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Best Baby Safety Products: Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Lock System

As many parents know, once your baby becomes mobile they want to explore all over the house. This includes constantly opening cabinets and trying to either climb inside them or pull out all of the contents. This is where cabinet locks become a major necessity for many reasons. Safety 1st has created a cabinet lock system that has been proven stronger and more reliable than other forms of cabinet locks. These cabinet locks will effectively keep your baby from being able to gain access to both cabinets and drawers.

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Why You Can’t Live Without Cabinet Locks

Best Baby Safety Products: Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Lock System

Once you begin using this locking system you will understand how easy they are to operate and you will want them on all your cabinets that you need to keep baby out of. The Adhesive Magnetic Lock System will not only solve the parent’s problem of always having to deter their little one from opening cabinets but will also keep your child safe.

Cabinets in the kitchen or a bathroom may contain items that can be dangerous to children such as medications, cleaning supplies, and cooking knives. All parents have experienced turning their back for one second only to find their child doing something they shouldn’t be when they turn back around. With a locking system installed in their home, parents can now go about their business without having to worry about whether their child is back in the cabinets again.

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Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Cabinet Lock

Best Baby Safety Products: Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Lock System

The Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Lock System is a unique cabinet lock unlike the other traditional locks on the market. This cabinet lock is by far the easiest cabinet lock you will ever install. No tools are required to install the Adhesive Magnetic Lock System to either cabinets or drawers. By simply peeling the back off of the lock and sticking it to the inside of your cabinets you will have this lock system installed in seconds. Included in the adhesive magnetic lock system is an installation template that ensures the same perfect installation alignment on every cabinet that requires a lock.

Best Baby Safety Products: Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Lock System

Since the Adhesive Magnetic Lock System allows the locks to be installed on the inside of the cabinets, they are invisible from view from the outside of the cabinets making them discreet compared to those bulky cabinet locks that tend to make kitchens and bathrooms unattractive. Through the use of the provided magnetic key, cabinets and drawers can be locked and unlocked by simply pushing a button. The magnetic key can be stored out of reach of children so only parents or adults have access to unlocking the cabinets when necessary. The SecureTech locking indicator will let you know when the lock is engaged. The Adhesive Magnetic Lock System includes four cabinet or drawer locks and one magnetic key.

About Safety 1st

Best Baby Safety Products: Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Lock System

This company’s mission is all in the name. Their priority and goal is to put safety first when it comes to the security and well-being of babies, toddlers, and children. From the car to your home, Safety 1st is committed to providing protection to your kids whether they are eating, sleeping, playing, bathing, or traveling in a car or stroller. Established as the brand leader in child safety 30 years ago with its little yellow BABY ON BOARD sign and the first true collection of home safety products, Safety 1st now offers the very best in baby gear from car seats and monitors to childproofing products, and more.

Adhesive Magnetic Lock System

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Best Baby Safety Products: Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Lock System