Valentine’s Day Kid’s Gifts We Love

Valentine’s Day is a magical time, especially for our littlest loves! Instead of heart-shaped cookies and cupcakes, Daily Mom is getting creative when it comes to Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts. From toys to dolls, learning games to crafts, we have compiled our favorite gift ideas for you this Valentine’s Day to show your little ones the joy of giving, but also how much they mean to you. Keep reading to find all the sweet gifting ideas you’ll need to win this Valentine’s Day!

MGA Entertainment

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Your spouse or significant other is not the only person you want to spread love to this Valentine’s Day. For the little loves in your life think about the Rainbow High Collection to bring much-needed color and fun into their world. Your children will adore these creative dolls with all their personality and accessories when you choose them as Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts!

MGA Entertainment has provided kids with an exciting doll line called Rainbow High. The Rainbow High dolls are gorgeous, have plenty of spunk, and will fulfill your fashionista’s dream. They will love dressing them, posing them, displaying them, and showing them off. Each Rainbow High doll comes with a stand that helps display them for all to admire.

Each Rainbow High doll, by MGA Entertainment, comes with two personalized outfits and accessories. Every Rainbow High doll has its own unique clothing style that matches its personality. One thing is for sure, your little Valentine will definitely want to collect the Rainbow.

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Looking for the cuddliest, cutest, and coolest toy for Valentine’s Day? MGA Entertainment offers just that with their Little Tikes Rescue Tales. Rescue Tales is an adoptable pet that comes with all the bells and whistles sure to keep your kids satisfied. There are four dog breeds to choose from: Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, and German Shephard. Each adoptable dog is snuggly and looking for the perfect forever home with your child. These pups come with a collar, name tag, and a customizable doghouse. The Rescue Tales pets feature life-like sounds and will wag their tail in delight.

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love
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MGA Entertainment delivers this Valentine’s Day with Secret Crush Minis. Secret Crush Minis come with a mini candy-themed hammer that is used to break open the toy to reveal blind bags with different parts to your future Secret Crush Mini doll. After finding all the pieces, your little one gets to build the Secret Crush Mini they have discovered. This toy is a cute and exciting idea for Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts for your cutie pie.

Feltman Brothers

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

For over 100 years, parents everywhere have known and loved Feltman Brothers for their top-of-the line classic baby clothes. Now, we can love them for even longer thanks to their line of gorgeous dolls. For Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts, we have the perfect doll for the littlest Valentine on your list!

Everyone needs a baby doll at least once in their lifetime, and these realistic baby dolls are perfect for your little one! Made of vinyl that’s soft to the touch, and a soft huggable body, these dolls are so lifelike. This Valentine’s Day, we are loving Abigail! Dressed in her Smocked Bodice Doll Dress and accessorized with the Girls Bonnet & Booties Doll Set, your little Valentine will be tickled pink to take their new baby doll out on the town or to their favorite spot for a tea party.

There are three baby girl dolls to choose from, as well as one baby boy doll. The best part? You can choose a baby doll dress, outfit, bonnet, and booties to make your gift truly unique!

For a realistic baby doll to give your sweetie this year, look no further than Feltman Brothers for your Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts.

Blimey Box

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love
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It’s not always easy to occupy kids with curious minds! Blimey Box designs mystery boxes that challenge kids with complicated math and reading puzzles to find secret codes that unlock a surprise. Each task builds on previous skills, and your child’s knowledge grows with each new game. The Bundle Game Kit 3 – Scallywag, Privateer, & Buccaneer Bundle contains a Blimey Box Lock Box Game Kit which includes:

  • Portable locking Box with handle
  • Red lockable bag
  • Wooden lockable treasure chest
  • 2 – 3 digit number locks (black & red)
  • Four-digit number lock (red)
  • Five-digit letter lock (red)
  • Key Lock (red)
  • invisible marker with UV Light

Also included with this package is a series of printable pdf game kits that include the following:

Keep your kids occupied and entertained for hours with the Blimey Box. It makes excellent Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts for children with curious minds!

Fun in Motion Toys

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Interested in upping your game with Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts? (Flowers and candy are sooo 2020…) Look no further than Fun in Motion Toys! This award-winning selection of mesmerizing toys is sure to get you your Valentine moving and grooving. First, unlock the mystery of Shashibo, a shape-shifting cube that magically transforms into more than 70 shapes. It’s part fidget toy, part puzzle, and all fun! Each Shashibo has four bright, beautiful designs hidden hidden within its walls. Combine more than one (they’re magnetic!) for double or triple the fun.

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

With Mozi, you’ll see what it means to go from ring to zing! Slightly reminiscent of a Slinky, only way cooler, Mozi is a set of expertly arranged rings that spring into life when set in motion. Twirling like a gyroscope, it creates a beautiful combination of shimmer, sparkle and colors. Now, for the fun part – tricks! Let Mozi flow up and down your arm or transfer it from one person to the next, so everyone can take part in the action!

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

For the more adventurous type, pick up a set of Spinballs. These rechargeable LED poi are affixed to adjustable leashes. Each color-changing ball features eight light modes, including rainbow strobe, flame, and more. Spin them around to create fun visual effects, and enjoy some unique physical activity, practice balance and coordination or entertain friends.

It’s super fun, day or night, making it one of those ideal Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts that keep on giving. Feeling a little intimidated, beginners? Don’t be! Fun in Motion Toys also offers a free app and YouTube site with more than 60 (yes, sixty!) training videos and trick instructions for all of their toys. You’ll be a poi master in no time!

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Story Time Chess

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Thanks to The Queen’s Gambit, Chess is going through another revival in pop culture. For parents looking to engage their children in the classic board game played for centuries, Story Time Chess is the game to introduce to the entire family. A Toy of the Year Nominee for 2021, Story Time Chess can help children as young as age 3 understand and play the game using sing silly stories, vibrant illustrations, custom chess pieces, and a unique chessboard.

Best of all, there’s no experience required, so even adults looking to get in on the action can learn along with their children. Make Story Time Ches a new family adventure to enjoy when you’re looking for Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts this year.


Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Have a growing musician on your hand? Skip*Hop Zoo La La Llama Microphone is a great way to inspire those future singers to sing along to the music and dance their little hearts out. The llama microphone makes the perfect Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts, providing 3 classics songs (Old MacDonald, Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) for your kiddo or of course they can choose from any song that may fit their fancy. With its easy to grip base and amplifying voice functionality your little one has Llama-zing potential to become the next future rock star.

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts that also encourages pretend play? Look no further! Skip*Hop 20 piece Zoo Bark-Ista Set provides real life coffee shop sounds, a fill and drop filter, cups, coffee pods and so much more. This doggone cute set also comes with a storage tray and drawer to neatly organizes and house all the extra pieces when they are not in use.

Watch your little one create and explore their barista world by making and serving up some yummy café treats that can be as simple as a donut and cup of coffee with milk and sugar, to adding some whipped toppings to their favorite latte of choice. Skip*Hop no only provides fun and adorable toys for your little ones, but they are also great for encouraging motor skills and imagination.


Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Get your child the perfect gift for any occasion at Plushible. They have a series of high-quality plush toys that will capture your child’s heart, and the wide selection means your ideal gift is waiting for you. Poppy Stuffed Unicorn is a gorgeous, soft, cuddly stuffed animal that is 34” tall. Poppy features cute oversized purple paws, a playful smirk, and a fun rainbow hairstyle!

This unicorn is carefully designed and features detailed, quality embroidery. Giving these oh-so-soft Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts lets your sweethearts snuggle with this adorable plush for years to come.

Demeter Fragrance Library

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Seeking unique Valentine’s day kid’s gifts for your slime-obsessed little ones? Look no further than Demeter Fragrance Library. They are sure to fall in love with these ready-to-use SlimeScent fragrance sets. The kiddos can craft their own slime and make it smell just like delicious baked goods, with a few drops of the SlimeScent Scrumptious and Delicious set. Butterscotch, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Cake Batter, and Lavender… yum! Who needs chocolate when you can have chocolate-scented slime?

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Maybe farm-fresh produce is more their jam. In that case, check out the SlimeScent Yummy Fruits set. Move over grape, apple, and orange! (That’s boring.) Instead, the kiddos will be mesmerized by slime scented like Asian Pear, Lychee, Monk Fruit, and Dragon Fruit. How exotic! Create two slimes per bottle, with these fragrances that really pack a punch. Make their day, and their Valentine’s Day slime, with Demeter Fragrance Library.


Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

LOVEVERY provides perfectly crafted play essentials for your child’s developmental stages to foster fun yet practical play ideas. Starting with ages 0 and growing into 36 months, each box provides intentional items for your little one to play with and explore. Each kit is specific to exactly what each child needs at each stage of their early years in life.

The Helper Play Kit, for example, is specifically designed for children 25-27 months looking for ways to align and organize with felt flowers to plant and pick for a bouquet, help clean with a sink and dishes, problem solve with puzzle assembly and so much more.

Every item in every kit is composed of natural products such as organic fabrics and sustainably sources wood leaving no questions to mom or dad whether these kits are safe for their little ones. Show your little one some extra love with these Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts with a subscription to LOVEVERY.

Stomp Rocket

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Motivate your kids to get outside with this fun activity that the whole family can do! Stomp Rocket is known for creating innovative STEM-based toys that will keep your kids moving, learning, and entertained for hours. The Stunt Planes feature three different planes made by aeronautical engineers that do amazing tricks. Kids power the award-winning stunt planes, no batteries required, and no assembly.

Kids just run, jump and stomp and watch the rocket soar in the air. There’s hardly a more perfect idea for your Valentine’s Day Kid’s gifts. The awesome kit includes three stunt planes, a sturdy launch stand, and a launchpad with an air hose. Prepare to launch family fun time into orbit with this innovative set from Stomp Rocket!

Diamond Art Club

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Make her day with Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts that sparkle from Diamond Art Club. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, aren’t they? Give her cupcakes, cookies, and chocolates that will last forever with the Life Is What You Bake It diamond painting kit. By placing hundreds of sparkling resin rhinestones on an adhesive, color-coded canvas, she’ll craft her own shimmering work of art.

And if baking is not her thing, no worries! With a huge assortment of stunning designs — from landscapes to animals, and everything in between — you’ll easily find something for that special someone. This year, fill her heart with Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts from Diamond Art Club.

Skyrocket Toys

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Be prepared with Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts and gift your littlest sweetheart Skyrocket Toys Blume Baby Pop Series 2 Pop ‘N Sniff. As we all know, kids adore the unknown blind bag toy hunt. Blume Baby Pop Series 2 Pop ‘N Sniff takes mystery to a whole new level. Each flowerpot will transform into 1 of 5 playsets and each Blume Baby Pop Series 2 Pop ‘N Sniff will reveal 3, 4, or 5 babies.

Even more adorable, each new baby comes with a unique hairstyle, is candy scented, and has a removable swaddle blanket. There are 50 different styles of Blume Baby Pop Series 2 Pop ‘N Sniff dolls to collect and each set comes with one sticker sheet and a collectible poster.

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Blume Series 2: Fun in The Sun Dolls by Skyrocket Toys provides an excellent gift option for your minis this Valentine’s Day. The Blume Series 2: Fun in The Sun Dolls delivers on excitement and wow factor. Each flowerpot, when watered, will “blume” a new friend that features a unique and fun squishy hairstyle that changes color in the sun. The flowerpot then transforms into a playset that surprises your mini Valentine with 10 more gifts.

The Blume Series 2: Fun in The Sun Dolls will be a huge hit with your little ones as Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts, and your family will find themselves trying to collect the whole set.

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Just Play

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts are another great reason to spoil our littles. If you have a Disney fanatic in your home, Just Play offers Disney Doorables Multi-Peek Pack Series 4. Disney Doorables gives your kiddos the excitement of opening 5, 6, or 7 doors, each revealing a different Disney Character.

Each Doorable character stands 1.5 inches tall, is detailed to perfection, and all feature the trademark glitter eyes. Disney Doorables are intended for ages 5 and up and will stimulate your child’s imagination. The entire family can enjoy collecting all 62 characters and can make up games, stories, and spend time trading. When you’re searching for Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts, Disney Doorables Multi-Peek Series 4 collectibles will quickly become an obsession for the whole family.


Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

When you’re looking for a perfect gift for your child, Eimmie is a subscription service designed for girls. They offer 18” dolls, doll clothing, accessories and playsets delivered monthly.  Piper The Unicorn is a beautiful 18” plush doll from Sharewood Forest that is soft and cuddly. This one of a kind doll comes with her very own uniquely designed outfit that matches her fun personality and a cozy pajama set with a sleep mask for nighttime cuddles.

Play with Piper in the Sharewood Forest by unfolding the attached packaging, revealing a playscape. The doll collection shares outfits and accessories with other Sharewood Forest Friends so that you can mix and match! The possibilities are endless when your child unleashes their creativity with these Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts. 

Little Medical School

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

When you’re looking for fun and educational gifts for your kids, the Little Medical School offers a variety of award-winning STEM-inspired educational toys that encourage empathy, health awareness, imagination, creativity, and problem-solving.

The Veterinarian Dog Activity Set can be used independently or with an adult. This fun and exciting set offers kids an introduction to basic health awareness and includes a cuddly plush dog, a real working stethoscope, and a nose to tail exam sheet. This adorable toy will inspire your kids to help others and pursue a career in healthcare.


Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Parents are always looking for fun and unique gifts that will bring joy to their children. Funko is one of the leading creators and innovators of highly collectible vinyl figures, action toys, plush, and more. SNAPSIES is a collectible 2.5 inches tall vinyl toy line that lets you customize adorable animal characters with thousands of possible combinations.

Mix & Match, Create in a Snap! Hear the snap sound, swap accessories from character to character, collect animal characters like unicorns, llamas, goats, and dragons. Each character has its own distinct personality, look, and accessories that you can customize for endless combinations. Unleash your child’s creativity with Funko Snapsies, with over 18 figures to collect!


Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

This Valentine’s Day from craft kits for entertaining the kiddos at home to fun and creative Valentine’s Day cards for friends, Joyin has all of your seasonal holiday needs! For our homeschooled kids we love the Valentine’s Day Craft Set chock full of stickers, stamps, tattoos, and more. Whether you are looking for a way to entertain your kids on the weekend, or putting together crafty gift bags for friends, this Valentine’s Day Craft Set is the way to go with plenty of fun for the kids to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Let your child pass out the coolest Valentine’s Day cards at school with the Joyin Valentine’s Day Gift Cards with Mini Kawaii Mochi. All of our kids seem to love all the things that squish and smoosh, so this year let them hand out these little creatures they all seem to be obsessed with and ditch the candy for a cool, fun toy. With card featuring 4 cute patterns and 7 Mochi squishy toys to choose from, your child can enjoy personalizing their Valentine’s Day Cards just for friends.

Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love

Finally, even toddlers love stamps, so this Valentine’s Day forget the candy gift cards and opt for a healthy, craft alternative with Joyin’s Valentine’s Day Cards with Stampers. Let your little ones and their friends get creative this holiday with hours of entertianment thanks to these easy to use, self inking stampers. Just make sure they have a piece of paper available and they will enjoy themselves while they get crafty!

Candy hearts give a great message, but a thoughtful gift gives peace of mind and warm, fuzzy feelings. By giving Valentine’s Day kid’s gifts to the little sweethearts in your life, you are treating them to something special; something that you have chosen with them in mind. Making Valentine’s Day a day for love helps keep thoughtfulness and caring at the front of your children’s minds and will help cultivate a season of loving and giving for years to come.


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Valentine’S Day Kid’S Gifts We Love



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