15 Must-Have Kids Gear Items & Fascinating Toys For Summer

Sit back, kick your feet up, grab a refreshing beverage, and think about summertime. Take it way back and think about when you were a kid: memories were made and great times were had all because you had the best toys for summer. Now as parents, it’s our duty to give our littles the best toys for summer. Ideally, toys for summer would promote imaginative play, be engaging, and have an educational element sprinkled in to make Mom’s job easier. Look no further than these 12 toys for summer that check all the boxes.


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Don’t forget your littlest learners this summer! Make sure to pick up a few new educational toys for them as well to inspire their curiosity and love of learning. Check out the Dolce Primo Anteater for your baby or toddler. This soft fabric anteater is perfect for exploration; with various flaps, fabrics, and feelings, the Dolce Primo Anteater will help your baby develop their sensory skills, along with hand-eye coordination as they try to observe, touch, and likely taste all of the anteater’s various attachments. This summer your little ones are sure to love this soft and cozy friend they will want to learn all about from Magformers!

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This summer discover Stick-O with its magnetic building systems and STEM-inspired activities for kids. Discover the power of magnets during playtime with these magnetic, rainbow-colored building blocks that allow your child to design and create anything their little imagination desires. The city set includes 1 sphere, 2 sticks, 3 long sticks, and magnetic accessories including vehicle wheels, wings, propellers, and more to let them discover and explore the vehicles they love. From a jetplane to a train, the only limit is their imagination! Perfect for toddlers, Stick-O blocks develop color and shape recognition, fine motor skills, and problem-solving ability.

Dolce Primo Anteater | Stick-O City Set
Magformers | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Fun In Motion Toys

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Do you have kids that never stop moving? If so, then you need toys that can keep up with them! This summer Fun In Motion Toys has your child’s new “fidget” toy that will keep them moving, grooving, and guessing all summer long. Creators of mesmerizing toys that keep kids (and adults) entertained, Fun In Motion Toys are also educational providing hours of play that develops fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and more. With STEM principles integrated into each toy, with Fun In Motion Toys your kids are sure to find something they love. Our favorites include:

  • Shashibo: This is a shape-shifting box that transforms into over 70 shapes. Additionally, you will want more than one because with its strong magnet system you can combine cubes to build even larger designs. Shashibo comes in plenty of cool patterns and colors.
  • Mozi: This sensory, fidget toy is like a slinky for your arm! Continuously spinning up and down your arms, these geometric spin toys are fun to both play with and watch.
  • Wandini: Calling all magicians! Wandini is a levitating LED wand that lets you whirl, swirl, and twirl creating an LED light show that will amaze. With 8 light modes and a rechargeable battery, Wandini makes movement a magic motion.
  • Spinballs: These glowing balls on a string will be your active child’s favorite toy this summer! Attached to an adjustable leash with rechargeable batteries, Spinballs light up in all the colors of the rainbow. Spin, twirl, toss, Spinballs are soft and lightweight making them perfect for learning new tricks on those long summer nights outdoors!

Shashibo | Mozi | Wandini | Spinballs
Fun In Motion Toys | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Red & Olive

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A cute doll is something every child should have. The princess in your life might want a soft, cuddly buddy to sleep with at night or a doll that comes with a few outfits for a dress-up session. Red & Olive designs ethical dolls that are handmade by artisans in Peru. These heirloom dolls come with matching accessories that will be your little one’s best friend for life!

The company donates 10% of its sales to Starlight Children’s Foundation, which benefits seriously ill children all across the US. Each of these gorgeous knit dolls empowers artisans and their families in Peru through flexible schedules and fair wages, enabling them to take care of their loved ones while gaining self-sufficiency to help break the poverty cycle.

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The beautiful Foxy Bella Ballerina is a fox doll that loves to pirouette, leap, and twirl! When she moves to the music and feels the beat, it makes her happy and confident. Foxy believes she shines from within, making her strong and beautiful just like you. So, will you shine, be her friend, and dance with her? Join the marvelous trendsetters Sassy Cassy, Foxy Bella Ballerina, Stinky Reed, and Mr. Beary as they provide companionship and friendship to girls and boys worldwide.

Foxy Bella Ballerina -Fox
Red & Olive | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


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When your child engages in pretend play, they’re using their imagination to learn about the world around them. Pretend play creates an environment where it’s safe to experiment and mimic the language and activities that children see and hear from adults. This plays a vital role in a child’s development. Parents should do whatever they can do to promote positive pretend play. At LittiCity, you can explore simple, high-quality, and well-detailed toys for summer that give children the best possible springboards to launch children’s imaginations while having fun!

Daily-mom-parent-portal-12 Toys For Summer That Will Spark Your Kids Interest

The adorable Litti Pritti Take Along Travel Crib Pack is the perfect accessory for your little princess and her tiny best friend. This doll bed is furnished in a resilient, easy-to-clean fabric and see-through netting so your child can see her doll sleep. It’s fully assembled and comes with a blanket that can be used as a wrap.

The pack ‘n play will engage your daughter in imaginative, nurturing play for hours. When she is finished playing, it conveniently folds up and can be placed in the storage bag for easy transportation. Discover the best toys for summer at LittiCity to encourage imaginative role-play, toys that are open-ended and battery-free.

Litti Pritti Take Along Travel Crib Pack
LittiCity | Facebook | Instagram


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Get ready, it’s Morphin’ Time! The classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise is bigger than ever. The Rangers are facing off against their monster enemies and keeping the world safe from the Sporix Beasts! The Power Rangers have brought teamwork, action, and adventure to generations of fans. The legacy continues with action figures, vehicles, collectibles, and roleplay toys from Hasbro.

Battle Attackers Red Ranger vs. Doomsnake action figures have incredible, kinetic kicking action inspired by the Dino Fury TV show. With these Battle Attackers, kids imagine the Red Dino Fury Ranger leads his team against the Sporix Beasts like Doomsnake. The adventures are endless with Power Rangers and make them the best toys for summer play this season.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-12 Toys For Summer That Will Spark Your Kids Interest

A go-getting journalist with a passion for the paranormal, Amelia becomes the Pink Dino Fury Ranger. The 6-Inch action figure comes with a Dino Fury key, a club, and a weapon perfect for high-kicking, ninja-flipping, and villain-vanquishing action. These outstanding Power Ranger action figures are perfect toys for summer and will provide hours of fun and imaginative play for both adults and children.

Dino Fury Battle Attackers Red Ranger vs. Doomsnake | Pink Dino Fury Ranger
Hasbro | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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WeCool Toys

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Slime and slime kits are great toys for summer, especially if you are having rainy days that prevent outdoor activities. In addition to slime being fun to play with, it has several other benefits including promoting mindfulness, helping children stay focused, encouraging independent play, and alleviating unwanted stress. The Mix & Mash Deluxe Slime Kit is a large tub full of slime ingredients such as slime, foam beads, and glitter. This slime is non-toxic, non-sticky, and easy to clean.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-12 Toys For Summer That Will Spark Your Kids Interest

The Glitzy Bingsu Beads are crispy, crunchy, bubble-poppy slimes that offer a full tactile sensory experience. These scented beads are fun to feel, smell, and listen to for hours. Made from a lightweight straw material that creates air pockets to produce satisfying sounds, these beads will be entertaining toys for summer. The Glitzy Bingsu Beads are available in pink, blue, purple, or green.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-12 Toys For Summer That Will Spark Your Kids Interest

The Birthday Cake Batter Bucket is a fantastic birthday gift idea or makes for great rainy-day toys for summer. This tub is filled with colorful and scented slime that is ideal for stretching, squishing, and manipulating. Mixed with sprinkles, this slime has added color and texture that allows you to make different shapes and designs.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-12 Toys For Summer That Will Spark Your Kids Interest

The 5 Stack Donut Mix & Match is a variety pack of 5 different slime options and mix-ins that allow kids to customize their own slime designs. Children can now choose which slime features they want by adding in beads, charms, or tinsel. Being able to make their own creations will promote independent play and creativity. Your list of toys for summer will not be complete without WeCool Toys’ slime and slime kits.

Mix & Mash Deluxe Slime Kit | Glitzy Bingsu Beads | Birthday Cake Batter Bucket | 5 Stack Donut Mix & Match
WeCool Toys | Facebook | Instagram


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As school lets out, the kids will need a new outlet for imaginative play. SNAPSIES by Funko is a collectible vinyl toy line featuring cute animal characters, such as llamas, unicorns, goats, and dragons. Each character is super cute, fun, and is approximately 2.5 inches tall. Each surprise capsule will include 1 head, 1 body, 2 bottoms, 2 faces, 5 accessories, 1 sticker sheet, and 1 checklist. All kids love the exhilarating rush of the mystery toy. With 18 characters to collect and endless accessory combinations, the fun never has to stop with these toys for summer.

Funko | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Regal Games

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Summer days and summer nights mean it’s time to make memories with the family. Regal Games has developed three new games that the whole family will enjoy with Scorzo, Spoon and a Spork, and The Goodge Rules. The Goodge Rules is a family-friendly competitive game for 3-4 players, ages 8+. Players will bid to become “The Goodge” so they can make the rules. The Goodge gets to choose the trump, can stash extra cards, and bid their way to victory. This card game will have family members battling it out for bragging rights this summer.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-12 Toys For Summer That Will Spark Your Kids Interest

Regal Games presents a creative and new spin on a classic card game with Scorzo. Scorzo is a strategy game that features 2 decks of cards and is a rummy-inspired game. Regal Games’ Scorzo is designed for 2-6 players, ages 8+, and is simple to learn, giving your family hours of quality time.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-12 Toys For Summer That Will Spark Your Kids Interest

Spoons and a Spork by Regal Games is a fun, new take on the popular card game, Spoons. This card game is ideal for 3-8 players, ages 8+, and gets players to collect 4 of a kind as quickly as possible and then race to scoop up the spoons. However, BEWARE of the spork. Spoons and a Spork will keep everyone on their toes. Bring laughs and entertainment with this fast-paced card game. Regal Games is the perfect entertainment option for family and friends at gatherings, summer vacations, or game nights at home this summer.

Scorzo | Spoons and a Spork | The Goodge Rules
Regal Games | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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The Noble Collection

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Parents are always looking for fun and unique gifts that will bring joy to their children. Toys for summer are no different. Toys for summer should be fun, imaginative, and provide entertainment that lasts for hours. BendyFigs™️ from The Noble Collection has brought DC Comics’ most celebrated superheroes to life with their bendable action figures that give kids just that!

BendyFigs™️ DC superheroes include Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and more! Unbox your DC BendyFig™️ and shape it into the ultimate superpose. Bend Wonder Woman and Batman into different positions, which is perfect for play or display. They also include a detachable display base and they measure a total of 7 inches in height. BendyFigs™️are finely crafted collectible figures from The Noble Collection, and they are an officially authorized high-quality toy collectible.

These out-of-the-world collectibles are sure to dazzle and amaze your kids! They can play with the figurines and also use them as stylish decorations in their bedroom. Your kids will want to collect them all!

Wonder Woman | Batman
The Noble Collection| Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest |Youtube

Bright Stripes

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Ward off boredom for your tweens and let them get creative with craft kits! Tweens want to discover independence and socialize with their friends, making it challenging to keep them happy at home and content with family time. Bright Stripes enrich kid’s daily lives with activities like string art, jewelry making, hair chalk pastels, no commitment tattoos, and so much more! The vegan Spa*rkle spa and beauty kits come in a rainbow of colors which allow tweens to express themselves!

Co-founders and partners, Sabre Mrkva and Eric Von Stein, have been working on toy and children’s products collectively for over 20 years. They believe in the power of creative play to empower kids to create the world they want to live in. With a synergistic vision for innovative products and graphics, they have teamed up with top-quality manufacturers to create brilliant product lines for “kids of all stripes!”

The magnificent Spa*rkle Rainbow Festival Body Art kit comes with tattoo markers, ten stencils, twenty-five sticky body gems, four colors of shimmer cream, and a helpful instruction sheet. It also includes six colored markers in pink, blue, purple, green, black, and orange. You will bring out your tween’s creativity and make family time exciting again with Bright Stripes’ gifts.

Spa*rkle Rainbow Festival Body Art
Bright Stripes| Facebook | Instagram


Daily-mom-parent-portal-12 Toys For Summer That Will Spark Your Kids Interest

Having lifelike plush and cuddly stuffed animals is often the focal point of a room and always a treasured addition to a child’s bedroom. Douglas has been a family-owned and operated business since 1956 and has become one of the oldest and most respected plush companies in the United States. Douglas creates their designs and stewards them from conception to final production. In recent years, their creative department’s power has led them into the fashion/accessory arena. They have a unique talent for walking the edge – to offer truly unique, trendy, and irresistible toys/accessories. Douglas has a way with style, color, and complimentary fabrics that make their fashion collection speak for itself!

Miffy is the world-renowned bunny created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. The Miffy books have sold more than 85 million copies and are published in more than 50 languages. Now you can bring this beloved bunny character home! The large-sized Classic Miffy stuffed animal sits 14” tall and wears a bright red dress with a yellow button at the collar. The velvet-textured plush materials make this classic character squeezably soft and fun to hug, while quality polyester fill ensures she’ll bounce back after every snuggle. Miffy’s eyes and nose are depicted with safe, embroidered details. The accurate portrayal of this famous little rabbit will delight Miffy fans of all ages. Bring home Miffy and other delightful plushes from Douglas to your child’s delight!

Miffy Classic Red
Douglas| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

The California Beach Co.

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From a beach day to a park play date this California Drawstring Beach Blanket has everything you need all wrapped up in a convenient drawstring backpack. The best part of this high-quality blanket is that it is sand-resistant, water-resistant, and heat-resistant so you can spend more time enjoying the day with your family than shaking off your towel. All wrapped up in a drawstring backpack that comes with ground and sand stakes so you are prepared no matter where you are.

Plus this beach blanket has extra space for towels, sunscreen, and you can store your phone, keys, or other valuables in the secret zipper pocket. Made from quick-growing bamboo that is is highly absorbent, breathable, super soft, in addition to being resistant to odor, mold, mildew, and bacteria even after numerous washings this blanket will last for years to come. Big enough to fit up to 9 adults, and with weighted corners, this 7′ x 7′ beach rug mat will accompany you on all your outings this summer.

California Drawstring Beach Blankets
The California Beach Co. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest



When you’re packing up swimsuits and towels for those beach trips, don’t forget to bring along the WeeFarers! The summer sun is super-bright and eye protection is important, especially at an early age. Polarized WeeFarers are just what your little one needs to reduce those harmful ultraviolet rays, and to look adorable while doing so! Between their flexible, durable frames and the 100% UVA and UVB protection, these stylish sunglasses – available in four sizes and loads of awesome colors – will help start the summer off right. Turn heads at the beach, lake or pool with WeeFarers.

Polarized WeeFarers
WeeFarers | Facebook | Instagram



While school may be out for summer, that doesn’t mean it’s time to lose the backpack. Retire that tired and worn school-year version and replace it with one that just screams “summer” from Fenrici. After all, there are pool parties, sleepovers, camps, and summer vacations to attend!

The 16″ Fenrici Recycled Laptop Backpack is the perfect companion for all of those activities and more. Made from quality recycled material, this heavy-duty bag has space and pockets galore, plus a padded technology pouch to protect those important and treasured items. It’s available in several great patterns, to satisfy your most discriminating wearer.


If the kids will be bringing lunch or snacks along (and let’s face it, snacking is constant in the summertime!) grab a matching Fenrici Insulated Lunchbox, too. It’s soft-sided, so it accommodates items of many shapes and sizes. It also includes an exterior pocket for storage, plus an interior mesh pocket for ice packs. With Fenrici by their side, the kids will be ready for any summer adventure that comes their way!

16″ Fenrici Recycled Laptop Backpack | Fenrici Insulated Lunchbox
Fenrici | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn



This summer take the show on the road with the Grab ‘N Go Booster Seat from Dreambaby. Families on the go with little ones need every convenience and advantage available and the Dreambaby Grab ‘N Go Booster Seat does just that. The Grab ‘N Go booster seat is lightweight, compact, and portable. This booster seat has adjustable safety straps and a 3-point harness which ensures your kid’s safety. There is no reason to fret about what kind of seating will be available at your destination. Dreambaby’s booster seat is designed to safely fit most chairs and has adjustable securing straps that attach easily.

Another bonus with Dreambaby’s Grab ’N Go Booster Seat is the storage compartment that is perfect for bottles, diapers, wipes, snacks, or anything else your bundle of joy may need while on the go. When not in use, the Grab ’N Go has a shoulder strap for easy carrying. Dreambaby’s Grab ’N Go Booster Seat features a polyester cover that is easily removed and hand washable. These convenient features make this booster seat easy to clean, pack, and tote along on the family’s expeditions this summer.

Grab ‘N Go Booster Seat
Dreambaby | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Providing kids with the perfect summer may seem out of reach or too difficult. It can be a little simpler with the right toys for summer. Make the kids put away their technology every now and then so they can start making summer memories with friends and family. Your kids will enjoy their summer break as they play with their friends and new, exciting toys for summer. Whether it’s a stuffed animal, action figure, or slime kit, your kid is sure to enjoy their summer break.


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