottles will be able to grow with your child. By simply changing out the nipples for the transitional sippy lid, your little one will be able to continue using the Nursh as a big kid cup. This saves money and space in the kitchen cabinets by eliminating additional products. The transitional sippy lids come in a 3-pack and are dishwasher and sterilizer safe.

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The Safety of Silicone

Daily Mom Parent Portal Best Baby Bottle

There are many reasons Boon chose silicone as the main material for their Nursh bottles, with safety being the main consideration. These bottles are made from 100% silicone and it is the only thing that the milk comes into contact with during feeding. The Nursh bottles are made without BPA and are PVC free. The silicone can even be boiled, sterilized, microwaved, and frozen. This design also ensures your baby will be drinking from the cleanest bottles. Since there are no straws, vents, or valves, this bottle is extremely easy to sterilize and clean.

About Boon

Best Nursery Accessories: Boon Nursh Bottles

The word “boon” is defined as a benefit bestowed to somebody, especially one given in response to a request. All of the products created by Boon compliment this definition as a “boon” to parents and children. It is Boon’s mission to develop gear that is simple yet problem solving. Throughout every part of your baby’s day, Boon will be there to provide innovative products with effective designs for play time, meals, bath time, and sleep. Boon has made it to the top as one of the leading innovators of baby and children products thanks to their dedication to adapting their products to both simplify parent’s lives while maintaining a modern style.

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Best Baby Bottle



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