30 Fun Toys For A Ridiculously Great Time With The Family

Are you ready for some summer fun? This ultimate list of all the best toys of the season will save you time and money! From exciting outdoor adventures to creative indoor play, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of options to keep everyone entertained. For thrill-seekers, we recommend adult electric scooters and gel blaster guns. These toys are perfect for outdoor play and will entertain you and your friends for hours.

If you’re looking for something more educational, check out the science kits and board games. These options are great for group play and will challenge your mind while providing endless entertainment. For the little ones, the smart audio player and dolls are sure to provide hours of imaginative play. For the creative minds, we have the mini karaoke machine, scented markers, and stuffed animals. Whatever your preference, these fun toys are guaranteed to make your summer unforgettable!

Fun Toys To Have A Blast In The Summer


Fd 2023

This summer, get out and go the most fun way we know – cruising around on an electric scooter. Whether you are sightseeing in a new city or scooting to your favorite lunch spot, the G5 Electric Scooter from GOTRAX will get you there. GOTRAX is on a mission to provide efficient commuting products that are not only environmentally friendly but also an effective alternative to traditional transportation. Aiming to create the best value for their customers, GOTRAX offers reliable e-scooters, e-bikes, accessories, and other fun toys at an affordable price.

Named best e-scooter of 2023, it’s no surprise why so many people are choosing the GOTRAX E5 Scooter. With up to 5 hours of charge time and over 30 miles per charging session, your destinations are always within reach. The 10-inch shock-absorbing tires paired with the performance suspension give you a smooth, comfortable ride no matter the terrain. The LED Digital Display allows you to keep track of your speed, mileage, and battery life. GOTRAX keeps safety standards at the forefront with the dual braking system, a powerful LED headlight, and reactive tail light that alert pedestrians, motorists, and fellow riders when you slow down.

Fd 2023

Need a place to store your e-scooter but don’t have the space for it? The folding capabilities decrease the size of your scooter for saved storage space and easy carrying. And if you want a way to explore new locations or vacation spots, take your E5 with you! With the one-touch folding, you can easily keep your scooter in the trunk of your car and take it with you from place to place. Maximize your ride with the GOTRAX e-scooter accessories, such as a cup holder, tiller bag, and scooter bell. And if you are ready for a totally different riding experience, include the electric scooter seat attachment and sit instead of stand!

G5 Electric Scooter
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What if we told you could turn your little one’s playtime into productive, fun, and entertaining playtime? Lovevery’s Playkits make it possible – especially if you have preschoolers around the age of four. Get them started with The Connector Playkit – which brings together a carefully curated selection of tools and activities that will challenge and inspire your child’s mind from an early age. Designed for 4-year-olds – this kit is all about nurturing your child’s flexible thinking that is not confined to a box. Unleash the power of play through fun toys that spark new connections, problem-solving, and adaptability. They’ll get to investigate objects from different angles, fine-tune those motor skills, and dive into the world of imaginative storytelling.

2023 04 13 4Yo Group Iso Thepersister 11241 Gray

The Examiner Playkit is packed with mind-boggling activities to have your child’s brain doing backflips. It’s like emotional intelligence boot camp but with giggles and smiles. From visually building and deconstructing numbers to mastering the elusive concept of elapsed time, this kit is a one-way ticket to becoming a certified genius (or at least a master of numbers and time). So, encourage critical thinking, unravel time mysteries, master numbers, and nurture empathy – all while playing with these fun toys! 

The Persister Playkit has it all—mind-boggling mazes, precision-building powers, and letter-forming wizardry – a perfect amalgamation of artsy abilities and craftsmanship. Your child will embark on a journey to build precise fine motor skills, mastering intricate tasks that require steady hands and a keen eye. They will also learn how to keep their calm, harnessing the power of deep breaths to release frustration and stay calm in the face of challenges. 

Fd 2023

The Planner Playkit – calling all almost-5-year-olds to dive into the world of predicting, planning, and experimenting! Watch your child’s logical reasoning soar to new heights as they conquer goals and solve puzzles like a champ! They will learn to make logical/educated guesses, enhancing decision-making skills – whether to annoy their mom or dad! This kit transforms them into a number-sleuthing detective, allowing kids to instantly recognize patterns and make maths magical. Isn’t that amazing?

Moreover, all these kits are crafted from organic cotton, with water-based nontoxic paint and finishes, featuring bio-based child-safe plastic. Truly, Lovevery kits are the best in every way when it comes to Montessori learning for your 4+ year-olds!

The Connector | The Examiner | The Persister | The Planner
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Razor Icon Lifestyle Lowres 05

Summer is all about time spent outdoors and there is no better way to do so than zipping around town on the Razor Icon Electric Scooter! Made for fun and built to last, this electric kick scooter will have you off and on the go in no time. Whether you live in a city and prefer a scooter to get around, or need a scooter for your bigger kids or yourself to hang out in the neighborhood this summer, either way, the Razor Icon is the perfect selection.

Reaching up to 18 MPH and lasting for up to 18 miles on one charge, the Razor Icon Scooter has flat-free tires that provide a smooth ride no matter your terrain. With an easy fold handle, LED headlight, brake-activated taillight, and LED battery and speed display, this is the perfect commuter scooter! Three-speed modes allow the rider the ultimate control while holding weight up to 220 pounds, this scooter is ideal for older teens, college students, and urban living adults. With a lock point to allow the rider to keep their scooter secured while at home or at work and with the folding handle to allow easy transport, the Razor Icon Electric Scooter takes your morning commute or your summer fun to a whole new level.

Razor Icon Electric Scooter
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Gel Blaster

Fd 2023

Get ready to blast into summer with fun toys from Gel Blaster! This summer is sure to be sweet with the Gel Blaster Starfire XL. This is the biggest and most powerful glow-in-the-dark blaster you can get your hands on! With a built-in LED activator, your Starfire Gellets will be instantly charged and put on a fascinating light show.

The hopper (included) can be loaded with over one thousand Gellets® within a matter of seconds, so you won’t have to stop the fun as frequently as you would with other blasters. The velocity of the Starfire XL is incredible, with an adjustable velocity that allows you to blast from 185 FPS (feet per second) to an insane 250+ FPS. Not only will you be able to fire more rapidly, but your aim will be more accurate. Want to change things up? Remove the buttstock and enjoy a variety of ways to play!

When it comes to summer fun with the kids, we need it to be safe yet adventurous. That’s why we love choosing Gel Blaster! This experience uses Gellets®, which are mess-free and non-toxic. The Gel Blaster Surge is perfect for a smaller way to play. The Surge features a low-velocity barrel with semi and full-automatic blaster modes. The Gel Blaster Surge comes with everything you need to play-including safety glasses! With 4 hours of play on only a 45-minute charge, the Gel Blaster Surge are fun toys every kid needs this summer.

Don’t forget to fill up on refills! The 10k Gellets® Pack is the easiest way to play. Available with a single purchase or subscription, these Gellets® are available in 9 different colors for an experience that can be curated to preferences and tastes! These Gellets® are all-natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and mess-free. What more could you want from a summer fun experience?

If you want to go long-range at an astonishing 250 feet per second, then you have to choose the Surge XL. This new long-range blaster is the next generation of blasters and the most powerful! This blaster features three blasting modes: Fully automatic (launches up to 12 gellets per second), Burst Fire mode, and Three Round Burst. The combination of these modes makes game-playing even more fun!

The Surge XL features an extra large upper that can hold over 1,000 gellets and this blaster even comes with an additional 10,000 gellets so you’re sure to have more than enough to get the summer started off right. This blaster comes with a removable stock, XL hopper, Safety Glasses, and 10,000 gellets, so only purchase this blaster if you’re seriously ready for some serious fun!

Hydrate, strain, and load up your Gellets® faster than the competition with the Gellet® Depot. This depot is collapsible, so after play time, storage is a cinch. Simply expand your depot, and when you’re ready to play, this depot can hold and hydrate up to 10,000 Gellets®. Dehydrated, your Gellets® can last indefinitely, and when hydrated, they can last up to 3 months. Why wait to reload? Grab the Gellet® Depot and play when you want to play as often as you’d like!

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Your little one will love the Yoto Player– a smart audio player for kids that is revolutionizing bedtime stories and playtime. With its child-friendly design, this innovative device provides a safe and fun way for kids to listen to their favorite stories and music without any screens or distractions. The Yoto Player is incredibly easy to use with simple buttons, durable story, music, and learning cards (purchased separately) that even young children can navigate. The player even has an OK-to-wake night light and clock, its own daily podcast, family radio stations, and hours of free stories, music, podcasts, and sleep sounds.

Parents can also download additional content from the Yoto app, which features an extensive library of educational programs and fun-filled activities. One of the best things about the Yoto Player is its versatility – it can be used in various ways depending on your child’s needs, and you can even purchase a card case to help store all of the cards. Whether it’s winding down before bedtime or sparking their imagination during playtime, this amazing device offers endless possibilities for creativity and learning.

Yoto Player | Cards | Card Case
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In Kidz

Image 3

Culture, history, and a tour all rolled into one! This box has a little bit of everything for those kiddos who are looking to learn more about the country as well as French culture. Explore the landmarks and history of the country within this box which includes-Flat Stanley, notebooks, markers, a paint palette, a 6″ Eiffel Tower, flashcards, a puzzle, stickers, an informational country card, In Kidz Passport, a travel sticker, and a French flag. Kids and adults alike will enjoy everything this box has to offer and learn as they go.

Go down under with this stuffed Australian box and learn all about Australian Day and about their culture and celebrate their spirit through carnival-themed games. Curated by a native Australian mother of two, this box includes a book about kids from around the world a great way to open the door to explore how other kids their age live around the world. Also included in the box are a coloring book, an Australian puzzle, an egg spoon race game, flashcards, a passport sticker, a sticker sheet, a sack race game, a stuffed koala, a boomerang, interactive sand, and an Australian flag. This kit includes tons of fun stuff for all to enjoy and learn about Australia!

France | Australia
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Across the Board

The Across the Board Kentucky Derby Horseracing Game is a fun and exciting way to experience the thrill of horse racing from the comfort of your own home. This game is based on the famous Kentucky Derby, which is an annual horse race held in Louisville, Kentucky, and is often referred to as the “Run for the Roses”. The game allows players to bet on their favorite horses and watch as they race to the finish line.

Whether you are having a family game night or throwing a Kentucky Derby party, this game will get everyone excited for the race! Featuring a large board representing the racetrack, each horse has several spaces and a finish line at the end. Each horse is represented by a miniature figurine, which moves along the track as the race progresses. Players place their bets by selecting a horse and placing a chip on the corresponding space on the board. With its unique gameplay mechanics and realistic representation of the Kentucky Derby, it is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves horses or enjoys playing board games.

Kentucky Derby Horseracing Game
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Bug House Low Red 1

Send your little adventurer out into the world to discover this summer with the Wooden Bug House Bug Catcher Kit from Cocovillage. This adorable wooden bug house will not only give them a place to house their latest finds but offers a durable and attractive appearance as well. Your child’s catch will breathe comfortably in its temporary home as it features a small roof opening and mesh panels on the front, sides, and top for airflow. With an added shoulder strap your little one can take their bug house with them on all of this summer’s adventures!

Additionally, the Wooden Bug House includes a net, magnifying glass, and observation plates so your child can compare and figure out exactly what they’ve caught. Fun and educational, your child will love this beautiful and thoughtfully made Wooden Bug House that will last for years and keep them busy all summer long.

Wooden Bug House
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JAKKS Pacific

Fd 2023

Kids of all ages are going to love celebrating the new Disney’s The Little Mermaid with amazing and interactive fun toys from JAKKS Pacific! Of course, no Disney movie is complete without a beautiful princess doll you can take home and cherish, and JAKKS Pacific has delivered. The Under the Sea Exploring Ariel is totes ADORBS!

Take Ariel underwater to see her light up and sing. Or journey on dry land and place treasures in her hand to hear her beautiful voice. With the addition of treasures and accessories, pretend play will never stop.

And, of course, children will be thrilled to play out all types of adventures with The Little Mermaid collection of pretend pieces. Become King Triton, Ariel’s father, and rule the seas with the 3′ tall, All-Powerful Trident. Command the Seas with motion-activated lights and sounds.

Or collect trinkets and treasures with Ariel’s Found Treasures Set featuring an expanding eyeglass and moving compass. Store all the newly found ‘dinglehoppers’ and ‘thingamabobs’ in the shoulder bag and head off on new adventures.

Of course, no role-playing session is complete without The Little Mermaid 2-piece fashion costume dress. Fit for sizes 4-6X and made with deluxe fabric, this glittery sequined outfit is perfect for all sea princesses. Dress up like Ariel from the movie, and live out all the underwater scenes in this ultimate mermaid ensemble.

The finishing touch to all the fun play is the beautiful gold seashell necklace inspired by the film. With a simple push of the button, the necklace lights up and plays Ariel’s beautiful voice. From the movie to home, little mermaids everywhere will be inspired by these fun toys from The Little Mermaid collection from JAKKS Pacific.

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Generation Genius

The summer break can be a great opportunity for kids to unwind and relax, but it’s also important to keep their minds active and engaged during this time. If you’re a parent looking for fun toys and educational activities for your kids this summer, you might want to consider Generation Genius science kits and online lessons.

Generation Genius offers a range of science kits designed for kids in grades K-8. The kits come with everything your child needs to conduct experiments related to various scientific topics such as magnetism, electricity, weather, and more. What’s great about these kits is that they align with the online science lessons provided by Generation Genius, allowing your child to reinforce what they’ve learned in class through hands-on experimentation.

Overall, Generation Genius science kits and online lessons are an excellent way to make summer education more fun and engaging for kids when they aren’t splashing around in the pool. The hands-on experimentation and interactive lessons will keep your child’s mind active and curious throughout the summer break, helping them learn new things and develop critical thinking skills…outside of screen time.

Generation Genius Kits
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The OP Games

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Rainy days can be a drag – but don’t let the weather dampen your summer fun! Keep your home stocked with these fun games from the OP and even the rainest days will go off without a hitch. For starters, why not try the classic game of Telephone, sketched out? Gather your friends, some paper, pencils, and markers. Then, each player will pick a card and draw what they see – the drawing should then be passed on to the next person to guess what they saw. That person can draw their interpretation, and so on, until the drawing returns to the original player. Be prepared to laugh until it hurts!

If you’re looking for a game where _________ minds think alike, prepare for Blank State, a game of addicting predictions! In this fun, easy-to-learn board game, you get to think outside the box, but not too far, or you won’t match words with anyone. The player with the most points wins! Who knows – if you get good enough at it, soon you might be finishing OTHER’S ______! With over 250 Word Cue cards and 500 total cues, this will easily become one of those games you’ll play on repeat.

Finally, if your family loves Harry Potter as much as ours does, they’ll love managing the magical mayhem in this fast-paced, simultaneous play-dice game inspired by the wizarding world of Harry Potter! First-year Hogwarts students are rushing to Diagon Alley with their shopping lists, but the magical items have been hexed and are found mixed up among all the shops! Quickly roll the dice to fling the scattered brooms, books, and other supplies back to where they belong to be the first one with an organized shop to win!

Telestrations | Blank Slate | Harry Potter Mischief in Dragon Alley
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Sway Audio

It might be mini, but this karaoke machine is mighty! It has amazing sound and a powerful microphone for all your party needs. Small enough to bring with you to all your parties and powerful enough to keep the party going all night long. The 5-Watt Bluetooth speaker produces great sound and has a 2.4G wireless microphone, both of which can last for 6 hours on a charge. You can even use it as a speaker, but the LED light is sure to entice those to come up and sing their heart out!

Minioke LED Go 
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Creative QT

Summertime fun with a fairy garden that kids can paint, create and grow themselves! The Little Growers Fantasy Fairy Garden are the perfect fun toys for kids who want to create something on their own but have it contained. This STEM project is great for summer, where kids can control the whole process, from planting, watering, and growing the wheatgrass, painting the fairies, and decorating as they wish. Add the sparkling fairy lights so the magic can continue even as the sun goes down!

For the little unicorn lover in your life, look no further! This adorable 3-piece gift set includes an illustrated rhyming book, a soft unicorn stuffy, and a kid-size match headband. Great for little girls, toddler age and up, as they can enjoy all parts of the gift set as they grow and use their imagination with the soft and plush unicorn. Plus, it is all wrapped up in a bow and ready to go!

Fairy Garden Kit | 3-Piece Magical Unicorn Gift
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Fd 2023

If you’re looking for fun toys and creative ways to spark your child’s imagination, TheOffBits Jumbo Kit is an excellent choice! This kit is designed to provide endless hours of building and tinkering with over 1,000 interchangeable parts. It lets kids create their own unique robot designs that they can take apart and rebuild in countless ways, so it’s perfect for kids who love hands-on activities that encourage problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

TheOffBits Jumbo Kit includes all the necessary pieces for constructing multiple robots of various sizes and shapes. These robots are made entirely from recycled materials, providing a sustainable option for parents who want to reduce waste while fueling their child’s creativity. Each set comes with detailed instructions that guide aspiring engineers through every step of the assembly process.

Jumbo Kit
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iPlay iLearn

The summer vacation will be much more fun and exciting for the kiddos when they use iPlay iLearn’s toys, which promote collaboration, teamwork, creativity, imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

You can be sure your child will enjoy the 12-inch plush unicorn and bull snap bracelet. These adorable stuffies are perfect for your child to take everywhere they go. The stuffed animals made from ultra-soft, high-quality, skin-friendly materials will warm your heart with the warmest hug ever. In addition, it can be attached to more than just your wrist! This fun & versatile snap bracelet can be attached to strollers, cribs, bikes, backpacks, chairs, and more to provide hours of fun for little ones.

If you have a toddler, you should check out the RC Airplane toy with remote control. The plane & remote is constructed from child-safe, durable materials with a smooth surface and no sharp corners. In addition, this plane comes with a removable captain, passenger, and suitcase, which can be used without the airplane. There are two modes on this colorful airplane, automatic and remote control. In the automatic mode, infrared sensors prevent the aircraft from hitting obstacles. The remote control mode allows your child to move the airplane around, improving finger dexterity and fine motor skills.

Kids can control the volume, and there are also light and fun sound effects. This plane will keep your kids entertained for hours, whether they chase it around the house or take it on vacation. You can look forward to seeing your kids having fun and learning while on summer vacation with iPlay iLearn fun toys.

Bouncy Pals Slaps Bracelets Unicorn & Bull | Toddler RC Plane
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Earth Rangers

The Harbor Seal Adoption Kit Plush Bundle is the perfect way to celebrate summer. Kids of all ages will love the adorable Harbor Seal with its black spots. The kit comes with an adoption certificate, a poster, and a trading card. Earth Rangers offers a variety of adoption kits from the Red Panda to the Western Bumblebee. Earth Rangers, a Canadian organization, focuses on transforming childrenís environmental concerns into positive action as they learn. A portion of each Wildlife Adoption Kit is donated to conservation groups, scientists, and researchers working on projects in the field.  

Harbor Seal Adoption Kit – Plush Bundle
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Modi Toys

Get your kids to learn about Hindu culture and tradition this summer with the beautiful Laxmi Devi Plush by Modi Toys. A female-founded business, Modi Toys creates Hindu deity plush fun toys and books that sing Hindu mantras (prayers). With these award-winning divine plushes, you can personalize them with a name or word in any language. Personalized audio can also be paired with books that introduce Hindu culture and traditions.

Laxmi Devi is the Hindu goddess of prosperity and fortune. The divine Laxmi Devi plush sits on a beautiful red lotus flower, carrying a copper kalash filled with gold coins. In Hinduism, the gold pot symbolizes abundance, while the lotus flower symbolizes fertility since its roots are entwined in the water. With Lady Luck singing five Laxmi mantras, you need to press her belly to hear each mantra. The mantras include Karagre Vasate Lakshmi, Mahalaxmi Cha Vidmahe, Om Mahalaxmi Namo Namah, Om Hrim Shrim Klim Hrim, and Ashta Laxmi.

Available in medium (11”) or small (7”) sizes, this adorable plush will become your child’s favorite! In addition, your little one will learn about Hindu culture by listening to melodious hymns and reading the books made by Modi Toys.

Laxmi Devi Plush
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Glo Pals

Bring a splash of color to bath time with Glo Pals. With these water-activated light-up bath toys, children can engage in sensory exercises while making bath time enjoyable. The Lumi Glo Pal will soon become your child’s favorite bathtime companion. Her name is Lumi; it’s short for Lumière, the French word for “light.” She enjoys dancing and doing arts & crafts. Lumi comes with two reusable light-up cubes, and you can insert the light-up cube into the back of her, drop it in the water, and watch it light up. Lumi will captivate your child during bathtime with her bendable arms and colorful personality.

The next character you should meet is a magical Glo Pal and fairy-in-training, Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street! Once you place Abby in the bathtub and insert the light-up cube, she will glow purple and pink. You will never have to worry about your child fussing about bath time since they will be fascinated by all the colors the Glo Pals offer. Using Glo Pals’s light-up glow toys will make bathtime exciting with these fun toys. Each Glo Pal is hand packaged and shipped from Starkville, MS.

Lumi Glo Pal | Abby Cadabby Glo Pal
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Stomp Rocket®

Summer is a great time to get kids outside, and Stomp Rocket® is all about it. With this award-winning STEM-based toy company, your kids will be active, entertained, and learning for hours on end. This Stomp Rocket® Jr Rockets set includes eight colorful soft foam rockets, an adjustable rocket launch stand, and is 100% kid-powered, meaning no batteries or devices are needed. Designed for jumping, stomping, and running, these foam rockets release up to 100 feet into the air!

Even the youngest stompers will enjoy them since they are safe and fun for everyone. In addition, your kiddos can experiment with angles and force by using the rocket launcher base, which is sturdy and durable. So give your kids’ summer vacation an exhilarating boost with Stomp Rocket® fun toys.

Stomp Rocket has fun toys that are perfect for getting outside this summer. The Stomp Rocket Duel Stomp Racers provide hours of active play with vehicles that race, jump, tumble, crash, and perform epic stunts. Easy to put together, kids race each other to the finish line with these dueling racers! Play indoors and out. There are no batteries required, and these vehicles are 100% kid powered! The set even includes stickers to customize their own cars. From playrooms and hallways to sidewalks and driveways, every launch will send kids running, jumping, and stomping out their energy while experimenting with STEM concepts such as force, speed, and trajectory!

Stomp Rocket® Jr. Rockets with 8 rockets | Dueling Stomp Racers Overdrive 
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Now is the time to buy your kids the fantastic iTouch PlayZoom smartwatch. This company designs kid-friendly smartwatches to help parents and children stay connected and keep learning exciting with their fun toys & gadgets. The simple interface is available in 40 fun colors and patterns that fit your child’s personality, and all models are available at affordable prices. Now you can get a smartwatch for each child in your family!

Your adorable munchkin will love having their own watch, especially the one with swivel photo and video cameras. Using this watch, your kids can take pictures and record videos with their friends that can be viewed later on a computer via USB. You don’t need a credit card, internet connection, or Wi-Fi,  making it the perfect travel companion.

Kids can also listen to bedtime stories and favorite tunes by plugging their headphones into PlayZoom’s headphone jack. Parents will appreciate knowing their kids can tell time through this rechargeable smartwatch, set alarms, record videos, and enjoy a full day of educational, creative, and active play. Your child will have the best gadget with PlayZoom’s smartwatch, which will keep them entertained for hours!

PlayZoom 2 Kids Smart Watch
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Fd 2023

This is the way…to have a fantastic summer with PlayMonster and their selection of fun toys like the Koosh Cameos, which feature your favorite characters from The Mandalorian! With fun and funky Koosh balls, your little ones can play with these rubber strands all day long that feature The Mandalorian and Grogu. Your littles will enjoy using their imaginations to create a variety of storylines for their favorite characters, as well as enjoy the feeling of these strands on their hands. This tactile experience combines imagination with sensation to create a whole new playtime experience.

These fun toys fit snugly into the palm of their hands and can provide hours of fun in their playrooms, at the park, or on long road trips this summer. Where will you take your Koosh Cameo this summer? We think you can take it anywhere and everywhere and keep the fun coming all summer long!

Koosh Cameos Mandalorian | Koosh Cameos Grogu
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Are you looking for a fun and engaging party game that will entertain guests of all ages? Look no further than GENSMAK Party Trivia! This exciting game features questions that cover every generation, ensuring that everyone in the group can get involved and have a great time. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or throwing a party with friends, GENSMAK Party Trivia is the perfect addition to your entertainment lineup.

Players of all ages will enjoy testing their knowledge across a wide range of topics, from music and movies to history and pop culture. With hundreds of questions included in each deck, there’s always something new to discover – even if you’ve played before! And because the questions are carefully curated to be accessible to players of all ages, everyone can feel confident participating regardless of their background or interests.



Get creative this summer with Scentco stationery. Their collection of nontoxic washable scented markers, gel coloring sticks, and scented pencils will have your kids creating masterpieces that you will proudly display on your fridge and home office. They also carry a variety of fun toys, including stuffed animals and air dough.

The Smarkers (scented markers) have fragranced ink and sport a team of determined superhero fruit pals to join the creative journey. This 16-pack set features vivid, bold colors that spark your child’s imagination and stimulate their senses with unique gourmet scents. There are 16 yummy fruity scents: passion fruit, plum, apple, banana, blue raspberry, coconut, cherry, kiwi, mango, grape, watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, orange, and blackberry.

The 5-pack Smelly Gelly (gel core crayons) has a twistable end that extends the scented coloring gel. Your child’s creative juices will flow as the crayon glides smoothly across the page with bold, smooth lines, so they can draw whatever they want. The scents include bubble gum, pineapple, berry blue, watermelon, and tangerine.

The Spring Smencils (scented pencils) are made from 100% recycled newspaper. There is a variety of Spring Smencil® pencils for every kid who loves sketching, writing, and drawing fun characters. The No.2 Spring Smencils® have a gourmet scent and are packaged in recyclable plastic freshness tubes with collectible character top caps. These pencils are great for school kids who can use them to do homework and tests. The 5 pack set has the following scents: jelly bean, sour apple, bubble gum, tutti frutti, and cotton candy.

During the summer vacation and school year, kids can use their imaginations to create new masterpieces with the stationery from Scentco.

Smarkers| Smelly Gellies | Spring Smencils
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Get the most out of your pool days this summer with yet another fun game from Skillmatics! Seek & Splash gets kids of all ages involved in a dive and retrieve competition. Prompt the children, or have one child prompt them with the waterproof cards, and others try to be the first to dive and bring back the matching sinking gems. With 64 gems included, everyone can play!

Seek & Splash Game
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Elmer’s has always been a brand that values creativity and innovation. It is no surprise, then, that they have introduced something as unique and delightful fun toys like Squishies to their product line. Squishies are soft adventures that are totally customizable! Playing with Squishies, kids can delight as they reveal a mystery character! They are becoming increasingly popular among children and adults alike due to their tactile nature! Squishies can be used for stress relief or just as fun toys to fidget with during idle moments!

Elmer’s Squishies are made with superior quality and attention to detail. Each Squishy is made with high-quality materials that ensure durability without sacrificing softness. Elmer’s has a world awaiting the fingertips of anyone who has the joy of playing with Elmer’s Squishies. Make sure you get your hands on some so that your summer leads you to a world of exciting designs that capture the imagination of all ages!

Elmer’s Squishies
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Luki Lab

This summer, give your little munchkin a cute house monster named Fluffy from Luki Lab. The adorable pink plush loves fashion, so she spends a lot of time creating stylish fashion designs in her closet. Your little one will have fun playing with Fluffy, who is 6 inches tall & 4 inches wide and comes with an illustrated box playset habitat & collector’s I.D card. 

Fluffy comes packaged inside a pretty pink habitat box that matches her personality. In addition to its sturdy laminated box design, the playset (box) is beautifully illustrated inside and out for creative playtime with Fluffy. The box can be used as a fun playset for your kids, or they can hide their monsters when they’re not playing. The front of Fluffy’s ID card displays her picture, home address (your closet), favorite food (cotton), and biggest fear (smelly shoes). On the back of the card is a fun group photo of all the monsters coming out at night.

There are no limits to the number of hours the award-winning house monsters will entertain your little one. So this summer, buy your kid Fluffy the snuggly plush; they will love cuddling and playing with her and all the other fun toys by Luki Lab.

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Punchkins offers cute plushies – but with a twist! Some are sweet, and some are snarky. Either way, they are sure to bring a smile!

Let’s start with something sweet – the “I Love You S’More” plushie! Made from high-quality materials, the s’mores plushies are built to last. Their durable construction means they can withstand plenty of rough playtime without showing signs of wear and tear. And with their bright colors and charming expressions, these toys are sure to become firm favorites among children and adults alike. Everything about this toy is sweet!

If you want something with more bite, try the “Bite Me” Plush Donut. This adorable little toy is shaped like a donut with bite marks on the side, making it a unique addition to anyone’s stuffed animal lineup. This guy looks delicious, but he packs a punch with his sarcasm. Luckily, he’s made with ultra-soft, long-standing material.

Punchkins is a great place to shop if you have friends and family who have a sweet tooth for unique and adorable fun toys.

“I Love You S’More!” Plush S’mores | “Bite Me” Plush Donut
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Ollyball is a unique inflatable ball designed for indoor play. It was created by a father-son duo, Ryan and Oliver, who wanted to create a ball that could be played indoors without causing damage or making noise. The Ollyball is made of a lightweight, inflatable material that is durable enough to withstand rough play but soft enough not to cause damage to walls, furniture, or even the players themselves.

This ball can be easily deflated and stored away when not in use, making it a great option for families who live in smaller spaces. It also comes in a variety of designs and colors, allowing players to choose one that reflects their personality or interests. It can be used for a variety of games, from traditional ball sports like soccer and basketball to more imaginative games like indoor dodgeball or even a simple game of catch. Not only is the Ollyball a fun and unique toy, but it also promotes an active lifestyle and encourages kids to get up and move.

The Original Ollyball 
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Mudpuppy, a renowned toy company offering high-quality fun toys at affordable prices, has released an exciting new product line of magnet tins that will stimulate kids’ creativity and imagination. These magnetic toys for kids are designed to promote problem-solving skills and fine motor development in children aged four years and above.

The Wild Mix-Up Magnetic Build It collection offers endless possibilities for building 2D and 3D structures using colorful magnets of various shapes and sizes, allowing kids to mix and match animal heads, torsos, and feet to create wacky imaginative creatures! If your child is more into other topics – like cooking, monsters, or science, there are kits that they will enjoy! Mudpuppy offers lots of options.

The great thing about these fun toys is that the magnetic pieces snap into place easily, allowing children to experiment with different designs without getting frustrated by difficulty or complexity. Moreover, the toys come with a sturdy carrying case that makes it easy to keep all the pieces organized and tidy. Parents will love that these magnets are fun toys that also offer educational benefits. Children can learn about geometry, spatial awareness, and even gravity as they build their creations.

Wild Mix-Up Magnetic Build-It | I Can Be… A Chef! Magnetic Play Set | Monster Mash-Up Magnetic Build-It
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Solid Roots

Solid Roots has brought your favorite childhood books to life with amazing games for toddlers! We all loved the Berenstain Bears, and now they are helping another generation of kids learn valuable lessons through play!

The Berenstain Bears Hide-n-Seek Honey Pots set is a delightful addition to any toy collection. It allows children to play hide-and-seek with Brother, Sister, Mama, and Papa Bear! The figures can be placed in different hiding spots around the house or garden for an exciting game, all while helping children develop cognitive skills using their memory and problem-solving abilities to find the hidden game pieces. Made from high-quality materials and designed with intricate details, these fun toys will provide hours of enjoyment for children aged three years and older!

The Berenstain Bears Manners Mania Restaurant Challenge is perfect for kids who love the fan-favorite books and want to learn about manners. The game challenges players to make decisions about respect and politeness, all leading to collecting stickers for positive actions! It’s a small card game, so it easily fits in a diaper bag or purse. It’s a convenient and helpful game to entertain kids when out in public. They’ll have fun, and you (and everyone at the restaurant) will appreciate this activity!

Berenstain Bears Hide-n-Seek Honey Pots | Berenstain Bears Manners Mania Restaurant Challenge
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This ultimate guide to fun toys has something for everyone in the family. Whether you’re seeking outdoor thrills or indoor educational challenges, we’ve got the best products of the season to keep you entertained. From electric scooters and gel blaster guns to science kits and board games, these fun toys will provide endless hours of enjoyment. The little ones will love the smart audio player and dolls, while the creative minds will be inspired by the mini karaoke machine, rhyming book, scented markers, and stuffed animals. This guide truly features the best products of the season that the whole family will love. So, get ready to make your summer unforgettable with these amazing, fun toys!

Are you looking for more fun toys to occupy the kids? Check out Summer Activities For Kids: 15 Cool Toys To Keep Them Content



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