The Do’s and Don’ts of Sending Holiday Cards

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and that means families everywhere are rushing to get everyone dressed in coordinating outfits, find the perfect backdrop, and set the scene for the perfect holiday cards. But every family knows that pictures rarely go as planned, and oftentimes there are a few tears involved. Despite it often feeling like an arduous task, we still gather the troops to send a smiling card to friends and family every year.

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So why do we put ourselves through the torture during an already hectic season? Below are some of the reasons you should send holiday cards, along with some dos and don’ts, and a few companies who strive to make your holiday card ordeal run a little bit smoother. 


6 Reasons to Send Holiday Cards

Each holiday season mailboxes are filled with cards from friends and family sending happy thoughts and well wishes to those who mean the most to them. In the rush of the holidays, however, many of us put the tasks of writing addresses, placing stamps, and mailing out cards to the last minute. But everyone loves to receive these yearly updates, so we continue to carve out some time to complete the task. Here are some reasons why you should send out those cards this year, too: 

  1. Tradition – Families have been sending out holiday cards for generations. The types of cards have changed – from handwritten notes to photo cards – but the sentiment is still there. In a world where things are constantly changing, it’s nice to have something consistent during the holidays.
  2. Mailboxes Still Work – Despite living in a digital media age, people still love to get real mail. Opening a card and seeing familiar names and/or faces make friends and family smile. And why not spread a little joy this holiday season?
  3. Keeping Up with the {your last name here} – You might be a social media queen, but long lost Uncle Joe might not have Facebook. Sending holiday cards to those you love but may not see very often keeps them updated with your family and lets them know you’re thinking of them too.
  4. Memories – One nice thing about the new trend of photo holiday cards is that it ensures you have a family picture at least once a year. Keep one for yourself and put another one in a keepsake box or photo album to set out each holiday season. It’s nice to look back on the memories.
  5. Giving the Warm and Fuzzies – Online card designs allow for easier and faster personalization of your holiday cards. Upon receipt, friends and family will know exactly who the card is from, giving them the joyous feeling that you are thinking of them. Everyone likes to be remembered, and real, tangible cards are like small gifts for those important to you.
  6. Stay in Touch – Despite being in the digital age where we see pictures of high school friends and their growing families every day doesn’t mean we have a meaningful connection with them. Sending holiday cards opens up the opportunity for conversation when double checking addresses. A Facebook message for a current address can open the door to asking about the family and the beginning of reconnecting with old friends.

Holiday Card Etiquette

So you’ve made the decision to send cards to family and friends this holiday season. Like many things, there are certain social rules of etiquette to follow though. Below are some of the dos and don’ts when sending holiday cards:

  • DO send photo cards – In this age of social media and online orders it is easier than ever to create a photo card. People love to watch your family grow over the years, and photo cards are a great way to make people feel a little more connected to you.
  • DON’T send newsletters – Our parents may have typed up long newsletters to send out with each card, but that is not the case anymore. Many people won’t read it, and in this day of social media they can easily figure out what’s going on with everyone in your family if they want. If they are really invested in your family’s wellbeing, they can call or text. And so can you.
  • DO sign the cards – Photo cards offer the ability to simply stamp and send, but it’s always nice to add a little personal touch like a written note and signature with the card.
  • DON’T use an iPhone photo – Digital cards are great, but not all photos are created equal. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for a professional photographer each year, but use a DSLR for a high quality photo if you can. It will make the cards look much nicer, and if you are keeping one for yourself it will be nice to have a beautiful picture to look at rather than a grainy one.
  • DO add the year – This is a simple addition to make sure you remember which card is from which year if you are keeping them over the years.
  • DON’T send an e-card – When sending an e-card your good intentions are there but the sentiment is not the same. Sending a real, tangible card that people can put out as decoration means so much more than an email.
  • DO send them out early – Don’t wait until the last minute to send out your holiday cards. Before you know it the season will be over and your sentiment will be lost once the holidays are over.
  • DO include your return address – This will help those who want to send you a card back have your current and correct address without having to track you down for it.

Holiday Cards

There are so many different options when looking for holiday cards. Of course, you can go old school and buy regular cards at a big box store to include handwritten notes. However, photo cards have taken over the holiday card market the past few years. Luckily, there are several different companies that offer these services, making holiday card design quick and easy during the busy season. Below are some great options to choose from when trying to find the perfect card to send friends and family.

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Less Ordinary Designs

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If you’re looking to support small businesses this holiday season, Less Ordinary Designs is a great small business that is in the market of creating holiday cards and other digital designs and products. Their line of holiday cards includes over 200 different designs sure to meet the needs and desires of your family photo card. Each card is fully customizable with photos and personalized messages.

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The Do'S And Don'Ts Of Sending Holiday Cards 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Less Ordinary Designs offers two options for the printing of your cards. One option is for a digital copy of your card to be emailed to you for you to print yourself. You can order envelopes separately or buy your own. The other option is to have Less Ordinary Designs print the cards for you. With this option, your cards are printed on heavy duty 130 lb stock paper with three finish options: Recycled Matte (smooth, modern finish), Felt Press Matte (slightly textured finish), and Pearl Matte (slight shimmer). They also offer a 150 lb bamboo finish for an additional fee.

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With your personalized cards you also have the option of adding an additional message or design on the back. If you are printing the cards yourself, this option is a $10 additional charge. If you are having Less Ordinary Designs print for you this option is free. Either way, you are sure to get a unique design for your holiday cards when shopping with Less Ordinary Designs, all while supporting a small business.

About Less Ordinary Designs

Less Ordinary Designs is owned and operated by Sara, a mom of four who got her start in digital design while making some announcements and cards for friends and family. Her creativity and talent were soon noted, and her Etsy shop was born. Now she has thousands of designs covering holidays, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and more!

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At Daily Mom, we are huge fans of Minted and their trendy designs which are sure to appeal to any modern mom, regardless of her style. This year, foil pressed holiday cards are all the rage, because they are extremely unique and absolutely beautiful. Add a glimmer of sparkle this holiday season with these foil pressed holiday cards, available in either silver, gold, or rose gold, and found exclusively at Minted. Minted uses quality paper options, from their luxurious 17 point thickness signature paper, all the way up to the new triple thick 54pt paper, for a true card feeling and creamy cotton texture.

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Don’t you dare include one of those cliche printed newsletters along with your photo card, because Minted also allows you to add a custom back message, along with more photos if you’d like. Minted is always trying to make a busy mom’s life easier, by offering printed addresses on the front of the envelope, as well as a printed return address on the backside, and even saves you a trip to the post office with the optional printed stamps!

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About Minted

Minted was developed with the artist in mind. A true artist’s marketplace, Minted provides a place for independent artists to create and sell their work. Through a crowd sourcing business model, Minted has given artists a platform to create, grow, and flourish through challenges that encourage artists to submit work and vote for the best. The winner is then given the chance to sell their work on Minted’s site.


Foil Pressed Holiday Cards


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Artifact Uprising

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When you venture to a search engine to find companies to print your holiday cards you may be bombarded with options. Artifact Uprising offers you something unique – gorgeous cards in all different price ranges printed on 100% recycled paper.

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With gorgeous designs, brilliant yet simple sayings, and the wonderful addition of added touches like eye-catching foil, you simply cannot go wrong this season with Artifact Uprising. Their cards come with your selection of foil as well as your selection of envelopes (which are included with your purchase). They stand firmly behind all of the products that they make. You will find yourself delighted year after year with the quality, ease of service, and most importantly the beauty that these cards carry.

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About Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising was founded in 2012 by sisters Katie and Jenna. They both took their decade of experience in the world of photography and used it to create something the print market was truly lacking, printed goods that were not only high quality but featured thoughtful design and used responsibly sourced materials. Their story that led them to their first sale is one of triumph, dedication, and perseverance. Even with their growth over the year, they have remained true to their eco-conscious roots.


Holiday Cards


Artifact Uprising | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Families and friends love to receive holiday cards via snail-mail. So forego the emails or the newsletters for special holiday photo cards that show loved ones how your family is growing. Save time by purchasing photo cards that are personal yet consistent so you aren’t spending hours writing the same note over and over. There are so many different choices when it comes to holiday cards, so whether you’re looking to support a small business, choose a unique design, or go with an eco-friendly choice, Daily Mom has you covered.

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Don’t forget to stay up to date with Daily Mom this holiday season. Also, make sure you check us out on social media and use our holiday hashtag #dmholiday2016

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