Amazing Pet Gifts to Spoil Your Fur-Baby This Holiday

Pets are so much more than animals. They are members of the family and deserve to be showered with some amazing pet gifts this holiday season! From dogs and cats to bunnies and horses, our beloved pets will enjoy these various pet gifts that include delicious treats, trendy collars and leashes, toys, beds, and innovative grooming tools. Not only will they look their best with some new gear but they will feel their best too by introducing some new health items to their daily routine to ensure our furry friends are around for a long time!

Harry Barker

Let’s be honest. Is your furry family member your favorite? It’s time to spoil her for the holidays with luxurious pet gifts like the Vintage Stripe Ortho Lounger. Give your dog the finest luxury dog bed around with the Harry Barker Vintage Stripe Ortho Lounger. The luxury bed is eco-friendly and made to last. Filled with chipped memory foam on the bottom and eco-polyfill along the back and sidewalls, this lounger lets your pup relax in comfort and style. The Vintage Stripe Ortho Lounger looks great with your home decor whether in your living room or your bedroom. It comes in medium and large sizes.

A Dog1

Give your dog a festive toy that will bring them hours of joy with the Harry Barker Santa Canvas Dog Toy. Well-made and retro-inspired, each toy is screen printed with azo-free dyes and backed with soft, fluffy, faux fur. Each toy is stuffed with eco-fiberfill made from 100 percent certified recycled plastic bottles and a two-way squeaker. It is available in small and large sizes.

Dog Treat

Looking for a stylish way to store your dog’s favorite treats while keeping them fresh, look no further than the Bon Chien Dog Biscuit Tin. The treat container is made from sturdy, recyclable tin, and is FDA approved. The Biscuit Tin is 7.5 inches high and 4 inches in diameter. Be sure to fill the Bon Chien Dog Biscuit Tin with the Harry Barker All Natural Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits. They are a delicious healthy treat your dog will beg for more. These gourmet dog biscuits are wheat-free, soy-free, and corn-free making them great for dogs with allergies and sensitive digestive systems. They are made in the USA from ingredients grown in the USA.

Vintage Striped Ortho Lounger | Santa Canvas Dog Toy | Bon Chien Dog Biscuit Tin | All Natural Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits
Harry Barker | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Crown & Paw


Pet owners will take delight in unique personalized pet gifts like a pet portrait of their best friend from Crown & Paw. The digital design studio transforms a snapshot of your dog or cat and turns it into a work of art in the Luxury Trunk Pet Portraits. The Luxury Trunk Pet Portraits feature your furry friend popping out of an elegant steamer trunk in colors ranging from brown and black to pink, gold, and everything in between. Your pet’s name shines on the trunk’s nameplate. (Yes, of course, Crown & Paw can make pet portraits with other types of animals, too.)

Your Luxury Trunk Pet Portrait will take center stage on your wall of family photos. The digital artists at Crown & Paw use proprietary photo editing techniques, professional photo retouching, and complex brush strokes to turn the original photo into a unique pet portrait. The pet portraits are printed on canvas that can be framed or unframed. Crown & Paw also creates fun pet caricatures where your pet is dressed as a colonel, a queen, a king, an ice hockey player, a vampire, and many more. Crown & Paw offers unique pet gifts such as pet portraits on canvases, phone cases, blankets, mugs, and more.

Luxury Trunk Pet Portrait |
Crown & Paw | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Bonne et Filou

Do you treat your furry companion like royalty at your house? Your four-legged friend can enjoy the holidays with pet gifts like the Bundle of 3-Boxes of Dog Macarons. The elegant handmade macarons, made with human-grade ingredients in the USA, come in your choice of Lavender, Strawberry, Mint, Rose, and Vanilla. Although the beautiful treats look good enough for a human to eat, they are quite crunchy so even large breed dogs will enjoy the cookies. The lavish French-inspired dog treat by Bonne et Filou is made with premium ingredients. There are no artificial colorings or preservatives. The dog macarons are corn-free and wheat-free. The base is made with oat flour, honey, and coconut oil.

Dog Bowl

Treat your pup to luxury pet gifts such as a Bundle of 3-Boxes of Dog Macarons and the Helpen Elevated Pet Feeder. The elevated pet feeder features a design in French Chic or Rose Swag. It comes in soft pink, cream, white, or gray. The bowls blend into your décor while providing comfort as your pet enjoys her dinner and dog macarons. The set comes 4.5 inches or 7 inches tall. It comes with two food-grade stainless steel bowls that hold 2 ¾ cups of food. The bowls are dishwasher safe. The Helpen Elevated Pet Feeder can be used for cats as well as dogs.

Bundle of 3 Boxes Dog Macarons | Bundle Of 3-Boxes Dog Macarons and Elevated Pet Feeder
Bonne et Filou | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Lucy and Co.

A Lucy1

Lucy and Co. make soft, durable reversible harnesses in a variety of incredible prints in all colors to match your dog’s personality. The Royal Garden Reversible Harness lets your pup strut in style either in a blue and white geometric triangle pattern or in a vibrant floral print. The harness is made from durable neoprene on both sides. The Royal Garden Reversible Harness is water repellant and features an adjustable chest strap for a perfect fit. The harnesses come in five sizes for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Now you do not want your pup’s harness to clash with her leash or poop bag. So, be sure to get those in the coordinating Royal Garden print to match your Royal Garden Reversible Harness or Royal Garden Print Collar. The Royal Garden Leash features a premium locking carabiner and a padded neoprene handle for comfort. You and your furry best friend will look amazing on your daily walks.

The Royal Garden Poop Bag Holder also is made from Lucy & Co.’s signature neoprene. It even comes with a roll of Compostable Poop Bags. Lucy and Co.’s Compostable Poop Bags are made completely of plant-based material. The cute, leak-proof mint-green bags feature a “poop emoji” and the word “happens.” (You know it’s true!)

Now if your pup is ready for an easy accessory to dress up for the holidays, be sure to check out the Luca Bandana. The red and black plaid gives your dog instant style. The 100 percent cotton beautiful bandana is made in the United States. This pattern is the perfect print for holiday pet gifts and is available only for a limited time.

Royal Garden Reversible Harness | Royal Garden Leash | Royal Garden Poop Bag Holder | Luca Bandana
Lucy and Co. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


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Take your pet’s neck game up a notch and give them pet gifts like a head-turning collar to make all the other animals jealous. Diphda is a women-owned company that creates high-style pet and people accessories with love. For your furry friends, the collars, leashes, and charms adorn your pet’s neck with sleek, durable, and water-resistant cork collars that give them their own signature look.

Collars like Jewel and Midnight are classic solid colors that give off regal vibes while Diamond has some flair with its Aztec print pattern. These cork collars have natural antibacterial qualities that prevent harmful germ buildup and make them easy to clean. Customize your collar with the brass of your choice as well as choose from a variety of crystal sliders to accessorize further.

Diamond | Jewel | Midnight
Diphda | Facebook | Instagram

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The SodaPup Flyer boasts an excellent design to teach your dog how to retrieve a frisbee. The Magnum Bottle Top Flyer Ultra Durable Rubber Retrieving Frisbee looks like an old-fashioned bottle cap. It is made from SodaPup’s proprietary Magnum compound created for strength. The large SodaPup Flyer is 9¾ inches in diameter. It is designed for dogs 35 to 90 pounds.

The SodaPup Top Rubber Tug Toy is built tough, too. It is an interactive toy so you can play tug of war with your furry friend. One handle for you and one for her. The orange Tug Toy, like the SodaPup Flyer and all SodaPup toys, is made in the United States from natural, durable rubber. No time to wait, the Tug Toy will be your pup’s favorite as she gets some one-on-one attention in this fun game. Dogs love to stretch, twist, tug and fetch the Top Rubber Tug Toy.

The new Lickmat Bundle offers your pup two styles of licking mats, which is a unique way to entertain your pet with a treat. The lick mats are designed for soft foods like peanut butter. Then your dog can enjoy the licking challenge. Licking is a great enrichment for your pup. It soothes and calms your dog. Licking promotes and stimulates saliva, which aids in digestive health, too. The mats are 8 by 8 inches. They come in different colors and different patterns like bones and puzzle pieces. Like all SodaPup toys, the Lickmat is top-rack dishwasher safe.

The MKB Large Football is both a chew toy and a treat dispenser. They are terrific pet gifts for canine enrichment. You can put kibble, treats, or soft food inside for a foraging challenge. You can even freeze the football with moist food inside making the challenge a bit more fun. Of course, it’s always fun to get your dog a football when you are a football fan, too. SodaPup is a veteran-owned company that donates products to a variety of charities like the Humane Society, and to law enforcement/military/working dog organizations through their Rescue2 program.

Magnum Bottle Top Flyer Ultra Durable Rubber Retrieving Frisbee |Pull Tab Tug Toy | Lickmat Bundle | MKB Large Football
sodapup | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube |



To all rabbit owners out there: life will be much easier with this exquisitely designed and crafted Wooden Rabbit Hay Feeder from MadeTerra. Give your four-legged friend safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly pet gifts like a new feeder this holiday season. Its inverted shape allows hay to collect at the bottom, minimizing the extra mess typically seen in other feeders. Little mouths and noses can easily poke through these circle cutouts for a quick snack or meal. 


Get hands-on with the durable and 100% handwoven Seagrass Pet Mats, carefully manufactured with the health of everyone’s four-legged friends in mind. This 15.7×11.4×0.6-inch mat will save rabbits and rodents from dental problems that can arise from chewing on other less natural toys, too. The edible and safe seagrass mat not only provides nice protection from painful injuries but also acts as soft bedding. Give your fuzzy friend a little added warmth and snuggle factor this winter.


What is better than a soft and safe playing place for small pets? Nothing! That’s why this next MadeTerra toy is one of the best! The Pet House Tunnel Hutch is a strong and roomy seagrass tube. Small animals like rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, and hedgehogs love climbing and hiding. Carefully crafted without needles and staples, this tunnel will protect pets’ paws and teeth, and provide them hours of fun and enjoyment this winter! 

Wooden Rabbit Hay Feeder | Seagrass Pet Mats | Pet House Tunnel Hutch
MadeTerra | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

HandsOn Gloves

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Getting rid of your pet’s extra hair or battling with constant shedding can be a challenge. Traditional brushes and combs may not be as effective as the HandsOn Gloves, a revolutionary tool in the pet industry that makes bathing and grooming more enjoyable for animals and their owners.

These gloves can be used wet or dry and provide a deep clean while also improving circulation and promoting healthy skin and coat. HandsOn Gloves are available in black, green, or purple and come in a variety of sizes including junior to have your children included in the grooming activities making these gloves perfect pet gifts for the entire family.

HandsOn Gloves
HandsOn Gloves | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Project Hive Pet Company


The bright yellow Hive Chew Toy for Large Dogs bounces erratically so your four-legged friend can bound happily after it during fetch. All Hive toys float so you can play catch at the lake, too. The unique “bee” Hive shape not only promotes bee awareness but has a place to insert peanut butter or Hive Chew Sticks for Large Dogs turning the chew toy into a puzzle toy. Of course, if you have a small pup, he will not be left out of the fun, he can enjoy Hive Chew Toy for Small Dogs.

Project Hive Pet Company makes a variety of heavy-duty dog toys and “woof-worthy” dog treats, but with the mission to save the bees. (Even the dog treats are made with organic honey.) Each purchase made through Project Hive Pet Company helps create bee habitat through a partnership with The Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund. Project Hive Pet Project donates 1 percent of every sale to the Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund.

The Hive Fetch Stick makes for great pet gifts for your pooch so she can play fetch without worrying about the bark and splinters from a tree branch. The sunshine yellow Hive Fetch Stick is in the shape of a honey dipper. The durable 8.5-inch-long toy has an opening for treats, too. Like all Hive toys, it is top-rack dishwasher safe, floats in water, and is made of non-toxic, durable BPA-free rubber materials.

The unique Hive Ball is perfect for dogs who love to fetch and chew. Of course, it is yellow like all the Hive toys, but it is not a traditional smooth, round ball. It has two flat sides and a unique geometric shape, which lets it bounce in unpredictable directions and makes it easier for pups to hold with their paws. Project Hive Pet Company is a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition working to make their products and business have a positive impact on the bee population.

Hive Chew Toy for Large Dogs | Hive Fetch Stick | Hive Ball
Project Hive Pet Company | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Dexy Paws

Dexy Paws

With Dexy Paw’s Raincoat, your dog can scamper out in the rain for exercise and play without getting drenched. The water-resistant yellow jacket will keep your four-legged friend dry. The raincoat boasts a removable hoodie and comes with multiple buttoned pockets for small-item storage. Let’s be honest, rain or shine, your pup still must “go.”

It’s so much easier to bring your dog back in from a potty break with just wet feet that can be dried quickly, rather than the full-on furry-wet shake in your home on a rainy night. But, perhaps, best of all, the Dexy Paws Raincoats are just such adorable pet gifts. Your pup will look amazing strutting along with you on a walk sporting his new yellow raincoat – even if it’s not actually raining.

Raincoat – Yellow
Dexy Paws | Facebook | Instagram

Cozy Cat Cave Beds

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Cozy Cat Cave Beds are the purr-fect pet gifts for your furry feline. Each one of these cozy beds is crafted by hand from ethically sourced 100% organic merino wool that is hand-dyed. They are undeniably beautiful and easily match any decor as they come in a number of colors. Your kitty will love this little hideaway and want to burrow away every chance they get. The bonus for pet parents is that the wool is naturally odor repellant and the natural properties of the wool help keep your pet groomed and fresh.

Farmhouse Grey & Cream Cat Cave
Cozy Cat Cave Beds | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Make bath time fun and effective for your fur babies with Aqua Paw. This bathing tool is the world’s first wearable sprayer-scrubber combo that can be turned on and off by making a fist and pressing the on/off button in the center of the palm. One size fits all, and this tool can be attached to your shower or hose to easy use wherever you choose to take care of your pup. Dogs of all sizes and tolerances can enjoy bath time once again with pet gifts like the Aquapaw Original Dog Bath Brush.

Aquapaw Original Dog Bath Brush
Aqua Paw | Facebook | Instagram



Your kiddos love stuffed animals, so, of course, your fur baby will love one, too. The adorable and durable Calmeroos Puppy plush is designed to help a new puppy transition to her forever home. Your puppy will enjoy snuggling with Calmeroos Puppy when you tuck the heart and heating pad inside. The plush recreates the comfort of cuddling with Mama and littermates as the plastic heart gives a consistent “thump, thump” and the disposable heating pads provide warmth. Calmeroos are perfect pet gifts for puppies and pets with anxiety. Calmeroos donates 2 pounds of food to shelter pets in need with every sale of Calmeroos Puppy or Calmeroos Kitty.

Calmeroos Puppy | Calmeroos Kitty
Calmeroos | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube



Don’t get caught holding the bag. The dooloop lets you enjoy your walk even after your four-legged friend does his business. You no longer have to carry a bag of poop the rest of the way. The handy dooloop lets you slip the knot from the poop bag right into the neck of the holder. It dangles gracefully off the leash, so you no longer have to delicately carry a full bag the rest of the way home. One dooloop will securely hold more than one full bag, leaving your hands free from holding the smelly deposit (one of the best pet gifts of all).


The dooloop is now made of recycled, BPA free non-toxic plastic that can be recycled again. The dooloops really are great pet gifts for every dog owner. It’s the dog leash accessory you didn’t know you needed but once you have a dooloop, you won’t ever want to go without one. Be sure to put one on every leash so you can easily Leave No Trace.

dooloop | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar makes nighttime walks with your four-legged friend safer for both of you. The USB rechargeable LED collar is visible up to 1,000 feet. Once charged, the water-resistant Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar will run for more than 8 hours. The thin bulb strip fits on the 5/8-inch collar. It lights up all the way around the dog’s neck in three modes: on, strobe or blink. It comes in four sizes and a variety of colors. Blazin’ collars make for great pet gifts for dogs and their humans.

Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar
Blazin | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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Honest Paws

This holiday season give your furry friend the gift of calm with Honest Paws. Perfect for fitting in your pup’s stocking, Honest Paws has both CBD oils, chews, and powders perfect for addressing your pet’s health needs. From well products to calm, immunity, and mobility, there is something for every pup and kitty. This Christmas the Green Lipid Mussel Joint Powder is perfect for your older pets with mobility issues. Keep their bones strong and their joints flexible all with a simple bacon-flavored addition to their morning meal. Additionally, the bacon-flavored Well Bites are great for promoting their overall health and well-being all year round.

Green Lipid Mussel Joint Powder | Well Bites
Honest Paws | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

These pet gifts are not only fun to have but can also improve your pet’s quality of life. As our pets are a vital part of our families, we find ourselves wanting to gift them with fun and unique items just as much as the other members of the family. And by being involved in your pet’s life, you as owners will enjoy these pet gifts as much as they will!

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