Which Baby Monitors are the Best: Editor’s Picks

September is officially National Baby Safety Month. But, when it comes to parenting, every month is #babysafetymonth. For the Editors at Daily Mom, safety is paramount. To help keep your infants safe and healthy, we’ve rounded up the best monitors for baby. We’ve done the homework for you and made a list of which baby monitors are the best, and included two bonus recommendations for baby monitor apps, should you want to go that route. 

The Best Monitors for Baby 

Nanit Plus Smart Monitor

Best Monitors For Baby

Topping the best monitors for baby list is the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor. This monitor is loaded with features, which is why it retails for close to $300. Let’s take a look inside the box to see why it has so many high rated reviews.  

For starters, this wall mounted unit has two-way audio, remote viewing from anywhere with HD live streaming, night vision, and zoom-in capability. One of the reasons this is one of the best monitors for baby is because the Nanit works over WiFi, even when the internet is down. The Nanit tracks your nursery’s environment, including sound, motion, temperature, and humidity so that you can rest assured that your baby is sleeping in comfort. The Nanit Plus allows up to three users to stream simultaneously so whether parents or grandparents want to sneak a peak, everyone gets to watch the cuteness coming from your baby’s room. 

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens  

Best Monitors For Baby

If you’re wondering what other people think about which baby monitors are the best, check out the 31,000 reviews for the Infant Optics DXR-8 on Amazon! Popular Mechanics named the Infant Optics DXR-8 one of the best monitors for baby in 2018. The DXR-8 features a camera with pan/tilt/zoom with an interchangeable lens system. The monitor also features two-way talk, an alarm function, night vision, and a remote thermometer. Battery life on the DXR-8 baby monitor is 12 hours in audio-only mode and 8 hours with the live screen. The accolades for the Infant Optics are impressive, making this one of the best monitors for baby. 

VTech VM321 Video Baby Monitor 

Best Monitors For Baby

Vtech is a trusted brand and has many of the best monitors for baby. The VM321 is well-reviewed and packed with features such as a 2.8 inch color LCD screen, automatic infrared night vision, adjustable camera lens, five soothing lullabies and two-way talk intercom capabilities. When considering which baby monitors are the best for your household, its important to check if the units are expandable, especially if you’d like monitors in more than one room of the house. Fortunately, the VM321 is, in fact, expandable and can be mounted on the wall as well. 

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Hello Baby-US Baby Monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera 

Best Monitors For Baby

Considered a #1 Best Seller on Amazon, the Hello Baby-US Baby Monitor with remote pan tilt and zoom is a solid choice. What makes this one of the best monitors for baby is its complete range of features and its good price point. This monitor has a 3.2 inch LCD display, a camera that rotates 355 degrees in horizontal and 120 degrees vertical mode, two-way talk, room temperature monitoring, night vision, and for the ultimate comfort, it even plays lullabies for your little one. This is a nice plug and play system that also uses rechargeable batteries. 

Anmeate Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera 

Best Monitors For Baby

The Anmeate Video Baby Monitor boasts features often found in more expensive units, which is why this is one of the best monitors for baby. In addition to features like two-way talk, infrared night vision, temperature monitoring, and a 2.4 inch screen with 2x zoom magnification, the digital camera on this unit has 8 infrared LED lights so you can constantly monitor your baby’s activities and environment. The Anmeate is super portable and has great picture quality. 

Baieshji Video Baby Monitor  

Which Baby Monitors Are The Best: Editor’s Picks

Despite the enormous number of baby monitor options available, the Baieshji model stands out as one of the best monitors for baby. The Baieshji video baby monitor has a 3.5 inch LCD display and 2.4 GHz technology so parents can get clear real-time video and audio of their baby. Other features include everything else you’d expect out of a top rated monitor such as infrared night vision, temperature monitoring, two-way radio intercom, pre-programmed lullabies, and the ability to expand the monitor with up to 4 cameras. As icing on the cake, the Baieshiji Baby Monitor is priced very affordably given its great features.

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Vtech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor  

Which Baby Monitors Are The Best: Editor’s Picks

One indicator of which baby monitors are the best has got to be a product that averages 4 stars over 6,000 reviews. The Vtech DM221-2 is one of the most affordably priced and best monitors for baby. The no frills audio only monitor Vtech DM221-2 has a talk-back intercom, 5-level sound indicator, and a battery operated parent unit. 

Vtech DM111  

Best Monitors For Baby

The Vtech DM111 bears an Amazon Choice Badge, and it has nearly 4,000 reviews and 386 answered questions to support that honor. Priced under $20.00, the Vtech DM111 is as simple as any monitor comes, but it gets the job done.  At that price point, you won’t get video, lullabies, and temperature controls, but, you will get audio monitoring, if that’s all you need.

Baby Monitor App: Dormi (Android / Google Play) 

Best Monitors For Baby

If you have an old smartphone, one of the best monitors for baby without buying an actual unit is an app called Dormi. Dormi is an app for Android devices that works over a WiFi connection. Just like other baby monitors discussed here, the Dormi app allows for multiple parent units, automatically adjusted noise levels, and a talkback function. 

Baby Monitor App: Cloud Baby Monitor (iOS) 

Best Monitors For Baby

For iOS users, the Cloud Baby Monitor is one of the best monitors for baby. With this app you can stream audio and video over WiFi, 3G or Bluetooth and across all kinds of Apple devices, including an Apple Watch! Cloud Baby Monitor plays white noise, lullabies, and has a talk-back function. This app has industry standard encryption to make you feel more secure in using this product over WiFi. 


When shopping for baby gear, especially monitors, there are a bevy of options. Any one of the baby monitors on this list is a solid choice, including the apps. Ultimately, you will figure out which convenience features matter most to your peace of mind. As with everything in parenting, you learn as you go and figuring out which baby monitors are the best is part of that process. 

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Which Baby Monitors Are The Best: Editor’s Picks



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